Computer Cables and TV Viewing

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Computer cables make it possible to use your computer as a television or the screen that you play console games on. If you have a small television, using your computer monitor to play video games on can enhance your playing experience.

Connecting a computer cable to your television enables you to view an online video on your television. If you don’t have cable television, you can stream cable television channels, or full episodes of your favorite shows from the Internet to your television. If you are teaching a class, it is better to show it on a television screen where everyone can see it as opposed to a tiny computer monitor.

The sound quality of a video may be better if it is shown on a television monitor instead of on your computer. This is because you will be using the volume on your television instead of the volume on your computer. The surround sound on your television can give the impression that the viewer is actually experiencing the event live instead of in a basement or a classroom.

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