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Japan 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Creates Devastating Tsunami

March 11, 2011 | By | 4 Replies More

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I have never seen so tragic in my entire life than what I’m seeing on local TV today. Japan was hit with an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that creates tsunami as high as 3o meters. Let’s all pray for Japan and its people.

Banco de Oro Closing Bank Accounts Without Prior Notice!

January 20, 2011 | By | 22 Replies More

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I always thought that banking is the safest way to keep your money and manage your finances but when that trust is tarnished by faulty customer retention system, you simply have no one else to depend and rely on.

Online banking transactions had been part of my living since I started engaging online by developing websites and accepting advertisers on this site so my finances are entrusted to banks that should hold greater responsibility and retain my business should they incorporate professionalism and sincerity in their corporate philosophy but it seems it’s all gone in today’s evidently flawed Philippine banking system.

Paypal is the primary payment method I use to accept payments from clients and most Filipino online workers adapt the system as well. Withdrawing Paypal funds directly to bank accounts are often used aside from credit cards. Unionbank’s EON does it with their e-banking service, other banks does it as well simply by using Paypal bank codes connected to a Paypal account. It takes days and bank charges are applied to the expected amount on the card prior to withdrawal on any Visa or Mastercard ATM machine.

I usually withdraw my Paypal funds to my EON account but since last year, for four consecutive weeks, money from my Paypal account took weeks to arrive to my bank account so I decided to use my other bank account, the one with BDO (Banco de Oro).

The transaction happened last Wednesday of this week so I’m expecting that the funds should arrive on my BDO bank account by Friday at least so I called the bank to check since the online banking access is advising “unsuccessful transaction” when I checked.

BDO thumbs downI called BDO Call Center Hotline, the lady told me that my account has been closed. I was stunned. Alright, I know that my account fell-off the required maintaining balance because of the many expenses last holiday season but my question is…why am I not informed prior? Shouldn’t I have the right to be informed that my account is closing before they even tried closing it?

The lady at the call center gave me the branch phone number where I opened my account and nobody’s answering the damn phone. It pushed me to find another way to reach them so I checked their website for the branch’s phone number. The lady at the call center have no way to callout which is effin stupid! How can the bank’s call center agent cannot even callout and connect to the local branch office when I’m on my mobile phone and the bill’s rolling?!

Helpless that I am, I gave the branch office a call. I have to dial twice just to speak with a person. It’s like nobody cares to answer the damn phone. That’s what you call great phone etiquette, as if I wasn’t calling a bank where phonelines should be answered by the second time it rings!

Here I go with a banking personnel, told me the account was closed. No prior notice, not even an email, an SMS, phone call, nada, null. I was wandering how hard it is to send an email nowadays especially from banks! I guess they only send emails for promotional purposes and upselling but in cases like these, it came to my mind that they were saying, “Who cares if a customer leaves? There are new ones coming-in everyday anyway?!”

The lady bank personnel told me that my account has been closed since January 1, 2011. She even asked if this was advised prior to my opening an account. I wasn’t told about it and if I do, I may have forgotten it because I was busy making money so I can make a deposit to their f***ng bank but it’s not an excuse for something that I should know as my right being a customer!

What a way to welcome your customers these New Year, huh BDO?! She said it was automated, meaning the bank’s system had it closed. Fine! I got that, but there should be a system where an auto-generated email is sent when an account is set to close?

I’ve put up a web hosting service back in 2010 so I know that somehow there’s a way to do that. Billing systems for ecommerce sites do that. Power, Telecoms, ISPs, cable TVs do that! How can that be so hard? It should have been programmed. Come on! This is 2011 and this bank still don’t get it!

Now, I’m stuck. I’m not sure when the bank will reverse the Paypal transaction so the fund goes back to my Paypal account. I’m helpless and all that’s left in me is hope that it will despite reading countless horrible experiences online with Paypal to Banco de Oro withdrawal transactions.

Maybe it was my fault that I did not check my bank account prior to withdrawing my Paypal funds but what I was trying to point out here is that, I should have been informed by the bank that my savings account is closing in and I should do something prior to January 1, 2011.

Haven’t they thought of retaining my business? All I can say is, OMG! Banco de Oro sucks like hell!

To you my dear reader, you be the judge. And to other banks out there, please, try to learn something from this and correct the bad practice.

Ever get screwed by your bank? Share your stories.

Globe Tattoo Holiday Holdup

December 28, 2010 | By | 2 Replies More

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USB Internet can be a life saver especially at times when you need to connect to the internet when you’re in a place that is not a hotspot or when your home wi-fi connection is down and you need to work.

The latter case applies to me so I ended up buying a Globe Tattoo USB dongle last December 21st. My brother bought it for me on a service center located in SM Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines for 1,245 Php (Philippine peso) which is about $28.95USD.

My brother upon buying was told that he cannot return it. What?! No return?! I don’t plan on exchanging it for another dongle, why?! Read on.

Globe Tattoo

What’s with the prior notice when this telco company ‘s product can really deliver? Come to think of it.

I installed the USB dongle. It worked. I loaded the pre-paid dongle with 55.00Php just to make it work.

The next thing I know, I was browsing the internet at such an utterly depressing speed of 0.0-9.0 kbps which is a ton slower than a freakin’ turtle.

Having a presence in social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, I decided to contact these guys on Twitter @Talk2GLOBE about getting a refund but they never did answer my question instead they offered some workarounds that I don’t even need and if I do, it doesn’t even work on my Windows 7 OS laptop.

They even reasoned out that the effin’ dongle was not compatible with my OS and trying to put words into my mouth, they could almost tell me to wait until Huawei released a software update.

Guys at Globe, come on! You can do better than this but it seems that your customer service via Twitter is just disgusting and useless.

If you guys can walk away with my money and leave me with a useless internet USB, the rest of the world will have to judge which actions matter credit. Despite incompatibility reason with the USB and my OS, it’s not an excuse not to give a due refund to something that is bought but barely even work.

I just couldn’t count how many times the internet connection was cut-off per minute. It was a definite fail.

Telecom holdups happen and when you’ve fallen into their trap of no return, no refund policy, consumer protection is annihilated.

In a world where every single cent matters to a consumer, a good buy is a reward and companies with legitimate customer concern act accordingly but those who does otherwise are best removed on your trust list.

Bad customer service equate to bad business practices. When you do find posts like these, spread the word to protect yourselves and others, being this ugly Globe Tattoo holiday holdup experience is an example, of blunt consumer abuse. So much to my dismay, these bad practices chooses no season, even on holidays when people are expected to share some love…but I got otherwise.

How Do You Show “Respect” On the Road?

September 1, 2010 | By | 4 Replies More

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Why do some people act like kids when they’re on the road? Is that because having an expensive car of some sort provides the license to be an arrogant driver?

Vast majority of accidents happening everyday are all attributed to vehicular accidents–either because of cell phone use while driving, intoxication or driving under the influence of drugs, and serious driving errors.

Road traffic casualties in the UK alone for January 2010 are already close to 200,000 with 2,000 resulting to death. It’s not just those inexperienced drivers that get involved most of the time, veteran drivers get themselves involved as well with most traffic violations because they believe that they know more and can get away with anything at any cost.

AXAIn this regard, efforts have been duly focused on keeping the road safe. While most countries all over the world are doing the same, in the UK, “ AXA Car Insurance” has been working closely with the authorities in keeping the red flags down and through its newest campaign entitled “ AXA Respect On The Road”, a more responsive citizenry is expected as they highlight the state of disrespectful or even worse, dangerous driving practices in the country.

They have even taken this campaign on to the streets of London in a black taxi which they have called the “Cab Cam” which gathers the opinions of the public about the issue through video commentaries. See sample video below about it.

They also went social with the creation of a Facebook fan page found via this link.

Having these kinds of efforts would not succeed without the help of a large citizenry, thus, most of the time; it serves as a reminder which these good guys hope that people wouldn’t have deaf ears at.

Discipline always comes from within. If you’re a driver and you’re reading this, complete this statement. “I respect the road by…?”

Keep your answer to yourself and watch the video below. Aren’t the kids cute? What if they’re adults’ acting like kids? Are they still good to see?

This is a Sponsored Post brought to you by our friends from AXA.

Donate Widget for Haiti Relief

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I should have written about this earlier this month but I still believe that getting the word across still matters and I’m sure there are still a lot out there who haven’t given their share of fortune to lend a hand to those who were devastated by the magnitude 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti a couple of months ago.

Posts of these kind isn’t new here in Software Critics since it has become a part of my public service efforts to give a lift to those who are in need. The same kind of post debuted on this site when Typhoon Ondoy hit the Philippines in September 2009.

It was during the Vancouver Winter Olympics local coverage that I became aware of this online endeavor that was put up to help Haiti through a collaboration of artists and musicians singing “We Are The World” which was popularized by the late Michael Jackson was aired on TV in between commercial breaks.

“We Are The World 25 for Haiti” was recorded as inspired by the same idealism 25 years ago which embodies the true spirit of giving thus the We Are The World Foundation, a non-profit organization, was founded by Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie who then invited Wyclef Jean, Paul Haggis, Randy Phillips, Peter Tortorici and Ambassador Luis Moreno of the Inter-American Development Bank to join them on their endeavor.

Share of the proceeds for the download of the song on iTunes are waived on the first months of the campaign for the greater benefit of the foundation’s recipients.

If you haven’t done your share, now is the right time to do so. Nothing is too late. You can still help.

I also hope that something like this would come up for the benefit of the Chilean people following their catastrophic earthquake experience recently.

If you’d like to extend your help and support to this online endeavor, you can place the same widget below on your sites or blogs.

Software Critics Job Board Now Open

December 6, 2009 | By | 4 Replies More

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Generating revenue out of your blogging efforts is basically the next big step you would do after all the hard work of producing and marketing content and networking with like-minded people.

While there are a lot of avenues nowadays where everyone online can generate income, big or small, it’s always better if you’re getting more than just revenue from Adsense clicks but is also giving away some value to your readers in exchange.

Reciprocation for me is a motivation to give back to my readers the value they could get out of visiting my blog thus this concept gave birth to the creation of Software Critics Job widget.

I have been running a job placement banner for a few months although it’s not something that you can actually get a reasonable revenue from clicks compared to Adsense but the fact that it’s my way of extending thank you to my readers and help to those who needs to earn a living, I continued to place the ad until recently, I decided to fully integrate a dedicated job placement board on this blog so that more and more readers would benefit.

Software Critics Job widget is powered by, a network for job seekers, employers and online publishers working together to build a better employment opportunity hub for everyone.

The benefits of having a job board or widget on a site or blog is not at all lucrative. For me, it’s just my own humble way of giving thanks and providing value to my readers in the best possible way I can.

Typhoon Ondoy Victims Need Help

September 29, 2009 | By | 3 Replies More

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Allow me to pause a bit from writing tech posts and give way to a public service endeavor which I deem necessary and the best way possible to do especially that I have the power in my hands to spread the message and gather around some people with golden hearts especially my readers who are willing to help my fellowmen who are in need.

It’s been two days since the catastrophic Typhoon “Ondoy” / “Ketsana” hit the Philippines big time with so much rain that caused severe flooding all over Metro Manila and its nearby provinces. The horrifying event consumed some parts of the country under water thereby washing away properties—houses, cars, homes; live stocks, and human lives.

The good thing is that the Filipino behind all these calamities never stops hoping and consistently clings to their faith in the Almighty. Unwanted occasions such as these often unite us and will continue to make us stronger as a nation. Like any country in the World, these times are inevitable especially when we become subjected to an earthly ordeal. The challenge for us then boils down to each one of us making our move to extend our hand to those who needs carrying.

At this time of writing, I can only think of helping in this way possible. Spreading the word and hopefully making some sense that writing this over could somehow create some sparks of kindness to anybody who’s reading this at this very moment. Many storms will come and pass but don’t let it take away your hope that a better day is yet to come.

You’ve heard it in the news and had seen it all over. The call is yours to respond.

If your heart says, “I want to help”. You can head on to The Philippine National Red Cross Donation page or if you feel like donating via Paypal which would be much faster, you can do so through TEXTPower.Org Paypal Address courtesy of the Blog Herald.