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It’s not uncommon for us to be downloading files from the internet from time to time and having all our download accumulate into our downloads folder all the time. However, have you ever thought of having to manage your download and have those items you downloaded faster than you normally experience right from your favorite browser?


Yes, it’s possible with free download manager such as SpeedBit DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) which also comes with a free version. Having reviewed countless software since this website went live, I could honestly tell you that I have used this application before and it was good. Download Accelerator Plus includes rich set of downloading tools which are easiest to use including video downloader and converter, video to MP3, video preview and link checker which normally figures out if download links are broken before you even waste time trying to download it.

Video converters allows you to convert AVI files or MP4 files into whatever desired file you want which your system or player can read thus allowing more flexibility and again, not wasting your effort.

Video preview allows you to finish your content and watch it or listen to it while it’s being downloaded.

And since SpeedBit has been around quite long, you are sure that there’s a community of like-minded users like you that are available to help whenever you have concerns during your use.

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