HOW TO: Set Firefox For Secured Browsing

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Internet security has always been a hot topic and while cyberspace continues to become congested as thousands of websites are created online every single day, this has become an avenue for criminals trying to take advantage of this ever growing virtual world through illegal schemes and fraudulent activities.

As long as there are people that remains uninformed, there will always be victims, thus information dissemination is the key.

Phishing attacks can be prevented if we know how to safeguard ourselves using our browser’s functionality which most of us may have overlooked.

On this post, we’ll focus on Firefox’s security settings option. Firefox security settings are developed for safe Internet browsing. You can set this by following these steps:

From the Tools tab on your browser, select Options. Then, it will open a pop-up dialogue box wherein it will give you the option to tick the corresponding boxes that will define your browser’s security (see image below).

Firefox Security Settings

Firefox Security Settings

The most important box to choose it the option “Tell me if the site I’m visiting is a suspected attack site and forgery.” These options when activated alert you whenever you come across such web pages and ask if you would like to continue viewing the web page. The latter option is provided to ensure that false positives are taken into account that somehow, they could also be wrong that’s why open source software depend largely on community involvement and participation through bug report submissions, performance issues and other related concerns.

Since you already know how to setup your browser for security, why not report or send them crash reports, suggestions, and all things which you believe can help improve browser user experience.

If you want to get involved with Mozilla, follow this link.

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    Performance can vary with a lot of animation, occasional crash, problems with extensions & themes updating on rare occasion….

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