Dropping Dropbox for Good

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The first time I’ve used Dropbox was last year and the most recent was just a few days ago, apparently it has never been a fruitful one. I’ve finally figured out that it was indeed something that I wouldn’t get any benefit so I’m dropping it totally.

Dropbox basically allows file storage on a drag and drop interface via its downloadable software with folder management capabilities inclusive of 2 GB space allotment for a free account.

Since I can easily upload files through the DropBox folder that comes with it on my PC, I was expecting that if I install Dropbox on another computer or multiple computers linked on a single account, I can have all files synched and access my uploaded files on any of the computers where I linked my account but that wasn’t possible.

Having tried to exit and open the software several times just to make sure I’m doing it right, unfortunately nothing succeeded.

It’s clear to me that Dropbox can only accept files from a single computer using a single account. If you intend to use Dropbox on another computer using a single account hoping that your files are synched, then just drop the idea.



I don’t need the extra 250 MB free space per referral they are boosting around if they can’t even improve their upload speed which is from 2008 until now hasn’t changed.

Contrary to what they’re bragging about on their site, that it syncs your files across multiple computers, I’m afraid that wasn’t true.

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