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3 Considerations When Choosing a Metalizing Service

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Metalizing refers to a process by which goods and products are covered with a “finish” or “coating” that protects them from damage. The most popular type is physical vapor deposition (PVD), but there are many others, and they all serve the same purpose: the protection of your wares.

So how do you get your products metalized? Some people buy their own vacuum metallization equipment, but those can be expensive to ship and complicated to work, so others turn to metalizing services provided by industrial companies. Professional metalization can save you a lot of time, energy and money, but you’ll need to make sure you choose the right business. Your goods are important, and your metalizing service needs to treat them as such.

If you’re in the market for a metalizing service, here are just a few tips for finding a company that will get the job done.

1. Price

First things first: How much can you afford to spend on metalizing services? Keep two numbers in your head as you browse potential companies. The first should be the number you don’t want to exceed, and the second should be the number you cannot exceed. If you find a metalizing company that’s slightly too rich for your blood, call or email them and ask if they can do anything for you.

2. Turnaround Time

This is another important consideration when choosing a metalizing service. How long will it take them to finish your coatings? Be sure to request a schedule or estimated timetable when you’re handing over your goods; it will keep you informed while also putting pressure on the company not to slack off. It’s more binding when it’s in writing.

3. Location

A local metalizing service is probably your best bet; if you can transport your products with a good old-fashioned truck, you won’t have to worry about expensive shipping costs for ferries or planes. If you’re willing to pay top dollar for the best, however, there are metalizing companies that will take distance orders.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you search for metalizing services. Whether you’re coating toys or automobiles, protecting your goods is the act of a responsible professional, so make sure you don’t delay. Every minute your goods are un-coated is another minute they’re vulnerable to damage.

Verizon Wireless Store Sales Rep Rants Behind Customer

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It has been a while since I last updated this blog but this incident today really triggered by my-long-been-stagnant-fingers to lift it again back into writing. Well, this time I’m writing my own rant on this piece of space I have so here we go.

I went to one of Verizon Wireless’ Store, this one in Orange Park, Jacksonville, Florida. I came here accompanied by an american family member.

Reason is, we wanted to include the prepaid-Verizon mobile phone into our existing account. Take note, I’m an existing customer. The main guy we came for was assisting other customers when we came. He’s a taller guy and he’s the one who initially opened our accounts at the store, let’s just call him guy A. Guy A is kinda busy, he though recognized our presence, approached us and since he’s with a customer at the moment, we recommended that we talk to a different guy that can assist us, let’s call him smaller bald guy B. Bald guy B, from the way he approached us doesn’t feel like it being passed with the job of assisting us came over. He didn’t even shook hands or introduced himself, sort of like forgetting the “business-like” and “professional” attitude, which I find a little different, sort of, obliged to do but really don’t like doing it. He began to asks questions about our concern. I told him it was a prepaid phone that we bought and would like to be added to our existing post-paid account. He seemed very uptight and don’t feel like doing the task, he doesn’t seem to understand the concern. After asking for names, addresses and what not, he asked for a phone number where the prepaid mobile phone number’s going to be tied into. I guess, I wasn’t sure about his question at first, I said I gave you the number. The person with me who’s the main account holder told the store agent that it’s in his account’s phone number. I think the right question to ask is “what is the phone number of the account that you want this prepaid mobile phone to be associated with or added to or linked to. Instead, he felt upset and started stomping. He grabbed the phone and said he will check in the system but apparently he got upset. The person with me said so, the agent got upset. Why? Is that because I wasn’t able to answer his question the very first time he asked? Was it because he felt we are bothering him because it’s not really his job to assist us because the person that was supposed to was attending to other customers in the store?

So guy B came back, told us we cannot add the prepaid phone towards our existing account because the prepaid mobile number has not been active or used for six months. While getting this information didn’t take that long and not very painful, why can’t the “rudeness” and “stomping-like-a-child attitude” had to come out towards us deliberately? I don’t get it really.

Guy B then told us, without hesitation and with pride, that we need to buy a new phone if we would like to retain the prepaid phone’s number. So that’s an upsell now! While I don’t care about the upsell, I would care much about the attitude that was shown towards me. Is that because I’m Asian? How dare you even upsell into our face when your attitude few minutes back was very unaccommodating? I wouldn’t even hire that kind of attitude if I ever own a food truck. There’s no way I’m going to bite that upsell after that unfriendly and childish attitude.

Guy B says, I’d suggest you buy a new phone so we can use the prepaid mobile’s number and not lose it and then we can connect/link it to your existing post paid account with us. The person accompanying me said, “do you like to buy a new phone?” I said, “I’m not sure.” Guy B said, “I’ll let you guys pick which phones you like from there (pointing at the model phones on the wall behind us) if you’re able to decide”. He then left. I followed him with my eyes as he goes toward the backdoor of the store, very visible from where I stand, he open the door and talked to someone inside with some gesture of the arms wide open held up, like the upset gesture, “these guys suck, unbelievable” hand gesture, if you understand what I’m trying to say here. I was like, ohh, I see, he’s now back to “I’m disappointed” mode. That kind of attitude will not even convince me to buy a new phone or worse, not even renew my contract after two years. Believe me, I will not embrace this kind of attitude towards customers.

And the Asian thing, yes, that’s so true. I’m Asian but I’m not stupid and I can understand English very well, the question is just wrong, that’s why I didn’t get it at first. I worked in the customer service via BPOs before, and what do we ask the customer when we don’t get the questions right at first? We ask politely. Agent/Guy B did not. He got upset, stomped and walked away. That’s very professional, Verizon? Wow, if that’s the kind of customer service you are giving your customers at your stores, I would never want to step back in. Never. And don’t call me about the racist thing, because I’ve just been to a museum, and pretty much coincidentally, I was inside the gallery of African American Civil war, that dark moment between blacks and whites, when a white lady guard ask me to stay away from the photos coz I’m very near it, it might fell off the wall and she didn’t stop from there, she followed us (me and my companion) in all the galleries like we’re thieves trying to filfer something.

Yes, racism happens still today. In the museum at the civil war gallery, very coincidental indeed, and inside a Verizon Wireless store, who should be in the forefront of establishing better communications between races and people end up being the first to violate moral standards of respect.

Cutting Healthcare Costs

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There are many theories as to why health care costs have risen so dramatically over the past few years. One of the theories is that it is too time consuming and expensive to keep proper records. The good news is that companies are starting to switch from paper records to electronic records that are easier to maintain.

When a computer network can keep track of a list of patients and their insurance information, it means that a hospital doesn’t have to pay someone to keep those records or manually alter them every time a patient’s records need to be updated. Instead, the information can be altered automatically whenever changes need to be made.

Having an accurate record on file for a patient makes it easier for doctors and hospitals to provide the type of care that a patient needs. When a doctor can access updated medical records, there may be no need for a certain type of test or for a patient to take a drug that could possibly hurt that patient.

Health care by HealthEdge is a vital service that everyone should have access to. While doctors and other providers need to be paid for their services, it is always a good thing when costs can be cut and savings can be passed on to the consumer.

Paper Items Are Necessary For Any Business

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Regardless of what type of business you are in, you need to purchase various types of paper on a regular basis. Discount pricing on quantity amounts that will supply all your paper needs in a fast and superior fashion is an asset to lower your business expenses and to keep your office well supplied. There are actually thousands of items to fulfill all your office needs, and buying through the Internet with delivery from multiple warehouses located throughout the United States offers a much wider selection and speeds up delivery right to your door.

Regular reams of printer specific paper and also customized printed stationery and envelopes are the most popular items that are needed on a constant basis. However, there are also specialty papers required, depending on your type of business, such as folder and product labels, carbonless paper, wide format paper, engineering rolls, memo pads, adding machine rolls, bookkeeping aids, desk pads and much more.

Buy here when you want helpful and quick purchasing of all your paper and other office needs whether you are a large or small company or an individual with a home office. You will be given the exact same competitive prices as those offered to a Fortune 500 company.

Custom Wiring and Cable Solutions for SMEs

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Industry manufacturers and distributors of wires, cables, heat shrink tubing, and many others not only rely on their products but also on their customer service and flexibility.

An extensive inventory usually solidifies market viability especially for commercial, industrial, and military clients.

Some players in the industry like Jaguar Industries rely on inventory but still recognize small clients in their priority list.

Companies that market wires, cables and tubing—in order to remain competitive, makes customer satisfaction a core-value specifically when answering customer inquiries, complaints, and technical requests.

With industries of today having different needs, custom wires and cables play a big part in keeping customers with very specific needs for sizes, temperature and other specifications thus custom cutting and stripping services are a must.

Like most customer requirements, quality of products and services with a good reputation often comes ahead of the pack, however prices can also come into play when it matters.

At the moment, one of the most sought after products include high temperature wire for electrical use including insulation, military spec wires, heat shrink tubing and coaxial cables for televisions and computers.
Other services may include stripping—a process involving addition of one or more spiral stripes of different color to distinguish differences.

Cutting and stripping, twisting or cabling for multiple conductor cables, dyeing, terminate and crimp services, jacketing of cables, respooling, braiding and shielding, marking, and testing using lab equipment in order to insure that customer specifications are met.

The challenges are always part of getting the most value out of your investment and assuring that these will go a long away especially in today’s tough economy so it’s important to really seek the advice and help of the leaders in the industry prior to making purchasing decisions.

Importance of Independent Product Testing

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Manufacturers are frequently in need of accurate, scientific testing on their products so they can back up their advertising claims. When one considers the number of times commercials state, “Testing by an independent lab reveals—“ it is obvious that there is a huge need for those labs.

Even before the new product reaches the public, much testing must be done to ensure its safety, effectiveness and ease of use. These needs have opened to door for a huge new industry: reliable, independent testing firms that design and carry out testing programs for a variety of products. There are many of these including adaptive diagnostic reasoning at

These are typically full-service firms working in cooperation with the company whose products are being tested but exercising a degree of autonomy in their designs and procedures. This is not to imply that the hiring company lacks involvement, as the representatives of the testing firm meet with them frequently during the planning and testing process.

The testing regimen first involves designing the testing program including a framework for carrying it out. This generally includes the design of specialized software, test fixtures, drawing up a support agreement satisfactory to both parties and formulating a strategy for preparing and administering the test.

In many cases, the relationship between a testing company and its client will go on for years and encompass many different product lines. In others, a testing firm will be hired for long-term testing of a single project that may become quite elaborate.

Understanding Industrial UPS Systems

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Dealing with Power Interruptions when in rugged environments, such as offshore oil platforms, it is a challenge to ensure the availability of clean and reliable power sources.

Cyberex is a company that has dedicated its efforts to achieving this goal for private sector, government and industry applications. By designing, constructing, installing and maintaining custom-designed products, Cyberex uninterruptible power supply products are seen as industry leaders.

The range of products includes sophisticated standalone inverters, industrial power distribution units, UL Industrial applications, and standalone static transfer switches. Cyberex is one of three leading brands found under the Thomas and Betts Power Solutions umbrella. They are positioned as brand leaders in two primary business segments: enterprise business platforms and surge protection business platforms.

The provision of industrial hardwired surge protection is a goal of the surge protection business segment. For retro-fit, new construction and telecom OEM needs, over 80 years of industry experience allows the best possible fit to each need.

The Enterprise platform is targeted at businesses with critical energy needs. This includes the offshore oil platform, large data centers, particularly in the financial centers, and utility and other industrial applications. With an industry-recognized focus on technology, quality, and functionality, the Cyberex brand is often selected as the most reliable uninterruptible power supply option.

A new focus with the Cyberwave product line addresses new needs and is customizable to applications in the manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, utility and petrochemical fields. In fact, Cyberex is the answer to any mission-critical industrial UPS systems or application.

Induce polarization and resistivity with Powersting

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If you have been looking into information regarding a resistivity survey, you are probably already aware of Powersting High External Transmitters that function to induce polarization and resistivity.

The Powersting is a set of very high-power transmitters that carry 5, 10 and 15kW currents for the R8/IP/SP and R1/1P/S2. The system is completely programmable and the current source of voltage can be monitored in real-time.

The machine comes with a SGS generator and wireless repeating box, and can operate wired or wireless. The applications for this product include vertical electrical sounding, 2D electrical imaging, 3D electrical imaging, 3D offset electrical imaging and a 2D survey line over both modes. Multiple power transmitters can be connected to increase the current or output, or to increase the voltage.

The weight of the Powersting is just about 225lbs., which includes shipping. Rounded off to the nearest inch, the dimensions are 27 by 36 by 20. For this and other geophysical resistivity needs, contact the sales department to get exact pricing quotes for the product you’re interested in.

Printed information about this product and others can also be mailed out; the packets contain a detailed product descriptions, their uses and any associated specific technical information.

Got an old Mac that needs some parts fixing?

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Alright, we know you got a Mac, now what? Well, Apple, and not just them, actually updates and keeps on manufacturing newer models of desktop computers and laptops each year that we barely even notice where the old models go.

It’s not that having an old Mac is a bad thing, Apple and not just their phones are very know to have lasting quality but basically if you have an old Mac or something that you got off a garage sale that is already phased out in the market but still works and just needs some parts replaced, where can you actually go to find help?

old MacThere are however existing companies that cater to old and not-so-old Apple computers and Macs like DV Warehouse, a specialized Apple parts store who sells Apple memory, hard-to-find parts, discontinued Apple computer models, refurbished units and services various used Apple computer models that are currently available in the market.

So basically, not having a new Mac isn’t a bad thing after all. In fact, you can save your money for other things than buying the new computer when a new one comes out and keep your Mac for longer. And with companies like DV Warehouse, you will feel secure that your Mac will still work longer than it should.

How to shop for all the cables you’ll ever need

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Okay, so you have the unit—be it a PC and its CPU, a home theatre or video recorder or player (which obviously if you’re using the latest TVs out there, you might need an HDMI cable, a DVI or even your mobile phone, a cable is everything you need which basically makes sense that it helps you interact with your system whatever the purpose is or functionality or value that a cable adds.

Like for instance, network cables allow you to connect with your network so you can simultaneously interact multiple computer systems using the same network service such as the intranet or internet or if more complicated than that your database networks.

The quality of your home or office network cables can play a significant role in your success indirectly without you even thinking of it. Just look at it this way, your network cable investment will give you less overhead cost or maintenance cost thus giving you more time to focus on things that matter to you because you’ve made the right choice.

Professional-grade networking cables help make your connections ultra-fast and stable giving you a reliable and hassle-free experience.

Another important thing to note is that if you know who the good guys are (what I mean by this is dealing with the right people and company who knows what they are doing), you definitely will have less trouble and more peace of mind. It’s best to call the cable company, ask questions and do some research about them so you’re assured that you’re working with the “good guys” that has been in the industry for quite some time and with a good moral standing.

Why You Need A Managed IT and Professional Services

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Businesses seek to innovate in the most cost-effective way as possibly as they can while at the same time producing more valuable outputs for their efforts. This day, managing some aspects of your business can be challenging especially IT, manpower, and accounting amongst others.

Progressive companies have their IT support center centrally managed thus giving them more time to focus on their core functions. With a sound IT system, everything can run things smoothly without worries of delays or even downtime due to manpower issues, natural disasters, old-fashioned IT infrastructure, or the absence of a disaster recovery plan.

managed IT servicesAs for Professional services, assisted living marketing strategies formulate tools that are designed to track, log activities, follow-up, and communicate with prospects, families, and referrals any company deals with. There are seven (7) key elements of assisted living marketing that companies has to understand—referral source development, advertising, community outreach and inreach, PR, visits and tours, inquiries and family member communications, and the internet.

While Professional services doesn’t solely deal with the above, there are other core of business where they are much needed like in the social networking aspect such as getting leads from social networks, getting customers engaged with your brand online through these venues and conducting customer support via different channels aside from the traditional phone, snail mail and even email because right now, customers and clients try to engage and ask questions through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which of course, a search and social media agency can be effective just in case your company does not have that much manpower to handle these areas you’d like to cover.

Embracing change and innovation doesn’t happen overnight but with the proper guidance and training, anything can be achieved. It’s just that…everything has a cost these days.

Controlled Financial Due Diligence—More Buyer Potentials!?

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Controlling your financial due diligence can increase salability. When companies experience significant events that challenges their business existence, being prepared while make or break its fate.

Financial due diligence is overcome by adequate preparation for its processes which the company will benefit in the long run. Unfortunately, too many companies wait until their wells run dry before they get organized when in fact there is due diligence software available in the market that could help.

A false alarm results from resource intensive efforts of executing transactions based on rigorous due diligence checklist, dramatically increases risks of incomplete disclosure, drive up direct and indirect costs, and missteps that jeopardizes the deal.

financial due diligenceThe best weapon is to prepare in advance by consulting experts to develop targeted M&A strategy along with the executable due diligence checklist and put it on test before entering the market.

Some of these experts can be found from Merrill DataSite, which is  a virtual data room services provider that offers a secure and highly efficient method of sharing critical business information for electronic due diligence in M&A advisory, banking M&A, mid market M&A review, transfer of small business ownership when selling a company among other things along side Merrill Brink International is a leading provider of financial, legal, life sciences and corporate Translation Services for global companies specializing in professional legal document review and via Merrill Brink document translation services whenever necessary.

Creating the best possible presentation of your company’s financial due diligence materials can go a long way and at the same time, being aware of conducting a readiness assessment will do a great deal to attract a multitude of interested bidders and accelerating the process of course is handled by partners that can be relied upon like Merrill.

Embedded Technology through AdvancedMC

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The existing and continued successful implementation of Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA is largely attributed by the Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) design.

For designers looking for the ultimate computing power in a small form factor, Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs), a form factor defined by a PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group (PICMG)standard, has already established itself on the market as a versatile and powerful embedded product. For use in both ATCA and MicroTCA Systems , AdvancedMC offer serial interfaces and support different transport systems such as, PCIExpress, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Serial Rapid I/0 and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)/SATA (Serial ATA). AdvancedMC modules are the key for building MicroTCA platforms, to extend the value of AdvancedTCA platforms and to enable proprietary platforms with the necessary functionality.

AdvancedMCRanging in size from single (74mm x 183.5mm) to double (149mm x 183.5mm), AMCs are flexible, powerful and simple to integrate and therefore enable system vendors who use them in MicroTCA or AdvancedTCA platforms to adapt their solutions to applications demand very easy.

ATCA is a standard that is quickly experiencing tremendous acceptance in the market as it addresses the requirements of the TEMs and carriers.

The telecommunications industry is beginning to embrace this new economic reality, utilizing AMC modules to augment ATCA platforms, which will drive growth, both in revenue and profitability.

Rackspace Chat Support Blunder

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Well, to tell you what, embarrassing mistakes doesn’t only happen over the phone. In fact, companies offering chat support services are never an exception but could be even worse.

This site’s hosting is about to end in a the next few weeks so I was trying to check on other web hosting providers on the possibility of switching host since these past few months was really bad in terms of the quality of hosting that I was getting from BlueHost. In fact, it even had a DDOS attack on its servers several months ago that paralyzed all of my sites and I can never forget that because of the revenue losses and that they didn’t even announced anything about it on their Twitter account.

I was looking at transferring to Hostgator as I have tried them in the past but I would also like to consider cloud hosting so I thought of checking with them and so as a result, I became engaged with a chat support agent and here’s how the conversation goes:

Welcome to Rackspace. How can I assist you?
You have been connected to Gerben G.
Customer: hi.
Gerben G: Hi there, how can I help?
Customer: Do you now offer paypal payment modes?
Gerben G: Well, we are PCI compliant. Just give you a full idea of what Rackspace would offer; we would manage the network, hardware, operating system, data back-ups and actively provide patching. This is then backed up with the most aggressive SLA’s available. You can also choose to have remote access to the server so that you can install/upload what you require. How does that sound so far?
Customer: that’s not my question!
Gerben G: Well, basicly we only do the hosting, so you can install and run what you want on that, but we don’t offer that
Customer: you’re not getting my question do you?!??!?!?!
Customer: i was asking if you’re accepting paypal!!1
Customer: how can that be hard?
Gerben G: Sorry, no we don’t accept paypall yet
Customer: that’s what I was trying to know.
Customer: bye.
Gerben G: Bye
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

As you can see, my question is pretty clear. I have already asked this sometime ago so I am aware that they do not offer Paypal as a payment method so I thought of asking the same question hoping that this time they would but I was wrong. I tried again to find out if they already do but instead of getting a straight forward answer, I got annoyed with an answer which is not even related to what I am asking.


I know you guys at Rackspace wanted to promote your services but please, learn how to answer questions correctly first so I can be impressed because this scenario only made me go away even further from considering your services as I am afraid that this could happen again in case I took your services and the chat agent who handles the concern could hardly even answer a very simple question.

Do you have a similar chat support experience as I do? Please share them.

The Healthiest Way to do Contacts

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My female cousin who’s also a blogger and was based in the US suddenly discovered last year that her eyesight was fading from too much computer work. She doesn’t like to wear glasses for extended periods and contacts are such a nuisance and are expensive for her.

However, it may all change because I found a company online that provides daily disposable contact lenses. It is so much better and less irritating to your sensitive cornea not to mention much healthier. features disposable contact lenses that are so soft and comfortable so I know now that my cousin will never think of contact lenses as the same pain in the neck.

You too can feel the difference! Just throw them away after use and put on fresh pair the next day. Less hassle, more gain. Check it out now and see for yourself.

NMEDA: Educates Consumers and Help People Enhance Their Mobility

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Writing about non-profit organizations and their contribution to the society is never new to this site. In fact, it’s my own little way of giving back to the people even to those whom I didn’t know how thankful I am.

Non-profits like NMEDA showcase a great deal of concern to consumers by educating them on purchasing the right mobility enhancement vehicles particularly from those dealers they approve.

NMEDA selflessly promotes safe driving along side quality and reliable equipments for disable people. NMEDA ensures that its members adhere to safety standards of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in order to be accredited. Dealers are the ones selling the vehicles and implements modifications.

QAP, otherwise known as the Quality Assurance Program for dealers is the only nationally recognized accreditation program for the Adaptive Mobility Equipment Industry which governs the fundamental rule of quality in satisfying customers via proper approach and documentation.

NMEDA dealers provide tailor fit assistance to make sure every handicap person’s needs are addressed in the best way possible so adapted wheelchair vehicles sold online or in catalogs must not be trusted because no disability is exactly identical.

Use the site and find the nearest NMEDA dealer in your area to secure a rewarding investment.

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

How Dependent Are You On Movie Reviews?

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I only watch movies online most of the time but whenever I get the chance to go out once in a while, I usually watch a movie that I find interesting on the spot even without reading something about it or its plot.

And since television stations in our locale normally shows only a small fraction of the full length movie trailer, I get used to watching movies on the big screen than watching its trailer first on YouTube.

There are movie buffs however who decides based on the impression or feedback of others and in this case I would refer to those who have watched the movie first hand.

Although I find it helpful especially if you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure that he gets what he paid for depending on the positive feedbacks a particular movie is getting.

Movie Reviews take the hassle out of choosing which movie to watch. In this regard, movie reviews play a vital role in shaping up a prospective viewer’s decision. I find these resources helpful in saving time and money but then again, like anyone else, I want to see it for myself and judge a film depending on my own criteria.

We have different tastes and appreciation of films that’s why movie genre exists. Movie reviews generally doesn’t affect much of my decision in whether to watch a highly budgeted screenplay or not.

How about you? Do movie reviews affect your decision in watching a film? Or are you persuaded by your own likeness of the actors starring on the film? Share your thoughts.

10 Dollar Web Hosting Spree: Are You In?

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Nexx Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.

Paying for expensive web hosting can be a thing of the past. With the rise of various virtual space providers and the stiff competition that comes along with it, industry players are gearing up to get a cut however small it is from the ever-growing internet consumers.

Attractive packages come in handy and most of them almost have the same features offered by Nexx web’s Unlimited Web Hosting such as a free .COM domain, unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email plus tons of other features but the only difference is it only costs $10 for the entire first year. Yes, you’ve read it right.


Choosing a reliable web hosting provider is extremely tough that I had to try four of them myself within a year since I started blogging. Uptime and excellent customer service determines a web host’s effectiveness.

Nexx however with its Director of Marketing, Suat Alaybeyoglu said, “We’re committed to providing customers with affordable solutions to establish and grow web presence. At just $10 for the first year, this unlimited hosting package provides a great opportunity to those who have not yet experienced our state-of-the-art technology and top quality customer service.”

“On top of all the included rich features, we’re also providing a money back guarantee to all new customers,” he also said.

These are big words and I believe that you can be dealing with a really serious business. The offer is indeed very tempting so I’m certain that start-ups would really grab this opportunity. There’s a money-back guarantee anyway so why not give it a try, would you?

Visit my sponsor: Unlimited Web Hosting + Domain Name for $10 @ Nexx

Where to Get Affordable MP3 for Kids

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Madacy Entertainment. All opinions are 100% mine.

Musical collections for kids need not be expensive in fact it should be affordable, why? It’s because kids deserve nothing but the best for them at a cost that’s friendly for their parents’ growing budget.


Kids are the very least among the music consumers in the market. As they grow older, their likeness to sounds changes thus, they are gradually introduced into different musical genre they hear around them which means that children who are exposed to loud music at an early age are most likely to be attracted to rock music.

There are many factors thou that could affect every child’s musical preference however, the best thing that moms could do is expose their kids to healthier types of music that are free of hate words and violent lyrics.

No mother would ever want their toddlers speak of hate at their early stages of learning new words or else that’s going to be a nightmare.

So, why not expose them to lullabies and nursery rhymes? I’m sure they’ll definitely learn the ABCs and how to count especially when you buy them the Ultimate Countdown Kids Collection: 200 Sing-A-Long Favorites which features the timeless ABCs And 123s, Jack And Jill and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

Ever got a nursery rhyme in your head? Let’s talk it over.

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Free Articles to Jumpstart Your Online Money Making Efforts

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Making money online if you may ask me has never easy. Even blogging for money or about money is no joke. It requires patience, tons of hard work and perseverance to achieve your goals but why do this statement below contradicts to what I believe?

“Making money from home sounds easy and it is, why do so many others find it so hard? Get this series to help take you from an initial or even no idea to your money making streams that send your future to your dreams.”

It sounds ironic though but as I understand it, having the right resources could somehow lessen the burden and make the journey of making money from home fun and enjoyable.

On a side note, one great thing to understand thou is coming up with realistic goals because making money online is not a get-rich-quick kind of scheme. In fact, more people fail in the first few months than those who make it after the 6th month particularly in blogging.

If from the very start you already find it hard to go on with your plans, what more could you expect if you’d like to be involved into internet marketing such as affiliate marketing or reseller hosting or something involving e-commerce?

The internet is a vast source of information and while there are a lot of free information that could help boosts the business plan you have been forming on your mind, why not take advantage of free course of articles from those people who had gone past the start-up stage and became successful?

I’m sure you’ll definite learn a lot from their experience like I do. Read a lot and do some research and soon enough you’ll find yourself knowledgeable and motivated because of the lessons you’ve learned along the way and somehow after your successes, you might utter the same line of statement that,

“Making money from home sounds easy and it is, why do so many others find it so hard? Get this series to help take you from an initial or even no idea to your money making streams that send your future to your dreams.”

Tony’s Pizza’s Bowling Bonanza

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Tony’s Pizza. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s not everyday that you get a free bowling offer along side the enjoyment that your favorite signature pizza can bring more than Tony’s Pizza can.

Tony’s has been consistent with their quality and service over the years and techie bloggers out there have no reason not to choose them as part of their tweet-ups, family gathering and local events or during your movie marathon madness in the weekends.

Pizza shelf life last longer when kept in the fridge and more than having it delivered freshly baked, you still can enjoy the same flavor and goodness it can bring by simply reheating it in an oven thus you can definitely buy a bunch and keep it in stock for consumption at anytime of the day less the hassle of calling over the phone for delivery and agonizingly wait while keeping your appetite.

It’s also a quick food for people always on the go and a great help to feed unexpected guests.

Certainly, keeping a pizza in the fridge saves you more time and money. So go out and check Tony’s pizza together with their free bowling offer. Invite your family and friends and enjoy the goodness of pizza plus the bonding moments you may share playing bowling.

Visit my sponsor: Tony's Pizza

Why Buy Ink Cartridges Online from Resellers

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Buying Ink Cartridges online can be a little tricky especially if you’re budget constraint but want the genuine ones for your printer but then you feel like being obligated to buy from the manufacturer’s site instead of some third-party sites or resellers perhaps just to save you time looking for deals that could save you some bucks or mainly because you’re too lazy to do some searching.

If you really feel like wanting to save more, there are really crazy advantages at buying from third-party sites or resellers compared to the manufacturer’s sites. Some if not most ecommerce sites are relatively cheaper for most well-known brands like Brother, Canon, Dell, Epson, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Konica-Minolta, Lexmark, Pitney Bowes, Xerox and a lot more which can definitely allow you to keep more of your hard-earned cash to spend for something else especially when buying in bulk as most will include free shipping to go along with your purchase.

Some retailers not only showcase genuine ink cartridges, toner cartridges, and laser toners but also remanufactured ones for a lot bigger savings. However, like any other online transactions, make sure that you’re on a secured site when you type-in those credit card numbers and all the other important information about you. Research about the site and make sure that they are legitimate businesses. It pays to be vigilant these days.

Are You Up For A Debt-Free First Quarter?

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Starting the year right was always the priority of everyone regardless if you’re in business or just a regular home maker or employee.

Debt management should always be a top priority if the need for emergency funds came unexpectedly. But how can you manage your debts given the challenges of this economic downturn?

There are many ways though and one of which is securing IVA or an Individual Voluntary Arrangement with a financial company to manage your debts for you. Most of the time, these IVAs will cut the amount you owe (typically by 50% but in some cases by up to 70%), will freeze the interest you pay and will legally prevent creditors taking action against you when the things get worse. Of course, these services are there to prevent the latter case from happening.

IVAs are your best route to becoming debt free incase the equity in your property isn’t enough to consolidate debt via a re-mortgage. As you enter into such legally binding agreement with your creditors, licensed insolvency practitioners will oversee and supervise it for you thus providing greater security and much better terms compared with a debt management plan.

It’s inevitable for us not to have debts at least once in a while however staying out of it is still the best way to go most of the time. How about you? Do you always stay away from debt?

Wrestle the Challenges of Project Management with Mavenlink

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Quitting your job and starting your own business is definitely a big decision to make and a Herculean task to undertake given all the challenges that you’ll face as reality starts to pour in however, you don’t have to be alone to wrestle the burden of managing your business because there are services like Mavenlink that helps clients run their businesses from networking to legal, accounting, IT and a whole lot more with their “Work Smarter Not Harder” philosophy.

Businesses, consultants, service firms and even non-profits can effectively manage their projects through Mavenlink’s enhanced collaboration features through effective communication mediums, project timeline and management capabilities, improved visibility offering for service providers and talent showcase including efficient tracking.

Having the right people and the right set of tools to back you up at all times is necessary in today’s ever changing economy. Working hard isn’t always enough because working smarter is the best way to manage your business.

Watch the entertaining video below and be informed of the benefits of having the good guys behind your back.

Tell me what you think of the video and how it best describes the nature of Mavelink’s business. We may have different opinions so I’d be glad to know yours.

Soda with a Flare of Personality

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Jones Soda. All opinions are 100% mine.

I genuinely love soda more than a bottle of beer that I sometimes dig more every now and then while of course taking into consideration the calories it contains.

If you’re the kind of person that gets attracted to labels and admire making things customizable other than your belongings, I’m sure that you’ll love the idea of creating your very own soda labels before you even taste them. You can place your most attractive photos to be attached as the label, choose the flavor you want and after which you’re soda will be shipped to you.

At present, Jones Soda Co., the makers of Dungeons and Dragons Jones Soda is currently showcasing their spell casting limited edition soda collection with awesome designs perfected to fit your taste and crave for legendary dragons and myths.

Among the flavors were tagged Sneak Attack, Potion of Healing, etc. which I think the latter is Vanilla flavored based on the look of it from my research. I would love the crushed melon flavor if I can only get my hands on them.

This can be a perfect gift to my sister in the US for her birthday next year especially with her picture on it. So, try it for yourselves guys, I’m sure you’ll definitely have a lot of fun editing your pictures but a hard time picking which flavor to choose because they’re all equally engaging and tempting.

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Why is PPM Solutions Necessary for Businesses

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An effective communication channel within a company can certainly boost productivity and encourages a more streamlined collaboration in between groups or divisions. When this happens, tasks, projects, and various other matters can easily be completed therefore resulting in high growth rate and satisfying returns on investment.

Coordination through web interface driven workplace can help achieve business goals thus creating sustainable income out of efforts however this can only be achieved by implementing a powerful PPM tailored to your company’s needs.

On the other hand, project management needs a framework of solutions and guidelines in order to achieve desire results. Some third-party providers even offer a special type of business solution software that would to provide equally distributed tasks and properly managed files synced to every aggregate teams or departments involved in the project.

Portfolio management however will work to provide a systematic management approach towards planned initiatives, projects, and ongoing IT services (if any). Portfolio management quantifies IT efforts, enabling measurement and objective evaluation of investment scenarios.

Implementing portfolio management could include risk profile analysis for criteria that needs to be measured while considering the risks that maybe involved with it. Diversification of projects for instance in the IT sector may include consideration of the infrastructure and technologies based on the investment levels that will be focused on the various elements comprising the portfolio. Business goals should be aligned to what’s stipulated in the portfolio and not to forget the importance of consistency and improvement in terms of knowledge and investment adjustments.

The main focus I think of adopting these methodologies is to genuinely track each of the major components of a business model. It’s not always bad to work hard but it’s better to work smarter.

PPM optimizes the mix and sequencing of proposed projects congruent to the company’s objectives despite any economic challenge.

eBay Extends Live Help Service To Southeast Asia

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eBay in its efforts to improve their live help services has recently formed a local Live Help Team for Southeast Asia allowing sellers in the region to chat directly with Live Help for cross border trade-specific issue resolution 24/7 by simply clicking on the Live Help or Contact Us button found on the local homepage of eBay.

Sellers within Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines can address matters directly via chat for concerns regarding listing and selling internationally, linking eBay accounts to Paypal accounts for cross-border trade, protection programs from Paypal and eBay buyers and sellers, adCommerce and discount programmes for Southeast Asia sellers.

This move by eBay is something worth commending though it could have been done a little earlier. I wonder when eBay will focus on the buyers too by providing a much clearer route to getting immediate help. It was a pain in the neck trying to look for help when the chance of getting somebody to ask real-time is like going through a pin hole.

Hidden Camera Sources for Watchdogs

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How far would you go just to protect your home and property?

At this time of age, protecting your property has been much of a challenge that needs security blanket.

Other than your local convenient store, home security has likewise been crippling and homeowners struggle at some point.

Adopting home security gadgets has almost been a requirement of every household. Countless police reports of theft and kidnapping attributed to household security vulnerability had been documented. In fact, small children and infants had fallen victims of kidnapping by some domestic help in exchange for ransom aside from the most common home break-in incidents.

These unforeseen and uncanny events could have been prevented should every household adopted the use of intangible security measures specifically, covert video recording media.

You can look for online resources to find Hidden Camera devices that can easily be implemented within your homes or offices.

These devices will serve as your watchdog against unscrupulous behavior that may do you harm.

A Mailbox Hidden Camera for example (see image below) is perfect for homes since they capture the action as they happen via sensors that detect body heat of up to 30 ft. away.

Mailbox hidden camera with body heat sensor

Mailbox hidden camera with body heat sensor

So, would you install hidden camera in your home? Why or why not?