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Picking the Right Player for Video Content Marketing

December 31, 2017 | By | Reply More

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A picture says a thousand words and a video probably much more. Therefore, it will probably come as no surprise that content marketers are increasingly turning to video, especially after a study by HubSpot revealed that embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

Obviously, simply adding video to a page doesn’t guarantee such an increase. Video content needs to be carefully planned and produced. Viewers generally want to be entertained. If a video is really funny, it may even become viral, which would save thousands of advertising dollars. In any case, make sure to keep it short and straight to the point. What problem does your product or service solve? This should be clear and convincing right from the start, since not all viewers might finish watching the video.

Another important aspect of successful video content marketing is choosing the best website video player. Sure, one could simply upload a video to YouTube and embed it on the page. But that doesn’t only look cheap, it might also not be the best option to get even close to that 80% conversion rate. A video player that is customizable as well as interactive and that allows embedding links might be the best option, if a direct sale is the goal. But even for branding purposes, a less generic video player might be a good idea, especially for premium brands.

Make Your Website Mobile-ready and Apps Today

March 15, 2012 | By | 3 Replies More

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Having an online presence today isn’t enough compared to the old times. Back then, a website is more than enough to get leads and make your presence felt in the World Wide Web. Today, it’s a totally different battlefield wherein having an online presence is not enough, you also had to have social network presence and of course, mobile presence. This only means that, many people are using their mobile phones to access information and is not anymore limited to the PC.

Tablets and mobile phones now provide a large user-base that consumes information and buys just about anything virtually., a mobile app development company based in Virginia, USA builds iPhone apps using the iOS platform. With iOS, they’re also an ipad application development company. One of their works is the RadarJet, an application built to view dynamic weather changes.

Also as an android phone application development company, they create Android apps for Android fans all over the world.

Not only that they make applications based on iOS and Android, they also make apps for Bada, an OS newly developed by Samsung which sells apps via the Samsung Apps Market.

Mobile Apps development plays a large part of the mobile industry we have today and continues to be one indispensable component. In order to stay competitive, companies must have an online presence, social network visibility and of course, a mobile app.

Manage Facebook Photos with PhotoBox!

February 27, 2012 | By | Reply More

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Keeping track of our online reputation nowadays is very important especially when we engage in social networks such as Facebook on a daily basis. Countless stories have been reported about people losing their careers and/or reputation as a result of mishandling sensitive information of which in most cases include photos.

Photos of ourselves that is posted publicly in social media sites do have impact to us as people creates their perception of us based on what they see. Drinking sessions, clubbing, and racy photos are just one of many risky photos we don’t want published online because these may result in mostly unwanted circumstances.

Although sometimes we simply cannot avoid these situations as some of our friends might accidentally post them, these however are the kinds of photos we don’t want ourselves “tagged” into.

Tagging is that part of Facebook where we can “tag” or label our friends that is on the photo. While this feature helps our other friends identify who we are with, negative photos can create adverse effects when seen by our employers, prospective employers, clients, or any person who might judge us differently and impose a red flag.

PhotoBoxAs most social networks go mobile, iPhone users in particular can make use of applications than can access their social networking profile and manage it from there. While there are many apps available in the App Store, PhotoBox for Facebook is a cut from the rest because it’s the first and only app that allows you to “untag” photos of yourself thus giving you the much needed control over your images on Facebook.

With PhotoBox, anyone can browse their own photos (and those they’re tagged on), edit, add effects, share and many more with just a few taps.

Still not convinced? It’s definitely FREE, so try it out now!
app store

Top Android Apps for Web Designers

February 23, 2012 | By | 1 Reply More

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Almost half of all smartphones in existence currently run on Android software. For web designers, this not only means you have to structure sites with Android users in mind, but that you’re likely to be relying on Android devices to function on-the-go. Central to this will be the use of downloadable apps available through the Android Marketplace. As far as designers are concerned, the following five are about as good as you’re going to get for a self-made free starter package:

DropboxDropbox: Online storage at its finest. While countless free cloud services exist, none are as optimized for mobile users as Dropbox. It’s an essential tool for any designer who compulsively saves every and all interesting files they find online for later use, or those who incorporate original imagery or video into their websites.

Magic Color Picker: If you’re like me, then picking the right color for any given portion of website design is one if not the most critical part of building the base of a good looking online destination. So let’s say you spot a beautiful hue when browsing an art gallery. Use this gradient wheel app to find the corresponding color in HSL HSV, RGB, and YUV models so you can incorporate it into a project down the road.

Dsgn: Still in its early stages, this aggregate of news and updates regarding web design and typography subjects is worth downloading simply for the insight into the latest font releases, which can give your work an edge over the competition, at least for a short while.

View Web Source: Let’s say you’re fascinated by the way somebody structured the scrolling transcription of a DSR computer specialist lecture beneath the video on a mobile site. Instead of emailing yourself the link, you can directly download the source code and even manipulate it with this handy app.

Mindjet for Android: Most designer brains weren’t cut out for managed IT services work. We’re the type to be inspired in the middle of our bus ride to work, and have the urge and tenacity to get to it right then and there. To keep track of detailed ideas when out and about, Mindjet is ideal. You can keep track of new fonts you love, and cross reference them with the colors you encounter throughout the day. When your creativity does not obey your routine, it’s essential you stay as organized as possible.

Get used to Android. If you aren’t building sites with the Google mobile OS in mind, you’ll undoubtedly be using it to do your job. While you can look forward to even better apps for designers down the road, these five that exist today are free and sure to provide you with function as you further your career in website design.

SPARQCode: Mobile Engagement Made Easy

February 12, 2011 | By | 2 Replies More

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Most smartphones have the capability to read barcodes or what otherwise known as QR matrix code which normally resembles a graphical representation of an information that is made readable for mobiles and may contain information such as websites, social media network URLs, contact information, etc.

There are a bunch of providers on the web offering this web application and over a short span of time along with the boom of the smartphone market, these QR codes have come into play in generating user or fans for various purposes like getting leads, Facebook fans, community members and the like.

With the help of a qr code generator like the one’s provided by SPARQCode, businesses and social media networks are getting as much leverage from the growing mobile internet users and through this, it enables a whole new way of engagement with the brand, prospects or users of these existing establishments or networks who have embraced the idea.

Using the barcode scanner on smartphones, these QR Codes returns the information in a form of links accessible from any mobile phone browser. And these QR codes can be distributed in countless ways including but not limited to publishing on websites, blogs, apparel, t-shirts, paper and many others and being black, this blends well with any color in its surroundings.

Get yours now from SPARQCode! It’s free.

Online Backup and Sync Redefined by SpiderOak

January 17, 2011 | By | 1 Reply More

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Just when you thought that Dropbox is the last resort when it comes to online backup, think again, I have tried them before but wasn’t that happy with their service. Having reviewed several online backup providers in the past, I think I have much to say when it comes to which service does well.

SpiderOak, to those who were not familiar, offers online backup service similar to Dropbox but does it differently when it comes to overall user interface and experience. If you’re familiar with Dropbox, you may find it really simple to use but SpiderOak offers a different approach to backing-up your data.

SpiderOakI just can’t show you how the interface looks because it was on my PC and I’m on a laptop as I write, however, SpiderOak allows auto back-up feature whenever you want. Of course, you may have to set the program to open at start-up. While you do so, you can sync your files from one PC to another, meaning, it allows you to access your files whenever you need it. The only difference though is you can discretely control which folders or data are made accessible.

Also, if you admire their service, you can subscribe for more storage space, thus, allowing you to backup your entire PC and restore them to a new desktop or laptop in case you transferred.

Fast downloads and quick response times are a must nowadays so you can’t be wrong with them, unlike Dropbox, I’d say SpiderOak offers faster upload speeds which won’t depress you.

While most software works on almost all OS, you can definitely assure that SpiderOak is compatible with most existing OSes like Windows, Linux and Mac. Mobile users can also enjoy the benefits of backing up files using SpiderOak’s mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Just when you thought that when you lost internet connection or when the power goes out during backup you’re screwed, no, SpiderOak always protects your data.

How about their pricing? Well, most online backups out there can be very expensive but SpiderOak makes it affordable without jeopardizing the quality of service they render.

This post is brought to you by our friends from SpiderOak.

Get the Latest WordPress for iPhone plus other WordPress Mobile Apps

October 13, 2010 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Mobile blogging is becoming so common these days so it’s impossible not to see applications here and there for smartphones that caters to this growing number of users. Being a smartphone user myself, I have taken advantage of WordPress for Nokia specifically for the Symbian S60v3 to be able to update my sites while on the go.

Updating your WordPress-powered sites while traveling has never been this easier because through your mobile phone, you don’t have to carry that bulky laptop with you to complete such task. iPhone or iPad users however can’t be any happier with the newly released WordPress for iPhone version 2.6 application (which also works on the iPad) that provides users with more features that can help them maximize their mobile blogging requirements.

Wordpress iPhone app

Read more about the latest WordPress iPhone app here.

Blackberry enthusiasts can also mobile blog using the Blackberry WordPress app while the WordPress for Android phones makes it easier as well for its user to do the same.

Blackberry WordPress App

Having these WordPress applications installed on our mobile phones definitely makes blogging so much easier and fun. Simply connect to the internet and you’re off to creating and sharing content to the world in just a few touches as they happen.

10 Indispensable Utility Apps for Symbian S60 Smartphones

October 7, 2010 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 5 – 8 minutes

The use of smartphones is becoming mainstream and its evolution has taken the utility of mobile devices to another level. Smartphones operating on Symbian, which is the name given to a united group of open source operating system along with software platforms especially designed for smartphones, the Symbian S60 series is the most used Symbian OS. The base or the S60 series was created by Nokia, a reputable mobile brand, who has marked its contribution towards the Symbian foundation and one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world adopts the S60 series software in their smartphones including companies like Lenovo, LG Electronics, and Siemens among others.

Symbian S60 series is a complete operating system that supports applications such as C++, Python, and Adobe Flash as well as Java MIDP. The S60 series facilitates installation of registered programs from registered developers which increases the application access in the smartphones. There are several indispensable applications that you can download and use on your Symbian S60 smartphones and the best ones have been compiled just for you.

  1. Google maps. Google map is probably one of the most important applications anyone must have. They act as a guide and a reference when one is out in an unknown area. Google map application helps one to find out the exact location of a place where one is standing. The application works well on the S60 5th edition which is especially designed for smartphones. The application displays both the landscape and portrait mode along with touch-panning of maps in the countries where such facilities are available. Astonishingly, the centric search tool in this application can search for the nearest pizza corner or plumber and even hairdressers.
  2. YouTube for Mobile. Yes, you’ve read it right. YouTube now have its mobile version to make it easier to watch videos directly from your mobile. The flash player installed on the phone helps to play the video. Although certain delays occur when viewing videos due to functioning of the flash player, this application still works equivalently well on facilities with Wi-Fi and 3G but the basic idea is to get a hold of a good connection as fast as possible. Picture quality at some instances may not be crystal clear however; one can manage for a time being with QVGA image quality.YouTube for Mobile
  3. Gmail. The Gmail facility in your smartphone allows you to keep on track with your important emails. It is a java based application which provides you with similar benefits that you can get on a PC. Gmail enables email forwarding, saving and making selections from your mobile.
  4. BBC player. For all entities whether belonging to the corporate world or from the security market. This is one of the most awaited applications in the S60 series as BBC player provides the user with an option access a multiple choice of media in form of TV, Radio, etc. It has come out to be one of the best applications in terms of utility and user interface. The application is precise and very helpful.
  5. Opera mini. The Opera mini application is a compulsion for every internet addict. The application helps an individual to browse the internet faster and that too at a reasonable speed. The opera mini latest version is packed with features like multi-tab browsing, download resume, and bookmarking among other things which enhances the facility of browsing. You may also try Opera Mobile in place of this one.
  6. Quick office v6 (upgrade). This application is common among smartphones regardless if you’re a businessman or a student. The Quick Office V6 helps you manage your presentation and text documents on the go by way of such application. Managing your documents on the go has never been so simple.Quickoffice
  7. AccuWeather. Supported in the Symbian S60 series, this app tells you about the weather forecast and the temperature. When one is not sure about the present conditions, one can definitely make use of this application to get some information with respect to the current climatic condition.
  8. Ovi. Nokia Ovi is one of the latest sensations in the world of Symbian application. Nokia Ovi helps an individual keep a back up of his vital documents and folders that are stored on his smartphone into his Windows PC or Mac. The application reduces worries of the owner in terms of loosing his valuable information and it can accommodate up to 10 GB storage for such purpose.Nokia Ovi
  9. Wireless keyboard. A very vital application which facilitates the use of wireless keyboards in case of full touch screen smartphones. Nokia 5800 is an example of such beautiful creation which has no keypads attached to it so this application allows the use of wireless keyboards. *This functionality can be found on the Nokia E71 and can be helpful when blogging using WordPress app for Nokia.
  10. Fring. How can one forget Fring when it comes to smartphone applications? Fring is a newly released application that uses the integration to Skype to facilitate VoIP on smartphones. The application allows a user to keep in touch with all his friends and colleagues at any time. *In this regard, you may also try Spokn for the E-series and N-series phone since it is easier to use or Skype for Mobile instead. There are a lot of upcoming VoIP apps for mobile phones nowadays so it’s better to really know which one works best.

There you have it, the ten (10) indispensable applications that support Symbian S60 OS. I hope that you’ll find this post very helpful since each of them have functionalities that are very handy and in all cases a necessity for smart smartphone users. Keep locked in and see you next time for more great posts like these.

Mr. Thomas Davies, a versatile application developer, who is currently working on problems relating to streaming video problems and free podcast software. He has spent 25 years of his life for software development and is still working on them with keen dedication to provide the world with something new over and over.

*Editor Notes.

How to Delete Themes on Symbian S60 Phones

September 30, 2010 | By | 2 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

One of the most common mobile device features is to be able to dress it up to your liking. In this regard, themes come into play and make everything fit to your desires. For mobile consumers whose phones is of the Symbian S60 3rd edition OS, it is imperative to know some tips on how to tweak your device.

This time, deleting mobile themes on an S60 3rd edition phone can’t be any easier. While deleting themes on these devices can be as easy as going to the Application Manager options under the Installation menu, once you cannot find the installed themes under the App. Manager List, deleting themes would then have to be done manually on the phone’s memory card provided it is where the themes are installed.

Here’s a quick step on how to delete themes on your Symbian S60 3rd edition phone. Contrary to what other tutorials online say, I was able to delete the entire themes on my Nokia E71 simply by doing these steps:

1. Connect your mobile device to your PC in mass storage or by inserting the mini SD card reader.
2. Go to your phone’s root memory, find the Private Folder and make sure that you show Hidden folders in your PC.
3. Find the folder named 10207114. Contrary to other tutorials that you could find online, even if you’ll only delete a particular .skn file (which you could determine the theme by opening it using your Notepad), what will happen is that all themes installed on the phone will be deleted. That’s what happened on my end. Thus, it is advisable that you take note of the themes’ name that you’d want to retain before deleting anything.

I hope this quick tip helps. Stay tuned by subscribing to us via email or RSS for similar topics.

Expired Certificate Error Quick Fix for Nokia Smartphones

September 19, 2010 | By | 2 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

This would be my second official blog post from my Nokia E71 since I installed the WordPress application for Symbian s60v3 phones.

Things were going fine and I’m happy with the way this app has been helping me out create a post from the comfort of my phone.

As promised from my last post, here’s one of those tricks that I have come to discover and tested.

Smartphone users who find themselves hooked into changing their phone’s themes once in a while often encounter problems with expired certificate error messages whenever a theme or an application is installed.

It can be frustrating at times when you can’t use them because of it. The are tricks on the internet talking about this that says the only way to get around this error is to change the date on your phone backwards which is not generally true for all Nokia phones or Symbian s60v3 and s60v5 models.

There’s a more effective way to do this and it requires following only a few simple steps.

Simply go to your phones Menu. Select “Installations”. Installations Folder

Look for the App. Manager then select “options”. Application Manager Folder

Choose “Software installation” and select “settings” App. Settings

and change from “signed only” to “All”. Software installation

I hope this helps and stay tuned for more mobile tricks and hacks written from my Nokia smartphone.

Blogging Using WordPress App for Nokia E71

August 27, 2010 | By | 6 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

It has been quite a while since the last time I posted on this site as I have been extremely busy with a lot of things including work and clients so I’m trying to catch up at least on the fastest way I could.

Last week, I just bought my newest buddy, a Nokia E71 phone. It’s a nifty qwerty phone capable of transferring data via WLAN connection so I’m very happy with it. It has a built-in GPS and can also transmit files via the old timer IR and Bluetooth technology.

Since I am using it as my small business phone and it’s one thing that’s also keeping me busy though I thought that I might use it for my cause thus, I installed WordPress for Nokia, an application for creating content on Symbian phones using the WordPress platform.

For the Nokia E71, it’s quite hard to find WordPress compatible apps I was just persistent in looking for one and glad to have been using it as I write. I actually used the USB Cable and the Nokia PC Suite to make the file installation possible. Mobile WordPress App Screenshot I have a lot of things to write about in the next few days hopefully when I get the time to sneak out of work but this time, It’ll be through my Nokia E71 WordPress app. I’m very excited to write more so I do hope that you guys will stay around as I’ll be sharing some tricks using Nokia E71 and WordPress for mobile blogging. Have a great day everyone! You can download the WordPress for Nokia specifically Symbian S60 v3.1 here. Link last updated 13th October 2010.

Monetize your iPhone and Earn Rewards with WeReward from IZEA

June 7, 2010 | By | 2 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who says that mobile applications are only good at taking away your money after downloading them? Well, not anymore!

Things are absolutely changing nowadays at such a rapid pace and with the recent launch of IZEA’s newest venture, has finally changed the way we look at iPhone apps because this time around, it’s your iPhone app that will give you rewards for doing the things you love whenever and wherever there’s an opportunity.

On every check-ins on partner establishments found on your iPhone app or each task you complete earns you a point equivalent to a penny. You can also earn 10% from each of your referrals’ rewards points. In order to get paid, you should have accrued thousands of points on cash out and doing so requires a Paypal account.


WeReward iPhone app easily integrates with your favorite social media networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Foursquare. Updating your status and sharing your experience from your trips is a breeze.

Earn rewards doing the things you love while staying connected with your social circle—all in one place. That’s WeReward iPhone app for you. This requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later in order to work. Download the App now at iTunes for free! See it in action from the video below.

Visit my sponsor: WeReward for iPhone

SnapABug Boosts Visual Customer Support

February 18, 2010 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

SnapABug first debuted on this blog by participating as one of the sponsors on last year’s holiday giveaway wherein they provided a SnapABug Pro Account for one year (a $228 value) to one lucky reader and also gave yours truly, the same type of account. Readership feedback has been awesome since its integration as you can see on the left hand side the green “Help” widget.

SnapABug specializes in visual customer support solutions for websites wherein the ability to capture a screenshot of the page before submitting a support request, a query or a ticket is unprecedented. This feature makes SnapABug extra special considering that most of today’s customer support systems on sites are just focused on the traditional ticketing system and chat.


The service is typically not for free however a 15-day Business Account trial is provided for you to fully utilize its benefits which aren’t bad after all.

Among the most common features of the service which can be found on all account types are Live Support Agents which can be integrated on GTalk, Button Customization, Unlimited User Support Cases, Webpage Snapshot, Browser, OS and Plugins Version Reporting, IP Address or Geo. Location Tracking, Language Selection and integration with your preferred CRM or Help Desk solution and SSL Support.


Integration of chat or live support outside of your GMail inbox and with other IM clients like Pidgin and Digsby is not yet possible but hopefully soon for added flexibility.

The “Help” button is at default green unless you customize by using your own image. The ability to change its color from green to any of the primary color would have been better so it could blend with your site’s colors however the green one still manages to attract anyway.

It can be a little pricy for some but if you’ll look at its benefits, you’re not just getting a simple chat support but a visual imagery of the page in question in case unwanted bugs are discovered.

If you’d like to give SnapABug a go, simply follow this link. To see SnapABug in action, watch the video below. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome.

Working with Google Translate Client for Windows

January 20, 2010 | By | 1 Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Not all blogs have translation plugins and not most of them use Google Translate gadget. So what do you normally do if you run into sites with a generally different language other than what you know? Do you simply close it and move on? What if there’s information that you get curious about but doesn’t want to get any further going to Google Translate’s webpage?

Here comes the best workaround for you. Why not install the Google Translate Client for Windows to add to your convenience? I’m sure this would definitely answer all your foreign language encounters while online and translate those documents and files you have downloaded or forwarded to you by your clients.

The application runs at your system tray during use and is accessible via hot keys. To translate text from your browser, Windows Word documents, Excel sheets or Outlook emails, simply select the texts and translation will be done instantly. Of course, this uses Google’s Translation services so an internet connection is required.

Among the other features that you could find on Google Translate Client is support for more than 50 different languages with automatic language detection, auto checking for news and updates plus the ability to contribute your own translation ideas to make the service better. Wikipedia article and Free XDXF dictionary support is also available on the Pro version.

OS requirements: Win 98/2000/XP/Vista/7

Cons: The app is cool but if you’re looking at saving it on your thumb drive for use as you go then that’s not possible at the moment.

Price: Not at all bad for $12.50US for a Pro version inclusive of Fireflies Screensaver as a gift!

Webmaster bonus: You can get a license key absolutely free simply by placing a link on your blog or website. If a new user visits the download site and buys a key, you’ll get a license key. Similar to an affiliate link.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse on how this application works.

Client for Google Translate video tutorial

So guys, what are you waiting for? Download it now and let me know what you think of this app.

Download the app here.

Heineken’s Breathalyzer iPhone App Tells If You’ve Had Enough

January 16, 2010 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Heineken. All opinions are 100% mine.

As a sequel to Heineken’s Responsibility campaign which earned huge success from last year, the famous beer brand with widely known social responsibility focus has come out with another surefire hit and this time, Heineken proudly introduces it’s very own iPhone App that turns your iPhone into a realistic breathalyzer that’s clever enough to trace the vitals signs resulting from over-consumption of alcohol alongside social network application “Tag of Shame”.

Based on the previous year’s well defined characters which include The Crier, The Fighter, The Sleeper, The Exhibitionist, and The Groper as showcased by “The Heineken Know The Signs website” with this year’s two additional personalities to boost—The Flirt and The Stumbler comes another hilarious way of nudging your friend, if he or she is showing signs of intoxication.

Party animals sometimes loose sight of things especially moderation and this iPhone App come in handy for situations when one of your friends have drunk too much. Download the Heineken Breathalyzer iPhone app at the iTunes store for free and take advantage of its benefits. All you have to do is get your friend to blow into your iPhone “Breathalyzer” to show which character he or she is turning into as these characters serve as indicators of drunkenness.

Breathalyzer iPhone App

This app only serves as a guide but the totality of one’s actions is determined by the people’s reactions around them. Don’t let the spirit of the drink get into your head; instead let your spirit shine through in ways of drinking responsibly and partying meaningfully.

SocialSpark Disclosure Badge

The Owl is now on your iPhone

December 13, 2009 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

I’m not really a big HootSuite fan but this news might be very well expected as apps continue to invade the iPhone. A few days ago, HootSuite Twitter app has finally reached the iPhone users via the iTunes store.



HootSuite for iPhone boasts in being the first Twitter application that lets you view your stats, schedule tweets ahead of time, send messages to multiple accounts, import lists, upload and share photos using, get an overview of the current trends and a lot more.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse on how it works on your iPhone.

Boxee Beta Due On The 7th

December 3, 2009 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Boxee fans have another reason to celebrate as they formally announced the launch of Boxee Beta on 7th December 2009 at 7pm at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in NYC.

The said event (where you can catch free RSVP invitations here for up to 4 people) will showcase the new beta demo, launch new apps from partners and commence a 4-week early-access for Beta testers/users before its public release at CES on 7th January 2010 including a mock up of the upcoming Boxee Box.

The new Boxee Beta features will include a brand new user interface and promises a better navigation, bunch of shortcuts, user controlled queue, ability to search for TV shows and movies plus a lot more.

The event is said to be aired live via LiveStream or at the Boxee blog. In case you’re interested in signing up for the early Beta access, you may visit

I’ve signed up already, have you?

The Buggy Seesmic for Windows

November 26, 2009 | By | 2 Replies More

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

After the most recent newsletter from Seesmic being able to fix the bug regarding the download link which initially didn’t work, finally I was able to get my hands on this application that has been on the hype since its release.

Seesmic for Windows User Menu

Seesmic for Windows User Menu

Well, Seesmic for Windows is not at all surprising, if you’re familiar with the desktop app and the web app, you really won’t find much of a difference. The interface is very similar—extensible tabs, status update field is there and now with integrated Twitter lists, account activities like mentions, @replies, DMs, RTs and sent items are all there. Don’t be a little excited though because the shrink text feature isn’t there.

The only addition is that it works with Windows 7 but the user interface doesn’t have much to show. I’d rather not use this in place of Seesmic for Desktop and if I’m mobile, I’d surely choose Seesmic Web instead.

Seesmic for Windows is a bit buggy. It freezes occasionally when it updates the tweets and when that happens while you’re typing your status update then you may have to pause and wait until it fixes itself.

A few things I’ve noticed though is that the gear like icon which was supposed to show unfollow and follow feature as well as grouping feature is totally unusable. I don’t know if it was just me but I tried clicking on it on different occasions but to no avail. If you wanted to follow or unfollow somebody, you may have to click the username of the person and the app will open up your browser and you must login to the website in order to complete such a small task.

Opening profiles is rather easy however there’s no place within the profile to send a direct message to the person even though you know that person follows you back or be it a mention to a complete stranger.

It’s not at all very useful if we’re to base the main reason why anyone would want to use this program instead of going to Unless these bugs can be fixed, then users will have the reason to choose either the Adobe Air based desktop app or this Windows based application.

You may or may not have the same observations as mine but your comments are all welcome.

Monetize Your Mobilized Blog with Admob

November 24, 2009 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

My post about how to Mippin-ize your site for mobile browsers discusses the benefits of mobilizing your site for the mobile web and along with that is a follow-up post for bloggers with a self-hosted WordPress blog using the Mippin WordPress plugin for easy blog mobilization without any configuration required.

Monetizing your mobilized blogs is what I’m going to share on this post. Although there are a lot of mobile advertising platforms out there, I’d say that the first one I have ever tried was Admob. Admob’s mobile advertising model is pretty simple.

Admob Mobile Advertising Network

Admob Mobile Advertising Network

If we’re going to focus on monetization of your mobile traffic, you can get the easiest implementation process with Admob plus relevant ads to your target audience along side a fast and multiple payment options. You can even deposit your own earnings to buy ads for your own campaign. On top of that, you can get access to your traffic metrics in real-time to see how your site is performing.

I opted to choose Admob because it works seamlessly along side Mippin. All you need to have is an Admob site ID and connect it with your mobile site on Mippin. Once you enable Admob ads on your mobile site, you’ll start earning right away. It’s that easy. If you’re thinking about affiliate income, unfortunately they don’t have it this time.

Getting into Admob is as easy as creating an account, adding your site’s mobile URL and in this case, mine’s Installing the code isn’t really necessary because once you get the Admob site ID connected to your mobile site on Mippin, then you’re good and you can just wait for the revenue to come in.

Admob’s minimum payout is $20.00USD payable via Paypal or check. So, if you’re looking at monetizing your mobile traffic, go ahead and try Admob. Joining is free and earning is easy.

Mobilize Your Blog with Mippin WordPress Plugin

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Last time, I’ve talked about how to completely mobilize your blog with Mippin and how this move could bring in some benefits for you and your online presence not only for blogs but also for static websites and mobile application developers.

The mobile web is going mainstream and if you haven’t jumped into the bandwagon, here’s one great and easy way to do so.

If you’re blogging on a self-hosted WordPress blog, you may have encountered a lot of plugins that allows you to mobilize your content for mobile users. Some does work but considering the benefits of mobilizing your content and getting something in return or should I say, revenue out of your mobile traffic then that’s something different.

I’ve used several plugins before. Some pleased me and the others don’t. What pleased me the most is Mippin’s WordPress Plugin which is a configuration free add-on that renders your blog on any cell phone as they access your URL via its corresponding Mippin URL.

Mippin WordPress Plugin

Mippin WordPress Plugin

Say for example, you’re trying to view Software Critics on your mobile phone by typing, once your phone browser starts looking for the site, it will then renders its corresponding Mippin URL which is on your mobile phone or you can simply type the latter when you browse.

With Mippin WordPress Plugin, you simply have to install then activate it and voila! You’re mobile site goes live. If you find this plugin very helpful, you can download it from here.

For a personalized feel on how you would want your site to render on mobile phones, head on to Mippin’s mobilizer.

Monetizing your Mippin-zed site will be an upcoming post so stay tuned.

Mippin-ize Your Site for Mobile Browsers

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Have you thought about making your blog or website mobile ready? If not, then now’s the time do it. The mobile web which is highly gaining momentum will continue to attract mobile web application developers and mobile web content publishers as mobile apps and web sites continue to penetrate this space.

Mobile web is the virtual space where mobile web apps and websites converge to target mobile users with mobile-friendly and consumable content via mobile browsers of smart phones such as Blackberry Browser, Safari for iPhone OS, Symbian S60 Browser, Internet Explorer Mobile, Android Browser and Opera for mobile with the aid of each smart phones corresponding OS.

Mippin Compatible Handset Selection

Mippin Compatible Handset Selection

Mobile content distribution has become relevant nowadays and a web site’s presence in this arena can help spread the word about your site or business because it syndicates your web assets to the mobile web consisting of hundreds and thousands of users.

Mippin Logo

Mippin Logo

In order to make this goal a reality, has provided the fastest and easiest website content syndication on mobile phones. Content publishers and bloggers can easily make their content readily accessible via mobile phone browsers in minutes via’s mobilizer.

Advertisers can also maximize their profits through Mippin’s advertising platform. Mippin does not only provide mobility for bloggers and webmasters to promote their content on mobile phones, they also allow them to earn 100% of the revenue generated through ads within their content at no hidden cost via Admob’s mobile advertising and monetization model. You can even tweak on how you’d like your content appear on mobile phones with their user-friendly customization feature.

Making websites mobile ready is what Mippin does best and joining them doesn’t cost anything. In fact, the initial day of Software Critics on the mobile web already brought me some revenue.

Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself? It only takes a few minutes.

Text-To-Speech Now On Google Translate

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I have once featured Google Translate compared against Transposh WordPress plugin sometime in October wherein I’ve made use of both translation mediums to determine which one out performs the other.

Irrespective of who gets my vote, I’ve decided to install Google Translate on this blog to minimize plugin usage, reduce server load and increase page load time.

Google Translate gadget isn’t resource hungry after all.

Recently, Google Translate has raised the bar and introduced additional savvy features that users will find helpful.

Among the new additions include instant translation which allows words being translated as you type. The Romanization feature however translates Chinese/Han characters into English phonetically which also supports Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

The most attractive feature though is the text-to-speech integration which allows translation of English words or texts being pronounced. This way, familiarity with pronunciation would be helpful especially for those trying to learn the English language however the pronunciation of words cannot be expected as standard but at least getting a hint does matter for a starter.

Aside from text translations, Google Translate allows webpage translations simply by typing the URL of the website you’re trying to read and understand then it will automatically translate the website for you.

I’d be stunned if Google could implement auto-translation of web pages (in all possible languages) depending on where in the world your website is being rendered or viewed. Of course, it would be better if the user’s browser settings have full control over the experience. Isn’t it amazing?

Seesmic Web Integrates Twitter List

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This comes as no surprise that desktop apps will be jumping into this Twitter list craze which I really don’t fancy. It’s like we’re getting into a phase where people stopped being mature and tend to be more like a show off than a professional. Twitter list for me is like a teenager bragging on Myspace or Facebook about how many friends he has to satisfy his ego.

There’s really no sense of doing so and making it public is pretty much alienating and off taste. Even social media’s big man Chris Brogan is uncomfortable with the idea because it can make people feel of being left out (if you’re not even on anyone’s lists) with him being an exemption for being well-known but I admire his humility for his view. From this moment on, I’m switching my lists private so nobody I missed would feel bad. Well, desktop apps can segregate Tweeters depending on whose tweets you’re following.

The idea is such pointless and instead of focusing on their security efforts to prevent their site from DDOS attacks which have happened countless times, they instead kept on stuffing their service with useless functionalities that makes it more congested.

They could have imitated Yahoo Meme’s interface which is sleek and clean.

Going back to this post’s title, yes, Seesmic has integrated Twitter list on its web-based app where users can see their lists on the sidebar. You can view the video below on how it looks like on full run.

Few days ago, they’ve integrated it on Seesmic Desktop. While these improvements can make some of their fans raving, you can read here on why I discontinued using Seesmic Desktop.

I’m not pretty sure if TweetDeck have already joined the fad, I’ll find out anyway. For whatever reason you find Twitter list to your advantage, give me a constructive idea on the comment’s section.

Yahoo Meme Releases API, Now What?

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

This is definitely the moment everybody’s waiting for especially the developers who are eager to come up with apps that’ll make use of the Meme API.

Yahoo offers it Meme open API built on top of Yahoo! Query Language (YQL) platform which will provide the ability to show information related to Meme users—basically their content. Like other APIs, it utilizes OAuth as a mechanism for authorized access to the content they produce. The entire suite of Meme YQL tables allows you to perform actions such as read, publish, repost, follow, unfollow, comment and delete which was also offered on the Meme site.

It’s mobile version for smartphones according to Yahoo was built using Meme’s API. Though Meme is getting some attention in some selected countries including the Philippines, it seems that Yahoo hasn’t figure out which model works best.

The question now leads us to ask if there would be a lot of third party developers who are willing to jump into this Meme bandwagon. What do you think?

Free Album to Manage Your Photos

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

If you’re looking at a very simply application to manage your photos on your computer, here’s one that I found which would definitely do the job—Free Album by PCSleek.

Free Album is an application designed to manage photos from your PC by displaying them into a virtual album format. Like most virtual photo albums, it can support a wide array of graphic formats however the saving function is limited to BMP, JPG, and GIF formats.

It also comes with a separate viewer that shows images and photos that are compiled on a single file.

If you are expecting so much about this small piece of software, then don’t. It’s pretty simple functionality wouldn’t really please you if you’re an intermediate to advanced level user.

And by the way, this app is free to use. You can check it out here.

Can Google Translate Replace WordPress Translation Plugins?

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Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Optimizing your site for a wider audience would definitely need translation gadgets or plugins to carry out the job. While this seems as a good idea, it cannot in any way replace human translations.

Although this can help increase your website traffic, this is generally not the total solution to a perfect translation. Gadgets such as Google Translate, Transposh Translation Filter, and N2H are just there to provide the gist on what a certain page has but could also make it seem gibberish unless the reader is a native speaker of the language.

When I came across this information, I can’t resist myself not to make a comparison of both translation apps and here are my findings.

Webpage Translation by Google Translate

Webpage Translation by Google Translate

The image above shows the page translation done by Google Translate. Notice that the top of the page shows a slider from Google with a drop down option of all 51 languages available for translation.

If you hover over the paragraphs, they become highlighted in light yellow and show a dialogue box of the actual translated text.

Based on my test, after translating the home page of this blog, I went ahead to my “contact” page and it was also translated successfully. One notable thing though is the permalink of the translated page which was not that very attractive like this one,|es).

Notice the translated texts compared to the succeeding plug-in’s translation with some slight differences.

Web page translation by Transposh Translation Filter Plugin for WordPress

Web page translation by Transposh Translation Filter Plugin for WordPress

With Transposh Translation Filter, translation is carried out by choosing from either the drop down option or small flag images on a page utilizing the plugin (which is configurable via the plugin’s settings in admin).

Transposh Translation filter does not have the hover effect unlike Google Translate but they clearly outwitted Google via this pretty permalink generated on a particular translated page like this, via its rewrite URL functionality.

Note that Google Translate API was used to run the former with an added option to utilize Bing (MSN) Translation using a key since the service is still in Beta.

The advantage of Google Translate however, is that the codes are embeddable on web pages capable of javascript (see code below).

<div id=”google_translate_element”></div><script>
function googleTranslateElementInit() {
new google.translate.TranslateElement({
pageLanguage: ‘en’
}, ‘google_translate_element’);
</script><script src=””></script>

Translation-wise, Google Translate slightly wins over Transposh Translation Filter plugin for rendering the localized version of this blog’s pages at least in my own native language, the Filipino.

The latter however is not adaptive to and blogs but like I said, the pretty permalink gives them the edge over the other.

If you were to choose between the two, which one to do you think is better? Would you go after an SEO-friendly translated URL or a well-translated page?

Singles Quiz a La Lovapalooza

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

For people who are just clueless on why they are still single at their age have a lot of reasons be one. It really doesn’t mean that you are to take a relationship too seriously or must take a look at getting your life settled for good like getting married. Sometimes, having a special someone creates balance between work and your personal life.

Quiz by
Quiz brought to you by Online Dating

The internet alone offers tons of dating sites both local and international with the ability to interact with its members via chat and email among other means and could either be free or paid. There are also some web services that offer interactive applications engaging users to answer some questions that often provide thought provoking results, humorous but rather rhetorical questions yet most of the time  entertaining.

With most of them being flash-based widgets, you can easily get hooked into it and the moment you get your results depending on your given answers, you simply can’t resist but laugh at yourself because generally most are true. Majority of interactive quizzes talk about personality, relationships, and intelligence to name a few. One of the most interesting ones I have ever come across was this interactive singles quiz website having just 7 questions that squeezes up your inputs resulting into a nifty widget that you can place on your site or blog plus a short statement of truism presented comically because of the funny graphics.

A definitely “must try” web-based application. I’ve tried it myself and the result is obvious, the image above tells it.

Yahoo Meme Features Disclosed

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Reading time: 6 – 10 minutes

My previous post entitled “Can Yahoo Meme Takeover Twitter? serves as a prelude about this unique and rather controversial service that may soon if time favors can take the place of Twitter.

We can have our stance both ways—positive and negative or we can go neutral. In the eyes of an observant, let’s examine the service with scrutiny to see if it catches our attention, interest, exceed our expectations or the other way around.

Let me start by showing you how the home page looks like.

Yahoo Meme Homepage

Yahoo Meme Homepage

On the top right of the home page, you’ll see the links–Popular, Find and Sign in. Popular is where you can find the trending topics with Meme, Find is for people search and some featured profiles and of course, the Sign-in link for account holders or those with invites.

The central portion of the page however is an email field for those who want access to the service. Once you’ve entered your email, you’ll get this message, “Congrats! You will receive news about Meme.”

Assuming you already have an account, here’s the exciting part that I’m going to show you. Sign-in from this URL: then you’ll be directed to your Yahoo Mail account sign-in page. If you don’t have a Yahoo Mail account, then you’re advised to have one first. After logging-in, you’ll be shown your dashboard (see image below.)

Yahoo Meme Dashboard

Yahoo Meme Dashboard

The dashboard is divided into four tabs—Text, Photo, Video and Music. The links on the upper right corner of the page are marked Followers, Invite friends, Settings, and Sign out. The bottom left however have links to Help, About, Feedback, Terms of Service, Additional terms, Privacy, Copyright, and Guidelines opposite the Yahoo home page link.

The Text tab is where you can share texts, links and other things textual and is not limited to 140 characters unlike Twitter. Photo sharing is where you can flaunt your amazing photos to the rest of your friends. You can either upload your file or drop a link URL and add caption on the image before you hit the post photo button. Videos on the other hand can only be shared using either a YouTube or Vimeo link.

To share your music, you must have a working URL to place on the field which means that you must have a music file hosted on the web (if its exclusive to you) or you may search for social music networking sites like imeem, or even MySpace.

The controversial feature of the service is the ability to pass along information generated by one person to another virally. Twitter has RT (retweet) and Meme has “repost” which doesn’t make any difference. Twitter has “followers” the same as Meme.

Yahoo Meme Dashboard Repost feature

Yahoo Meme Dashboard Repost feature

It is tactful of Yahoo to simply segregate the type of information that can be shared within the system that makes it easier to filter out. It was a pretty organized system that when you open up your dashboard, you can easily spell the difference between the types of information being shared. You can’t miss a detail with this one unlike Twitter, you have to skim through each link and open as many links as possible just to find what you’re looking for. I should say that Twitter is really congested.

Looking back at the Dashboard, followers link at the upper right corner tells you the number of people that follows you. Again, it’s going to suffer another Twitter comparison. In this page, both followers and following show the avatars much bigger in size compared to Twitter but without a hint of their activity unless you click on them to visit their profile plus the following page is dependent on the followers page. You can only see the former if you click on the latter. They are not separate pages.

Yahoo Meme Followers and Following Page

Yahoo Meme Followers and Following Page

The Invite friends option allows you to of course from the name itself but don’t take it too easy as it may put you in dismay that this service is not even integrated within your Yahoo email account. It requires you to manually type in the emails of your friends or colleagues which was really a hassle and I’m hoping that this is just for now.

Assuming you’re through with your Dashboard, once you click followers or Your Meme which is your profile page, there’s no way you can go back to the dashboard via a text link which is no where could be found on the upper right corner of the page. If you are to find any link down the page, it isn’t there too. The only way you can go back to your dashboard is by pressing the Back button on your browser. Hmm, that’s quite a mess right there.

However, if you find the purple Meme button at the top right section of the page useless, then it’s not. At first I thought it was but clicking on it will take you back to your dashboard. Okay…glad I’m able to figure that out!

Yahoo Meme Dashboard More button

Yahoo Meme Dashboard More button

Among other things, let me add that most bottom links are not necessary for site navigation other than the More button display which simply applies to opening up more options down the current page.

So there you have it, the salient features of the service in detail with no intention to hurt Yahoo Meme or Twitter in any way. We cannot compare Apples from Oranges but we can compare copycats from the original. Makes sense right?

Does Clock Widget For Websites Attract Longer Visits?

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Time tracking is an integral part of human existence. Time as well indefinitely accounts every human action. As a blogger, I tend to track the number of minutes it takes me to complete a 200-word post.

A typical blog visitor normally takes just a few seconds to decide if he is to read a post. Sometimes, it only takes half a second for a website to attract attention that is why a highly responsive web server and an optimized web page can spell the difference.

el reloj del Conejo Blanco - White Rabbit´s clockWhenever I come across a blog, the first thing I consider is the amount of time it would take me to finish a lengthy post. However, there are times that whenever I see Flash clocks/calender widgets embedded within the blog I’m reading, I tend to slow down a bit and watch those cool animated flash widgets move more than simply checking what time it was. There’s like a power of reverse psychology working against me that makes it so inviting thus encouraging me to stay a little longer that I should.

You might want to try embedding an animated time widget that is beautifully designed to probably run an experiment in order to find out if doing so will produce favorable results.

The Benefits of Feedback Systems

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

I genuinely love feedbacks. Feedback systems and feedback forms on websites or blogs normally gives me an impression that somebody is willing to lend an ear.

Some months ago, I embraced the Kampyle feedback system. I thought it would be beneficial to know what my readers think of this site and its contents.

The results are good. Getting an average of 4.0 out of 5 (with 28 random feedbacks generated) and slightly beating the global average (from all Kampyle users) of 3.9 is already an accomplishment.

Yesterday, I’ve read a feedback generated by Kampyle stating annoyance about the in-page popup windows on this blog. The reader could be referring to either my TweetBoard app, Olark chat window or Skribit suggestions tab. If it wasn’t with my Kampyle feedback form, I wouldn’t have known.

The in-page popup windows I previously integrated are just one of the many experiments I’ve done and it clearly showed that someone or somebody who may not have the time to leave their feedback find it terrible in that sense so I decided to remove all three—Olark chat, Skribit including Kampyle with the exception of TweetBoard because I find it very useful whenever I interact with my Twitter followers. Skribit on the other hand doesn’t give me much feedback so I let go. I removed Kampyle as well for the meantime. I find it obtrusive sometimes whenever I review my blog posts then all the while it pops. I still have the toolbar top slider thou which I don’t think interferes with the page.

These are the little reductions I’ve made with this blog. Hopefully, I could find some other ways to gather reader feedback in a non-obtrusive way. Now, I’m thinking about integrating a star-rating plugin for the posts, what do you think?

Sometimes it pays to experiment once in a while but the moment you get a sour feedback, then that’s the time to think things over and start taking action.

Can Buzzom Desktop take the place of TweetDeck and Seesmic?

August 18, 2009 | By More

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

I was browsing through Blippr when I came across Buzzom being one of the top apps on the site. It amuses me since this app ranks higher than TweetDeck and Seesmic in terms of the number of blips so I decided to give it a try and these are my observations. I’ll be focusing more on the desktop app than the web interface because I’m pretty much satisfied with it—it provides a nifty unfollow, follow and reciprocal following option not other similar sites can deliver.

Buzzom Beta Log-in Interface

Buzzom Beta Log-in Interface

Buzzom Desktop interface provides an easy (RT) retweet button, a (DM) direct messaging, an @reply, add to buddies or grouping of tweeters option, and allows to hide tweets from selected people you are following without having to unfollow them.

The sidebar on default though shows some suggested groupings of interesting Tweeters you may or may not be following. These “Other Groups” sidebar links are customizable through the settings option. It could be annoying at first if you don’t know how to customize this through the settings but you don’t have to be lost as you simply have to find the “gears” icon in order to change the settings.

The search form on the app can be used to search for Twitter users, terms or keywords, location, and user-specific information and bio however, the search box did not retrieve any information when I tried to search for a particular user that I follow, it could be a bug that needs some fixing. The application can also be used to manage multiple Twitter accounts all at the same time while Tweet streams can be set to auto-refresh or done manually if desired. Tweeters’ names are not clickable which means you may have to type-in their usernames on the “search box” or “find box” for you to see their profile (a big hassle!).

Lastly, it eats up API request real fast just by using it for a few minutes. Not really good since I haven’t received any direct message nor tweeted anything within the few minute timeframe I’ve used it (less than 10 mins). API requests are limited so too many of it may lead to prevent you from following anyone when you’ve reached your limit and may require you to wait for sometime until your next API allotment refreshes.

Buzzom Desktop has a friendly user-interface that is good for those who want to take Tweeting a little bit slow since the status streams cannot be refreshed unless you do so but design-wise, I find it lacking aesthetically compared to TweetDeck. It was definitely a promising Twitter desktop app, though it does require a lot of development for it to take the place of TweetDeck and Seesmic.

What’s your take on the Buzzom Desktop app? Have you tried using it?

Seesmic versus TweetDeck: Which is better?

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Reading time: 5 – 8 minutes

Having used TweetDeck for more than a couple of months left me an impression that the app was good and served its purpose. It’s simple easy-to-use interface can hook any newbie user to engage in its features and functionality. There’s a lot of promise to this Twitter application being on beta version, it worked well more that I’ve expected.



Yesterday when I tried to use the program, something just went wrong; it gave me an error message stating that I need to check my firewall settings because it’s blocking the program. It shouldn’t be a problem because I’ve just used the program few hours ago.

A little panicky that I am, I uninstalled TweekDeck v.0.26 from my PC. I even checked Adobe Air (which makes it possible to run) for possible updates. Getting any result to no avail, I decided to search for an alternative Twitter Desktop application that I can use so then came along Seesmic to my rescue.

Seesmic Desktop 0.3 is a Twitter desktop app which runs via Adobe Air platform similar to TweetDeck. Right after installing Seesmic, I run the program and nothing happened. My discovery: my internet connection slowed down upon checking through my LAN connection status. Alright, that speaks for the problem. Now what? I was test driving Seesmic all day and it was impressive. Ok, everybody’s going to say, I got run out of ideas and tried using an old app and making a story out of it. Hang on all right, I’m not yet done. Seesmic may be an old timer but it was stable. It was easier to use because of its friendly-user-interface. The left tab options make it easy to navigate between accounts for multi-account holders, groups, direct messages, @replies, sent messages, and searches. Unlike TweetDeck, Seesmic has the option to detach opened tabs into columns unlike TweetDeck having solely the column feature with a quite annoying rollover tab at the bottom that appears when there are more than three opened columns. Another great deal about Seesmic is the shrink text functionality which allows lengthy messages to fit exactly within the 140 character limit although this may not be quite appealing to some, those who are fond of texting will benefit and praise this feature. I’d suggest not using it for professional conversations since it seems informal. Another nifty feature of this application is the ability to insert pictures and share it on several image sharing services.

It’s not long enough though that I’ve been using this app but it seems that it’s beginning to capture my interest. Now, do you want me to tell you the other reason why I switched from TweetDeck to Seesmic? I’ve never seen such a vague feedback forum my entire life than what I’ve seen with TweetDeck. The site’s background as you can see in the photo below was not enticing being dark.

TweetDeck Feedback Forum

TweetDeck Feedback Forum

At first glance, you might wonder what site you’re on or what the search field is for but neither of the sections below it can give you a hint. Sending email over their support group isn’t worthwhile either because I didn’t get a reply yet at this time of writing.

Having a great application doesn’t come with having a great place for support so they should realize that navigating webpages dedicated for customer issues (this applies to all) should be easy and clearly labeled. Webpages that are supposedly designed for people seeking help and assistance should be their ultimate priority to keep their users or customers from leaving.

Anyway, I’m happy now and I’m positive that somehow things may change for the better. I’m still eyeing on Seesmic for some things that I can discover at a later time though. How about you? Are you satisfied with TweetDeck? What can you say about Seesmic? Which one do you think is better?

Seesmic Desktop Update: 12Jul09

Seesmic Desktop 0.4 was launched with exciting enhancements such as:

  • Single column and multi-column mode switching ability wherein in a single column mode, you can keep your stream compact and use the sidebar to toggle between accounts, userlist and searches which can be seen on the Seesmic Web functionality.
  • The ability to set fixed-width for the detached columns is made possible.
  • Collapsible and expandable sidebar using an added a button for viewing view and managing your streams.
  • An updated API usage control, added options for timeline limits and improved optimizations for performance are also some of the value-added enhancements.

Watch the new Seesmic Desktop 0.4 in action in this post, “Seesmic Web: Streaming tweets the Seesmic-way on the internet.”

Update 21Jul09

After two weeks of testing Seesmic Desktop including version 0.4, I’ve decided to switch back to TweetDeck v0.26.4. Why?

The tab options on Seesmic are okay but at times, its annoying. Everytime I start the app, I normally see the old messages in the column which I have no option but to leave up to but it mixes up with the new updates so I find it unsuitable. Whenever I scroll each Seesmic column, it was always a mess, it freezes most of the time. Lastly, it caused me so much trouble in following anyone because the API requests that you can do with the application is uncontrollable. I can’t see anywhere in the application to control API requests so what happened to me was a complete disaster. I cannot follow anyone for days because as per Twitter, I’ve requested so much API. I know that there has been a bug going on about failing to follow anyone on Twitter but I suspect that too many API requests can lead to it.

Tweetboard: Engaging Twitter Conversations for your Website

June 30, 2009 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

One of the most engaging Twitter application that I have used so far was the newly developed Tweetboard, a micro-forum type application that can be integrated into your website which pulls your Twitter stream in real-time (with maximum of one minute delay). Tweetboard reformats tweets into threaded conversations including those that spun off the original conversation giving your site’s visitors full perspective of what’s being discussed thereby engaging your website visitors to join in. Everytime a visitor posts or a reply via your Tweetboard, a linkback is appended to their tweet thereby creating viral stream of Twitter traffic.

Tweetboard on Software Critics

Tweetboard on Software Critics

Tweetboard Alpha (being on its Alpha testing phase) can be integrated into your website by simply placing a piece of javascript code above the </body> tag or normally where Google Analytics tracker are placed. Tweetboard at the time of writing is giving out “instant Alpha invites” however a confirmation reply is required to be able to use the application.

The rise of Tweetboard as a promising Twitter application revolutionizes the way Twitter conversations can be streamlined on a larger scale through websites or blogs and this redefines the essence tweets on a more personal level.