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Since 2008, Software Critics has featured almost a thousand software applications from PC, Mac to mobile—iOS and Android.

Software Critics has helped many software developers, publishers and those from the Open Source Communities to showcase their products and services; web-based application providers, web hosting and SEO companies, internet marketers, and professionals were all given a fair share of exposure up to the present.

In addition, brands like Microsoft and many other well-known service providers have utilized the promotional capability of this site to run various online campaigns, promotions, and giveaways—all of which became successful.

The existence of this website will not be possible without the charitable contributions of the companies and individuals who believe in us.

As much as free information is readily available for everyone who uses the internet, the cost of maintaining a website like this over the years is never easy without financial funding.

In this regard, Software Critics accepted sponsored posting, and/or paid inclusions in order to keep the website running.

Guest posting is still welcome however, editorial guidelines are strictly in place to prevent any abuse of the system. Please note that guest writing is not an avenue to get backlinks but an opportunity for exposure. Create content that will benefit the readers of this site and yours will get the same (a win-win situation).

Once your contribution is approved, a link back to your website or blog including your photo and/or short bio will be published all together thereby increasing your exposure.

Sponsored reviews, paid write-ups, and ad related concerns can be addressed on our advertising page.

For inquiries on guest posting, partnerships, and other web related questions, simply fill out the form below and we’ll respond to you promptly.

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Last Updated: 9th January 2013