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Do you consider buying email lists?

May 28, 2012 | By | Reply More

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Getting into the inbox of individuals nowadays can be really tough. With the advent of too many marketing schemes and spam that constantly bugs many of us each day, people have become more stingy when it comes to email marketing flyers and mostly don’t opt-in to email newsletters anymore.

This scenario has become a challenge to many marketing professionals and those who are trying to make money from email marketing through affiliate schemes and selling their own products.

email listBut what does it take to successfully convince an individual to sign-up on your email newsletter so you can take it to the next level with your email marketing strategies?

You may, of course, buy email list but make sure it’s from a reliable source. One factor to consider is an up-to-date email list as this can make or break your email marketing strategies. Who would want to spend a dime on non-working email lists when nobody receives your mails when you try to send one?

Also, when buying an email list, determine how the list will be delivered to you after purchase. It can be in hard copy like CD or DVD.

Speed and reliability is important when buying an email list however how factor to consider as well is the payment options available for buyers. Make sure the provider has reliable and secure payment gateways for your own financial security.

Although buying email list have privacy implications for those individuals who were not aware that their emails can be sold, thus a provider must always inform their buyers that their email list consist of consenting individuals.

Can’t Open Yahoo Mails?

January 19, 2010 | By | 4 Replies More

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This may sound absurd but you’re logged into Yahoo Mail but was staring at the inbox for hours because you can’t access your inbox or you simply can’t open those emails even though you’re almost there looking at the email previews.

No matter how you try to open the inbox folder, you simply can’t access it or you’re too close to reading the email by clicking on the preview link but it just wouldn’t open and all you see is a blank screen.

It happened to me countless times so it may have happened to you too. Those days are finally over when I just figured out a workaround that could somehow solve this trouble, at least for the meantime.

Generally, we access our mails via Yahoo’s web interface or sometimes we do it from Yahoo Messenger window when new email alerts come. Whichever way we do it, we cannot always assume that since Yahoo is a large company, we definitely won’t get server errors. In fact, if you happen to have used an extension from Firefox that could determine web servers, I’ve noticed that local Yahoo mails are sometimes hosted somewhere else, like for example, Singapore for some parts of Asia.

Have you ever tried accessing your Yahoo mail via IM and were able to run into any of the problems stated above? Then you don’t really have to uninstall or remove the messenger or clear your proxy settings in case you’re using one. These glitches sometimes occur but that doesn’t mean your account has been compromised. It’s also cumbersome to delete your account then create a new one just to get away from this hassle.

You may try logging out then clear your cache or refresh/restart browser then logging in again. In my experience, I even switched browsers but if the problem persists, don’t log-out but open this link:

Click the link shown above or copy-paste it into your web browser’s address bar “as is”.

As you can see, it’s a Yahoo mobile interface but it surely works like magic although there’s no way you can logout from it, simply close the browser window whenever you’re done reading your emails while you still can’t access your mails using the normal site.

Also, pictures are not viewable using the link, only pure texts from the email will appear.

I hope this simple trick helps resolve the trouble. If you have similar hacks to share, go hit me up at the comments section.

For support requests, use the comment form below or hit the “Help” button on the sidebar but remember to use an alternate email (other than your Yahoo mail) so it can be answered. Thanks!

Updated: 10th April 2010

Why Not Bother Using Thunderbird 3?

December 15, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

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For quite sometime that I have been blogging, my POP3 email has always been my companion in communicating with my readers, newsletter subscribers and direct advertisers so basically, it’s that pretty important.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird

Being a fan of open source, I have tried Thunderbird twice not only because it handles POP3 emails very well but also because it can carry RSS feeds readily available for reading as I’m subscribed to a few frequently updated blogs so it helps me to be always in the know.

As time goes, my first and second trial runs that lasted for several months have not been very pleasing. At first it was but then in the latter part, it has failed to update RSS feeds automatically until I finally given up.

I’m sure that updating the program would help when needed but the extent to which these updates lead to ineffectiveness then that makes me think that I’d rather not update and wait for the bugs to fix itself but instead totally get rid of the whole thing.

I ended up using a separate RSS reader and settled altogether with Outlook Express and was happy with the move.

Now, here’s the reason why you don’t need to bother yourself with the new Thunderbird email client.

First thing is that the new email client opens new messages in tabs similar to the new Yahoo email web interface, quite cool but not for some people. The more you click mails, the more tabs will open which can lead to confusion.

Among the other troubles I’ve found were incompatibility issues with Mozilla Lightning as a calendar tool and Keyword Highlight add-on.

Third party email settings on Thunderbird are more confusing than Outlook Express or MS Outlook. I even found Incredimail more user-friendly.

Lastly, the fact that Thunderbird adds the capability to fetch RSS feeds from blogs/sites, I think they should have not added this functionality if they can’t even prove its worth so why not concentrate on things that matter the most—a great user experience and a friendly user interface.

If you’re Thunderbird fan then I’d love to hear from you on why you loved it and if you can convince me to switch back, the better.

Newsletter Subscriber Recall

November 18, 2009 | By | Reply More

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Before this blog went offline almost three weeks ago, my newsletter subscriber count was fair enough to conduct my first email dump however due to some disagreeable hosting scenario, my email list was gone along with the hosting account that was suddenly closed without notice leaving me with nothing.

I know that some of you knows it and for those who have received a free Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2009 license during my first few months when I started gathering newsletter subscribers know that ever since then, I haven’t sent yet any newsletter.

So, I’m calling you guys to reinstate your newsletter subscription so I can gather all your names and count you in for something special that I’ll be working on for the upcoming holidays.

I Love You

I understand that this could be an inconvenience for everyone but I hope for your genuine understanding.

If you haven’t subscribed yet to my newsletter, then I must say that this is the right time to do it. Simply fill out the form found on the left sidebar and hit submit. Once everything goes back to normal, I’ll let you know what’s up. Thanks.

A Quick Look at IncrediMail

September 3, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

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Email client users like me often find ways to enhance my email experience. Well, I’m not that so hard to please since I have long been using Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird with the latter being my main email client for this blog.

I’m not saying that there’s nothing special about the email clients I’ve mentioned above however if you are somebody who’s looking for variety and fun. I might as well recommend something that you’ll definitely get hook into.

Incredimail Installation Setup

Incredimail Installation Setup

I’m taking about IncrediMail, a nifty and fun-filled email client with options similar to Outlook Express but much more special in so many ways. Among the many irresistible features that you’ll get is a wide array of extra functionalities like you wouldn’t get from a typical email client such as 3D animated menus, images, email backgrounds, effects, sounds, e-cards and special fonts.

Incredimail User Interface

Incredimail User Interface

It’s like an email application wrapped in awesomeness. You’ll also get incredible email notifier (which you can change depending on your liking) that will appear on your screen every time you’ll receive an email. Not only that, you can even create a personalized signature to include in your email plus the ability to make searches on the web via the MyStart menu (powered by Google), play free online game via IncrediGames, manage your photos with PhotoJoy and grab Hiyo—an instant messenger enhancer or add-on which contains loads of fun emoticons and graphics similar to SweetIM.

IncrediMail indeed is very fancy and with its so many features, anyone with a POP3 email account would definitely grab the opportunity to try it out or might even get hooked into it. The email client does have a built-in spam protection called Junk Filter Plus but unfortunately, it wasn’t for free however I’m afraid that most POP3 email providers have email protection so I don’t think purchasing a year subscription of it is necessary.

You can also upgrade to IncrediMail Premium but if you’re into the free stuff, then the free version is good for you. Well, the free version is already nice that I’d settle for it in the meantime. Just a few reminders though, not all the great stuff is for free so you’ll have to expect that some ads will be displayed in your email client including promotional links which can be found at the bottom of your outgoing emails.

This is a pretty nifty program for an email client but you have to consider that if you are to use this for business purposes, I’m afraid that it may not be as formal (unless you use the premium version) than what you might expect compared to other most commonly used email clients but this email program really out smarts other email softwares of its kind so it’s still worth trying out.

Why MSGTAG is Disappointing?

July 21, 2009 | By | 23 Replies More

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I was thinking of tracking down the emails I sent if the recipient actually receive and reads it. During the research, I came across this service better known as MSGTAG or message tags if I am to literally call it. This service offers both paid and free service with the inclusion of tracking software. The software is pretty sleek and tiny so you won’t be bothered having it to consume hard disk space.

Having the amazing features such as the ability to notify you the moment your messages are opened which is pretty robust. The email notification is sent to a particular email address that you’ll have to specify. According to their site, it’s non-obtrusive meaning no pop-ups or whatsoever unlike receipts being delivered via Outlook and Outlook Express.

It’s simple to use with an eye-catching capsule design allowing you to enable or disable tagging with one click. The paid versions however can display tagging and notification options to find out your tagging status and select new options without trawling through screens of pull-down menus.



Alright, enough with the features so let’s get to the bottom line of this review. Did they deliver what they have promised? Unfortunately, the free version alone is not worth trying out. The moment I sent the email using my ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) POP3 account to my web hosting POP3 email address, I immediately opened it. Doing so, I am expecting that I would be getting an email notification from MSGTAG that will be sent to my Gmail account (the email I used to receive notification via the MSGTAG options) stating that I’ve already read the email that was sent to my web hosting email address but there was nothing (I even waited for hours).

If the free service alone cannot deliver what it promises, do you think I would be convinced to even purchase the paid service? If I were you, would you? It seems that FREE stuff nowadays is becoming less attractive. If not under-quality, it’s a crap. Better yet, if businesses are offering both free and paid stuff, its better that they drop those free stuff or services that are trashy and not making it as a front like a hook with the bait that will work against them.

Ever had the same experience online or offline? Do share your stories.

I just wanted to let everyone know that MSGTAG Free is no longer going to be updated although the service provider has not specified that they will be taking it down which doesn’t make sense on why they still have to keep it somehow. It’s just a bait so don’t eat it. Furthermore, since MSGTAG Free is based on the MSGTAG Plus Platform, they had it discontinued to focus on the new MSGTAG Status 2.5 in response to the secure email connection security systems setup by most ISPs that the older plans don’t support. It’s an information that is long overdue that should have been communicated early on. – Updated, 16th October 2009 source: via Email.

Secure and Private Email System Made Possible by PrivacyHarbor

April 14, 2009 | By | 4 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

The most important aspect of having an email, more than anything else, is privacy and security. Like any other type of mail, we certainly value its content as we wanted to have it secured and our privacy uncompromised.

Among the many email services you can find online, there’s only a few that really stands out and one of those is PrivacyHarbor. More than just a web application that provides Private Communication Networks to individuals and corporations, PrivacyHarbor boosts powerful organization and project management features. offers secure and private emailing services that is dedicated to keep your messages off the hands of advertisers and prying eyes.

Unlike any other normal email that requires software and encryption keys, Privacy Harbor sets itself apart with high quality standards which makes sending a secure message as easy as sending a normal email. A message on Privacyharbor is first encrypted and saved via a server. The recipient then receives an invitation by regular email to view the private message and, with one click, the recipient is then taken to an encrypted web-page to view the message which makes PrivacyHarbor really optimized for security and privacy.

Among the many brilliant features of the service include secured message sending and access to anyone and anywhere, the ability to know when messages are read, large file attachment capability, and many other value-added services which makes it better than any other email providers around. Having said all these, there is just no reason not to get your free private email at for a more rewarding email messaging experience.

PrivacyHarbor offers both free and paid email services on different package options. I only use the free one for personal purposes but for special requirements, I’d suggest that you contact them.

Yahoo! Mail Outage Announced

March 13, 2009 | By | Reply More

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If you haven’t got the email from Yahoo, then this information would have you informed that Yahoo! has announced that they will be undertaking an extensive maintenance this coming weekend beginning the evening of Friday, March 13 PDT to give way for their ongoing efforts to provide its users the best possible mailing service they can. So, expect that some account access issues will be experienced unless your account will be directly affected. But Yahoo assured that everything should be back to normal by midday on Saturday March 14th PDT.

Yahoo Mail Scheduled maintenance email

Yahoo Mail Scheduled maintenance email

Yahoo in its letter, apologized in advance for any inconvenience this moved may cause. In fairness to Yahoo!, they informed us of this action and didn’t caught us by surprise. After this, we would all be looking forward for a better Yahoo! mail experience.

Follow up: March 14, 2009

Today, I wasn’t able to access my account. Yahoo! Mail scheduled maintenance is on going. View the screen shot here.

Yahoo Mail scheduled maintenance web page screen shot

Yahoo Mail scheduled maintenance web page screen shot

Yahoo! Mail “Undisclosed Recipients” Made Easy

March 13, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Software Critics has once posted an article regarding setting up
undisclosed recipients in Yahoo! Mail a couple of months back and it became so phenomenal. So, I decided to put it back in circulation but now in a more convenient way as I put it in video for a more appealing and more comprehensible approach as viewing makes it easier to understand.

Most people who uses free email services like Yahoo often find themselves in question if there’s a way that they can hide their recipients’ email addresses so neither of the recipients would know who else received the same message. But now, this is just a thing of the past and be in the know! Watch the video on How to set up undisclosed recipients in Yahoo! Mail.

Stay tuned to this blog as more how-to videos and useful tips will be posted in the coming weeks. If you loved the video, consider yourself subscribing here.

How to Setup Undisclosed Recipients in Yahoo!Mail

January 2, 2009 | By | 9 Replies More

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

One of the most popular free email provider we know is Yahoo!Mail. A spam is definitely the most hated email we could ever get because it is unsolicited which normally comes in bulk and since we’re also concerned of our security especially to those identity thefts.

In order for us to prevent ourselves from these unscrupulous spam bots, I have come to discover how we can get rid of spam by teaching our friends or those people we know how to undisclosed their contacts email addresses in case they’ll be sending bulk emails. This is easy to setup and can be done in just a minute, no software or program needed.

So here’s how to do it,

First, sign in to your Yahoo!Mail as you see below:

After signing in, navigate to your right status bar

then press “Add Contact”, to add a new contact.

From the Add Contact page, fill out the boxes as shown below:

Note: only the fields below should be filled out, nothing else.

After filling out the boxes shown above, hover down to the bottom right of the page then click, “Save”.

Afterwards, click “Done” to confirm the added contact.

So, we have already created a contact under the name “Undisclosed recipients”.

This is done to create an undisclosed recipient contact that would shadow the email addresses of the recipients in cases of sending an email to many recipients.

Now, how do we apply “Undisclosed recipients” for multiple messages to be sent? Click “Compose” to create an email.

From your address book, tick the box next to “Undisclosed recipients“.

then, remember to click “Show Bcc” so that the email addresses of the recipients will be blind copied. What will happen is that, each receiver will see ONLY the sender’s email address but will not know the email addresses to whom the sender also sent the same email.
That is why it’s marked “undisclosed”.

See what it would look like below:

On the “Bcc” box is where you should be typing all the recipients email addresses.

Then, click “Send”.

So, from here we’re able to know how we can get rid of spammers, spam bots or with some people we don’t know who might be the spammers within our midst.

For questions, please leave it at the comments section.

Have you tried our toolbar yet? Software Critics Community Toolbar Free Download.

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