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Ads on sites help webmasters make money. Although it can be a distraction for web surfers, we cannot deny that a huge percentage of sites have ads. The good thing is, users like us have the discretion to either deal with it or block it.

But how do we block ads from appearing on sites that we visit using our regular browser? Well, that’s easy, use Adblock Plus for Chrome, an extension that became popular with Firefox users is now in action on the Google Chrome browser.

Adblock PlusSo what does it do? Adblock Plus for Google Chrome makes your surfing experience smoother as it prevents distraction and blocks all ads automatically plus it’s faster and safer. It’s a platform-independent extension which means it can be installed on any operating system provided that the host application is available.

If you are concerned about your identity online, don’t be wary, it doesn’t infringe your privacy. The warnings you normally see on Google Chrome applies to all extensions that modify web pages.

Remember, Adblock Plus is free without hidden costs. And like most browser extensions, it’s a work in progress and will keep on improving in order to deliver its promised functionality to its users.

Try Adblock Plus now and see for yourself! You can also find it here.

This post is brought to you by our friends from Adblock Plus.

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  1. Joshua says:

    I am using Adblock Plus and its works perfect!

  2. AdBlock Plus is critical! It’s the first extension I install when I setup a new browser. It makes browsing the web bearable.

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