Resolving Yahoo! Messenger sign in error 81003004

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Have you ever encountered problems signing in to Yahoo! Messenger? I have had issues for a few times but now it seems that the road to the unknown becomes clearer than before.

The fact that I’ve used this software for almost everyday ever since I became acquainted with instant messaging, it is necessary that it’s perfectly working for its purpose.

It’s inevitable that at some point, I’ve met errors  that I sometimes find myself clueless. But that was long before I’ve come to notice and made myself aware why these login errors occur. Having said this, I’ve tried to come up with some valuable tips that might eventually be of interest to those people who in one way or the other experienced the same problem as I do.

Normally, you will encounter Yahoo! Messenger Login error 81003004 which show failure to sign in. Now, what actually cause this? There are a few factors and one of which include conflicts between Flash Player 10 and the new Yahoo! Messenger 9 but it seems that bug fixes had already been made. An incorrect connection setting is definitely the most common cause of this error.

To get into the bottom line on how this error can be corrected, follow these guidelines:

Click Messenger tab. Make sure the program window is open.

Yahoo Messenger Window

Yahoo Messenger Window

Then, click Connection Preferences. It will open up a window for you to work on setting up your connection.

Yahoo Messenger Connection Preferences

Yahoo Messenger Connection Preferences

On the Connection options, you can either choose:

1. Connect directly to the internet. (This is the recommended setting if you never had connection problems.)

2. Connect via a proxy server. (Use this option if you are behind a firewall and know your proxy server settings.

From the Internet connection option, you can choose among these three–Dial-Up, Broadband (DSL/Cable) or High-speed (T1/LAN). Once you’re able to select all your options, click Apply then click OK.

Make sure that Yahoo! Messenger is not blocked by your Windows Firewall.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall

If you have completed the connection setup but still get the same error, try to restart the PC. If at some point it still doesn’t work, then the worst action you could ever do is to uninstall Yahoo! Messenger and reinstall it back.

Always make sure that you have a working internet connection, otherwise it will be useless. Trust me, I’ve had my lesson. First hand experience doesn’t lie.

If you are a Yahoo! Multi-Messenger user or is not aware of it yet, check my post “Y! Multi Messenger: Multiple problems?” for more useful information.

Update: 20 November 2009

If the solutions shown above still doesn’t work, you may try these two other workarounds.

Option 1:

You may try switching connection from Connect directly to the internet to Connect via a Proxy Server and choosing HTTP Proxy then click Apply. This works like magic when I encountered the same error today. See image below for settings.

Yahoo Messenger Connection Preferences

Yahoo Messenger Connection Preferences

Option 2:

From Start on Windows, click Control Panel, choose Network and Internet Connections, choose Internet Options, then from Internet Properties Connections Tab, click LAN Settings, then untick or uncheck “Use A Proxy Server For Your LAN” (in case you’ve setup a proxy) then press OK, click Apply then OK.

An alternate route for the same process can be done on your Internet Explorer browser via the Tools tab by selecting Internet Options, Connections Tab, clicking LAN Settings, then unchecking “Use A Proxy Server For Your LAN” (in case you have one), pressing OK, clicking Apply then OK (see screenshot below).

Local Area Network (LAN Settings)

Local Area Network (LAN Settings)

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Comments (27)

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  1. temory says:

    my yahoomessenger always have Error 81003004 i was tried that all points but still have this problem pleas help me .

  2. Mathdelane says:

    @Temory, I understand your concern and if you have done all that has been mentioned on the post, I’d suggest that you double check everything because if not the least thing you can do here is to reinstall Yahoo! Messenger. Error 81003004 is internet connection related to make sure that the right option is ticked. Likewise, if you are to use a web cam, make sure you install direct x for it to work. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

  3. abdul says:

    really its a magical solution,option 1, thanks for your help

  4. Mathdelane says:

    You’re absolutely welcome!

  5. Jen says:

    Thank you so much for this – option one worked perfectly!

  6. jhoie says:

    hello.. i also have a problem in my yahoo messenger.. can i ask where i can download a direct x ???
    thank you

  7. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Jhoie,
    You can download Direct X from here, You might want to check on the “All DirectX downloads” link which you can find below the page and from there you can specifically find which DirectX you’ll need.

  8. SCOTTY says:

    the first option didnt work for me…but the 2nd option did..ty so much

  9. Amit says:

    Thank you…..I was trying to fix this problem for few hours. I followed your suggestion and Option 2 worked for me. Thank you for your help.

  10. Sarah says:

    Is there anyone having the problem of your email signing you out when you sign into a YIM account of the same name? It only started happening with a newly bought computer, but it’s driving me mad. 🙂 I open the internet on my open email account, then later sign into YIM only to be kicked out of my email account. Very frustrating, any advice would be helpful. Thanks!

  11. Mathdelane says:

    You can’t log-in from both Yahoo messenger client and Yahoo chat within your email window at the same time. It will close your IM client when you do. Simply choose which one you’re going to use.

  12. Vikram says:

    Option 2 worked for me very well done.
    Basically my connection got hijacked and IE/Messenger would not work “Av security suite” was a culprit for me I still have virus on my machine and my anti virus wont detect anything.

  13. Mathdelane says:

    Try running Spybot on your system, it might help clean it up.

  14. Alex says:

    I m very grateful to you. I have been googling for this error for hours. I just followed option 1 , restarted yahoo and it worked. Thanks alot.

  15. Mathdelane says:

    You’re welcome! I’m glad this post helped you out.

  16. bogdan says:

    for me it worked “Repair” to my network connection. That simple 🙂

  17. m.mudasirbhat says:

    Thanx a lot …I could finally fix my problem….

  18. fardeen says:

    thanks only unlock the firewall for yahoo masanger

  19. shrirang says:

    THanks, Option 2 worked for me.

  20. ruby says:

    @Mathdelane, I tried all the options you provided here but it still didn’t work on my yahoo messenger 11, it still says connection problems..blah..blah..even if my internet connection is good..My yahoo mail account still works though and skype messenger also works good. I’m just worried what’s going on here with my yahoo messenger 11 since it’s been like this starting Wednesday until now…By the way, I’m using Windows Vista Home/Basic edition.


  21. Mathdelane says:

    @Ruby, If you have reinstalled the same software, try running a virus scan and updating your Adobe flash application.

  22. konatau says:

    I have a problem with my id, yeah, my id, i can`t sign in with it, i use “Connect directly to Internet” option, but i cant log in, i have this problem ONLY on MY id, other ids connects normaly, if i use a Proxy i must wait ~10 min. to log in, and my contacts dont appear in the list, i want to sign in normaly, like all the time since today, not with Proxy…what can i do ?


  23. Mathdelane says:

    Did you try updating your Yahoo messenger? Checked your internet settings and password associated with your ID?

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