What a Dedicated Server Should Do for You

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When it comes time to upgrade to a dedicate server the process can be a little intimidating. For starters you might not even be technically fluent enough to understand the specifics. That was certainly the case for me. But in my resulting research and eventual decisions (yeah there were a few) I learned that increased bandwidth comes at a cost of increased responsibility. It isn’t simply a question of whether or not your business website demands a dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting. It’s more about whether or not you have the potential to handle the worries and woes of a dedicated server and if not, can you afford to pay someone who does.

Some computers at CERN computing centerIf you’re essentially ignorant to the whole server thing, you probably need to look for a managed server that’s still dedicated. It’s sort of like the best of both worlds. Where with a hosted server you get the assistance of a web host who takes care of security and updates, when you run on a dedicated server those tasks are yours to figure out. Having a managed server enables you to continue not having to worry about things like firewall services, database management, server monitoring, et cetera.

That comes at the expense of true independence. The first attempt I had at getting a dedicated server with continued outside management, I was basically tricked into paying more for a shared hosting service. You definitely want to avoid that. It’s not worth paying more if you aren’t entitled to superior bandwidth capacity and the freedom to dictate things like what operating system you can run on.

Eventually I found a managed dedicated server that provided me with the freedom I wanted, the bandwidth and service my website needed, and the administrative assistant I didn’t want to deal with and couldn’t afford to pay someone to do.

If you settle for a managed dedicated server always consider the future. You might one day be in the position where you can hire on some IT staff in which case you want to opt for a strictly dedicated server. You’re going to want the full spectrum of security customization and service tweaking that only an IT worker employed by you answering to you can deliver on.

The need to leave the shared server behind is a much more pressing issue than deciding on which kind of dedicated server you want to ultimately use. Allow the wriggle room for dedicated servers to be used for you to experiment with. So long as visitors are able to access the site, it doesn’t matter how often you shop around, though switching from one to another repeatedly isn’t exactly good for anybody. Server technology is the kind you can easily grasp on the go, which works out well when you’re going to be working hard to pick the right choice.


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