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Reel to DVD is the Real Deal

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There’s nothing completely wrong about being old fashioned. Some of us cling to the old stuff being it reminds us of many things especially those that brings us fond memories of yesteryears like our kids when they were still young or when our youngest child finally got married, and many others.

In the past, these precious moments are often captured in photos but aside from that medium, video has been a little prominent especially to those who are in the middle class although not really certain but having reel films in the past is quite of a big deal.

reel videoAs time goes, the use to projectors for reel films had been quite non-traditional as modern technology arises. Now we have BluRays, DVDs, digital format videos, online and live streaming and many others. But, what are you going to do with your ancestral (pun intended) reels? ScanDigital has indeed looked into it and made possible to convert 8mm film reels into DVD copies. Yes, you read it right.

Reel films into DVD copies, hard copy—meaning a physical CD copy and; a soft copy—or video format playable on most media players, on the PC and Mac and it portable via USB or hard drive.

ScanDigital will repair videoe imperfections caused by normal aging process of films by splicing the film back together to obtain a seamless transfer. 8mm or 16mm films are first cleaned and spliced, once they are ready, it’s barcoded and the processing and conversion will commence then moved to either a hard drive or is burned into a DVD.
So there, you don’t have to worry anymore about old reels that carry your family’s treasured moments because…they can now be yours forever.

Expand your business’ reach with Media Streaming

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With today’s highly visualized approaches to engaging customer interaction, the power of videos has turned over the years into one force to be reckoned with especially with how it made some people into overnight superstars.

The mainstream media has been overshadowed by YouTube through its very wide audience share. Although YouTube isn’t a live streaming avenue yet for most people except for live concerts sponsored by them, there are many avenues that focus on live streaming that showcase a wide array of content or topics that people of different interests may find engaging.

media serverWebsites such as LiveStream, Justin.TV, Livestation, and TVW are among the few that offers content creators, media producers, and video bloggers the ability to showcase their work or events for the world to view into their PC or laptop or even through their mobile phones in real-time or as they happen.

In order to accomplish this purpose, a media server is necessary as this will be the medium for video content streaming live which the viewers can access via their PC or Mac, mobile phones or from the streaming sites mentioned above.

A media server software like Wowza Media Server 3.5 does the task of streaming content into a single workflow that lets you stream to any screen simultaneously.

Media streaming has become an intangible park of today’s visually inclined audiences and I certainly believe that it’s not going away at any time in the future especially with more and more people using their mobile phones to access video content.

Make your own ring tones with

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The Holidays isn’t over yet. I know everyone will be singing “Auld Lang Syne” very soon. Why not join the cheer and have fun making your own ring tones using that old tune. I’m sure this music will really bring joy and more happy memories to go with you as we get closer to the New Year 2012. ringtone can be created using either iOS or Android on your smartphone which of course most ringtone lovers have.

The website also offers wall papers which you can personalize, polyphonic ringtones, animated screen savers and 3GP mobile videos.

With the site, you can use up to 40 seconds of the song of your choosing to make your own ringtones for your mobile phone. The system will then automatically convert the uploaded file into a working format that is readable by your mobile device.

You can also edit your ringtones anytime you feel like it but make sure you do so before you create it and finalize it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make your free ringtones now!

Create Your Own Holiday Ringtones

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We all know that most iTunes music files cost around 69 cents up to $1.29. If you’re a regular iTunes downloader like me, you probably have downloaded several holiday songs right now and even full length Christmas albums. While you can have these songs as a regular ringtone for every call you get, iTunes still has this long list of ringtones specially cutout of its purpose and not really full-length songs and of course, buying a ringtone costs money as well.

But what if, you can have those songs you have or even songs from your PC and make your very own ringtones? Sounds nice, right?

Wishing You a...Yes, it can be done. ImTOO ringtone maker does it. With ImTOO, you can create your own ringtones from popular video/audio files (AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc.,) which are compatible with nearly all mobile phones including iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia, and many others.

Multiple output ringtone formats are MP3, WAV, M4R, M4A, OGG, AMR. You can also convert video/audio segment into a ringtone and you can even add fade-in & fade-out effects and make ringtones to the millisecond.
This is definitely a good buy if you’d make to explore your musical genius by creating your very own holiday ringtones. Of course, you can impress your family and friends and have your creations sent as a gift too.

Why Media Enhancement Software Supports Music Lovers

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Sound clarity and punch is definitely a deal breaker when it comes to choosing the right media player—portable or PC-based.

All media consumers agree to this idea and I couldn’t be wrong that sometimes, we often find our media players short to please. Once you get used to the same quality of sound for quite sometime or even for years, you would know the difference once you try using any media player enhancement software for Windows system or iPod.

Media player enhancement software from DFX offers an extensive multi-platform application that changes the way you enjoy your favorite MP3s and videos.

Crispier sound plus exceptional playback quality on your iPod can easily be distinguished once iDFX for iPod application is turned on as your media files play. Your MP3s and videos couldn’t sound any better with DFX audio enhancer plugin for Windows Media Player, Winamp, Real Player and other media players.

I can vouch for the difference that DFX Media player enhancement plugin can do. I’ve been using this plugin for more than a year on my Windows Media Player and I couldn’t be any happier especially when I’ve had the full version of the application. It’s really worth the try and you wouldn’t be disappointed.

DFX plugin for PC media players offers 3D surround sound, stereo ambience, dynamic audio boost, customizable presets, booming hyperbass, high fidelity restoration to eliminate muffled sound, spectrum analyzer, and multiple processing modes plus customizable skins. Also supports 64-bit Windows and Win 7 OS.

Music lovers like you will definitely have a blast each time you play your favorite music but you can’t blame me for that added addiction!

DFX Windows Media Player Plugin

DFX Windows Media Player Plugin using Expensive Hi-Fi Sony Winamp skin

To download DFX for Windows on your favorite media player, visit this link while iPod users can get iDFX here.

Please note that crash issues with DFX for Winamp had been addressed on the latest version. Support queries must be addressed via their support page.

Get HD on Demand with

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.

Technology changes fast like a blink of an eye and among the many improvements nowadays that people could enjoy is watching videos in high-definition (HD) quality online and at the comfort of their own homes so this is where high-speed internet connection comes in through the efforts of service providers like Charter Digital wherein access to thousands of movies and shows all fresh after TV airing becomes available at your fingertips.

Previously aired TV shows can be viewed at any time of day without the hassle of paying additional fees as makes it available on the web 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Ondemand is an all-inclusive customer home page that delivers endless satisfaction. A handy one-stop-shop for your email, live news feeds, sportscasts, weather forecasts, movie listings with exclusive never before scenes and footages, horoscopes and local events information plus the chance of winning fabulous prizes exclusive to subscribers.

You can also search in Google from the homepage, the latest happenings and access on demand programming to see what’s currently playing on TV.

Experience these great features and learn more at and if you’re active on the social networking scene, you might want to get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page by becoming a fan. Do more and pay less with Charter.

Visit my sponsor: Often Overlooked Gem

Multimedia Disc Burning Software Redefined by Power2Go

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Managing files can’t be that easy but having the right tools that could do the job can make it easier and fun. Efficient data burning software could work wonders in making backup copies of your precious DVD collections, MP3 repertoires, and important documents.

Having used Nero 7 for quite sometime, I must say that it’s a good product however as time goes by, it just stopped working. I’ve been scouring the internet to resolve executable errors while attempting to run the program but my efforts are left in vain until I decided to switch and find a better alternative. Although there is free software for burning CDs, my trust has never been on the freeware’s side after previous performance tests on burned CDs using a freeware.

Some if not most of the freeware I’ve tested produced low quality copies that are hardly even playable on most DVD players.

My search bear fruit thus I came to discover the benefits of using Power2Go Burning Software for a month on a trial version. The results are quite amazing and I must say that its one of the best multimedia disc burning software since Nero.

Power2Go makes data burning as easy as drag and drop for data, videos, photos, music and disc copying with support for Blu-ray, DVDs and CDs.

I have tried this software numerous times for MP3 burning (see image below) and the results as great. The audio normalization feature between tracks is what I liked the most since not all burning software has it. Who would want to hear a staggered audio playing at the background? Well, not me.

Power2Go Search and Burn Music Interface

You might as well be interested in creating Mixed Media discs if you wanted to maximize disc space. Here, you can burn audio CDs and include data files on the same disc while at the same time making the audio playable on any consumer CD player. Sounds great, right?

If you’re also concerned about privacy, you can definitely get the job done with its 128-bit encryption protection for data discs, including Blu-ray in partial or in full.

A sleek user interface with an attractive design simply adds up to the robustness of this tool and you can never go wrong with it. Try it now and feel the difference.Power2Go

Pros: Not bad for US$39.95. Produce high quality copies.
Cons: Not much to say but time difference between burning files isn’t any different from Nero although some free software could burn CDs a lot faster.

Notes: I have not tried burning DVDs using this software due to my hard drive’s memory limitations.

You can download Power2Go free evaluation copy from here.

Testing Improved YouTube Downloader Tool

December 16, 2009 | By | 3 Replies More

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If you’re a big YouTube fan, you probably have seen countless number of great videos from different categories and I’m sure that at some point you have thought of downloading the videos you’ve watched to put it in your iPod or iPhone.

While there is certainly a lot of software available out there that does the trick, it’s sometimes better to use the free ones than spend some bucks over a piece of software.

I just came across a small piece of software about ~3.82MB in size but decent enough to download YouTube videos as they play. This software is Improved YouTube Downloader 0.9.8 by ImprovedSoftware.

Improved YouTube Downloader

Improved YouTube Downloader

Thought the tool works well by running it before playing the streaming video, the time it takes for the video download to complete is dependent on your internet connection speed. There’s really no way to speed things up so patience is really necessary.

User interface however is pretty easy to understand so anybody can use it without so much effort but can be a little bit boring for some tech savvy users.

Download quality for .avi files is not that excellent, I would assume that it’s also dependent on the type of video file you’re trying to grab but otherwise, it does the job it’s supposed to do.

Requirements to run:
OS Windows XP/Vista/7
Downloads AVI, MP3, 3GP or FLV depending on your choice.
YouTube, and DailyMotion sites each have a corresponding downloader.

Create Animated Movies in Minutes with Moviestorm

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Moviestorm. All opinions are 100% mine.

Incorporating videos on websites nowadays can be very effective because at this time and age, people are becoming less patient in reading especially very long scripts. Blog posts basically needs some flavor in order to be interesting.

Aside from the readability factor images can bring on a page or a blog post, videos are twice as much effective in the sense that auditory and visual senses are being triggered. Therefore, it does make sense why YouTube outranks most content delivery sites online.

Having said that, it is of mere excitement to finally found an online movie creation site, Moviestorm which is so fun-filled that it can capture your imagination by allowing you to create your own movie clips, presentations, music videos and the like for free via a user-friendly interface minus the requirements of learning basic movie-making and animation techniques in just minutes.

Awesome additional characters, props and animation are also available through Moviestorm subscriptions and not only that, if you want to create your very own movie using your photos, Moviestorm widgets comes in handy for creating savvy photo slide shows using readily available templates using Photostorm after which your clips can then be uploaded to YouTube for embedding, Photostorm live for Facebook plus movie gifts enables you to share your great creations to your family and friends.

Engaging tutorial clips can now be created in just minutes minus the hurdle of learning Adobe Photoshop and Flash. Windows Movie Maker will go shy compared to its quality so I’m absolutely signing-up and downloading Photostorm to be different. Watch the video below and feel the difference!

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Winamp 5.56 now officially released

July 19, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

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Nullsoft, the developers of Winamp officially launches it latest version of the Winamp Media Player now 5.56 with some killer new features to boost. The new Winamp Orgler lets you track, chart & share your listening history with the ability to highlight top artists, songs & My Charts, an improved iPod Sync Support, addition of 16 Language Packs available including Turkish, Romanian, & Brazilian Portuguese including all the old features we’ve loved about Winamp through the years.

The new addition of the plug-in, Winamp Orgler gives you the ability to highlight & feature musical charts to your liking. Each time you listen to a song through Winamp, while the Orgler is enabled, the plug-in sends the basic metadata associated with that file (such as song name and artist name) to Winamp. Currently the Orgler only tracks songs played from your media library (internet radio isn’t tracked yet). It’s like allowing them to track the songs you listen to so they can rank which songs are really smashing the airwaves. For me, it’s like tracking the songs you hear as a vote. Hmm, this sounds like they are tracking what we’re doing right? Okay, well you can still opt not to be tracked as long as you’re not logged-in into the player.

It seems that they’re up into something with this but make sure you clean up those cookies! Anyway, I really don’t have to worry about this because I’ve given up on them a few months back. How about you? Are you excited to try this out?

Why is DFX Audio Enhancement for Winamp a bad buy?

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There has been many Winamp users all over the world and somehow at least a tiny of portion of this population have never used a plugin ever. I don’t have any statistics to show but I certainly think that it could go into millions. Just like what this plugin known as DFX (DFX 9.1 being the current version) which openly brags on its homepage that this audio enhancement plugin has accumulated over 24 million downloads and still counting. I wonder if all those millions are in deed using the software until now or it’s just a figure to show the number of downloads but doesn’t necessarily mean that all 24million are using the plugin.

DFX 9.1 Audio Enhancement plugin caused Winamp 5.552 to crash

DFX 9.1 Audio Enhancement plugin caused Winamp 5.552 to crash

To give you a brief background of the DFX 9 Audio Enhancement plugin for Winamp, this software can also be used on several other multimedia players such as Windows Media Player, Real Player, DivX Player, J. River Media Center, Musicmatch Jukebox and Yahoo! Music Jukebox. The features it boosts includes 3D surround sound and stereo ambience, dynamic audio boost, headphones optimization, customizable audio presets, serves as Winamp orgler, and includes customizable skins among others.

Focusing on my experience using this plugin with Winamp 5.552, which was not all very satisfying, when I open Winamp 5.552, DFX 9 also opens up but soon enough before Winamp even completes loading, it causes Winamp to crash. I’ve tried opening Winamp many times and even I tried reinstalling Winamp 5.552 and DFX 9,  but it’s futile. And this brought me into thinking, how could I even try this software if this can’t even do well on first use? This is a useless piece of crap! I’ve followed the installation instructions carefully but it really doesn’t work. Is it because I’m using a trial version? Well, I suppose trial versions are supposed to work perfectly so potential buyers will be convinced to buy the product. The fact is, this one failed extensively to satisfy.

Have you encountered the same problem as mine? Got any solution? Have you met similar errors on other multimedia players? Share it then through the comments section.

How multimedia can help expand your reach and increase your audience

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It is a fact that everyone of us has been struck in one way or the other by some powerful videos and multimedia presentations that it even changes our views. Am I right? Yes, I am too. If you think that the media has conquered the mainstream? I would say, yes. Look around you and see how multimedia has influenced all sources of information. TV of course is always, infomercials, the internet as well  has evolved largely because most websites right now utilizes the power of multimedia to convey and influence. The same thing for goes to the blogosphere wherein posts are not anymore contextual but also multimedia dominated. Now, what makes multimedia so powerful? The thing is, it say more than just the average text can convey. The attention span of people sometimes cannot absorb so much contextual information. And that is why multimedia comes to the rescue so that the message is conveyed in a much simpler, concise and direct manner. Having said this, multimedia is the key to solve information lapses.

Why is this good for business? Again, multimedia can compel, entertain and deliver more results compared to any other form of information gateway. Consider the infomercials? Can you appreciate pictures more than a video can? I don’t think so, unless the pictures are converted into a slide show rather than static ones.

Going on, more than the value of earning loads of revenue, there is so much that a video can tell like I hear it most of the time, “We all have our stories to tell.” While there are so many multimedia post production companies around, it is a must that you choose the best in the industry that would assist, guide and deliver the success and the results that you aim. Be it a Corporate video for training, to company messages, a TV Commercial to market your products, a Live Sporting Event to capture real-time sports drama or Entertainment for an aesthetic experience.

The power of a video lies on the craftsmanship on how it was made–from pre production brainstorming to post production creation. Once all the criteria are met, you can watch your goals being reached and your results become outstanding.

Screen Capture Software: A Global Trend in Media Presentation Optimization

December 21, 2008 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 6 – 9 minutes

The term “media” generally refers to various means of communication. Television, radio, and the newspaper for instance are its different types. It can also be used as a collective noun for the press and news reporting agencies. In computer terminology, this term refers to the different types of data storage options.

Computer media includes hard drives, removable drives, CD-ROM or CD-R discs, DVDs, flash memory, USB drives and floppy disks.

On a daily basis, in so many ways, these media forms are part of our lives. When you read the newspaper, you utilize the print media. Watch tv, listen to the radio with your favorite music station, surf the net and watch videos on YouTube, among many others.

Now, how do these types of media affect you? There just are countless of ways which may also include deciding to subscribe or not to this blog.

On bigger perspective, this has a lot to do with information dissemination. Information coming from an enormous source across the different channels. It’s like choosing between tootsie roll and m&m but before you even do so, you might still find yourself eating a bar of Butterfinger in the end.

It’s a competitive world out there, much to talk about but in return, we all go down to how such an information affect us, (our choices, beliefs, etc.) and how did these information reach us that made us decide or do some things. Makes sense?

Now, going back to the previous example cited above, how did you (lets just say for instance) end up eating a bar of Butterfinger instead of choosing between m&m and tootsie roll?

The bottom line is that you have been affected by an effective advertisement that came from a certain source, of which the majority include visual media – print, tv, internet, etc. All eye-catching forms since how can you appreciate a chocolate by listening to an ad on the radio without even knowing what it looks like.

Visual media are those that focus on vision centric information. Large businesses cater to visual media in advertising. What else is more catchy?

Media presentation is an intangible part that plays the trick in successful media marketing and information dissemination. An effective media campaign can boost any type of business in so many ways that is certainly unimaginable. With the advent of the web driven world, accessibility to information is most likely a thing of the past.

Information is created and passed on in so many ways but more than anything, a computer does most of the job. Media presentation can be constructed using certain types of software to create a visually creative media more than a solid content.

When Microsoft Powerpoint was born, most media presentation were made using this application.

Now, a certain trend in visual media presentation came into place. Software developers and publishers came up with Screen Capture Softwares.

A Screen Capture Software is a type of software used to capture any part of your screen from your desktop, the image taken from which is known as a screenshot. Captured images can be sent to the software’s own editor or through a graphic editor, clipboard, file, printer, fax, email and even through instant messaging applications like ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and MSN. Images can be inserted or used to make Word or Powerpoint documents and can be uploaded to a website using a built-in FTP upload tool.

Images can also be edited in some similar type of software. Annotations, watermarks, shadow effects, frames, arrows, shapes, and other objects can be added to create professional looking presentations that can be used for online tutorials, promotional materials, and many other forms of documents. Prior to editing, images can be saved in various graphic formats such as JPG, JPEG 2000, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PCX, WFF, ICO, TGA and BMP while some can even capture those hard-to-grab DirectX, Direct 3D, 3dfx Glide mode games. Parsing a list of URLs and automatically saving webpages in the graphic formats mentioned above is also possible.

Some advanced type of software can even capture scrolling windows and web pages more than just static screenshots which means it can record desktop activity functioning as a video screen recorder. Recordings can be saved as an AVI video, MPEG1/2/4(DVD, VCD, SVCD), SWF clip(Flash clips) for web publishing or as standalone(.exe) player also known as projector exe file type that is readily playable. Conversions among of those formats can be mabe depending on what is supported by the software. Some software allow creation of java based software demos that can be played through a browser and to complete the total media experience, audio sound can also be integrated.

Given the features mentioned show us the various ways, information on a visual media perspertive, our capability of doing just about anything. With the right tools and knowledge, impossible is nothing.

No wonder why this type of software is widely used and is constantly gaining attention to various end-users worldwide. If your not yet familiar with this, try to surf YouTube. You’ll see.

Software overview:
“Screen Capture Software, in deed, has caught the eye of many users. There are various types of similar software available in the market yet all there is to know leads us to the fact that not most of us are accustomed nor have ever tried using this type of software. It all leads us to the importance of user interface, or plainly easy to use. Functionality comes second since we’re looking for something that can be used for its purpose. Lastly, the cost. Who would want something expensive when an affordable one functions the same?

If you are just about thinking of adopting this software, I would recommend that you try first those easy-to-use ones. Grab the trial version first, and see if it suits you. Based on my thorough research, (although I’m not really paid to do it, I just love sharing information) just a handful of these software types are easy to use and not too complicated, of course, unless you get used to it. The choice is yours.”

In line with this post, I have included my own projection exe file (readily playable, no need to install) and all you have to do is download and open it.

It talks about “How to setup Undisclosed email recipients in Yahoo!Mail”.

This serves as my gift to everyone. Happy holidays!

Cloning: The PC Way

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Reading time: 5 – 8 minutes

Cloning, in plain terms, is the creation of an identical entity. Various field of studies are attributed to this term mostly biological in nature. In the past, controversies regarding its application in humans made a head turn making this term widely known.

Through the years, this term never cease its popularity, until computer experts started to use this terminology describing specific computer software and applications.

In particular, a Virtual Clone Drive, was born bringing new leaps in the computing world.

For the PC expert, a Virtual CloneDrive is a disk image emulator. It is specially designed to mount images created by disk image emulator software, although it can mount many other disk image formats as well.

It emulates your computer’s CD/DVD-ROM drive allowing you to run CD/DVD applications from the hard disk without the need for physical CD/DVD drives or the actual CD/DVD media.

In plain terms, it can play your favorite CD/DVD movie without CD/DVD drivers built into your computer and you can play games and run CD/DVD applications without the need of mounting physical discs at a faster speed.

Virtual Clone Drive convert your CDs and unprotected DVDs into “virtual CDs” — disc images that run directly on your hard drive, replacing physical discs and saving wear and tear on your CD-ROM drive. Along with this, sharing virtual CDs over a network is possible, and access rates are multiple times faster than physical CDs, boosting the performance of PC games, photo CDs, and disc-based applications.

A Virtual Clone Drive is the emulated drive derivative or simply the copycat drive. Normally, a virtual drive is created whenever a drive is emulated in some fashion. The drive being emulated could be a hard drive, floppy drive, CD/DVD or a network share among others. A virtual hard drive can be created from RAM for fast read/write access.

see fig. below:

[fig. shows DVD-RAM Drive (D:) and DVD-Drive (E:)]Here, DVD-Drive (E:) serves as a virtual DVD Drive since before I even installed a Virtual Clone Drive Software, it used to have only the (D:), I have a DVD Rewriter installed but had not installed its DVD driver disc in order to play a DVD movie not until I used a Virtual Clone Drive Software.]

Notice that whenever you click DVD-Drive (E:), in case you have one, it asks for the DVD to be mounted on the tray.

Virtual DVDs are often mounted as disk images via disk image emulator software. This allows the content of a CD or DVD to be read from the disk image on a hard drive, rather than a disc drive. This may also allow users to run software that requires a CD or a DVD, without the need of having a registered copy in the disc drive.

Virtual hard disks are most commonly used in on the fly disk encryption OTFE software such as FreeOTFE and BestCrypt, where an encrypted “image” of a disk is stored on the PC. When you enter the disks password, the disk image is “mounted”, and made available as a new drive letter on your PC. Files written to this virtual drive are written to the encrypted image, and never stored in clear text.

The process of making such an encrypted disk available for use is called mounting, the process of removing it is called dismounting.

Network shares mounted as local drives:

  • FTP and SFTP can be also mapped as a virtual drive with a software called ‘netdrive’ or ‘sftpdrive’.
  • VMware emulated PCs use unencrypted disk images which may be mounted on a PC outside VMware as an emulated disk.
  • Webdav – which does not exactly act like a physical disk.

As mentioned above, a disk image emulator is computer software designed to mount a disk image, usually of a CD or DVD, from a local hard drive or USB flash drive. The mounting is usually done by creating a virtual drive on the system, that to the operating system looks like an ordinary disk drive, in other words disc reading hardware is substituted with disc images.

Some OS have this functionality while others such as Microsoft Windows require additional software.

Uses of a Disk Image Emulator includes:

  • Enables users to avoid constantly switching out discs.
  • Helps prevent scratching, which can cause permanent damage to a disc.
  • Speeds up access times as hard drives are faster than optical drives
  • Provides a backup copy of a disc, in case the original becomes damaged, lost, or stolen.
  • Enables users to carry large disc libraries without the physical burden of the discs.
  • Emulates multiple disks, which is useful for installing or using software that shipped on multiple disks.
  • Can make a disc accessible to users on a network, which is very practical when it is impossible to distribute the discs to all of the users on a network.
  • Allows programs that can normally only work with optical discs (like some DVD-Video applications) to access data on a hard drive. For often-used CD and DVD discs, where simply copying the disc to a hard drive won’t work.
  • A CD/DVD master used to burn physical discs.
  • Make disc accessible to machines without disc drive.
  • Save power by turning off disc drive, for instance on laptops span.
  • Makes the computer quieter, many removable disc drives are noisier than hard disks.

Security disk images can be encrypted, and decrypted only when accessed
Some emulator software, such as FreeOTFE and Sentry 2020 are designed to emulate a hard drive, and encrypt the disk image stored. This provides an easy to use, and secure, means of encrypting files in bulk by simply storing files on the virtual drive which is created when the disk image is mounted.
This form of disk emulation is often referred to as “OTFE” (on-the-fly encryption). After the spread of broadband, CD and DVD disk images became a common medium for Linux distributions. Online data and bootable recovery CD images are provided for customers of certain commercial software companies.

“Having installed a Virtual Clone Drive Software on my PC helped primarily in saving hard disk space, but most of all, the functionality of this software makes it easier to play CD/DVD without the need of installing the DVD driver CD since it is already taken care of by the disk image emulator. Truly, this software is definitely worth having!”