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Email client users like me often find ways to enhance my email experience. Well, I’m not that so hard to please since I have long been using Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird with the latter being my main email client for this blog.

I’m not saying that there’s nothing special about the email clients I’ve mentioned above however if you are somebody who’s looking for variety and fun. I might as well recommend something that you’ll definitely get hook into.

Incredimail Installation Setup

Incredimail Installation Setup

I’m taking about IncrediMail, a nifty and fun-filled email client with options similar to Outlook Express but much more special in so many ways. Among the many irresistible features that you’ll get is a wide array of extra functionalities like you wouldn’t get from a typical email client such as 3D animated menus, images, email backgrounds, effects, sounds, e-cards and special fonts.

Incredimail User Interface

Incredimail User Interface

It’s like an email application wrapped in awesomeness. You’ll also get incredible email notifier (which you can change depending on your liking) that will appear on your screen every time you’ll receive an email. Not only that, you can even create a personalized signature to include in your email plus the ability to make searches on the web via the MyStart menu (powered by Google), play free online game via IncrediGames, manage your photos with PhotoJoy and grab Hiyo—an instant messenger enhancer or add-on which contains loads of fun emoticons and graphics similar to SweetIM.

IncrediMail indeed is very fancy and with its so many features, anyone with a POP3 email account would definitely grab the opportunity to try it out or might even get hooked into it. The email client does have a built-in spam protection called Junk Filter Plus but unfortunately, it wasn’t for free however I’m afraid that most POP3 email providers have email protection so I don’t think purchasing a year subscription of it is necessary.

You can also upgrade to IncrediMail Premium but if you’re into the free stuff, then the free version is good for you. Well, the free version is already nice that I’d settle for it in the meantime. Just a few reminders though, not all the great stuff is for free so you’ll have to expect that some ads will be displayed in your email client including promotional links which can be found at the bottom of your outgoing emails.

This is a pretty nifty program for an email client but you have to consider that if you are to use this for business purposes, I’m afraid that it may not be as formal (unless you use the premium version) than what you might expect compared to other most commonly used email clients but this email program really out smarts other email softwares of its kind so it’s still worth trying out.

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  1. Scott says:

    I’ve really found Gmail to be the best free email software. They have really revolutionized how many unique and helpful features can be used via Email.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Gmail is a free web mail not a software if that’s what you mean but I still prefer Yahoo mail over when it comes to filtering the right spam.

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