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IT Security Solutions: Why it matters?

April 27, 2013 | By | Reply More

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As technology offer more paths for accessing information to your systems, your first line of defense become vulnerable each day. Securing the connections to your information gateway becomes a challenge as new threats develop overtime.

Getting support from reliable IT security solutions provider can help defend your organization from increasingly aggressive threats. Most reputable IT security systems provide comprehensive security solutions that enable businesses to pass certification and accreditation through compliance with strict industry and government standards and regulations.

Agile protection delivered from across endpoints in the areas of Network Defense, GRC, etc., minimizes risk, increase visibility and control and secures network systems.

In most instances, teams of certified security professionals with adept knowledge and experience in designing and implementing industry-leading innovative cybersecurity solutions ensure IT compliance on systems and areas that are classified information.

In choosing a reliable IT security solutions provider, it’s always adamant to check on their experience in order to determine their presence in the industry and if they have demonstrated reliability for the years they have been operating as a company. Examining their portfolio and performance as a provider will greatly help in your research if they can deliver to your expectations without forgetting about the cost of its implementation.

A Look into Fraud Detection thru Phone Authentication and Verification

August 27, 2012 | By | Reply More

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Have you ever come across a website that requires you to hand-in your phone number upon signing-up? If so, then you’re trying to access a secured website that requires it’s users to be genuine. These kinds of websites utilizes high-end fraud detection mechanisms in order to insure that each sign-up is legitimate.

Through mobile phone authentication and verification, their security system can determine whether to accept or reject a sign-up. A mobile number is secure information; traceable and only legit individuals share this data so a company can be assured that most if not all of their sign-ups are genuine.

This can be accomplished by sending a phone call or a text message to a user with a one-time pin code which forces the user to give a traceable piece of information and creates an audit trail. The information passed back into the system is the phone type—landline, mobile, VOIP, Toll-Free, restricted (911,411) and geographic information.

phone authenticationMost global web properties uses mobile authentication and verification like social networks such as Facebook, Skype uses this for phone number addition in user accounts as caller ID, cloud services, payment processors, online gaming, domain registrants, lead generation brokers, eCommerce sites, fraud prevention providers, and advertisers and directories.

Most verification happen in an instant so there’s no need to leave the website during verification while the sign-up page remains open. Integration of these services is normally administered by the web developers through provider documentation but personalized assistance is also given.

When adopting this security feature, always go for the REST API because REST can be transported over an HTTP or HTTPS (secured) connection and is compatible with most web programming languages and technologies.

And if you think that phone verification is only limited to the US shores, worry not because you can use it to verify phone numbers anywhere in the world plus multi-language set-up and message customization.

As more and more users utilize the internet everyday for almost all transactions, large companies have adopted tighter security measures to prevent fraud. While this method works quite well for most, for the meantime, it still remains a challenge for the growing internet community to totally annihilate internet security threats.

Getting to Know the Risks of Sharing Personal Information Online

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Putting your personal information online can impose a large risk on your privacy, safety and security at this time of day. With more and more people gaining access to gazillions of information from the web, anybody with ulterior motives can easily sneak into your private data and steal vital information that can be detrimental to your security and privacy.

As we all know, the internet sites we engage in most of the time requires us to fill-out information about ourselves before it could allow us to do something on it like for instance, engage ourselves on Facebook through status sharing, Twitter shoutouts and many other types of engagement that we do online.

online reputationWhat we most don’t realize is by divulging more and more information about us, we our putting ourselves into so much risks that may allow cyber criminals to steal our identity, bully or harass us, or steal our financial information. What we say online on social media networks might also backfire on us if we’re not careful enough about the things we say and do online.

Whether you like it or not, some company websites that we engage in may sell our valuable information to others in exchange of profit from their advertisers, or we are being tracked on everything that we do from the comfort of our home through our internet browsers.

You never know how much more information can they get from you that are beyond what your eyes can see. Whereas removing personal information from the internet can be accomplished, it is by far a good move if we want a secure data of ourselves and a good reputation if we have already opened up our identities online.

Beware of Internet Robbery via ActiveDen Scripts the Envato Way

December 21, 2010 | By | 7 Replies More

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“Nineteen days has passed and the verdict was released, but justice wasn’t served…”


These are the words that I could describe such a horrible ordeal that I have faced for the first time when I bought a flash-based script online. I never thought that online thieves can be fiercer than those in the streets.

The real robbers are those that you can’t see face to face, they are the one’s lurking online…faceless…masking behind a virtual space waiting for its prey.

It was nineteen days ago when I purchased something online. A script which I initially thought could make this site look better but I was wrong. I paid a small amount of just $6.00 as described on the page but when I was about to checkout my cart, there was a hidden surcharge of $2.00 which makes it $8.00 total.

My initial response was a bit surprising but I continued buying the item because I thought it could make this site look cooler. What I bought? An AS3 LED NEWS TICKER by nhstudio from ActiveDen, one of Envato’s sites.

I always thought that learning something new was good but at times, it can be a hurdle. But since I have purchased something from the site, I thought that I could get some support but I was wrong. I asked the author on how to install the news ticker on WordPress but to my surprise, he doesn’t know. I asked support on Twitter, and to their defense, they told me this,

“Hi Math, I’m sorry, though we highly encourage author support it is not required or included by default. ^DD” (

Why in the world can somebody selling scripts do not require support for clients? Why can an author forget to instruct prospective users that their scripts cannot be used on certain platforms?!

No matter how you gauge the issue, a customer has to get support from the seller in case there are questions and that a seller or any third-party seller must have the responsibility and the goodwill to provide such, as a courtesy, unless the latter word is not on their vocabulary.

I merely downloaded the script tried using it but never had any results. No support or whatsoever. How am I supposed to use something that I bought when I have no idea how to use it? Maybe I became so excited that I did not make any research on the whereabouts of ActiveDen and Envato Support’s reputation as a seller.

I have been marketing and selling my services online but I am proud that I have never resorted into robbing people’s money with deceit and fraud because I was raised to be good and we Filipinos know how to treat our fellow human being with respect and justice.

I raised a Paypal dispute and escalated the issue for a claim since Envato is not willing at all to give me a refund for grounds that my claim was not due to an item that is bought but not received as it was, or is defective.

My grounds is not being able to use something that I bought and because there is no support to back it up, how am I going to keep it?! That simple.

I am really sad and disappointed that Paypal did not realize that reason. I have been transacting financials with them for almost two years as a Premier Account holder but it seems that they have overlooked that so I ended up losing eight f***ng US dollars from the hands of these unscrupulous online marketers.

Why did I say that ActiveDen and Envato are robbers? Because they steal my money! Stealing is a crime. Not giving my refund and my due is favoring the robbers.

I still have the files; I’m not interested in keeping it anyway. I couldn’t even use it. They can suck it up anytime they want.

Online marketers and web developers like me can earn more than $8 dollars anyway but no matter how small, it’s still money. A hard earned money.

My only advice, never ever deal with neither ActiveDen nor Envato nor any of Envato’s businesses. Why? They don’t give a damn once you buy from them. You can’t guarantee support and no effin’ refund or whatsoever so deal with it.

No use filing a claim on Paypal or a dispute, it won’t work. They will only tell you that your account has been locked because of the dispute or claim and they cannot open it nor do something about it. What a classic alibi from a robber!

I have never experienced this with any online businesses before; web hosting companies don’t do this. Reputable companies don’t do this!!!

I always knew how to be careful when on the streets whenever I have something valuable with me but I never thought that dealing with these kinds of people online is far worse. Call it cyber robbery or anything you feel like it but whatever words you may describe it, it’s still stealing…and stealing is a crime.

The internet is becoming more and more dangerous than ever and I hope that you who are reading this will spread the word and learning something.