Radio Advertising in a Social Network Era

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The radio has been around for many years even before the first TV set entered the ordinary household. Over the years, the radio has evolved from the normal source of news to radio talk shows, drama, live events broadcast to just playing plain old music, the radio has in deed never lost its charisma to the listening public.

The boom of the internet has in deed shaken the mainstream media but the radio has been adept to the changes when the iPod first came to the scene. While it’s good to have mp3 players and playlists that the radio cannot provide, radio listeners still want the simplicity and the straightforwardness of the radio over other musical device.

A radio listener only needs to tune-in to his/her desired radio station and viola, problem solved.

As radio listeners get lured into paying music over iTunes or Xbox Music or Google Play, radio finds it ways of living through advertisements.

On-air advertisements right after a tune is their way of living. Internet radio makes this possible for radio stations to survive through internet streaming and of course, graphic ads through their website.

Radio advertising is inevitable. While a radio listener may be discouraged with ads on-air, they should understand that in order for their favorite radio station to survive and continue providing good music—radio companies have to mention their sponsors on-air whether their listeners like it or not.

Radio advertising however has changed as well over the years and the ads on-air have been unique as well. RadioActive Media, a radio advertising agency, has a unique way of relaying advertisement that the listeners will not find annoying and distracting to their listening pleasure.

Compelling radio ads that do not sound pushy and loud make a difference while still keeping in mind the overall listening experience a top priority.

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