What’s a Blade Computer?

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While the name suggest something extraordinary, a blade computer functions like a personal computer and as a client that is like your typical desk PC but housed in a rack enclosure normally found in data centers or specialized environments.

As mentioned, it functions like your ordinary PC but this one takes advantage of the many robust architectural feats started by blade servers.

Blade computers have CPU, RAM and hard drive. Some of these may or may not have an integrated graphics built-in, may support multiple hard drives. As the name suggests, it’s in a “blade” form that is usually found plugged into an enclosure.

Blade computers support your usual operating systems for example, Microsoft’s blade PC version of the past XP and Vista Business.

Access to Blade PCs is usually achieved via Virtual Network Computing (VNC), which allows users to log on to the blade PC using a client device. The login experience is pretty much the same as being logged into a local computer.
The major advantages of blade PCs is that it offers enhanced data security mainly because all data are maintained in the datacenter which can be easily saved to a mass storage device which means that even if the mass storage device gets stolen, the data cannot be compromised or used unlawfully. It is also cost effective and it offers access for disaster recovery just in case extenuating circumstances happen and the need for access to the blade PC’s files is necessary.

As mentioned above, being like your typical PC, these computers are easy to deploy, space efficient, and highly manageable.

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