Tips in choosing the right non-geo number for your business

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Small businesses worldwide that are trying to cut costs often face a multitude of challenges when it comes to choosing which aspect of their business can they spend less but get more optimal results in the long haul. With these at hand, business have ventured into adapting cost cutting measures in terms of communication mediums without the need to sacrifice the ability to interact with clients and their customers—this is where non-geo numbers come into play.

Cost reduction in calls plus more flexibility in terms of mobility is one of the best feature that you can get when you buy 0845 number, 08 or any non-geographical phone numbers.

non-geo numbersThe best non-geo number to choose depends on your business needs. The following geo-numbers and their application to businesses might help enlighten your decision making.

0800 – these numbers generally used for marketing and sales purposes. It attracts as free to call your number without charging your customers thus incoming calls are charged to the number owner. A major flaw of this number however does not allow free call from mobiles and may not be called from outside the UK.

0845 – are Lo-Call numbers wherein calls are charged at local rates made from landlines regardless of the caller’s location.
However, the charges on both local and national calls to ordinary geo numbers are no longer different.

0844 – is a revenue generating and/or sharing number wherein both the owner and provider gets a portion of revenue from each call. This number is advisable for use only on specialized services provided by your business.

0870 – is introduced as low cost, revenue sharing numbers as well.

0871 – is similar to 0870 but with higher call charges but also pays a revenue share and is regulated by a certain body and the customer is notified of the cost of the call afterwards.

09xxx are real premium numbers with rates that can be £1+ per minute but with a more specialized used.

There you have it, if any of your businesses functions fall into any of these non-geo numbers, then you can finally decide which one to choose.

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