Surviving 56 Sage Street like in Real Life

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We are faced with challenges each day both easy and hard but the more we’re able to survive as we progress in this game called life, the more we get up each time we fall, the more we become better individuals.

Who would ever think that what happens in real life can be turned into a free game that people can enjoy but learn something out of? Yes, you’ve read it right. A free online game entitled 56 Sage Street which was powered by Adobe can turn your gaming experience into a positive and rewarding past-time that guides you in finding the right job in a virtual city, find places to stay, meet new challenges and mingle with other characters or individuals playing online in order to make it to the top.

56 Sage Street

The idea of the game is more like surviving each day in the city like most of us face everyday from the moment we wake up ‘til the time we get back home and manage our lives and our family.

The game is best played by acquiring as many jobs as you can in order to get money while taking into consideration your health and appearance like in real life. Although money is involved, the game also tackles decision-making and spending finances wisely as the game progresses.

More than just an online game, 56 Sage Street is turning the gaming experience into a more productive hobby. So, if you’re in for a sensible and almost like in real-life type of flash game, then Barclays’ 56 Sage Street is for you. If you need more convincing, then better watch the video below.

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