5 Reasons To Get Business Ethernet

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If your business depends on an outside shared network line for its Internet access, that connection may not be as fast or reliable as you think. Slowed productivity can result from congested with traffic jams when shared lines compete for Internet access. The best choice for today’s business is a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection.

1. Handles Online Business Applications Better
As your business grows, you’ll need a flexible computing model that can handle its expansion of sophisticated online applications. Without virtual application flexibility, business productivity may stall. The MegaPath business Ethernet service option provides a stable connection to match all of your online application needs. Your business stays competitive without sacrificing bandwidth agility.

ethernet2. Provides an Exceptional Value
You’ll get the most value for your money with Ethernet compared to other alternatives. To automatically reduce overhead costs, purchase just the amount of bandwidth to match your business needs.

Ethernet also allows your business to save on storage and server merging strategies. A single Ethernet connection works best over multiple storage units and servers. Any troubleshooting will be narrowed down to one area instead of many.

3. Offers a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line Option
To obtain the best quality in data transfer, consider using a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL). With SDSL technology, fast upload and download speeds are equal, and data transfer speeds are more evenly consistent throughout the day. By comparison, an Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is much slower.

4. Gives Unlimited Scalability
Flexible scalability helps your business to reduce its operating costs as it grows. The best Ethernet service packages enable your business to use its existing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). MegaPath business Ethernet offers Megabits per second (Mbps) scalability options to benefit small, medium, and large businesses.

5. Supplies Secure, Private Data Transfers
Secure point-to-point connectivity for data transfers is what your business and its customers expect. Ethernet is ideal for supporting both simple and complex applications where multiple users are locally or remotely located.

Reliable connections at any time of the day will put both you and your customers at ease.

Ethernet is the clear business choice for Internet access. With it, all business, irrespective of size, immediately benefit from a more secure private connection, higher productivity, lowed operational costs and flexible scalability purchasing. Choose an Ethernet Internet package for your business today, and you’ll stay several steps ahead of the competition.

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