Google Chrome gets Persona-fied with new beta release

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I‘m not talking literally here about Google Chrome’s new beta release personifying an entity or individual but instead personalizing its look and feel making it customizable to fit your taste and artistic inclination.

While many of us are aware especially Firefox fans in particular that the latter allows customization capabilities through Mozilla Labs experiment known as Personas. Personas allows Firefox users to dress up the browser by installing the extension and selecting from a wide array of design options. You can even design your own for personal use or choose to make it publicly available.

Personas boasts a personalized touch on what you can do with your browser and how you want it to look like. Making a Personas design is very easy and fun to do, all you need is a little bit of imagination and creativity.

As the browser market share competition gets tougher, Firefox just recently lunched Firefox 3.5 which they dubbed as the fastest browser ever which I utterly oppose although I’m Firefox user myself for years and was followed by a sneak peek of the Chrome-like Firefox 4.0. We cannot deny that Google Chrome is a one tough competitor in the open source arena aside from its plan of getting a piece of the pie from the OS market, they are simply raising the bar of competition when they came up with Google Chrome Beta.

Google Chrome Beta was really promising and a bit faster than what I’ve expected compared to its stable version. What’s really remarkable about the new beta release was its resemblance with Firefox’s Personas. Although Chrome Themes are few, they’re irresistibly attractive, sleek, and fast and dressing up the browser doesn’t eat up load time and resources unlike Personas on Firefox.

Chrome has a long way to go in terms of incorporating browser extensions particularly customization options but it seems that they’re heading to that direction slowly. Chrome Themes is Google’s response to most users challenge to instill add-ons but I hope that they’ll keep the extensions minimal as this may not be helpful when it becomes overwhelming.

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Google Chrome Beta Grass Theme

At the moment, Chrome Themes Gallery doesn’t have many selections and doesn’t have an option for a user to create one’s own but to think its Google, it’s not surprising that sooner or later, they’ll embody Personas features. What do you think?

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  1. Chris Jones says:

    Nice to see Chrome getting faster and more customisable. Usually speed suffers as a result. I’ve just installed it for the first time and have to say I’m impressed, especially with the speed.

    I think Chrome could do really well as has arrived at a good time as Firefox, especially with the latest version 3, is turning into the new IE thanks to its crashes and bugs, something which Firefox was never supposed to do. The way Google have implemented the themes whilst maintaining performance is a good example.

    Google could be very well in the browser market.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Google Chrome should be better off theme customizable and that’s it. Otherwise, if it continues to add extensions like Firefox did, it’ll certainly slowdown overtime filling it with so much bloat.

    Thank you for the comment and I hope to see you here more often.

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