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While this is not the first time VoIP has been covered on this blog, today’s post focuses on the companies providing VoIP services. For simplicity of facts, VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol which refers to a system of transmission technologies that delivers voice communications over the Internet or other packet-switched networks. Also known for many terms such as IP telephony and Internet telephony, voice-over-IP systems carry telephony speech as digital audio which makes it inexpensive when communication is done via the internet.

Among the leading services that we know include AT&T CallVantage, Cox Communications Digital Telephone, Vonage, and Skype with the latter being the most widely used service via a free software client which enables communication over the internet for free minus the internet facility with the exception of some paid premium services.

Sources of VOIP Reviews on the internet are aplenty though there are few that really stand out. And since we are talking about VoIP service providers, why not enjoy the best VOIP and DSL services from Spectrotel, a telecommunications company that offers quality services. Visit Spectrotel’s profile here.

There are just so many VoIP service providers around so the ultimate criteria to consider before subscribing to any VoIP solutions provider is their ability to consistently deliver cost-effective, efficient and quality service at all times.

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