The Next Generation in Credit Card Anti-theft Solution

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The emergence of new threats on credit card security continuously challenges merchants on a daily basis thereby PCI Security Standard compliance has been a keen requirement to counter the possibility of any harmful impacts these may have on consumers. As merchants try to keep up with PCI Security Standards, the cost, time, and resources that come along with it are just overwhelming and as the recent breaches have proven, even merchants that are compliant find PCI compliance management does not guarantee security.

However, a smarter approach to PCI compliance had been developed using credit card tokenization and Transparent Redirect method. This unique and secure credit card data storage solution collects the sensitive data that is entered directly from the merchant’s website whenever payment is made by a customer. The data then never touches the merchant’s server instead these data or credit card information are stored in a vault and a unique “token” is returned to the merchant after the transaction. The “tokens” are as good as credit card that can be used for future sales, refunds, voids, credits, reporting and reconciliation. This solution completely eliminate the handling, processing and storage of credit card data without changing the user interface while providing merchants full control over the data which makes it useless to criminals even if the token are stolen. With this emerging security trend, the scope of PCI Compliance is significantly reduced and simplified and no credit card data is compromised.

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