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Software Critics Turns Two!

February 11, 2011 | By | 2 Replies More

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This post was three days overdue but then, I still opted to put into writing the milestones that this blog has accomplished over the past years. This tech blog may be young but over the short span of time, it has come into a point where its accomplishments are worth being proud of.

Tennis-themed birthday cakeI was thankful when I started this site back in 2008, technically domain turned two years old last February 8, 2011, it marks two brilliant years of survival in the blogosphere and still making progress and going strong despite less updates because yours truly’s busy schedule.

I want to thank the many readers of this site and the bloggers who were always there and never forget to visit. I also would like to thank the advertisers who have been part of this site and those who were soon to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In two years time, this blog has been recognized by the local blogging community for twice in a row including last year’s Philippine Blog Awards nomination for Best Technology Blog for 2010 although I never tasted victory in the last couple of years, I’m still honoured to be nominated.

There’s no need to brag about how this site has been doing in terms of revenue but a constant stream of Google Adsense payout after every two months would be enough as a measure not including the revenue generating sponsored posts coming from different sources monthly.

This is just the beginning of something big to come and hopefully more years of existence in the blogosphere. Join me in celebrating this victory and it’s you my readers who have made this all possible.

Software Critics is Finalist at the Philippine Blog Awards 2010

December 12, 2010 | By | 9 Replies More

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The Philippine blogging community yearly recognizes the finest blogs and bloggers all over the country with its annual blog awards dubbed as the Philippine Blog Awards which started since 2007. For two years in a row, Software Critics has been recognized as one of the best in its niche, the technology category, for being a Finalist for two consecutive years including this year’s awards to be held at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza Makati on December 12, 2010, today, at around 7pm.

Amazing blogs and bloggers all over Luzon will converge on this much awaited event. Witness the best and the brightest from the Philippine blogging scene today!

Software Critics Turns One: Blogging Milestones

February 8, 2010 | By | 15 Replies More

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A year go on this very day, Software Critics was registered at NameCheap and was self-hosted via a free host using the WordPress platform. This blog that was then a software download site which has turned into a full blown software review site and eventually evolved into more than just a regular technology site that also features the latest software and technology news, applications and constantly provides assistance and support to startups, and the open source community.

Software Critics turned one year today and it is of great gladness that this weblog have come this far. As we commence another fruitful year into tech blogging, allow me to take you into our journey of a year that was.

first birthday!

March 2009 marks one of the busiest months after the transition from blogger (then into WordPress and one of the most consistent traffic gainer on this blog was written on this month, Yahoo! Mail “Undisclosed Recipients” Made Easy, a post about setting your Yahoo Mail to sending email to bulk recipients without exposing each of your recipients’ email addresses to each other in order to avoid spam.

A tutorial about optimizing your PC speed, downloading free music from social music networks, and the release of our very own toolbar all happened on this month.

It was in April 2009 when the H1N1 scare blew the web with the presence of Swine Flu domains sprouting every second. In fact, yours truly even received an email from a scammer accusing me of maligning his online business.

The succeeding month inspired me to write about the effect of the Conficker virus on removable drives and how I was able to counter it productively using the right set of tools to recover damaged files.

Michael Jackson King of PopThe month of June was a sad moment because of the King of Pop’s untimely passing so I’ve put up a post to commemorate Michael Jackson through embed flash players. As part of my support to webmasters especially bloggers from blog hacking, an info about PHP script vulnerabilities was written along side some tips on when not to trust your webhost. This month marks my first attempt to join an online contest with my slideshare entry, To Be A Better Man.

July 2009 is when ZipRunner acquires Entrecard which left me in doubt if it would ever be the same again after the transition of ownership.

I embraced the Thesis Theme the following month while at the same time discovering Yahoo error 81003016 and Google Chrome personalization took center stage.

The first “Ber Month” is a time of ups and downs. I’ve switched web hosting the fourth time within a year to settle with A public service announcement was posted on this site to help typhoon Ondoy victims.

I’ve first used Yahoo Meme to check if it could be a good Twitter rival. Among the many firsts that happened on this month are attending WordCamp Philippines and switching this blog to do follow.

WordCamp Philippines

Bouncing back after some downturns is definitely one of the things that I’ve learned out of blogging more than anything else. The value of fortitude reminds me of this so I’ve moved on after web hosting nightmares and started implementing a comment policy after a series of keywordluv abuse.

The month after the Yuletide season is when I started implementing the mobile version of this blog plus my revelation of the some of the most horrible web hosting services today that any new webmaster should avoid.

November is also the month when Google started informing the public that site speed will be a ranking factor come 2010 but not to mention personalized search while on the other hand Microsoft released Office 2010 Beta.

The last month of 2009 is when I gained some thoughts if a blogging mafia really exist and have shared some tips on how to recognize phishing emails, why image hosting on your server is not necessary and a series of giveaways here including my $US1500 giveaway.

December 2009 is when I’ve set up my Spokn ID which is 3463452 and Google dropping a notch off this blog’s pagerank.

Starting off the year right was announcing my giveaway winners and giving my thank you’s. The latter part was sharing another Yahoo hack if you can’t open your mails and a helpful trick to fix Tiny MCE or Visual Editor problem for self-hosted WordPress blogs.

This month showcases another giveaway so timely for the celebration of Software Critics’ first anniversary as PowerPivot Excelerators Quiz by Microsoft chose this blog to promote them and in return giving one lucky reader the chance to win a Dell ST2310 monitor.

More surprises await the readers of Software Critics and as this blog progresses, I’ll always try my best to provide valuable content that everyone could benefit. I personally would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to each and every reader of this blog for keeping me inspired to continue what I’ve started and love doing.

Once again, thank you. I’m just getting started so watch out for more great content and more giveaways to come. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome!

New Year Thank You’s

January 3, 2010 | By | 8 Replies More

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I wouldn’t have made it past 2009 which much vigor and enthusiasm without the exemplary contributions of the people that have been part of this blog in one way or the other but nonetheless they are all valued and appreciated.

Kicking off this list of Thank You’s is for the great minds that have contributed their thoughts and ideas on some of the most commented posts on this blog and I can’t thank them enough for their interest in reading and sharing what’s on their mind.

First off, I want to recognize a few great bloggers for their wonderful insights. Ching Ya who happened to share her ideas thrice on this blog on different occasions. You can find her online on her social media tracker blog every now and then.

Joel Moss Levinson who came here when I posted a video contest about F1 in Singapore. He blogs about video contests most of the time and his journey through highs and lows.

Nathaniel Ong, who’s my only Pinoy (slang term for Filipino) avid commenter. We met during the WordCamp in September 2008. He’s also a web developer. Catch him and he’s random views about local stuff and everything in between.

My favorite blogger John Sullivan has landed here first time when I created a post about dofollow and my big switch. The first blogger I’ve made friends with and wrote a guest post for. We sometimes chat on Facebook and his Potpoliticking rants are straightforward and insightful.

Arafat Hossain Piyada crossed over with 12 nicely thought about comments and his worthy tips are massive enough to miss. I couldn’t thank enough this guy for hooking up my giveaway on a separate blog post he created. Go ahead and check this guy out. He’s cool too.

James Moralde is the second highest commenter on this blog worth the mention. James had been consistent with his comments and he’s very keen to the details of the posts that I sometimes have to think deep before I respond. You can find James’ random thoughts very neat and spicy. He’s one of those new breed of bloggers worth networking with.

Sire, the Aussie blogger from Wassup blog, finished 2009 on top spot with 30 great and personal comments you can’t discount. He really deserves applause and I genuinely appreciate his continued patronage.

The rest of the guys who are actually active commenters are David, Amir, Bill from, John Samuel from blogorbrowse, Jack from, Charles from, Taufiq Hassan from, Mack from, and Richard Friedman from

The success of my recently concluded New Year giveaway wouldn’t be possible also without the support from my Social Spark buddies namely Mommy Riza from, Mcangeli from, and Lady Ambrosia Jefferson from

I would also like to thank the sponsors that made the giveaway possible as well as the participants who joined. See the list of winners here and some lame sponsor dragging this blog down.

I wish to see you all again this year hopefully. I’m planning to make some changes on this blog however this blog remains “dofollow” but there would some twist.

Happy New Year to all and from the bottom of my heart,

Thank you!

WordCamp Philippines 2009 Memorabilia

September 24, 2009 | By | Reply More

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Attending my first WordCamp was a great experience. I had a blast. If you have observed, this photo wasn’t attached to my previous post about the WordCamp Philippines’ event highlights. I intentionally did that so I can showcase this photo on one post.

WordCamp Philippines

WordCamp Philippines

I didn’t have any photos about the event that I can consider mine. It so happen that my digital camera wasn’t fully charged when I went to the event. It was awfully mess of me not to make sure it was okay before going. I charged the battery for just 4 hours but that wasn’t enough.

When I came home, I tried to use my sister’s batteries for her digital camera and it worked. Now, it’s telling me to purchase new ones since mine are already pieces of junk.

Going to an event like this needs some preparation too. If you’re planning to join one, better bring with you some business cards because you’ll never know who you could bump into otherwise they might just forget you after the event even if you email them.

Have the guts to start a conversation. Whether you like it or not, that’s what you are there for—to make new acquaintances and meet the right people. I’ve been a laidback like I used to so I didn’t get to know more people than I should. Another lesson learned.

Anyway, those are just my two cents. Do yourself a favor and stop being me! (At least in these situations)

WordCamp Philippines 2009 Highlights

September 21, 2009 | By | 6 Replies More

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My presence at the recently concluded WordCamp which was held last September 19 marks my first blogging event attendance since I started blogging in December 2008. I’m just one of the many local WordPress enthusiasts empowered by this Open Source Content Management Software to embrace the web and explore its endless capabilities.

On the day’s event, I started the day waking up at 4am to publish my prelude to the event which I cannot do a live blog nor tweet about due to some resource restraints.

The Program

The Philippine National Anthem was played then event’s Lead Organizer Bloggie Robillo of the Mindanao Bloggers Community delivered the Opening Remarks. He proudly introduced the Mindanao Bloggers Community as a solid society of bloggers (not necessary residents of Mindanao) with the aim of promoting Mindanao in their most positive way while at the same time using WordPress as blogging tool and reaching out to others who are eager to learn WordPress and blogging.

Beau Lebens of Automattic, the makers of WordPress talked about the WordPress Family—WordPress, WordPress MU, bbPress, BuddyPress, BackPress, and GlotPress.

His talk focused on this presentation below:
Meet The Family (Philippines Remix)

View more documents from Beau Lebens.

Markku Seguerra on the other hand talked about WordPress—what it can do because of its popularity, power and its vulnerabilities once it goes live on the Internet. A pretty rich talk indeed.

Danilo Arao, a journalist and blogger, introduced Citizen Journalism and its impact to society especially on the upcoming national elections in 2010 and how bloggers and blogging can influence the citizenry to shape up a different point of view. The talk was lively with some pinch of humor but can definitely leave a blogger pondering afterwards.

Seth Bindernagel of Mozilla spilled the beans about the localization efforts of Firefox for Filipino web users. He highlighted the Philippines as one of the biggest contributors to Firefox’s growth globally while at the same time encouraging efforts to support the Open Web.

Check out his presentation below:
Seth Bindernagel Presentation on WordCamp Philippines 2009: Firefox Localization for Filipino Users

Halfway through the event, Jeff Villafranca discussed the substantial elements of having an editorial voice and good taste especially in writing for technology niche blogs. I find this talk rather self-explanatory however most topics like these are the ones that are often overlooked or missed. The message not only applies to tech blogs but for all types of blogs too. Most of the time, tech blogs are boring and too jargonized which I think sways most people that are not so tech savvy. I believe there are varieties of ways where we can present stories on tech blogs in a more conversational tone with simpler approach.

Vlogging Mythbusters was tackled by Video Blogger Coy Caballes. The talk focused on uncovering some of the most common misconceptions about video blogging. It was short but concise. Video blogging is easy but may require most of the time creativity and a little bit of talent.

Gail Villanueva showcases the capability of WordPress as a Portfolio & Directory Site. The topic was quite technical because web development languages were discussed such as PHP, HTML and CSS and how they are applied to tweak websites for design-optimization among many other things.

WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System) was tackled by Karla Redor prior to the Q&A segment. Karla talked about the three among the many WooThemes theme design. The presentation was easy to understand and I think she had an easy task doing it since WooThemes are naturally user-friendly.

The Q&A with experts followed and among the things that I’d like to share is better left said on my succeeding post. Congratulations to the event organizers and a big thank you to all the speakers for selflessly sharing their expertise to the rest of the attendees and thank you as well to all the sponsors that help make it happen.

WordCamp Today @ 8am UTC

September 19, 2009 | By | Reply More

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I will be attending my first ever blogging event today, the second WordCamp Conference held here in the Philippines since 2008. A WordCamp is a gathering of all WordPress users, developers and those behind the core to speak about it, share what’s new and increase awareness on this one-of-a-kind blogging platform embraced by millions.

I haven’t promised any live blogging about this but I’ll make sure I can get you all posted on the highlights of the event.

This is going to be exciting! Have you attended WordCamp before? Tell me about it.

Taking Strides: A Coveted Slot to the SEMCON (Search Engine Marketing Conference) Philippines 2009

September 15, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

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Blogging is one of the many facets of an internet marketing strategy. Gone are those days when blogs are mainly journals for it has evolved in so many ways immeasurable and I don’t see it fading in the limelight not even in the future years. Like the overused saying goes and let me drag it again for the sake of this post and I quote,

“Many are called but few are chosen. “

Hundreds of thousands of people can start off a blog but only a few surpasses the burn out period while only a handful becomes successful and because blogging is becoming main stream, various forms of media has plunged into the bandwagon and decided to engage in this hardcore internet written media.

Earning via blogs is not a lucrative scheme that promises overnight success and neither does a profitable business in the real world. It takes time, effort and tons of patience. But why do most blogs is left abandoned right before they had the traffic and revenue? There could be a lot of reasons behind this but one of the main reasons I could think of is the lack of strategic approach in order to achieve specific goals.

Whether you are running a blog for personal profit or for business boost, it’s imperative that you know some proven techniques that will help you along the way to increase your online presence and ROI.

Uncovering a great deal of information from search marketing as a key to customer acquisition, conversion, and retention through proper site optimization (measured closely by web analytics to step up a notch one’s online presence) can all be revealed in the upcoming Search Engine Marketing Conference (SEMCON) slated in October 1-2, 2009 to be held at the Grand Ball of Hotel Intercontinental in Makati City, Philippines.

SEMCON is primarily designed for interactive & digital marketers, brand marketers, webmasters, bloggers, and those involved in Internet marketing and for every soul who’s brave enough to face the challenges of the Internet with a dream of putting their mark in this highly congested Web 2.0 world.

As a struggling blogger with high hopes of getting into the middle of action to gain offline presence, this event is something to be part of. Adsense is still foreign to me and reaching a $100 could take almost forever, affiliate marketing is something I can only thought of earning more than cost-per-click ads but the chances are down slope while link popularity and web site traffic is still a work in progress.

I’m not alone in the same situation but to be part of the upcoming SEMCON could go a long way. I may or may not be able to attend the event because I’m only vying for the free tickets which I hope I could win. If you want to take a stab at this chance, head on to Yugatech’s blog post Free Passes to SemCon 2009 or visit for more information.

Update: This post didn’t win the taste of the organizers maybe because I’m not into the Search Engine Marketing Business and secondly, I’m not a famous blogger locally and lastly because I didn’t have my post optimized for Google. I’m not really expecting to win, I’m just here to spread the word.

Capture the Moment and Win the Singapore F1 Season Video Contest

August 19, 2009 | By | 8 Replies More

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The highly anticipated event of the year and one of the much awaited gathering of the finest Formula 1 Racers across Asia and the Pacific finally invaded the “Lion City” for an exhilarating and heart-thumping event—the 2009 Singapore Grand Prix.

Experience breath-taking speed as the city comes alive during the Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix, the only Formula One night race. Be there as it happens! Capture the events highlights right before your eyes and share in the video why this season is so good then submit your video entry to the Singapore F1 Season Video Contest – “City of the Night” on or before August 31, 2009.

Singapore F1The Singapore Tourism Board promotes a variety of events organized during the F1 season which can be found through the Singapore F1 Events Information showcasing not just unparalleled night racing at the heart of the city but also a culmination of top-caliber, lifestyle experiences with an Asian ambiance.

Plus, the must-attend F1 Rocks? Singapore, the 3-day open air concert at Fort Canning Park where confirmed acts like Jacky Cheung, Beyonce, The Black Eyed Peas, Simple Minds, ZZ Top and a lot more will embrace the occasion and perform live.

Overseas visitors can expect value-added perks such as exclusive offers from participating retailers plus enormous savings on purchases with tax-free shopping while F1 ticket holders and EZ-Link cardholders will get free admission to the National Heritage Board museums.

The Singapore Grand Prix Season 2009 is definitely a marvelous and exciting event every friends and family should not miss!

WordCamp Philippines 2009 Slated

August 9, 2009 | By | 6 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

In conjunction with my previous post about upcoming WordCamps worldwide, one significant event is about to unfold next month. The second WordPress WordCamp here in the Philippines was scheduled on 19 September 2009 at the Asian Institute of Management in Makati City.

WordCamp Philippines

WordCamp Philippines

WordCamp Philippines 2009 is expected to be graced by most Filipino WordPress users (majority of which are bloggers) and developers all over the country. A WordCamp is a great venue for WordPress enthusiasts to come together and showcase their love for the world’s leading blogging platform and at the same time serves as an avenue to encourage awareness of its enormously overwhelming capability not only as an effective blogging tool but as a Content Management System as well.

This time around, will be participating in the event for the first time since it was first held in September of 2008. A few days ago, yours truly signed up for the early-bird registration for the conference and in fact, this blog was one of the featured WordPress-powered sites on display.

It was really a great event worth looking forward to attending and it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to be a Filipino in order to attend; you can be from anywhere else. (Except from outer space! :)) If you love WordPress or willing to learn WordPress, then you’re absolutely welcome. See you there!

Update: 18 August 2009

WCP Store officially opens for exclusive WordCamp Philippines 2009 merchandise purchases online for with T-shirts (available in 3 different colors), stickers, and pop buttons.

Upcoming WordCamps: Have you registered?

August 8, 2009 | By | 1 Reply More

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WordCamps are weekend conferences organized by local communities to talk about all things WordPress. It’s a gathering of like-minded WordPress bloggers, enthusiasts and power users held globally. It serves as an avenue for bloggers to reach out to fellow bloggers and developers and to enhance social network coverage.

WordCamps also serve a great deal of finding out from users through their feedback any developments that may be necessary or suggested that may be included in the core.

Though I haven’t attended any WordCamp event here in the Philippines, I’m certain that WordCamps are worth attending. If you’re a WordPress blogger, there’s just no excuse not to attend WordPress WordCamp. And to find out more, read the “Upcoming WordCamps” scheduled for the next few months.