Fight the Flu and Work from Home with VoIP Service

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The only thing worse than coughing and sneezing with a case of the flu, is spreading it around your office. Sometimes you can’t make it into the office, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to let your work pile up. The good news is that thanks to VoIP service, you can continue to conduct business from the comfort of your own home.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that relies on the Internet instead of the traditional phone line to transmit calls. If your office uses a business VoIP provider for Internet telephony, then chances are there are multiple ways in which you can still keep up on your business phone calls from the comfort of your bed.

Find Me Follow Me

voip serviceVoIP providers offer the Find Me Follow Me option on basic plans for no extra cost. This feature lets you program other phones to ring when a caller dials your business VoIP telephone number. With the Find Me Follow Me feature, you can forward calls to your mobile device or even your home landline.

The Find Me Follow Me feature directs those important client or customer calls straight to another phone without your callers knowing that you’re not taking the call in your office.

Voicemail to Email VoIP Feature

Just because you’re bedridden doesn’t always mean you can ignore your voicemails. This Voicemail to Email feature turns your voicemail messages into mp3 files and then sends them to your email address.

This gives you the option of listening to your business voicemails from your computer at home or even from your smartphone.

Mobile VoIP App

Numerous business VoIP companies offer VoIP mobile apps for smartphones. If you use an iPhone or Android, you can download the VoIP mobile app for free on your phone. The app then syncs up with your business VoIP telephone number, allowing you to send and receive calls from that number.

Not only does this mobile app feature allow you to conduct business wherever and whenever you have your mobile device, but it also connects to WiFi for service instead of eating up your cell phone minutes.

Another beneficial aspect of the mobile app is that you can access the same VoIP features that you use on your office phone on your mobile phone. Some of these options include three-way calling, call waiting, and call forwarding.

Virtual Extensions

Businesses that use virtual extensions provide their employees with business telephone numbers that are connected solely to their cell phones. This is a perfect service for an employee who travels frequently or works remotely, like a sales person. These virtual extensions allow for increased employee mobility and flexibility, as callers can reach employees through the regular office PBX, even when the employees work in remote locations.

Chloe Mulliner is a telecom and tech writer in California.

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