Disposing Old Electronics? Recycle it!

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In the US alone, an estimated 2.37 million tons of electronic scraps were reported but only a quarter of this amount was actually recycled. These electronic scraps or E-scrap were mostly discarded TVs, computer peripherals like printers, scanners, keyboards, fax machines, mice and not to forget cellphones.

The massive accumulation of electronic scraps that were largely contributed by technological advancements poses a much needed outlet to recycle End of Life electronics through electronic recycling.

In Elgin Recycling for instance, they filter all E-scrap from their various recycling centers through their R2 certified warehouse ensuring that the electronics are handled safely and securely. This means, responsibly eliminating any trace of sensitive information that maybe derived from scraps of magnetic media such as hard drives using High Energy Pulse Degausser.

This method is an industry standard and every company offering similar recycling services must comply to pass accreditation in order to be allowed to operate.

At the moment, similar companies cater to businesses of all sizes, government agencies, residents, education institutions and non-profit organizations. Some even offer pick-up and drop off at several locations.

This endeavor supports an effort to alleviate electronic waste and promote environmental awareness about an uncharted topic. It’s about time that each gadget owner should realize that there’s a right way of disposing electronic trash.

While people might get wary of disposing their damaged hard drives or defective computers for fear of having their sensitive information stolen, it’s also important that electronic recycling companies should rally to educate tech consumers about the safety of their information prior to recycling in order to eliminate doubt and gain trust.

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