Adopting NetApp Storage Systems

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Most companies all over the world especially those with online resources strive hard to secure their vital information—their data. Protecting valuable data has been an on-going challenge and fortunately there are solutions like NetApp that lives up to this calling and continues to provide innovative software and product-storage solutions unparalleled in the industry while at the same time considering affordable cost to clients.

Comm Solutions, as a NetApp partner, provides its clients with robust technology that can deliver high percentage of ROI (Return on Investment) through data center transformations, increased storage capacity, performance boost of storage systems and 50 percent data center footprint reduction.

netapp storageNetApp can handle different types of files and data from different sources which support Fibre Channel, and iSCSI SANs, NFS and CIFS NAS in the same box.

It also simplifies your data management, boost reliability, and provides scalability through a portfolio of network-attached storage solutions for added flexibility, efficient archiving, among others.
One of the many challenges of growth is maintaining performance while retaining budget costs, thus, NetApp SAN solutions help optimize storage space, reduction of duplicate data and efficient utilization.
Of course, adopting NetApp includes Data ONTAP 8 Operating System which delivers on-demand, hugely efficient, and highly flexible single storage system for efficient data management, application and the ability to cope up with infrastructure growth overtime.

Data ONTAP 7G software on the other hand provides a virtualized data environment giving you the ability to create virtual storage volumes, quick changes and achieve superb storage utilization.

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