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Happy New Year to all! It’s indeed of great excitement to announce the names of the winners for the New Year Giveaway which started last 22nd until 31st December 2009. These guys are randomly picked based on their prize of preference and were able to enter the giveaway simply by leaving a comment, tweeting, becoming a fan of Software Critics on Facebook and subscribing to the newsletter.

Without further a do, here are the lucky winners:

GilsSilva – SnapABug Pro Account
Rimed – VisualCron Business/Commercial license (Prize is null and void) – Sponsor backed out
Amir Aizudin – Email Marketing Software from Gammadyne
mohsen – Clyton Email Client
LittleDanniel – Televiewer paid license
David – Windows Automation software Professional license
Saw90 – Windows Automation software Professional license
Lisa R – Windows Automation software Professional license
James Moralde – IP Privacy Pro
Francis – IP Privacy Pro

Congratulations to all the winners. Please wait for my email as I deliver them to you.

Since there are no entries for both SyncMate Personal courtesy of SyncMate (One of two licenses) and Laptop Alarm software (one of five licenses for the entire duration of the giveaway, these licenses have been decided to be given out on a first-come first-served basis simply by leaving your comment and interest in trying out the software.

Update: 03 Jan 2010

VisualCron backed out after finding out that the winner’s email above matched with that of their existing reseller. That I could not claim but for the benefit of fairness, I have voided and nulled the said prize.

I have no idea at all when I picked the winner at random that he was a reseller. I personally don’t even know him. However, I still feel bad about doing it because first, my only intention is to give a prize via this giveaway and whoever wins must get it and I certainly have no control and don’t even care what the winner will do with their prize. It’s all up to them. However, the above sponsor’s thinking is otherwise and that I’m forced to set my rules on this giveaway and my contest.

The winner may or may not be a reseller of the sponsor-VisualCron but if the winner really is then I’m not in any way liable to any of their internal affairs if that’s the case because it seems that the sponsor is trying to manipulate the giveaway’s rules which I could not allow.

They wanted me to give them the entrants email addresses so they could pick the winner themselves but I thought it was way beyond privacy. When I sent them the winner’s email, that’s when they started doubting the intention of the winner being a reseller (if he/she was) to sell the software in return.

I don’t know where this thinking of them is coming from but I’m not buying it. They should have had their own giveaway instead of participating here if that’s what they intend.

All I ever wanted was to have a giveaway but it seems that some party is dragging this to a mess and I will not allow it to happen.

I’m sorry this note has to be written right here but I feel it’s a must that everyone should know.

Thank you guys for participating in the giveaway. I wish you all a Happy New Year!

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  1. Francis Flor says:

    First of all, I would like to give my thanks. =))

    I got curious about syncmate. Currently im using iTunes for syncing my iPhone. It takes ages to sync. I was wondering if i Syncmate Personal could help me in speeding up the process.

    Happy Holidays =))

  2. usb cable iphone  says:

    Happy New Year. And Congratulations to all who have won the giveaway prizes.

  3. Happy New Year Math. If I’m not too late, am I qualified to request for the Laptop Alarm software ?
    .-= James Moralde´s last blog ..Smooth Link Scrolling =-.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Sure James, I’ll give you one. I’ll have it emailed together with your IP Privacy Pro prize. Happy New Year too and Congratulations once again.

  5. Mathdelane says:

    Syncmate allows you to sync your Mac Files to multiple devices including iTunes. If you own a Mac then you can use this.

  6. LittleDanniel says:

    Dear Mathdelane,
    If it is possible, can I have a license of Laptop Alarm software? I would like to thank you again for the prize.
    All best wishes.

  7. David says:

    Happy New Year and Congratulations to the winners!

  8. Saw90 says:

    when you send me the prize that I won?

  9. Saw90 says:

    and thank you,,,

    that this new year you have much success, peace and health

  10. Amir Aizudin says:

    Hi Mathdelane.

    Can you resend me the email? Because I think I may have accidentally overlooked and deleted it.. 🙁

    You can send it to the email I used in previous comment. (I think its the same as this one)

  11. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Amir,
    I have already resent it.

  12. Mathdelane says:

    @Saw90, the sponsor has not yet replied to my email but I’m sure they’ll be back by Monday. I’ll keep you posted.

  13. Amir Aizudin says:

    :O that’s super quick..
    Thank you so much! Happy new year, and I wish you the very best in the future. 🙂

  14. Mathdelane says:

    Thanks Amir for the best wishes. The same goes with you and I personally would want to thank you for participating in the giveaway.

    All the best for this year,

  15. Dennis says:

    This is an official reply from sponsor VisualCron. We’ll see if Matilla deletes this post or not…

    We agree to what Matilla is saying to some points. We was early in attending this giveaway. When Matilla notified us about a winner it matched a reseller address. We did not think it was fair to give the prize to a reseller when someone else might needed or wanted it more. So, we gave Matilla two options:

    1. If the winner had already been notified we kept him as a winner but only we asked Matilla to notify the winner that the license could not be used for reselling

    2. If the winner had not be notified we wanted Matilla to pick a new winner.

    It was never more complex than this and we found a fair solution for everybody.

    In the discussions we felt that Matilla, at some time felt, that he would never get a license from us. So we sent one to him. Still he is claiming that we backed out.

    The big question is what you readers think. Do you think it is fair that a reseller should be able to win a license on a small personal web site like this? Ultimately the choice was up to Matilla and he chosed to say that we backed out which resulted that nobody is winning when somebody, who really needed it could have received the license. Matilla made this a personal matter instead of keeping it professional.

    best regards,


  16. Mathdelane says:

    Our conversations are over in email and this move is lame to think that this is just a personal website whom you are dragging down the drain.

    First, I have no idea if the winner was a reseller. You said he is. So, I decided not to make him win and voided the prize to make it clear that I’m not taking sides simply because you don’t trust the winner.

    If the winner is a reseller, I’m already out of your internal affairs, how clear can that be? What I don’t like is for you not trusting the method this blog chooses the winner and is never my fault that I’ve accidentally picked up a reseller of yours to be a winner.

    It’s not fair of course but not fair enough for a winner (which happens to be a reseller) to be alienated of trust just because he/she wins but that doesn’t necessarily mean he/she (the winner) will sell the license just to get some money.

    Your belittling this blog is surprising when in fact, you’ve approached me to review your software and offered me license just to do so. I did because I wanted to help and in response, it’s in gratis. But now, you’re like thrashing my blog because you’ve earned yourself some credit.

    I’ve never used your software after the review. You can deactivate it all you want. Go have your own giveaway so you can choose your own winner and stop using blogs to review your software. This move of yours is not at all helping you out instead you’re dropping yourselves into the garbage bin.

    You’re childish approach and lack of merit and good judgment simply marks the cunning ways of crooks not worthy of trust. I wish I knew that ever since.

    The options you’ve mentioned are just an excuse to make yourselves come out clean. Come on guys, it’s 2010. Nobody’s buying it. Screwing this blog is not a good idea either.

    My readers are intelligent enough to know how trust is valuable in so many ways. Clean up your act and stop wiping the dirt on your faces because it still smells.

  17. Rimed says:

    Hi Mathdelane and Dennis,

    I’m suprised that my first win is turned into a strange discussion. On one side I’m happy to be a winner on the other side it taste kind of bitter.

    First of all I’m not a reseller or affiliate! I never used or sold their software.

    Secondly my email address has never been used for this purpose at all. So maybe they can enlighten me how I got in their database in the first place.

    However checking my mail box, surprisingly I still got an E-mail from the sales department, that I won a price (license key included).

    I hope this clarifies the situation.

    ps: If my intentions would have been bad I would have used another email address.

  18. Lisa R says:

    Thank you so much for picking me for one of these fabulous prizes. Please let me know where to leave my contact info.

  19. Lisa R says:

    If no one else is interested in trying out the unclaimed SyncMate Personal courtesy of SyncMate (One of two licenses) and Laptop Alarm software (one of five licenses for the entire duration of the giveaway let me know. My son would love one of them.

  20. LittleDanniel says:

    I like to get one of Laptop Alarm software if it is still available. Thank you Mathdelane!
    Take care!

  21. Mathdelane says:

    Yes, it’s still available. I’ll have it emailed soon. Thanks for joining!

  22. Mathdelane says:

    Your requested is counted. I’ll have it emailed once I get your other prize.

  23. Mathdelane says:

    Thank you for clarifying this matter. This blog always values TRUST. I always knew that if you TRUST people, they’ll TRUST you in return. I never gave up on trusting anyone that’s why I insisted on doing what I think is just although it’s against my will.

    When I picked you as a random winner, I never cared at all if you’re a reseller or not (if that’s the sponsor says), it doesn’t matter to me either if you’ll sell it or not. All I wanted was to give the prize. Instead, they insisted on me that they should have been the ones to choose the winner. Matter of fact is, the rules of the giveaway are mine and are irrevocable. I would not hand them over the entries’ email addresses because it’s a bridge of privacy. How simple can that be? Like I said, I value TRUST on this blog.

    They kept on making me wrong instead of listening when I gave them your email because they said they needed it to generate the license but then they kept on insisting what they wanted and thus it includes dragging you being an RESELLER which I have no idea if it was true or not. Thanks for clarifying that you’re not a reseller or affiliate.

    I decided to void it to make it things clear and to avoid taking sides. Their internal affairs is theirs alone. It was never my intention to void the prize but because they said you were an affiliate and they don’t trust you (because you might sell the license, that’s what they think), I did what I believe is the right thing. I could not pick up another winner because I’ve already published your name prior to claiming your prize from them.

    But after the email to picking up the license, everything else turned sour then they insisted on contacting you which is no longer within my suggestion because you already knew that I voided the prize from an email I sent you. I closed my communication through email with them that’s why they left a comment right here. They’re trying to come out clean after all this mess up that they did.

    It only means one thing, bad business don’t trust their own people. Assuming that you’re a reseller, why would they even think that you’ll sell the license that you’ve won? I wonder where that filthy kind of thinking is coming from.

    The most horrible thing is dragging this blog down the drain after all the kindness that I’ve shown to them. That’s just not right. They said that this was just a small personal blog. They have belittled this blog without ever looking at their faces into the mirror!

    Once and for all let me tell you, I suppose you are intelligent enough to understand this, I value trust on this blog and if the entrants handed over their emails, it’s all secured. I don’t sell them to third parties and I never assumed or thought of anything bad about your intentions or anyone else’s who joined because I always trust my readers.

    I’m horrified that this had to end this way on your part especially. I was right in trusting you and the sponsor was wrong in thinking otherwise.

    I apologize for all your troubles. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

    I hope this clears up everything.

  24. Francis says:

    O syncmate is for mac only? too bad i don’t have a mac. Are there still Laptop Alarm license left? I read in the product’s homepage that it has a “self-destruct feature” which securely deletes everything you set to be deleted if your laptop is stolen and it can email your important data before self-destructing. That’s like Mission Impossible. Awesome. =))

  25. Francis says:

    I forgot to mention that in an event of theft, it can notify the owner via his/her mobile phone! Can i get a Laptop Alarm if there are still licenses left?

    Happy Three Kings!

  26. Mathdelane says:

    Sure. I’ll have it emailed to you. There’s only one more left.

  27. Dennis says:

    Mathdelane, the only one who has misused trust is you. You asked us if we wanted to participate in this giveaway. That was a trust between you and us. As we decide what license type and quantity is being given out we should also be able to control the usage of it. If we want just to say “Not available for resell” – that is our business and internal affairs.

    Like I said, it does matter if the user is a reseller – it is how the license is being used. The actual reseller relation is explained to the end user in a later email as we mentioned nothing about this when we sent out the license. We did not even mentioned the discussion with you as this is all internal affairs, which you made public, hence the trust break to companies. We never wanted to back out of this giveaway – you did.

    Which company will ever continue supporting your page when your grandiloquent blog ranting breaks every single rule of trust?

    We stand for that we want to control rules for a giveaway – nothing strange about that. That is our internal affairs.

    It is nothing strange that we wanted customer details of @Rimed. Our customers are not anonymous for several reasons (for example if activation code is lost). We gave you the option to ask the end user or we could do it ourselves – depending on if you wanted to send out the license yourself.

    It is hard to defend our self here on your blog – where you control the moderation etc.. We wanted to keep this an internal discussion and solve it like professionals. Still, you showed what trust means by making internal affair public.

    Your language is not helping you at all when describing this situation. This is no book, movie other other drama. There are no “filthy scumbags”,”dirty faces” or whatever. Keep it professional without using childish accusations and comments. Nobody buys that.

    We are now closing the case from our side as we cannot continuing a discussion on this blog. Good luck with your business, no serious company will ever trust working with this blog.

  28. Mathdelane says:

    You surely have loosen track of everything. Now, you’re diluting my blog with so much of your arrogance and muddy language.

    This is just a small blog and you said it, why so much with the rant? It backfires to you and you’re filthy attitude towards others. Your guilt definitely shows. Who would ever trust a company who does not trust it’s very own partners?! If I were an affiliate of your company, I’d definitely for sure be packing up right away because from the attitude that you’ve shown, you’re one great user and it will always run at the back of your head that you trust no one!

    I’m really sad about this and it was REALLY A BIG MISTAKE inviting you over for this simple giveaway that you’ve tried to ruin with your out staging scandalous behavior. I’m not letting you do this to my blog nor to anybody’s blog ever again. After all the kindness I’ve shown and the fact that I’ve reviewed your software for free months ago, this is how you’re going to give back in return? Shame on you! You even have the guts to put your URL behind your name! Shameless.

    I’ve never betrayed my readers trust. You betrayed this blog and the rest of your affiliates. Your affiliates now knew what kind of person you think about them. You belittle these guys, this blog and every single reader of this blog.

    I wish you good luck and better pack up before it’s too late. No affiliate will ever trust your company and your service with the kind of attitude you’ve shown. What goes around comes around remember that.

  29. Francis says:

    I got my gift. Thank you IP-privacy, Laptop Alarm and M. Matilla =))

  30. Mathdelane says:

    You’re welcome Francis!

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