Why Small Retail Stores Need A Credit Card Terminal?

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Okay, this sounds pretty basic for some Small and Medium Size Businesses in developed countries but in my country (the Philippines), you’ll be amazed at how some SME’s still don’t have one.

I get to encounter many times how some small meatshop and convenient store don’t happen to have one despite a growing number of Filipino consumers are already using the plastic money as a means of payment.wireless portable credit card terminal

I’m not going to touch on the subject of payment and application this involves locally but on the positive impact this could have in one’s business.

A verifone portable credit card terminal which is prominently used in the UK allow sellers to accept credit card payments for consumer purchases despite retailer environment conditions.

It’s regarded are the smallest wireless credit card terminal but like any of its kind, it makes your business capable of getting the chunk out of the profit from customers who use the plastic money instead of cash and even those who don’t have one. It makes your business appear savvy and convenient to transact with.

A Bluetooth communication station makes possible for the wireless portable credit card terminal to work. Again, minus the wires so it’s pretty convenient and easy to set-up anywhere in your shop where it can reach the Bluetooth signal.
Imagine if all merchants here in the Philippines have a credit card terminal in their shops, would it be nice to shop when you know that your money can’t be stolen and it’s all in your handy plastic card?

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