Keystroke Encryption Tool for Identity Theft Prevention

by Mathdelane on December 1, 2009

If at this point you still don’t know that you’re keystrokes could be recorded from your keyboard and be extracted to steal your vital information, then basically you need to read on.

You may not be safe most of the time these days as cyber criminals continue to find ways of taking advantage of others and their property. If you think that you’re savvy antivirus software or spyware can do the trick dandy, better think again.

If you’re not protected enough, you just might end up penniless and your bank account all emptied if you’re computer happens to be injected with keystroke loggers or keyloggers.

These keyloggers are implanted piece of software or malware to be exact that records your keystrokes as you type on your keyboard in an effort to steal confidential information like credit card numbers and pins, bank account details and other online related financial information including your identity for use on other criminal pursuits.

Security report from Symantec in April 2009 detailed that 75 percent of all malicious code infections are identified to keyloggers.



Traditional anti-virus and anti-spyware programs doesn’t immediately respond to attacks unless they have been earlier documented thus resulting to software updates which may not bring a rather stable protection compared to specific software such as KeyScrambler which encrypts keyboard strokes and decrypts it at the destination application thus allowing you to see your usernames and passwords as you type but a rather scrambled or encrypted keys totally undecipherable are shown otherwise to keyloggers.

KeyScrambler has an easy to use interface and works exactly how they describe it. It also supports a lot of applications but the free version is good enough as an add-on to Firefox and IE which was also the one I’m using.

A nifty tool could have been better if it’s open source but otherwise, it works well.


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1 John Samuel December 1, 2009 at 7:15 pm

Keyloggers can really be a challenge mainly you can rarely be aware of their presence. Such tools can be used to tackle these problems
John Samuel´s last blog ..Twitter lists: Public or private?

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