Photography Tripod Selection Tips

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Professional wedding photographers often have several tripods that they use in the course of their work. They may even take along more than one tripod to photograph a wedding. There are several features that professional wedding photographers search for in a tripod. Not surprisingly, they want the best equipment so they can do their best work! Here are some of the tripod features that they look for.

Many professional wedding photographers want tripods that are lightweight. If the couple who is getting married wants to have pictures taken in several different environments, a photographer needs a lightweight tripod that he or she can move with ease. Plus, if the tripod is lightweight, there’s less chance that it’ll be dropped and damaged.

Wedding photographers appreciate a tripod that collapses so it can be stored in a car or a bag with ease. Oftentimes, these photographers have lighting equipment, several cameras and other forms of technology with them when they work a wedding. A collapsible tripod allows a photographer additional space so he or she can take along all of the items necessary to get the job done successfully.

Finally, durability is a very important feature that photographers look for in a tripod. When a photographer travels, his or her tripod may bump around in the car or in a bag. In addition, the device must be set up and taken down with frequency. Camera tripods that can endure a reasonable amount of wear and tear are assets to a wedding photographer.

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