Free Laptop Sources On The Net: Are They Trustworthy?

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Getting free gadgets on the internet is basically one of the best things that you could experience especially these days when almost everyone have had a bad experience in dealing with scams online out of curiosity and carelessness.

However, there are still a few ones that are legitimate and definitely provides free stuff like Free Laptops especially branded ones like Apple, Dell Adamo, or Sony VAIO. In fact, a website discussing the ins and outs of getting a Free Laptop caught my attention. It was indeed very detailed and provides a clear insight on how to figure out which ones can’t be trusted.

Of course, not all stuff online that are tagged as “free” are “totally free”, in most cases you may have to complete some offers similar to what Trial Pay does on some e-commerce sites. There are however some clear-cut guidelines on how you could get these free featured items so better be mindful of those while at the same time vigilant in dealing with websites on the internet.

While they always say that the best things in life are free, in the online world, not all good things are free so be careful. Share your stories at the comment section.

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  1. John Sullivan says:

    Ah man now your the second person EVER 🙂 to monetize your comment section I cracked up the night I added that e cig with a hook >Anyway I was hoping you had another hook up like that monitor a while back so I was down for a chance on a laptop for sure but more importantly just like I’m digging the changes you made on your site since I been by I have been trying to do things different. Anyway Hope we catch up soon I have been avoiding FB and Skype and they are infeasted with people who are not serious and I don’t have time to waste chit chatting about blogging tips 🙂
    It’s time to bust thru “) Hope your well. Hey if you want write a little post about your new biz and I wil add to my blog for free and some links etc this weekend let me know Peace
    I may snatch that send tweet widggy LOL 🙂

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hey John,
    It’s so cool to find you here again! I’ve been quite busy this week and the previous weeks where like so tiring that I had to skip blogging for a while and take some off for health reasons.

    I wish there would be another generous sponsor that would consider this blog for their promotion but I was hoping thou that the next one should give me an incentive as well. I was happy that Keith from HotBlogTips won it but I really never had the same monitor that he’s won. I wish they (the sponsor) had given the same stuff, yet here I am blogging from a 14″ desktop monitor. 🙂

    I was active on FB last week until I got tired because of some silly people that I came to know from years ago made me realize that it’s not worth talking to them after all so I’m also staying away from it for the mean time. I guess we feel the same way on FB.

    Regarding the changes I’ve made on this site, I’ve run a few tutorials online that made this a reality although it could have been better unless I could invest my time learning web development in school on a much broader scope.

    About the web hosting biz, man, it’s quite killing me that’s why I opted to insert a banner of that site above the comments’ message field. It was tough man! I was quite thinking of giving it up a bit because of cost related issues. I’m still thinking because I need my funds for something else this coming month.

    The twotix widget you’ve found just above the “submit” button in the comments is just an experiment. I might get rid of it in time when I don’t get satisfied.

    I’ll catch you later buddy. Cheers!

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