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Imac Through the Years

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In 1998, some of the first personal computers were boring, beige boxes with no design appeal. They were purely utilitarian objects meant to increase the user’s work flow and speed up mundane tasks. Apple saw an opportunity to turn these ugly beige boxes into computers with bold design features and a colorful sense of style, and the iMac was born.

When the iMac was first introduced, critics had negative opinions about technology and design features, but opinions quickly changed with the welcome reception from optimistic users. Computer users, especially the younger generation, loved the innovative core technology and creative, stylish design features of the iMac. It didn’t take long for the iMac to become the must-have desktop personal computer.

In 1998, iMac launched the release of the iMac G3 Bondi Blue, an all-in-one personal computer with a stylish look, 233MHz processor speed, 15-inch screen, and easy user features. The G3 looked a bit like a big blue egg, but consumers welcomed the creative, colorful design. This all-in-one computer quickly became the mainstream computer found on millions of tables and desktops in American homes. Over the next few years, Apple improved the G3 with a DV Slot Loading Edition and more innovative technology features that made the G3 user friendly.

In 2002, Apple introduced the iMac G4. It was still an all-in-one computer, but with a radical redesign moving from CRT to LCD technology. Mounted on a novel white hemispherical base, the G4 offered users a 700MHz processor speed and the same 15-inch screen with LCD technology. Over the next couple of years, the iMac G4 was improved with a 20-inch screen, combo drive, super drive and USB2 features.

In 2004, Apple discontinued the iMac G4 and replaced it with the G5, an all-in-one computer with streamlined design features. It was a completely different look compared to the iMac G3 and G4. The G5 design encapsulated the entire machine in a 2-inch thick, 20-inch screen combined with a glossy white cabinet and a stylish aluminum base. From 2004 through 2013, the popular iMac G5 design evolved with its iSight, Intel and Unibody models that offered the same stylish design features and even more advanced technology.

Although the look of the iMac has changed through the years, it’s still a user favorite. Whether you have an older iMac or new laptop, you can find a variety of Apple and macbook pro parts at

Tips in Choosing the Best Home Security System

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A home security system is a smart investment that can protect both your property and your family. There are different types of home security systems out there, and while some are basic and others are more advanced (complete with smartphone apps and accessories like the HomeLink products from, they all provide the same basic functionality: detection of intrusion and the ability to warn you, and even send automatic notifications to a security monitoring service, should you decide to use one to provide outside monitoring.

When shopping for a potential security system for your home, there are several things you’ll want to consider. With so many types of systems and monitoring options available, it can be easy to become overwhelmed, but if you keep the following tips in mind, you’ll have a much easier time of narrowing down the selection to the system that best meets your needs:

Connection. Security systems are available in both hard-wired and wireless setups. While hard-wired setups are generally more consistent and less prone to errors or device interference, wireless sensors and other security units make it easier for you to customize the configuration of the system.

Sensors & Lights. Do you want or need motion sensors to be placed in your home, outside of your home, or both? Can these sensors be customized to be turned off during certain times, such as during the daytime when you and your family members may be coming and going from the home? Can flood lights be added to outside doors and other entrances? How sensitive are these devices to cats, dogs, and wildlife? The last thing any homeowner want is a loud alarm sounding every time a squirrel crosses a sensor’s path.

Monitoring. Can you monitor your home with installed video cameras? Are these cameras accessible from outside of the home? If third party monitoring is available, what are the monthly fees and what type of monitoring and emergency service notifications are included?

Access. How can the system be accessed to arm or disarm, or to make other adjustments? Some systems feature just one hardwired configuration panel, while others may offer individual panels for each floor of the home. Some security monitoring systems offer smartphone apps, browser-based logins, and even wireless RF buttons you can install in your vehicle.

What’s a Blade Computer?

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While the name suggest something extraordinary, a blade computer functions like a personal computer and as a client that is like your typical desk PC but housed in a rack enclosure normally found in data centers or specialized environments.

As mentioned, it functions like your ordinary PC but this one takes advantage of the many robust architectural feats started by blade servers.

Blade computers have CPU, RAM and hard drive. Some of these may or may not have an integrated graphics built-in, may support multiple hard drives. As the name suggests, it’s in a “blade” form that is usually found plugged into an enclosure.

Blade computers support your usual operating systems for example, Microsoft’s blade PC version of the past XP and Vista Business.

Access to Blade PCs is usually achieved via Virtual Network Computing (VNC), which allows users to log on to the blade PC using a client device. The login experience is pretty much the same as being logged into a local computer.
The major advantages of blade PCs is that it offers enhanced data security mainly because all data are maintained in the datacenter which can be easily saved to a mass storage device which means that even if the mass storage device gets stolen, the data cannot be compromised or used unlawfully. It is also cost effective and it offers access for disaster recovery just in case extenuating circumstances happen and the need for access to the blade PC’s files is necessary.

As mentioned above, being like your typical PC, these computers are easy to deploy, space efficient, and highly manageable.

Disposing Old Electronics? Recycle it!

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In the US alone, an estimated 2.37 million tons of electronic scraps were reported but only a quarter of this amount was actually recycled. These electronic scraps or E-scrap were mostly discarded TVs, computer peripherals like printers, scanners, keyboards, fax machines, mice and not to forget cellphones.

The massive accumulation of electronic scraps that were largely contributed by technological advancements poses a much needed outlet to recycle End of Life electronics through electronic recycling.

In Elgin Recycling for instance, they filter all E-scrap from their various recycling centers through their R2 certified warehouse ensuring that the electronics are handled safely and securely. This means, responsibly eliminating any trace of sensitive information that maybe derived from scraps of magnetic media such as hard drives using High Energy Pulse Degausser.

This method is an industry standard and every company offering similar recycling services must comply to pass accreditation in order to be allowed to operate.

At the moment, similar companies cater to businesses of all sizes, government agencies, residents, education institutions and non-profit organizations. Some even offer pick-up and drop off at several locations.

This endeavor supports an effort to alleviate electronic waste and promote environmental awareness about an uncharted topic. It’s about time that each gadget owner should realize that there’s a right way of disposing electronic trash.

While people might get wary of disposing their damaged hard drives or defective computers for fear of having their sensitive information stolen, it’s also important that electronic recycling companies should rally to educate tech consumers about the safety of their information prior to recycling in order to eliminate doubt and gain trust.

Self-Driving Cars: What Could Go Wrong?

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In the 1989 film Batman, a tough as nails Michael Keaton finishes punching out some goons when he hits a switch. A familiar beep sounds, and then we hear that engine gunning. The original was a Cadillac and it’s changed forms a few times since then, but the concept has always been the same. Be like Batman: buy yourself an autonomous car! You can almost see the art-deco posters advertising the wave of the future.

It’s here now, most recently with the signing of SB 1298. Penned by Senator Padilla, signed by Governor Brown the bill orders the DMV of California to come up with provisions that make allowances for self-driving cars.

So what could go wrong?

Cars could Malfunction

Cars already use computer systems to monitor the status of vital parts. GPS tracks your location and tells you where to go. As more of those systems become standard packages in luxury vehicles, there is more leeway for problems to occur.

GPS apps provided by Apple and Google don’t always provide optimal directions. Apple’s maps application often got people lost and may not always offer optimal directions to get somewhere. These systems are based on algorithms that try to account for variances, but sometimes fail miserably.

How many times have you been in a friend’s car with a rolled up window because the window button is malfunctioning? These are expensive fixes, but drive that car into a river and those expensive fixes become life-threatening problems.

Accidents Could Happen

In the event of an accident with an autonomous vehicle, the question has been raised as to who is responsible. Automakers are lobbying hard to have responsibility lifted from them, but the fact is that no one really knows who will be responsible. Self-driving cars can navigate race tracks at high speeds without incident, but accidents are called accidents for a reason. Every recorded accident involving a self-driving car has been with a manually driven car, or during a point in which the self-driving car was switched to manual driving.

Legislation has been quiet about the issue, but with bills like SB 1298, the clock is ticking and answers will need to come.

What About Hacking?

Video at Defcon 21 showed hackers taking apart a Toyota Prius and hacking into the on-board computer systems. It took time, more than a few hours (close to a month actually), but they were able to get into the vehicle’s systems and control everything about it. They could slam on the brakes, turn the steering wheel, even tighten a seat belt’s straps.

The message is that car hacking is not a fantasy, it’s here right alongside the cars themselves. Just like other companies in industries that NEED secure data (banks, governments, etc..), car companies that have centralized control of these vehicles will need cutting edge network security software to keep drivers safe from harm.

There is also risk on the consumers side. Rather than the club or the car alarm, we may have antivirus or aftermarket hardware.

What About Industry?

The BLS says that the trucking industry is set to grow at a faster than average pace over the next 5 to 7 years. The industry may be waiting for the time to test the technology. Advances in green technology already interest truckers, who now compete against the rising cost of diesel. Fortunately there is still a need to transport goods across short distances, something truckers are adept at.

Yay or Nay?

Ultimately, self-driving cars will be a good thing. Barring a few incidents that have the potential to cause harm, cars that use physics calculations to judge distance will help improve the flow of traffic. The transition will be gradual, as with any new technology. Those with the most money will often have the tech first, and it will trickle down to consumer level soon after. Will we all be driving autonomous cars in five, ten or even twenty years away? Only time will tell.

Photography Tripod Selection Tips

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Professional wedding photographers often have several tripods that they use in the course of their work. They may even take along more than one tripod to photograph a wedding. There are several features that professional wedding photographers search for in a tripod. Not surprisingly, they want the best equipment so they can do their best work! Here are some of the tripod features that they look for.

Many professional wedding photographers want tripods that are lightweight. If the couple who is getting married wants to have pictures taken in several different environments, a photographer needs a lightweight tripod that he or she can move with ease. Plus, if the tripod is lightweight, there’s less chance that it’ll be dropped and damaged.

Wedding photographers appreciate a tripod that collapses so it can be stored in a car or a bag with ease. Oftentimes, these photographers have lighting equipment, several cameras and other forms of technology with them when they work a wedding. A collapsible tripod allows a photographer additional space so he or she can take along all of the items necessary to get the job done successfully.

Finally, durability is a very important feature that photographers look for in a tripod. When a photographer travels, his or her tripod may bump around in the car or in a bag. In addition, the device must be set up and taken down with frequency. Camera tripods that can endure a reasonable amount of wear and tear are assets to a wedding photographer.

The Car Audio System Advantage

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Nothing makes it more fun and exciting to drive in your car than to have an awesome stereo system in your vehicle. Having the right mix of bass and vocal clarity allows you to enjoy your favorite music whether you enjoy rap, pop or country music.

When you have an elite car stereo system installed in your car, it feels as if you are listening to the music live from the studio. Tracks of songs performed live will make you feel as if you attended the concert yourself. If you did actually attend a live concert of the band that you are listening to, it will bring back fond memories of your exciting night out.

Those who can properly tune their bass and treble can enjoy their music without disturbing those around them. Although it is fun to blast the bass as high as it can go, respecting your fellow drivers by keeping the noise at an acceptable level is basic road courtesy.

Installing a new or custom car audio system for your car can increase its value. If you want, you can uninstall your system and keep it for your next car. This flexibility ensures that you will get your money’s worth from whichever system you buy.

Listen to Traffic Reports in Real-time with Patrol Scanners

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes sells Uniden home patrol scanners that you can use to listen to the traffic on the police radio channels. These can be used to gather information about crimes that are in progress. Many people like to have them so that they know when there is breaking news, even before they could have gotten it from another source. One of the biggest questions that people have, though, is whether or not the scanners work both ways, allowing them to talk to the police officers.

The short answer is that the scanners almost always only work in one direction. You can listen to what the police officers are saying, but you can never contribute to these conversations yourself. The only exception to this rule is if you had a police radio that you were using as a scanner, which may allow you to talk to them on the same frequency. With these stock scanners, though, they are more like the radios that you use to listen to music in the car; that is to say, they are receiving units and not sending units.

The scanners are set up this way because having civilian traffic on the police radio channel would really cause a lot of problems. The officers could get confused about who they were talking to or they could find that the lines were all tied up with people talking to each other, making official communication impossible. The airwaves need to stay open for all of the official responding units.

Computer Cables and TV Viewing

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Computer cables make it possible to use your computer as a television or the screen that you play console games on. If you have a small television, using your computer monitor to play video games on can enhance your playing experience.

Connecting a computer cable to your television enables you to view an online video on your television. If you don’t have cable television, you can stream cable television channels, or full episodes of your favorite shows from the Internet to your television. If you are teaching a class, it is better to show it on a television screen where everyone can see it as opposed to a tiny computer monitor.

The sound quality of a video may be better if it is shown on a television monitor instead of on your computer. This is because you will be using the volume on your television instead of the volume on your computer. The surround sound on your television can give the impression that the viewer is actually experiencing the event live instead of in a basement or a classroom.

For the best quality cables at a low price, buy cat5 cables at Trianglecables. It is the only place that you need to go for all of your computer cable needs.

Cheaper Mass Data Duplication for Small Businesses

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Information distribution is more important for business success now than it ever has been. Whether it’s manuals for complicated machinery, software, images, video, or music, making usable copies of data can be the product itself or a source of support. Either way, a positive customer experience can rely on a quality disc. In the past, speedy duplication technology was relegated to large corporate firms that could afford to stamp thousands and millions of discs. Disc writing technology was available, but it was slow and cumbersome for someone to create copies if they needed anything more than a personal supply. Fledgling bands who wanted to widely distribute their music were forced to sign with big labels, and small software companies often had to work with computer giants to get their product to the masses. Most of that has now changed with cheaper computer technology.

A lot of companies have found that online distribution of data is the best way to do business, but traditional physical copies are still necessary for many groups and businesses. DVD duplicators at allow small businesses and individuals to perform mass duplication of their data whether it’s an independent film or open-source software. Cloud technology and online streaming may work for some customers, but many consumers prefer to have physical copies of their product and will for some time. Physical copies are also better for promoting your product at live events like concerts, festivals or just public gatherings. With the right duplicator you can create each disc for a fraction of the price compared to outsourcing the job.

Strengthen Home Security with Spy Cameras

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If you want to get serious about the security of your home and your life, then you definitely need to look into the various spy cameras for sale. These types of cameras come in many different shapes and sizes these days, and it would be rather easy for you to get down to the bottom of any kind of situation once you had one of these devices at your disposal.

The main use that people have for these devices is for their own security. When you are able to view monitors that have live streams of the things that are going on outside, it can help you feel more comfortable about what you are doing in your own home.

You can also use these cameras to take a look at different buildings that you own when you are not actually there. For example, if you have a feeling that someone is going into your office after you get home from work, then you may want to think about placing a camera in your office so that it can be monitored after you leave work for the day.

There is no reason to worry about being in the wrong when you are placing cameras on your own property because you just want to make sure that no one is taking advantage of that property or doing something wrong. At the end of the day, the people who are interested in spy cameras are usually just interested in their own security.

Medical Office Two-Way Radios: Why It Matters?

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Medical offices are one busy work place where productivity and efficiency is tantamount. As patients come and go the more effort is exerted by every staff from reception people down to the doctors and specialists who treat the patients.

While hospitals struggle with less manpower against high patient to doctor ratio, each day can be a long day for everyone.

In order to boost efficiency in the medical office, you have to eliminate running back and forth between the waiting room, the doctor’s office, the treatment rooms and the supply room using medical office two way radios which can definitely benefit office managers, nursing and reception staff, and doctors to stay connected and get things done over the airwaves.

As a result, hospital bills can get processed right away, patients wait around less, and employees manage stress a lot better.

Two-way radios for doctors add a more professional image to your staff because patients view the rapid potential response in emergency situations and it adds faith that the hospital prioritizes their clients’ well-being on top of their list than profit.

Eavesdrop proof two-way radios are latest these days to secure utmost privacy on communication. Some even have a built-in anti-microbial protection to the radio unit’s durable, polycarbonate housing. Radio models with anti-microbial protection are formulated to prevent build-up of viruses and bacteria on the radio.

Disinfection and prevention is a top priority for every medical office which shows your nursing staff you’re looking out for their health when you equip your medical office with two-way radios.

Laptop and Tablet Stands You Can’t Miss

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Laptop desk and tablet stands are the by far the most comforting aids for computing needs. I myself own a laptop desk stand and it really gives me so much comfort that I can do my computing jobs while on the bed or sitting at the sofa.

The comfort of being able to bring your laptop to eye level gives so much convenience than having to hunch over your screen. Goldtouch adjustable Laptop and tablet stands offer up to 6 unique height adjustments that will help you find your desired and most comfortable viewing position.

Typing comfort follows when you have the ideal viewing position. It won’t tire your wrists and arms due to prolonged typing.

Plus, having a portable laptop, notebook or tablet stand gives you so much control wherever you are in finding the most comfortable position for typing and working all day.

There are two primary products that Goldtouch offers: the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook & iPad Stand and the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand.

If you’re also looking for ergonomic mice, keypads, keyboards, wrist rest and mouse pad accessories and solutions for your office or home, Goldtouch is the brand to reckon.

Goldtouch is a global leader in quality computer accessories that focus on comfort and productivity both at home and in the office.

You really can’t go wrong with it however, choosing the best brand that’s been around for years and with a reputable name can lead you to getting the best value for your investment.

Why you need a portable solar generator

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Okay, since the Mayans were wrong about predicting the end of the world, what are we supposed to do now? Clearly, every country in the world has their fair share of tropical disturbances all-year-round. In most storm stricken countries, blackouts happen very often, leaving people helpless and crawling in the dark with no powered lights, no charged phones and useless battery drained laptops.

portable solar generatorThese climate disturbances leave us powerless. A portable solar generator could be our saving grace during these difficult times when local electrical services are down during a storm. You definitely need a charged phone when calling for a rescue. You also know how important light is when moving around the house during bad weather.

A portable solar generator provides the convenience of having electricity to light up your home, and recharge your phone and gadgets during troubled weather through the power of the sun.

While these are some scenarios used during an emergency, in non-emergency situations, you can use these portable solar generators to run your household appliances like your fridge, TV, washers or dyers, and a whole lot more.

Clearly, you can get the most out of your investment on these portable solar generators during power outages and in most emergency cases. However, it’s still advisable to keep an emergency survival kit in your home, be informed of the current weather news, and work with your community during these times.

Telephone Headset: Advantages and Setup

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Gone are the days when people normally pick up a bulky telephone handset in offices although in some, they still do but in environments where there are multiple phone lines, multiple calls are handled using telephone units connected to phone headsets which call centers, telemarketers and helpdesks use on a frequent basis.

These call-driven industries take advantage of telephone headsets for improved mobility, convenience and low maintenance cost.

Other than that, studies have shown that a person spending more than 2 hours a day can benefit from using a telephone headset because it reduces muscle tension that leads to neck pain by 31% and back pain by 16%. Also, this proves reduction in headaches producing a more fluid workforce due to low absenteeism.

HB Maynard & Co carried out a study of more than 2000 telephone calls found out that headsets increase productivity by as much as 43% due to reduced time while taking information from callers, less number of errors caused by typing, writing and fatigue. And of course, the ability to attend to more number of calls compared to a conventional handset.

Setting up a headset is as easy as unplugging the coiled receiver cord from your phone base, plugging in the flat back connector cord that is already plugged into your headset base into the jack where you just unplugged your telephone headset then plugging the loose coiled receiver cord into the base of your headset and voila! You’re good to go. Just remember that there could be different ways to do this depending on your unit so always check the manual for installation or ask for assistance.

What’s up with USB Sticks?

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Flash drive, USB sticks, portable memory stick, whatever you call it points to the same thing, the small stick that stores data which you can insert on your PC to access stored information or operate certain portable software from it.

USB sticks largely cover the data storage market today in terms of portability. While you can bring your 1 Terabyte external HD anywhere, it still remains bulky compared to a readily accessible and minute USB flash drive. Other than that, USB sticks are very promising as gifts and are found aplenty just about anywhere.usb stick

While USB sticks can come in different memory sizes, pricing also varies and of course design. However, let’s not forget that durability is also important since some USB sticks can get corrupted and once it happens, there’s a big chance of losing your valuable data.

Most companies offer promotional USB sticks but there’s always a catch so don’t be fooled by discounts and bulk prices, instead stick to your brand. Only your experience with a brand makes it easier for you to pick the apple from the oranges.

There are tons of USB sticks available in the market today, at times, it can be confusing to pick one, but again, understanding its purpose should not be overshadowed by fancy designs and drop dead prices.

Why Small Retail Stores Need A Credit Card Terminal?

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Okay, this sounds pretty basic for some Small and Medium Size Businesses in developed countries but in my country (the Philippines), you’ll be amazed at how some SME’s still don’t have one.

I get to encounter many times how some small meatshop and convenient store don’t happen to have one despite a growing number of Filipino consumers are already using the plastic money as a means of payment.wireless portable credit card terminal

I’m not going to touch on the subject of payment and application this involves locally but on the positive impact this could have in one’s business.

A verifone portable credit card terminal which is prominently used in the UK allow sellers to accept credit card payments for consumer purchases despite retailer environment conditions.

It’s regarded are the smallest wireless credit card terminal but like any of its kind, it makes your business capable of getting the chunk out of the profit from customers who use the plastic money instead of cash and even those who don’t have one. It makes your business appear savvy and convenient to transact with.

A Bluetooth communication station makes possible for the wireless portable credit card terminal to work. Again, minus the wires so it’s pretty convenient and easy to set-up anywhere in your shop where it can reach the Bluetooth signal.
Imagine if all merchants here in the Philippines have a credit card terminal in their shops, would it be nice to shop when you know that your money can’t be stolen and it’s all in your handy plastic card?

What is a Web server Climate Monitor?

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Websites run on web servers and web servers are hardware capable of storing multitudes of data that returns back browser requests on various mediums such as PC and mobile via the internet.

Data centers houses large and vast yet sometimes complex servers into a facility. These facilities make sure that the servers are properly connected, secure and safe.

climate monitorLike a normal office facility, these servers are also prone to threats including those nature-related.
Most threats into a server room are heat, water, fire, power failure and intrusion.

With the use of built-in and optional external sensors, monitoring server problems can be a breeze and if you are running one, you can be alerted by email for example, if there is an issue plus you will be able to view trends in graphs of historic data.

Providers such as offer a web server module which provides the interface to the unit via a web browser. The right configuration allows access to climate monitor anytime and anywhere there is an Internet access. This way, you can track server room temperature without worries.

Through the web interface, you can view the state of your gear, check graphs for trends and configure the unit.
Visit the website above to know more about these web server monitors.

Choosing the right copy machine

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Alright, we all knew how important it is to have a copier at home handy when you need one. I myself value it and it’s convenient than having to go somewhere else to have your manuscript photocopied.

While purchasing photocopiers can be a bit of a challenge especially when you’re on a tight budget but still want to have a decent one that can last long and deliver its purpose, Okidata Copiers have been considerate with the needs of consumers by providing a line of copiers that fits any budget and technical needs.

okidata copierWith the advent of too many copiers in the market, it has been confusing for most buyers to find the right one for them that would fit their needs and budget. Well, not anymore. Okidata copiers have been widely known to greatly manage document traffic while at the same time maintaining quality in the office. Okidata copy machines are best known to be very affordable and worth every price tag it has. These copiers use high yield toners that allow users more output at a minimum cost.

Unlike most expensive photocopiers in the market today, Okidata photocopier machines have faxing capabilities that allows users multitask in one machine. And with customers in mind, Okidata always makes it a point to maintain the quality of their products a top priority while selling them at reasonable costs that even those who are on a tight budget can afford.

Why Get the Nokia Lumia 900?

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Nokia has been in the forefront of mobile phone production since I started using one for personal use. I could still remember having my first Nokia phone, a 3210 model, back in 2000 where not everyone owns a mobile phone.
As years pass, more and more Nokia phones came in the Philippine mobile phone market which later phased out most of the “pager” devices and the bulky “walky-talky-like” Motorolla phones.

Then came the day of SMS, MMS and the early days of social networking from Friendster to Twitter then Facebook and now, Smartphones with full blown social media capabilities which allows instant sharing of photos and videos from any mobile device to your favorite social networking sites.

Up to this day, Nokia has lived up to the challenges of the times and is constantly innovating to exceed customer satisfaction and retain life-long advocates. With Nokia’s new line of smartphones powered by Windows OS, each product release has been overwhelmingly embraced by their world-wide fans.

nokia lumia 900Now, Nokia has a new addition to their increasing product line of smartphones and that includes the Nokia Lumia 900. Nokia Lumia 900 is a follow-up to the Nokia Lumia 800 with much anticipated improvements and upgrades. With Lumia 900’s motto, “Live more. Do more”, you can definitely expect larger than life improvements from its predecessor and much much more.

As a Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 900 is backed-up by Windows mobile technology, while still retaining the valuable Nokia trait—easy-to-use and affordable. This new Lumia 900 boosts a 4.3″ AMOLED ClearBlack glass touchscreen, one-piece polycarbonate body and excellent antenna performance. An 8 MP camera, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash (for dark environments), Auto Focus, and 1 MP front camera for video calling.

Nokia is known for its long-battery life and that’s based on experience. This Nokia Lumia 900 can deliver up to 8 hours talk time and up to 400 hours on standby.

And since everyone is on social networking sites these days, this phone has an integrated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and chat functionalities aside from the ability to send emails and SMS.

The phone is of course, Wi-fi capable and easily integrates with Microsoft Zune (if you have one) and on a Mac as well. It also has Bluetooth and USB connectivity. While most smartphones nowadays have memory expandability, this phone doesn’t have that. It has an internal memory of 16GB plus SkyDrive cloud storage capability similar to the iPhone and the iPhone’s iCloud.

There’s so much more about this phone and I could go on and on but if you’re question is about apps, well, that’s not a problem, you could find tons of applications for your mobile device from the Ovi Store by Nokia, I’ve seen it myself and tried some.

Want to experience this Nokia Lumia 900? Sign up as a trialist.

Kindle Fire Rekindles Amazon Kindle Lineup

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Amazon has officially announced one of their newest additions to the Kindle lineup, the Kindle Fire. As Amazon emphasizes in their public correspondence and I quote, “There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more and those that work hard to charge customers less. Both approaches can work. We are firmly in the second camp.”

This firmly implies Amazon’s commitment to providing affordable products or gadgets in this matter without sacrificing quality. Kindle Fire is set to release in the market on November 15, 2011 at a quite friendlier price of US$199 compared to its many existing competition.

Kindle Fire AmazonKindle Fire won’t go solo since Amazon will also launch three other versions of the Kindle—the All-new Kindle for US$79, Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G for US$99 and US$149, respectively. See Kindle Fire in action here

The Kindle Fire is expected to lure customers with its beautiful full color Kindle for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games, web browsing and more with instant access to Amazon’s massive selection of digital content, a vibrant color IPS touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle, a 14.6 ounce design with a handheld feel, a state-of-the-art dual core processor which is fast, free storage in the Amazon Cloud, and an ultra-fast mobile browser , the Amazon Silk, exclusively on Kindle Fire. Every time you will use Silk, you’re calling on the raw computational horsepower of Amazon EC2 to accelerate your web browsing.

Learn more about Amazon Silk from the video below.

Kindle and Kindle Touch have the most-advanced E Ink display technology available, and the 3G Kindle Touch adds free 3G wireless so there’s no monthly fees and no annual contracts.

International fans of the Kindle may still have to wait until it becomes available in their own countries ‘cause right now, it’s only set for release in the US.

Wait, I do have a US mailing address so if you’d like to send me a Kindle Fire, I’d be more than glad to feature your business or website here in return.

Why Buy The New HTC 7 Pro?

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If you were enjoying the features and the likeable functionalities of Windows 7 on your PC, then, you’re also going to love it on the HTC 7 Pro mobile phone without question. The HTC Pro being a Windows 7 phone is more than just your regular smartphone with a dedicated slide and a tilt QWERTY keyboard making video viewing, hands-free and typing a pleasant experience.

As a smartphone, the HTC 7 Pro allows viewing and editing of the latest Office docs on your phone, reduce clutter on unread, urgent, or flagged messages in your Outlook inbox. Likewise, use SharePoint® in group or team project collaboration.

Unlike any other cheap mobile phones out there, the HTC 7 Pro boasts a 3.6 inch capacitive WVGA display alongside its large physical keypad complete with a pixel resolution of 480 x 800, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p HD video capture, Dolby Mobile surround sound and 16GB of storage for all of your files.
Like most smartphones, HTC Hub supports apps that matter to business people like managing your portfolio and a whole lot more.

HTC 7 Pro is a 3G phone with up to 7.2 Mbps and up to 2 Mbps download speed and upload speed, respectively. It has GPRS, G-Sensor, a digital compass, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor. The HTC 7 Pro is a Quad band phone weighing 185 grams and has a battery which allows up to 330 minutes of talk-time or 360 hours on standby.

If you’re the type who likes the beauty of slide and tilt screen on a fancy QWERTY keyboard, you’ll definitely enjoy using the HTC 7 Pro mobile phone. Grab reasonably cheap 7 pro deals on now while it lasts.

HD Video Conferencing Redefined by FaceVsion FV Express Combo

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

This was the second time that I’ll be writing about faceVsion but this time, it’s all about their FV Express Combo which is constantly redefining the way HD video conferencing should be done and how it can affect your businesses’ success.

The presence of some over-hyped consumer graded HD cams like Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000 did not stop the development of this newer, more affordable and highly quality video conferencing solution made possible by faceVsion’s FV Express Combo.


The presence of H.264 hardware encoder and decoder chip set built in the device enables it to deliver true HD quality video calls over the Internet with low system requirement and bandwidth requirement.

FaceVsion Technology USA has been constantly making progress to develop affordable yet high-end technology solutions for every business needs.

Regular readers of this site will get $10 off any purchase, using the promo code of FVTBTS2 during checkout until 09/30/2010 via the faceVision on line store.

So what are you waiting for? Feel the difference of faceVsion FV Express Combo for your video conferencing needs and see how it will change your business moving forward.

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Blogging Using WordPress App for Nokia E71

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

It has been quite a while since the last time I posted on this site as I have been extremely busy with a lot of things including work and clients so I’m trying to catch up at least on the fastest way I could.

Last week, I just bought my newest buddy, a Nokia E71 phone. It’s a nifty qwerty phone capable of transferring data via WLAN connection so I’m very happy with it. It has a built-in GPS and can also transmit files via the old timer IR and Bluetooth technology.

Since I am using it as my small business phone and it’s one thing that’s also keeping me busy though I thought that I might use it for my cause thus, I installed WordPress for Nokia, an application for creating content on Symbian phones using the WordPress platform.

For the Nokia E71, it’s quite hard to find WordPress compatible apps I was just persistent in looking for one and glad to have been using it as I write. I actually used the USB Cable and the Nokia PC Suite to make the file installation possible. Mobile WordPress App Screenshot I have a lot of things to write about in the next few days hopefully when I get the time to sneak out of work but this time, It’ll be through my Nokia E71 WordPress app. I’m very excited to write more so I do hope that you guys will stay around as I’ll be sharing some tricks using Nokia E71 and WordPress for mobile blogging. Have a great day everyone! You can download the WordPress for Nokia specifically Symbian S60 v3.1 here. Link last updated 13th October 2010.

Unboxing HP Deskjet F2480 from Smart BRO Contract Extension Program

July 18, 2010 | By | Reply More

Reading time: < 1 minute

More on this post later today…

Experience Revolutionary HD Video Streaming Webcam from FaceVsion

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Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of faceVsion Technology USA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Making video calls for personal and business purposes have been quite a routine since I started my online ventures. While this may sound easy, sometimes, not using the right tools can cost your business and even your reputation.

If you’re the type of person who deals with clients using Skype, you definitely would agree that having a high quality video streaming webcam could make a big difference especially when making an impression although it doesn’t directly relate into getting a proposal approved or a business deal closed, businesses do consider these factors especially when communication matters.

What if you could get an impressive webcam device that delivers true HD quality on your video calls that no other video hardware can? Sounds enticing, right?

Experience FV touchcam N1, the world’s first Internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls from faceVsion. FaceVsion TouchCam N1 is the world’s first-ever Skype-certified webcam that can deliver full screen 720p streaming video over the Internet, a feat unmatched by other manufacturers of HD webcams such as Microsoft Cinema and Logitech Pro 9000 since the latter only works best for local interaction streams.

Imagine the beauty of video calls just like you were talking to the person right in front of you with images and sound clarity at its finest while at the same time not hearing unwanted background sounds due to noise canceling.


Powered by H.264 hardware encoder that is built-in on the Touchcam N1, this chipset is the reason why true HD quality video calls are made possible. Plus, it also features a 78 degree super wide-angle lens with fast auto-focus so several people could get into the picture on the screen comfortably.

N1 is designed to work usually on most notebook computers, flat-panel displays or desktops using its easy plug-and-play installation via hi-speed USB 2.0. FaceVsion’s FV ExpressCombo on the other hand includes FV TouchCam L1 and a FVexpress card that would ensure that you’ll have both HD quality video calls while doing other tasks simultaneously.

Why settle for less when you can have more from faceVsion’s line of superb video webcam solutions? To know more, visit or buy it directly from the faceVision on line store.

With faceVsion, your idea of HD video streaming on webcam will never be the same.

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Free Laptop Sources On The Net: Are They Trustworthy?

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Getting free gadgets on the internet is basically one of the best things that you could experience especially these days when almost everyone have had a bad experience in dealing with scams online out of curiosity and carelessness.

However, there are still a few ones that are legitimate and definitely provides free stuff like Free Laptops especially branded ones like Apple, Dell Adamo, or Sony VAIO. In fact, a website discussing the ins and outs of getting a Free Laptop caught my attention. It was indeed very detailed and provides a clear insight on how to figure out which ones can’t be trusted.

Of course, not all stuff online that are tagged as “free” are “totally free”, in most cases you may have to complete some offers similar to what Trial Pay does on some e-commerce sites. There are however some clear-cut guidelines on how you could get these free featured items so better be mindful of those while at the same time vigilant in dealing with websites on the internet.

While they always say that the best things in life are free, in the online world, not all good things are free so be careful. Share your stories at the comment section.

Getting a Goodnight Sleep with Sound Machines

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Babies get to sleep with cradlesongs from their moms. Adults however have different ways of getting a sleep. Yours truly cannot actually sleep unlike others with a radio on or MP3 music playing in the head.

However, you’re the type of person who can actually relax with sound vibrations or is familiar with sound therapy then, a sound machine is for you. A typical white noise machine can enhance your sleeping patterns and reduce your sleep problems. White noise generators produce pleasant sounds that promote relaxation and calmness like the sound of a rushing air.

Sound machines are also used for sound masking and speech privacy in doctor’s offices, counseling centers and other businesses.

I wouldn’t be surprised about this technology as there are many sound waves and techniques using sound vibrations are being used nowadays for so many purposes other than getting sleep or curing sleep disorders.

Have you tried using them yourself? If so, what do you think of them? Are they really effective as advertised? I want to hear your story.

Boost Mobile Brags Unlimited Plan with a SANYO Incognito SCP6760 Up for Grabs!

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Are you looking for a savvy EVDO capable phone with a full QWERTY keyboard at an affordable price without the hassle of any contract requirements? Your search is finally over because what you’ve been looking for is just a matter of clicks away.

Boost Mobile has taken their efforts a step higher with their recent launch of the QWERTY flip SANYO Incognito SCP6760 for the price of $129.99 (excluding taxes) under a $50 Monthly Unlimited plan which offers unlimited talk, text and web browsing without any contract requirement, an irresistible limited time offer you wouldn’t want to miss.

SANYO Incognito SCP6760

SANYO Incognito™ SCP6760 boasts a 2MP camera with VGA camcorder, a music and video player plus enhanced web browsing not to mention Multi-Media messaging (Picture & Video), Stereo Bluetooth® and GPS capabilities. Keeping up with friends and families on your favorite networking sites is a breeze with an added EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) enhancement.

The Sanyo Incognito also allows you to make your own ringtone and customize ringtones for different callers.

The great news doesn’t end here because when you purchase this phone along the unlimited monthly plan with the required links on this post, you get free shipping as an added bonus.

This offer is a great way to start the year right so don’t miss this opportunity while it’s hot!

Click Here

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LG Chocolate Touch: A Sweet Phone

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

Mobile phone fans just got another reason to rave and crave as LG launched another signature mobile phone to their belt that would wow you and leave you awestruck. Yes, LG consistently innovates and this time it’s going to be sweeter that you think as LG Chocolate Touch conquers the mobile market by storm.

LG Chocolate is not your ordinary kind of phone because it’s packed with savvy features you wouldn’t want to miss the next time you purchase your handset.

LG Chocolate Touch

Enhanced by Dolby’s Mobile technology for vibrant sound quality, no music lover would ever turn their back plus an interactive Rhythmical Beat with engaging visual effects and a customizable equalizer for your musical taste will surely win you over. Its expandable memory will also leave you craving for more.

Of course, mobile devices have to deliver great photos and videos so this gadget never was behind with its 3.2MP Camera/Recorder including an image editor for added snap.

And who would ever forget? Everybody needs a social life so pump up your social network statuses all day with its one-touch Social Network Message Key for easy Mobile micro-blogging to keep you connected with friends, family and the world.

Mobile phones have never been this good. Try LG Chocolate Touch and embrace the digital life you’ve always wanted.

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What’s A Mobile Phone For You?

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Today’s rapidly changing pace in mobile technology is often characterized by frequent mobile phone model releases in the market plus tons of applications for mobile users that simply end up unused due to so many options that anyone could find confusing anymore.

Mobile Phones

Mobile Phones

Engaging alone with your favorite social media network could eat up most of your time doing nothing but updating statuses on Twitter and Facebook.

Having a mobile phone nowadays doesn’t limit you from the traditional voice, SMS and MMS capabilities. The addition of WAP and other Bluetooth driven functionalities has inspired more than just curiosity and creativity in fact it has become a trend and now 3G and mobile broadband has finally joined in.

I may not end up enumerating things but the massive growth of mobile technology and mobile web really intrigues me that I could sometimes ask myself, do I need a new phone and how functional could a simple phone be? Will I follow the trend or consult mobile phone reviews instead or shall I follow my heart or my pocket’s calling?

Will you sacrifice functionality over price or be trendy and cool but complicate your life? What would your answer be? Have your say at the comments section.

Quick Facts About PS3 Slim

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Officially called PS3 CECH-2000 or most commonly known as PS3 slim which was released back in August 2009 at the Sony Gamescom press conference, this model of the PS3 makes waves for its upgradable 120GB hard drive, thirty-three percent smaller and lighter in size compared to its predecessors plus its power-saving capability is probably one of the strongest attraction of this gadget over its competitors—Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Aside from the earth-friendly power consumption feature it has, PS3 also boasts its Blu-ray capabilities and free online gaming service along with a consumer-friendly price. PS3 slim deals have been all over the place due to its marketability despite its highly criticized exterior design switching from the “Spider-Man font” PLAYSTATION 3 to the classic PlayStation 3 with “PS3” on the console and a logo redesign., Best Buy, and GameStop however jumped into the craze selling PS3 slim on August 25, 2009 whereas at present-day, you can actually find the cheapest PS3 250gb bundle online through showcasing the 250GB PS3 slim which was first introduced in Tokyo along side a nifty Final Fantasy XIII-theme in white and pink color variations and designs whereas dark color lovers can also enjoy the gadget’s Charcoal Black tint which happens to be a crowd favorite.

Taste Sweetness with LG Chocolate Touch

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of LG Chocolate Touch. All opinions are 100% mine.

I certainly believe that no matter how health conscious you are, there’s always a sweet tooth left for your craving. Whatever confectionery you dig, sweet stuff always finds a way to please the taste and chocolate indeed is never out-of-place.

But what if you can get the same sweetness of Chocolate with less the calorie but oozing with sensuality? Isn’t that tempting?

Digitally, the sweetness of LG Chocolate Touch is seductive enough to any mobile phone user with its sumptuous features such as crystal-clear sound quality powered by Dolby’s mobile technology, savvy visual effects with Rhythmical Beat that vibrates the handset according to the music being played, streamlined Social Network Messaging capability for micro-blogging and status updates for Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace among others, mobile media plus visual voice mail and a decent 3.2MP camera and recorder all-in-one nifty and stylish device.

LG Chocolate Touch also includes an FM Tuner (87.5-107.9 MHz), 1GB of Internal Memory dedicated to music expandable up to 16MB via microSD™ Memory Port, a visual keyboard and drums feature for your own music mix-it up madness and whole lot of goodness digital chocolate can offer.

Who wouldn’t fall for this temptation? Well, I must say that sweet isn’t always bad after all. Aren’t they?

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