Is Firefox 3.5 worth installing?

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The recent release of Firefox v.3.5 last June 30th, 2009 has created a lot of buzz on the web especially on the blogosphere and since I was using version 3.0.11 of the browser (among the four different browsers I use), I’ve decided to test it and see how it will perform compared to the older version.

Like the usual Firefox download thank you pages, this new release brags this tagline, “Thanks for downloading the fastest, safest and smartest version of Firefox yet. Happy browsing! While this isn’t new to me, the line“fastest, safest and smartest version of Firefox yet” caught my attention and challenged me more to try it out after the download. Like most releases, Firefox always mentions their eagerness to get user feedback. One of the most important highlight of this release mentions Firefox 3.5 being the first browser to support open video formats, allowing movies to become part of every dynamic web page without requiring a plug-in. Well, this sounds amazing and to think that Firefox who happens to have a larger share of browser usage on the internet compared to others is still trying to come up with further developments to stay ahead of their game, it’s a good move.

I’m not going to enumerate the new features of the browser to make this post short but you can find them on Firefox 3.5 release notes. Immediately after downloading the new version, I run it on a test drive scrutinizing its speed on loading web pages. It’s not as surprising as the tag line connotes. Generally, it seemed to me that there wasn’t any difference at all when it comes to performance. Like most users, I’m not going to focus on the technical aspects of the new release, what I’m after is the speed. The speed has not quite changed at all. I can’t see anything so special about it that makes it so promising more than its Minefield counterpart which I like the most. Although add-ons on Minefield are quite selective due to compatibility issues, it’s the most promising browser.

Firefox 3.5 may be a new release yet, who knows it may improve overtime but I don’t consider it a big leap for Mozilla. I may not have witnessed a faster browser on its image but I’m still happy that I’ve tried because my question was answered.

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