HostedFTP Cloud File Sharing Service Unveils Giveaway Winners

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Cloud file sharing definitely revolutionizes the way data are distributed and shared. While only a few startups can actually deliver what they promise, HostedFTP once again proves that they are never far behind the leaders in the industry.

When some older companies don’t walk what they talk, and just do their marketing with so much hype that everyone thinks they are the best when in reality they are not yet their so-called “cloud servers” are slower than a fat turtle, (yes, that’s true, just read my review about dropping dropbox for good and SpiderOak just can’t deliver either, I’ve tried them and geez…you know it) then it has proven true that precious gems are really hard to find but once you’ve found it, there’s simply no letting go.

The same goes with a great service provider and in the case of file sharing in the cloud, HostedFTP is a gem that is left to be discovered but nevertheless this gem never seize to amaze as it unveils after a month-long wait, the winners of their giveaway.

The following are the list of winners and their corresponding prize value.
convio1. Enterprise Account Winner worth $80/month for 12 months
2. Group Account Winner worth $40/month for 12 months
3. Personal Account Winner worth $10/month for 12 months

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