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A year go on this very day, Software Critics was registered at NameCheap and was self-hosted via a free host using the WordPress platform. This blog that was then a software download site which has turned into a full blown software review site and eventually evolved into more than just a regular technology site that also features the latest software and technology news, applications and constantly provides assistance and support to startups, and the open source community.

Software Critics turned one year today and it is of great gladness that this weblog have come this far. As we commence another fruitful year into tech blogging, allow me to take you into our journey of a year that was.

first birthday!

March 2009 marks one of the busiest months after the transition from blogger (then into WordPress and one of the most consistent traffic gainer on this blog was written on this month, Yahoo! Mail “Undisclosed Recipients” Made Easy, a post about setting your Yahoo Mail to sending email to bulk recipients without exposing each of your recipients’ email addresses to each other in order to avoid spam.

A tutorial about optimizing your PC speed, downloading free music from social music networks, and the release of our very own toolbar all happened on this month.

It was in April 2009 when the H1N1 scare blew the web with the presence of Swine Flu domains sprouting every second. In fact, yours truly even received an email from a scammer accusing me of maligning his online business.

The succeeding month inspired me to write about the effect of the Conficker virus on removable drives and how I was able to counter it productively using the right set of tools to recover damaged files.

Michael Jackson King of PopThe month of June was a sad moment because of the King of Pop’s untimely passing so I’ve put up a post to commemorate Michael Jackson through embed flash players. As part of my support to webmasters especially bloggers from blog hacking, an info about PHP script vulnerabilities was written along side some tips on when not to trust your webhost. This month marks my first attempt to join an online contest with my slideshare entry, To Be A Better Man.

July 2009 is when ZipRunner acquires Entrecard which left me in doubt if it would ever be the same again after the transition of ownership.

I embraced the Thesis Theme the following month while at the same time discovering Yahoo error 81003016 and Google Chrome personalization took center stage.

The first “Ber Month” is a time of ups and downs. I’ve switched web hosting the fourth time within a year to settle with A public service announcement was posted on this site to help typhoon Ondoy victims.

I’ve first used Yahoo Meme to check if it could be a good Twitter rival. Among the many firsts that happened on this month are attending WordCamp Philippines and switching this blog to do follow.

WordCamp Philippines

Bouncing back after some downturns is definitely one of the things that I’ve learned out of blogging more than anything else. The value of fortitude reminds me of this so I’ve moved on after web hosting nightmares and started implementing a comment policy after a series of keywordluv abuse.

The month after the Yuletide season is when I started implementing the mobile version of this blog plus my revelation of the some of the most horrible web hosting services today that any new webmaster should avoid.

November is also the month when Google started informing the public that site speed will be a ranking factor come 2010 but not to mention personalized search while on the other hand Microsoft released Office 2010 Beta.

The last month of 2009 is when I gained some thoughts if a blogging mafia really exist and have shared some tips on how to recognize phishing emails, why image hosting on your server is not necessary and a series of giveaways here including my $US1500 giveaway.

December 2009 is when I’ve set up my Spokn ID which is 3463452 and Google dropping a notch off this blog’s pagerank.

Starting off the year right was announcing my giveaway winners and giving my thank you’s. The latter part was sharing another Yahoo hack if you can’t open your mails and a helpful trick to fix Tiny MCE or Visual Editor problem for self-hosted WordPress blogs.

This month showcases another giveaway so timely for the celebration of Software Critics’ first anniversary as PowerPivot Excelerators Quiz by Microsoft chose this blog to promote them and in return giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Dell ST2310 monitor.

More surprises await the readers of Software Critics and as this blog progresses, I’ll always try my best to provide valuable content that everyone could benefit. I personally would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every reader of this blog for keeping me inspired to continue what I’ve started and love doing.

Once again, thank you. I’m just getting started so watch out for more great content and more giveaways to come. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome!

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  1. Very nice growth for 1 year old blog. Wish you a successful blogging career ahead.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Thank you, Arafat!

  3. Lars Fich says:

    Many many congratulations to the whole team for having the birthday, hope you will keep the great job doing so well as you are doing it right now.!

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Thanks! Actually, it’s just a one-man team but I was hoping that there would be guys wanting to join me in this endeavor.

  5. Francis says:

    Congratulations Mat!

  6. Mathdelane says:

    Thanks Francis!

  7. Congratulations Math on the first anniversary of your website. I would’ve loved to see snapshots of your blog on its debut and the following changes, especially prior to Thesis. Uh oh, my blog’s first year is coming too and I haven’t made snapshots of it prior to its current look. I used only one theme from the beginning and just simply tweaked it to its current look. Nice to know you’re doing good here Math.
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..USB Switch Box: Multi-tasking Aid =-.

  8. Mathdelane says:

    Thanks James! I guess I’ve missed that part because this was quite a long post here. I’ve used quite a number of themes prior to Thesis and my first was Playmaker 2, Typebased, then Flexx Theme by iThemes. I’ll try to check if I still have those screenshots.

    Looking forward to your blogging milestones too!

  9. Ching ya says:

    Congrats Mathdelane, looking back the year I think you’ve progressed a lot and I won’t be surprised to see you excel even further this year. Keep the passion going on.

    May I ask, what do you think is the best achievement for you last year for softwarecritics?

    Social/Blogging Tracker
    .-= Ching ya´s last blog ..6 Status Updates Scheduler for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn =-.

  10. Mathdelane says:

    Thanks, Ching ya!

    Last year was a blast and as I move forward, I know that I’ll be a lot busier than ever especially with my new soda blog and an upcoming venture which I would invite you when it’s up. The best achievement that I could site was when this blog got recognized as one of the Finalist for Best Technology Blog for 2009 by the Philippine Blog Awards. Getting recognized is an achievement although I don’t have so many eyes from local advertisers, an award giving body is something cool to get in. Likewise, getting direct advertisers from software companies and developers from all over the world including Microsoft BI’s PowerPivot which currently sponsors a giveaway (here) is an added bonus.

    On a personal level, what else could top an increased following and having some fellow bloggers coming back building online friendships like you do, John Sullivan, Keith, James and Arafat.

    There’s so much to be thankful for than much to celebrate. I always recall that “Your gratitude should always be greater than your success.”

  11. Sire says:

    Happy Birthday to your blog 🙂

    It’s great when you can look back at what you’ve done over the year and it’s nice of you to share with us all those important milestones.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..The Women Behind Sire, Art, Sport, Drowning And Other Things =-.

  12. Mathdelane says:

    Thanks, Sire! It’s good to see you back!
    I really wanted to share the wonderful things that have happened for the past year and everything for me is significant. I never thought that blogging could be this exciting and rewarding too. It’s no wonder why you’re hooked at it. 😉

  13. Sire says:

    You, me and who knows how many others 😉
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Quick Update On People Search Money Opportunity =-.

  14. Gavin Chetram says:

    “Hi. that is kind of an -unconventional- query , but have other visitors asked you how get the menu bar to glimpse like you’ve acquired it? I also have a blog and am truly searching to alter close to the theme, even so am terrified to demise to mess with it for worry with the look for engines punishing me. I am incredibly new to all of this …so i’m just not good exactly how to try to to it all however. I am going to just preserve operating on it 1 working day at a time.”

  15. Mathdelane says:

    Hi, the menu bar is configurable via the theme admin interface.

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