What’s up with USB Sticks?

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Flash drive, USB sticks, portable memory stick, whatever you call it points to the same thing, the small stick that stores data which you can insert on your PC to access stored information or operate certain portable software from it.

USB sticks largely cover the data storage market today in terms of portability. While you can bring your 1 Terabyte external HD anywhere, it still remains bulky compared to a readily accessible and minute USB flash drive. Other than that, USB sticks are very promising as gifts and are found aplenty just about anywhere.usb stick

While USB sticks can come in different memory sizes, pricing also varies and of course design. However, let’s not forget that durability is also important since some USB sticks can get corrupted and once it happens, there’s a big chance of losing your valuable data.

Most companies offer promotional USB sticks but there’s always a catch so don’t be fooled by discounts and bulk prices, instead stick to your brand. Only your experience with a brand makes it easier for you to pick the apple from the oranges.

There are tons of USB sticks available in the market today, at times, it can be confusing to pick one, but again, understanding its purpose should not be overshadowed by fancy designs and drop dead prices.

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