File hosting websites, which is better?

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Are you tired of looking for a better file hosting website that gives you faster download and upload service? A bigger or even unlimited file storage and is free? Plus, it allows you to earn bucks?

If you said yes to all of these, then I highly recommend Filefactory. From their website, below are the substantial benefits each member can get:

  • Free and simple file hosting service. Allows you to host files up to 300MB for free (means 300MB maximum per file). You need to register to avail of the service and you have the option to download FileFactory Turbo Application which allows faster file uploading without having to visit the site, multiple threads, and resume download. All you need to do is open the software and voila! Uploading is just a breeze. And also, you can download your own files limitlessly.
  • Upload any type of file. You can upload movies, music, documents, images, zip files or technically, files with different file extensions. 
  • Access your files anywhere. Files can be downloaded from any computer with internet access. No need for any special software installed to be able to download your files. Creating a free account and organizing files into folders is quick and easy.
  • Share your files with anyone. You can decide who you want to share your files with. You can Keep your files private, or send your download links only to friends or family. Alternatively, you can choose to share your download links on blogs, forums and social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace.
  • Handy file sharing tools. Use our handy flash widget to embed your folders or music on your blog or profile.
  • Create and share slideshows with FileFactory Slides. Share your photos with family and friends using an advanced slideshow editor. Create cool effects, add text, and resize and rotate images which can be embed in your website or blog.
  • Earn cash for hosting your popular files. FileFactory Rewards boasts to be one of the most generous programs online that claims to pay consistently for all types of traffic and pay for each successful download. 

Updates on FileFactory: 

FileFactory Rewards can earn you $20 per 10,000 downloads and pay for all file sizes above 20MB. To get a free account, simply click Filefactory signup.

Notes: I’ve been using this online file sharing website for almost a year and I find it satisfying because of its fast server downloads and uploads. However, the monetary rewards that come along the service is somewhat too good to be true but if you can manage to get 10,000 downloads then it would be much better.

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