Telephone Headset: Advantages and Setup

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Gone are the days when people normally pick up a bulky telephone handset in offices although in some, they still do but in environments where there are multiple phone lines, multiple calls are handled using telephone units connected to phone headsets which call centers, telemarketers and helpdesks use on a frequent basis.

These call-driven industries take advantage of telephone headsets for improved mobility, convenience and low maintenance cost.

Other than that, studies have shown that a person spending more than 2 hours a day can benefit from using a telephone headset because it reduces muscle tension that leads to neck pain by 31% and back pain by 16%. Also, this proves reduction in headaches producing a more fluid workforce due to low absenteeism.

HB Maynard & Co carried out a study of more than 2000 telephone calls found out that headsets increase productivity by as much as 43% due to reduced time while taking information from callers, less number of errors caused by typing, writing and fatigue. And of course, the ability to attend to more number of calls compared to a conventional handset.

Setting up a headset is as easy as unplugging the coiled receiver cord from your phone base, plugging in the flat back connector cord that is already plugged into your headset base into the jack where you just unplugged your telephone headset then plugging the loose coiled receiver cord into the base of your headset and voila! You’re good to go. Just remember that there could be different ways to do this depending on your unit so always check the manual for installation or ask for assistance.

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  1. David says:

    I love using headsets.. it’s one of the reasons why I’ll always prefer Skype over a landline/mobile handset. But maybe I should just buy myself a good bluetooth headset for my mobile.

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