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Social Media Outreach By Prominent Executives

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Business people utilize social media to optimize outreach to customers and partners. Loyal consumers of particular companies are often interested in what executives have to say. Similarly, companies also have plenty of reasons to stay updated on the latest events relating to business partners. Being concise is an important aspect of proper social media management whether for business or personal reasons. Therefore, prominent executives usually post catchy headlines on social media sites. The goal is to quickly entice readers to get in-depth information about relevant trending topics in a given industry. Social media posts made by business people usually include links to external websites that feature in-depth articles from reliable sources such as magazines and scholastic journals. Charts are used heavily by businessmen who want to emphasize eye-popping statistics regarding economic activity at home and abroad.

It’s common for wealthy entrepreneurs to post articles about issues that might not even be directly related to specific business operations. However, smart business people understand the complex global economy in which environmental and social issues heavily influence commercial success. Most consumers think that executives are only interested in the latest market prices of stocks, commodities and other financial packages. However, successful executives try to break such myths by providing unconventional perspectives in business. Posts about foreign politics might be somehow linked to regional businesses in the United States. An American investor might point out how U.S. politicians can borrow ideas from other countries when it comes to commercial regulation. With soaring corporate taxes in the United States, patriotic American executives are looking for ways to influence some reforms in the political arena.

Social media posts can also be used by executives to explain trends involving American companies officially opening their headquarters overseas for tax benefits. CEOs can make their case on social networks when it comes to outsourcing and branch relocation. Consumers could be informed about some of the unfair corporate taxes that drive American businesses overseas. Additionally, executives can use social media to respond to actual questions posted by American consumers. It’s possible to lay out the conditions for an American company to relocate back to the United States and hire more domestic workers.

While focusing on an array of issues on social media, business people ultimately want to attract more customers and new business partners. Therefore, authentic profile pages on social network feature links to official websites of entrepreneurs and their companies. An executive like Glen Gonzalez and other businessmen are examples of prominent investors who use social media for widespread outreach.

Social media is also a great platform for boosting one’s reputation. Wealthy executives can show their philanthropic activities that are rarely covered by mainstream media. Instead, news outlets seem to be obsessed with covering stories that involve scandals in the personal lives of prominent business people. Social networks could feature photos and videos of actual fundraisers that are sponsored by corporate executives. Even better, tags might be used to create social media buzz that ultimately raises awareness for great causes such as cancer research or academic scholarships. Transparency is another key feature of social media posts about philanthropic activity. Business people should not have a problem with revealing their personal monetary contributions to charities. Additionally, executives should also reveal annual contributions made by their companies.

Ever heard of secure social network?

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Most of us who are into social networks have already experienced so much information overload especially on Facebook and Twitter, right? Not only that, we are more often than not bombarded by not-so-important updates from our friends and companies we’re subscribed with.

Well, if you’re just into checking some of your colleague’s whereabouts, then you can simply ask your company to have a more secure social network of your own. Yes, I’m saying you can and with the right security in place, you can be sure than only those you know and work with can contact you and handle your information on database.

sharetronix dashboardI’m talking about Sharetronix. It’s a social business networking platform where you can engage with your company, co-workers, etc. on a business, social and more secure filtered environment with no unnecessary updates to view.

In this platform, with the aid of knowledge management tools, you can organize your group discussions or communication with your team, create profiles of your own, post status updates like your project milestones, voice opinions on company updates via thumbs up/down voting and mention specific person using the @ sign like Twitter.

You can even create a community of your own or even manage one or direct administrative access to a subordinate or coworker in the same unit or department.

And if you think you’re missing out a lot in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can actually integrate your group or community with feeds from Facebook and Twitter or vice versa.

See, there’s so much you can do with a Sharetronix social business platform.

How to capitalize on your privacy and reputation

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While some people love to engage in social media—posting photos of their kids on Facebook and Twitter, building online profile, giving advice and recommendations on products they like, etc. These actions consolidate overtime and once they are on the internet, other people can take advantage of it and use it to market on us, watch our actions and even jeopardize our security which is worse.

There are for sure some aspects of our lives that we don’t want public like our health condition, our physical address, our contact numbers, and our credit rating among others so we have to make sure the despite not broadcasting these online through hidden profile data yet still they can be susceptible to data buyers from these online websites that might sell our data to make a profit.

As publicness is being talk about much, the internet has unfortunately become no more a privacy advocating medium. In this regard, our data is extremely being used even without our consent to the advantage of website owners and businesses that can constantly make use of our existing information that we posted online.

michael fertikWhy do we need to secure our information and capitalize on it?

As we understand, data is everything. The more we divulge information on the web, the more people get access to it and if we don’t safeguard our information or yet minimize what we share on the web, the more likely that we exposing ourselves in the open.

As Michael Fertik, CEO & Founder of puts it, “Data is the new oil” meaning, we need to capitalize on our information so by the time companies needs it, it will serve as our selling capital, something that we can value and protect.

Our reputation is our selling point so basically we have to protect it by all means, online reputation or what we put on the internet matters many years from now and building that reputation alongside safeguarding our personal data, we are making ourselves more valuable to both businesses and prying eyes.

Below is the interview by Andrew Keen on Michael Fertik.

Why Companies Like Reputation Changer?

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Love Google+? When Google+ first hit the Internet, it was met with a mixture of enthusiasm and skepticism. The enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that it was a social network from Google, one of the most prominent brands in the world; what could go wrong?

The skepticism, meanwhile, came mostly from the fact that Facebook seemed like such a juggernaut that Google+ would have no way to compete. In some ways, that skepticism has panned out in real life. But there are some who truly love Google+, and high on the list are companies like Reputation Changer.

reputation changerBut why is Google’s social network so crucial to reputation management campaigns? The answer has little to do with its merits as a social network, but everything to do with the name Google. Reputation Management 101 Reputation management, of course, is heavily concerned with search engines. Though a company like Reputation Changer works with national newswires and authoritative blogs, its general focus remains on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

For clients who see undesirable listings when they Google their own name or brand, reputation management companies offer solutions. They offer the chance to inundate the search engines with more positive content, effectively pushing those negative listings down the search results page.

In other words, these companies will tweak an individual or company’s public image through elevating positive online assets and suppressing negative ones. This involves a lot of content development and SEO, and it also makes use of social media. But Facebook and Twitter have limited efficacy in terms of Google rankings. Google’s own social network, of course, is a different matter.

The Power of Plus Google+, meanwhile, factors heavily into Google’s search results. This is in large part because of its +1 feature, and Google’s increasing emphasis on personalized search results. Basically, the +1 feature allows Google+ users to “vote” a link into higher Google rankings. It provides a way for users to actively shape search listings—something that comes with obvious appeal to companies like Reputation Changer.

Indeed, it’s not hard to understand why reputation management companies are jumping on Google+. Of course, a single +1 vote is not going to have tremendous effect on search results. A few thousand of them might, though. And while not every individual is going to command that kind of influence (or even know that many people), Reputation Changer has the necessary resources to raise just such an army of +1-ers. Shaping Google The ability to powerfully affect personalized search results is a tremendous boon to the reputation management industry. It’s also something that makes Google+ uniquely useful, in ways Facebook and Twitter really aren’t.

It points to Google+ as a continued mover and shaker—if not in the world at large, then certainly in the world of reputation management.

Shopper Engagement Rules for 2012 and beyond

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The past year highlights a tremendous change brought about by the boom of the digital marketplace which created an offset to the years of economic challenge and uncertainty.

Around the world, companies are always looking forward to the create the most creative and successful campaigns that will surely engage consumers in many different ways while at the same time learning from other companies as well collectively in terms of retail.

shopper engagementWith the advent of social media, companies are still yet to realize that they have not fully utilized these platforms to their advantage.

Some of the examples include facial recognition that is used in Japan on its vending machines that will help tailor fit its contents based on the profile of the person passing by. In London, a bakery uses Twitter to inform their customers when bakery goodies become available fresh from the oven.

In India, a snack brand uses Twitter to know if there are any branches where they are out-of-stock using the tweets sent to them by their followers.

The past year is a turning point of massive change, innovation and word-of-mouth marketing as the best advertising tool.

What every company should learn from these is to stay relevant and adapt to their constantly evolving customer expectations using these helpful shopper engagement rules first, by taking advantage of customer’s knowledge, encouraging users to write reviews which would later on influence shopper’s behavior, using gathered information to improve services, reward loyal customers, strengthen partnerships with suppliers and employees, and extensive research before doing anything.

This year brings a lot of promise but only by taking intelligent measures can help your company achieve its goals.

Corporate Marketing in the time of Social Media Dominance

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Marketing as a term has changed dramatically other the years. With the advent of social media, the term has had different derivatives like social media marketing, internet marketing, and multimedia marketing and so on. Corporate marketing may sound stiff and too formal but remains relevant up to this day.

What does it mean in today’s social network occupied users base? The answer depends on the implementation of marketing strategies and how it relates to the many.

corporate marketingBasic principles of marketing will still continue to push any efforts toward accomplishing goals. Nowadays, keeping your customers engaged in social media and online communities allow you to remain afloat with your customers’ wants and how they want your services and products to satisfy them. This way, you create a positive and tangible brand behavior and allow you to fulfill your brand promise.

It’s common to people to believe in other people who do what they say they do and this works the same way with companies who want to build their brand by creating brand engagement and building brand online communities.

When brands honestly engage with their user base and prospects, they create a deep level of understanding, advocacy and loyalty.

As a company, how would you like to engage?

Get to know Rock The Post: the Business Social Network

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I bet whenever you get to encounter the word “social network” only one thing comes to mind, Facebook or Twitter. Well, let me tell you, this platforms are so overrated the sometimes don’t want to look elsewhere but believe me, it’s worth the search.

Get to know “Rock The Post”, the newest social networking site for business minded people which serves as a bridge between entrepreneurs and talented parties and funding parties in order to take simple projects to reality. This business social network commits itself to bridge the gap and to create partnerships that are sustainable where people find each other, make their projects come into reality and unleash their passions and creativity.

Rock The Post invites entrepreneurs, artists, professionals with a wide variety of specialties, and eager investors who are looking for unique investment opportunities or causes to support. The platform allows individuals from around the globe to merge, mingle and connect in order to develop projects and causes even at various stages of the project.

In the long run, this networking site plans on establishing itself as a trusted online networking resource, makes a difference to user lives, provide equal opportunities and become recognized in its chosen niche and loved by millions.

Tweet Ranger: Twitter Follow Tool for Social Media Enthusiasts

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Managing social media accounts can become very gruesome that it can turn out into a full-time job which most people could end up being tied into which should not have been case instead, this should be manageable using the right set of tools.

Productivity especially in managing social media accounts can only be achieved with the right tools particularly in using twitter apps for managing followers, following and tweets. Most of the time, convenience is the key factor on any twitter follow tool in order to become successful.

Businesses and professionals with presence on this social media platform have in one way or the other used a twitter follow software to do automated tasks like sending scheduled tweets, and scheduling follow and un-follow activities can be done by a twitter app known as Tweet Ranger.tweet ranger

Tweet Ranger efficiently automates all of the tasks mentioned above with much ease and precision which not most application of the same kind can perform.

With Tweet Ranger, managing your Twitter account is a breeze and with its
3-day risk free trial, you can enjoy all its benefits without the cost of spending on over priced software.

Try Tweet Ranger now and compare how it performs with other twitter apps of its kind.

Intuitive Social Network Updater Powered By Mind Mapping Technology

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The power of social media equally challenges the leading search engines and online businesses in keeping abreast with the rapid changing pace at which people interact in social networks in many different ways unprecedented.

People are genuinely into conversations and these conversations started growing and spreading virally across boarders inexplicably in a rapid fashion. In this regard, I have come to a question that says,

“If you were responsible for producing the next revolutionary technology, what would it be?“

Consequently, I came up with the idea of a social network updating service (which I would call Instincto) that is based on mind mapping technology that gathers contextual information from the contents of your mobile phone via a mobile application, online activities via a toolbar or browser add-on, emails and instant messenger interactions.

Social Network Updater Powered By Mind Mapping Technology Diagram

This unique social networking service automatically updates your status messages on your favorite social networking accounts without the need for you to login on your respective social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace. It auto-fills the status field with the most likely frame of thought you have even when you’re logged out from the service. When you’re logged in however, you still have full control over the messages you’d like to broadcast manually or automatically to your friends and followers based on your carefully selected keywords, say for example, you only want to share happy thoughts and not those awkward feelings you have toward your office mate or hate thoughts about your job or boss.

The service then uses keywords as the primary working data for this mind mapping technology as taken from your mobile text messages, phone calls via speech recognition technology that are translated into speech-to-text for keyword analysis for providing a much deeper insight on your feelings and thoughts, online browsing activities such as the websites or web pages that you visited or run across which means you don’t have to search for any “share this” icons or add a “digg this” toolbar on your browser because the service does that automatically for you in a natural fashion, emails you’ve read and sent, and instant messenger interactions.

The analyzed keywords will then serve as a central framework to link ideas and thoughts in order to determine a state of mind. It will then create sensible, accurate, more personal, intuitive, engaging and response hungry status updates for your social networks definitely because words most of the time speaks out what’s in the mind, therefore bringing out the best in you and your personality thus allowing people to get to know you better since social networks are there for you to basically socialize and mingle anyway.

This service is ideal for those users who have a lot of social networking accounts yet have too little time to communicate, people who most of the time runs out of something to say, a great way to prevent spammy looking messages, an intelligent help to avoid redundant and repetitive phrases to achieve a more professional demeanor and to effectively sell your ideas which people often fail to do on almost every social engagement on the web.

Based on the above features of this service, therefore an application for just about any device platform like Android, iPhone, Ovi, Blackberry, JIL, or Bada would be helpful and at the same time, add-ons for the most widely used web browsers like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera will generally complete the mind mapping technology to work in different platforms.

Should this innovative idea come into reality, I’m sure that people will most likely become masters of social media and therefore relationships on both personal and professional level will have a deeper meaning unless the brilliance of an online time clock will be put into play towards this undertaking certainly because online services that caters to social media are not just resource intensive but are very challenging as well in terms of manpower management and labor cost that’s why keeping in track of working hours and project completion deadline is crucial while equally giving importance on the dependability and performance of servers, efficiency of software application, security of database and web framework, usability of the service and the potential value it will bring to the general public.

What do you think of this idea? Your comments are absolutely welcome.

This post is in response to a blog contest sponsored by ClockSpot and co-presented by FuelMyBlog.

Maximize Your Social Media Efforts with Facebook Analytics by Webtrends

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Determining your online success is most of the time attributed to your online efforts and these inputs are more often than not measured in terms numbers and value called analytics.

Google Analytics is a primary example of an analytical measure of a website’s performance and success. The webmaster being in charge of administering the site knows well if his online efforts are bearing fruit or is consistently generating some reasonable or expected return or ROI (Return on Investment).

When Social Media entered the scene, businesses have indeed jumped in then started to mingle and network with people to keep their presence and continue to execute their business plans among which includes social networking giant, Facebook.

Webtrends, a leading analytics software provider developed Facebook Analytics as an add-on or stand-alone tool aimed at capturing transactional and user-level interactions on virtually every Facebook component and that includes custom tabs and Flash animations in order to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Facebook Analytics Ecosystem

Facebook Analytics can be integrated on websites or blogs, other digital marketing data and can also be used offline for data archiving.

Facebook Analytics has made possible to capture the detailed statistics coming from these points of interaction such as custom tabs, custom apps, flash, links, advertisements, e-mail sign ups, pop-ups and content sharing.

Given the above advantages, Facebook Analytics can really help a lot in optimizing your social networking efforts to cater to the needs of your audience as determined by their reactions based on click-through rates, shares, sign-ups and other metrics.