Why Use Non Geo Numbers?

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Non Geo Numbers, if you’ve heard it first here, are telephone numbers that are up for private sale and are not assigned to a particular telephone line or circuit. These kinds of numbers do not provide any indication of geographical location of the user or business when adapted for such. Unlike 01 and 02 numbers, they clearly indicate locality or geographical information relative to the number attached to the series.

Non Geo numbers enables businesses to compete in the market in a national level due to its nonlocal attachment compared to the traditional telephone numbers you can find. Non Geo numbers does not replace your existing telephone number/s even if you relocate. So changing your location does not mean your existing fixed line will be changed as well thus is inspires trust from your customers.

non geo numbersThere are several types of non geo numbers so it’s crucial to purchase a non geo number that is easy to memorize for your customers or something that may sound familiar to them.

There are fixed rate numbers (0844 numbers / 0871 numbers) which charge customers to call your business or you may also op to choose a 0845 telephone number which allows long distance callers to call you from their location at local rates, this in return will give your customers the ability to save themselves against the high cost of calling long distance. All of these types of non geo numbers are very flexible.

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