Google Search Results Error Ongoing: I Have Proof!

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I was doing some research on (US) and (Philippines) using the term “favicon,” “favicons,” and “favicon generator” and even tried using a combination of phrases as suggested by the search box with the word “favicon” but none of the terms render a search result. Here’s a screen shot of what I got from Firefox 3:

Google Search Result Error Firefox Browser

and here’s another one from Google Chrome:

Google Search Result Error Chrome Browser

Based on the images you’ve seen, it seems that Google is having some trouble rendering results for “favicon” search terms. This error reminds me of last year’s Google mistake of tagging the entire web as malware. Very unlikely. This is strange and I have not much of an idea why these terms are not rendering any results.

At this time of writing, the error remains unresolved although for other search terms, results are showing up.


Have tried on two separate browsers. The one on Firefox was logged-in to account. The one on Chrome isn’t. So I don’t see any relation related to personalized search for the former.

Completely cleared my browsers’ cookies and cache yet the error still persists.

Have you had the same result as mine? I’m not certain if it was a virus or a malware on my end but how could it happen if some search terms like “software” and “blogs” are rendering search results perfectly.

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  1. Nonoy says:

    Nope, my search results were ok.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Did you use the same terms I have based on the above post?

    I’ve noticed that the search term “favicon” is now working on but not on I’ll try to find out if the error is ISP based or something but I doubt if this was caused by a virus.

  3. Nonoy says:

    yes, i’ve tried it .ph using those keywords. try clearing your browser cache.
    .-= Nonoy´s last blog ..Apple releases “Ipad” at $499 =-.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    I’ve tried clearing the cache right from the start but to no avail but if I search other terms, it’s working. It’s not that the entire thing on isn’t working, it’s just on those keywords…pretty strange.

  5. Math, this just goes to show, and on more times than can be counted, that google is not perfect and not human. 🙂

    Probably some glitch or unclear code. I remember taking part in the testing/troubleshooting of a client’s vacation rental search engine. When we type in ‘new york’, it returns all vacation rental entries from all over new york. But when we go specific like ‘new york new york’, it returns the entries from the entire database (from Australia to Zimbabwe).

    Maybe google had fixed it now because when I tried it on my machine, everything seems fine.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Hacking Beginners =-.

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