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Officially called PS3 CECH-2000 or most commonly known as PS3 slim which was released back in August 2009 at the Sony Gamescom press conference, this model of the PS3 makes waves for its upgradable 120GB hard drive, thirty-three percent smaller and lighter in size compared to its predecessors plus its power-saving capability is probably one of the strongest attraction of this gadget over its competitors—Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Aside from the earth-friendly power consumption feature it has, PS3 also boasts its Blu-ray capabilities and free online gaming service along with a consumer-friendly price. PS3 slim deals have been all over the place due to its marketability despite its highly criticized exterior design switching from the “Spider-Man font” PLAYSTATION 3 to the classic PlayStation 3 with “PS3” on the console and a logo redesign.

Amazon.com, Best Buy, and GameStop however jumped into the craze selling PS3 slim on August 25, 2009 whereas at present-day, you can actually find the cheapest PS3 250gb bundle online through http://ps3.uk.net/ps3-bundles showcasing the 250GB PS3 slim which was first introduced in Tokyo along side a nifty Final Fantasy XIII-theme in white and pink color variations and designs whereas dark color lovers can also enjoy the gadget’s Charcoal Black tint which happens to be a crowd favorite.

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  1. Charles says:

    PS3 is great for connecting to your PC if you have home movies or music you want to play through your home theater.

  2. copy ps3 games says:

    My question is in regards to the first article posted here. Is this a serious article or pure debauchery? If it’s a serious article then bravo because I thought it was very well written, bravo.

  3. Mathdelane says:

    All articles here are genuinely written and not made-up nor copied somewhere else. I unlinked your site as per my comment policy.

  4. Jack says:

    Good facts to know, especially during x-mas time when stores are cutting deals left and right.

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