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Every day we read or print PDF documents while surfing the Internet, at work or school. They are the standard for e-documents. But many of us are not aware that creating PDFs out of any Windows printable format is free and at everyone’s fingertips.

Being able to create PDF files is very useful because of all advantages the PDF format is famous for.

PDFs are standard, cross-platform, portable, easy to print and look the same on every computer no matter how viewed. One fast way of creating PDF documents out of any Windows printable format is by using the FreePDF Creator.

FreePDF Creator is easy to use. After installation, it appears in the list of available printers.FreePDF Creator

Therefore, a simple click on the Print button is the first step in PDF creation. Before the final click on “Create PDF,” it is possible to set up more advanced printing options: output quality, document properties and security.

The whole process lasts less than 2 minutes. Try’s free PDF Creator here: and let me know what you think.

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