Can’t Open Yahoo Mails?

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This may sound absurd but you’re logged into Yahoo Mail but was staring at the inbox for hours because you can’t access your inbox or you simply can’t open those emails even though you’re almost there looking at the email previews.

No matter how you try to open the inbox folder, you simply can’t access it or you’re too close to reading the email by clicking on the preview link but it just wouldn’t open and all you see is a blank screen.

It happened to me countless times so it may have happened to you too. Those days are finally over when I just figured out a workaround that could somehow solve this trouble, at least for the meantime.

Generally, we access our mails via Yahoo’s web interface or sometimes we do it from Yahoo Messenger window when new email alerts come. Whichever way we do it, we cannot always assume that since Yahoo is a large company, we definitely won’t get server errors. In fact, if you happen to have used an extension from Firefox that could determine web servers, I’ve noticed that local Yahoo mails are sometimes hosted somewhere else, like for example, Singapore for some parts of Asia.

Have you ever tried accessing your Yahoo mail via IM and were able to run into any of the problems stated above? Then you don’t really have to uninstall or remove the messenger or clear your proxy settings in case you’re using one. These glitches sometimes occur but that doesn’t mean your account has been compromised. It’s also cumbersome to delete your account then create a new one just to get away from this hassle.

You may try logging out then clear your cache or refresh/restart browser then logging in again. In my experience, I even switched browsers but if the problem persists, don’t log-out but open this link:

Click the link shown above or copy-paste it into your web browser’s address bar “as is”.

As you can see, it’s a Yahoo mobile interface but it surely works like magic although there’s no way you can logout from it, simply close the browser window whenever you’re done reading your emails while you still can’t access your mails using the normal site.

Also, pictures are not viewable using the link, only pure texts from the email will appear.

I hope this simple trick helps resolve the trouble. If you have similar hacks to share, go hit me up at the comments section.

For support requests, use the comment form below or hit the “Help” button on the sidebar but remember to use an alternate email (other than your Yahoo mail) so it can be answered. Thanks!

Updated: 10th April 2010

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  1. John says:

    I haven’t used much yahoo mail, but I am noticing A LOT of general slowness and errors when I’m trying to use some Yahoo services lately. The mobile link you posted also works with their general search, but unfortunately not the site explorer results 🙁
    .-= John´s last blog ..The fight against SPAM never ends =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    You cannot expect the entire site’s results to appear on a mobile version of Yahoo because generally the link is never intended to replace the normal web interface as it’s just a workaround for the said scenario on the post. Mobile versions of a site may sometimes have the same options as the normal website’s menu but the way search results are rendered are somewhat different and is limited.

  3. Mark says:

    why is yahoo mail so gay now adays… i cannot open mail bad service bad connection. to many errors. WTH.

  4. M Sun says:

    I tried a trick that worked for me…just move the message to your Trash folder and then open it from there!

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