Goodbye, Welcome Olark!

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You might be wondering why the title of this post seemed like I was conveying a certain message to someone. In deed, I was trying to bid farewell and welcoming something new but it’s not a person but a name of a particular service, a chat service to be exact.

A few days ago, I came across this chat service known as allows your website visitors to chat with you without any extra chat software. As your website visitors chat with you via the instant messenger interface embedded within your site, you can read their messages through your favorite instant messaging application like Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ, AIM and many others . Olark is easy for webmasters or bloggers to set up and is very user-friendly to your visitors and web browsers alike. just recently switched it name to Olark a few days ago before I even had a problem with my ISP that’s why this post was delayed. chat now known as Olark chat retains all its features especially the free version. The free version of Olark Beta is utilized on this blog as you can see on the bottom left corner. The glassy black tint of the chat window is non-obtrusive and highly customizable. You’ll be amazed with how this chat service can deliver real time information whenever someone visits your site. I personally used this along with Pidgin which was an open source chat client capable of working on multiple chat or instant messenger accounts within an easy to use interface on a single operating application, compact and tiny free software yet very powerful and useful. changed its name to Olark due to issues with SEO and SERPS since they can’t rank well with the Spanish term “habla” (which means “language” in English) not even with (pronounced H-A-B-DOT-L-A) which was at first quite strange having an unusual domain extension and since getting the domain name could cost them a fortune, they decided to just change the name to however it’s still unknown why they chose Olark.

If you would like to try this chat service, better watch the video below and see for yourself.

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