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Picking the Right Player for Video Content Marketing

December 31, 2017 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

A picture says a thousand words and a video probably much more. Therefore, it will probably come as no surprise that content marketers are increasingly turning to video, especially after a study by HubSpot revealed that embedding videos in landing pages can increase conversion rates by as much as 80%.

Obviously, simply adding video to a page doesn’t guarantee such an increase. Video content needs to be carefully planned and produced. Viewers generally want to be entertained. If a video is really funny, it may even become viral, which would save thousands of advertising dollars. In any case, make sure to keep it short and straight to the point. What problem does your product or service solve? This should be clear and convincing right from the start, since not all viewers might finish watching the video.

Another important aspect of successful video content marketing is choosing the best website video player. Sure, one could simply upload a video to YouTube and embed it on the page. But that doesn’t only look cheap, it might also not be the best option to get even close to that 80% conversion rate. A video player that is customizable as well as interactive and that allows embedding links might be the best option, if a direct sale is the goal. But even for branding purposes, a less generic video player might be a good idea, especially for premium brands.

Seek Out Segments

October 4, 2016 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Segmented emails have the power to transform your marketing efforts and are an important part of a solid marketing strategy. They are messages that, while not individualized, are personalized to a targeted section of your company’s email list. Targeted variables include location, gender, and shopping habits. This is done by dividing your contact list into smaller demographic and consumer behavior segments. This way, if you are in the business of body care you could promote aftershave to men and tinted lip balm to women.


The biggest advantage of splitting your email list into segments and sending more personalized content is that you can benefit through a dramatically higher click through rate than a general marketing campaign. By delivering relevant content, unsubscribes and abuse reports may decrease as well. Aligning content to different groups of consumers is only as good as the identification process for separating a contact list.


When you are considering a segmentation strategy for your marketing efforts, you need to know who your target audience is. This is so you can segment your lists based on data collected from forms as well as online behavior patterns. USC MCM considers audience identification an absolutely essential step to make a segmentation marketing strategy viable. Start with the service or product that you offer when identifying audiences. What wants or needs does it meet?

The audience for an affordable fragrance-free soap is likely to be quite different from a scented luxury soap. While both groups need soap, their wants differ widely. One group is likely concerned with meeting a household budget and sees added scent as less desirable, and the other group has disposable income and enjoys fragrances. Once different consumer groups are segmented, you are able to put your outreach into action.

Effective Implementation

An effective, segmented campaign sends the most pertinent content to the right people at the ideal time. This is facilitated by the development of a buyer persona for each of your audience segments. The identification of customer personas has been a marketing practice for some time, but is especially useful in this application for writing relevant content for various segments.

The tone of an email to a finance executive will be different than one used for a college student for example. The subject line is another important element in communicating with segments that should not be overlooked. Even if the product offered would appeal to both an executive and a student, the subject line should be personalized to resonate optimally with each group.

As the implementation cycle of your marketing plan continues, further segmentation can be done based upon engagement levels. Highly engaged and loyal purchasers of your product may not need as much contact to keep them subscribed to your updates. There is also a category of engagement in which a consumer shares your content, yet does not ever make a purchase. They are also useful to keep engaged with useful content that they will, in turn, be likely to share with their network with friends and associates. Whether your segmented list is a frequent buyer or is an influential content sharer, they have a purpose in the sales funnel.

Segmentation can integrate seamlessly with a well programmed marketing automation system that takes into account lead nurturing practices. It also can also be integrated with call to action features on your blog as well as social media monitoring.

List segmentation helps you to generate customers rather than just prospective leads. Taking time to segment your large email list into several specific consumer categories lets you increase your chances of connecting the right target audience to the right product or service to meet their needs. With a list segmentation strategy, the engagement with your audience can grow along with your rate of return.

Business Success 101: Simple Strategies To Optimize Company Efficacy

August 5, 2016 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Most corporate leaders and entrepreneurs want their businesses to become successful. Whether you run a new small business or a huge corporation that has been in operation for decades, there are several techniques you can use to keep your company functioning smoothly and effectively. Here are three of them:

1. Invest In New Broadband Products.

If you want to optimize your business’s level of success, remember that having a strong internet connection and excellent telecommunication operations is immensely important. These elements enhance your ability to complete daily tasks and connect with customers in a manner that expedites and optimizes the completion of business transactions. If you’re in need of new broadband products such as the hybrid coupler, you can obtain them from organizations like Werlatone.

2. Obtain Feedback From Your Customers.

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your company operates optimally is by obtaining feedback from your customers. In so doing, you’ll be able to attain a clear understanding of which products and services your clients are dissatisfied with. Once you obtain this information, you’ll be able to update and optimize your brand so that you can attain repeat business. There are many ways you can start obtaining feedback from your customers, and one of them is by asking them to complete questionnaires regarding your product line.

3. Enhance Your Marketing Efforts.

In addition to obtaining feedback from your customers, be sure to get in the habit of enhancing your marketing efforts. This methodology is important because effective advertising ensures that you can continue connecting with and then converting members of your target audience who have yet to hear about your brand. Some of the traditional advertising mechanisms you may want to implement to facilitate this outcome include radio ads and television commercials. You might also want to invest in digital marketing techniques like:

• online reputation management
• link building
• responsive web design
• keyword analysis
• web design and development
• target market research

Don’t Delay: Optimize Business Success Today!

If you want to optimize your company’s efficacy, you can start moving the business enhancement process forward immediately. Three techniques that will optimize your efforts include investing in new broadband products, obtaining feedback from your customers, and enhancing your marketing efforts. By using these methodologies regularly and in conjunction, you can keep your business going and growing!

Advantages of Digital Devices

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Digital transcription equipment is innovative technology at its best. This is an extraordinary alternative from the archaic methods of transcribing medical information, recording depositions and meetings that needed to be transcribed word-for-word. Recording text from voice is geared toward making work more proficient.

Why People Use Digital Devices

Digital equipment used for transcribing has much to offer. Connecting properly and making clear recordings has never been easier. Going backward to cassette recorders is simply not an option. What does matter is being confident in the equipment you choose to get the job done.

The utilization of digital voice recorders to complement your work flow may include:
Knowing this type of transcription equipment permits you to record data to use for reference and documentation. Recording fundamental data to sort and store. You can return to the information at any time, even beginning at the last point where you stopped previously. Notices and reports are completed within seconds because of the indexing feature, which makes your work day more efficient.
Digital equipment for transcribing enables you to integrate the device with your organization’s structure. Setup predefined workflows or customize them based on a specific task.
A finished transcribed document can be automatically sent to another person for review. Most equipment includes a status feature where you can define the document as either ‘pending’ or ‘finished.’ This also adds to the efficiency of your workflow.

What to Look for When Selecting a Digital Device

Purchasing a digital dictation machine is easy, especially when you know what one should include. Keep these six requirements close to compare your options.
Portability – this is essential if you travel to different locations to record meetings or interviews at offsite locations.
Computer integration – seamless integration with your laptop or desktop is important, so make sure it is compatible with your computer.
Editing capabilities – audio and file editing makes it convenient to bookmark passages and perform keyword searches.
Sound quality – high sampling rate and limited external noise interference are essential features.
Microphone – whether internal or external, you want a strong device that picks up voices clear to help with accuracy.
Memory capacity – high memory capacity allows more recording time. This is particularly helpful when recording a deposition, which can last for hours.

These extraordinary elements of digital recorders empower you to do a substantial amount of work more efficiently. Find one with high quality of recording capabilities and you may wonder how you ever got work done without it.

3 Considerations When Choosing a Metalizing Service

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Metalizing refers to a process by which goods and products are covered with a “finish” or “coating” that protects them from damage. The most popular type is physical vapor deposition (PVD), but there are many others, and they all serve the same purpose: the protection of your wares.

So how do you get your products metalized? Some people buy their own vacuum metallization equipment, but those can be expensive to ship and complicated to work, so others turn to metalizing services provided by industrial companies. Professional metalization can save you a lot of time, energy and money, but you’ll need to make sure you choose the right business. Your goods are important, and your metalizing service needs to treat them as such.

If you’re in the market for a metalizing service, here are just a few tips for finding a company that will get the job done.

1. Price

First things first: How much can you afford to spend on metalizing services? Keep two numbers in your head as you browse potential companies. The first should be the number you don’t want to exceed, and the second should be the number you cannot exceed. If you find a metalizing company that’s slightly too rich for your blood, call or email them and ask if they can do anything for you.

2. Turnaround Time

This is another important consideration when choosing a metalizing service. How long will it take them to finish your coatings? Be sure to request a schedule or estimated timetable when you’re handing over your goods; it will keep you informed while also putting pressure on the company not to slack off. It’s more binding when it’s in writing.

3. Location

A local metalizing service is probably your best bet; if you can transport your products with a good old-fashioned truck, you won’t have to worry about expensive shipping costs for ferries or planes. If you’re willing to pay top dollar for the best, however, there are metalizing companies that will take distance orders.

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you search for metalizing services. Whether you’re coating toys or automobiles, protecting your goods is the act of a responsible professional, so make sure you don’t delay. Every minute your goods are un-coated is another minute they’re vulnerable to damage.

Imac Through the Years

November 27, 2015 | By | Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

In 1998, some of the first personal computers were boring, beige boxes with no design appeal. They were purely utilitarian objects meant to increase the user’s work flow and speed up mundane tasks. Apple saw an opportunity to turn these ugly beige boxes into computers with bold design features and a colorful sense of style, and the iMac was born.

When the iMac was first introduced, critics had negative opinions about technology and design features, but opinions quickly changed with the welcome reception from optimistic users. Computer users, especially the younger generation, loved the innovative core technology and creative, stylish design features of the iMac. It didn’t take long for the iMac to become the must-have desktop personal computer.

In 1998, iMac launched the release of the iMac G3 Bondi Blue, an all-in-one personal computer with a stylish look, 233MHz processor speed, 15-inch screen, and easy user features. The G3 looked a bit like a big blue egg, but consumers welcomed the creative, colorful design. This all-in-one computer quickly became the mainstream computer found on millions of tables and desktops in American homes. Over the next few years, Apple improved the G3 with a DV Slot Loading Edition and more innovative technology features that made the G3 user friendly.

In 2002, Apple introduced the iMac G4. It was still an all-in-one computer, but with a radical redesign moving from CRT to LCD technology. Mounted on a novel white hemispherical base, the G4 offered users a 700MHz processor speed and the same 15-inch screen with LCD technology. Over the next couple of years, the iMac G4 was improved with a 20-inch screen, combo drive, super drive and USB2 features.

In 2004, Apple discontinued the iMac G4 and replaced it with the G5, an all-in-one computer with streamlined design features. It was a completely different look compared to the iMac G3 and G4. The G5 design encapsulated the entire machine in a 2-inch thick, 20-inch screen combined with a glossy white cabinet and a stylish aluminum base. From 2004 through 2013, the popular iMac G5 design evolved with its iSight, Intel and Unibody models that offered the same stylish design features and even more advanced technology.

Although the look of the iMac has changed through the years, it’s still a user favorite. Whether you have an older iMac or new laptop, you can find a variety of Apple and macbook pro parts at

BizTalk Fundamentals for Administrators

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Are you an administrator or IT professional new to the BizTalk server game? QuickLearn offers a “BizTalk 2013 R2 Administrator Fundamentals” class that is the ideal solution. You will gain the basic knowledge you need to utilize BizTalk, including an introduction to BizTalk, guidance with BizTalk applications and hosts, and tips for tracking and troubleshooting.

This BizTalk 2013 training course will provide you with six hours of instruction and six hours of hands-on labs. The overall course is twelve hours, but extra lab hours are provided to give you the optimum amount of hands on experience. However, the class is not run on a strict schedule; rather, it is self-directed during a sixty day period for your convenience. If you need help during your instruction, there is online support included. After completing this course, you can take advanced courses on BizTalk to learn even more!

Team Foundation Server 2015 Training

June 30, 2015 | By | Reply More

Reading time: < 1 minute

QuickLearn now offers different levels of Microsoft TFS training to help companies improve their product management. The program was made to get more out of development teams. The three different types of training they offer are Introductory, Professional, and Advanced training to meet everyone’s needs.

Microsoft just came out with the TSF 2015, which include expanded features for those with the basic license. A few of the new items offered include team rooms and web-based test execution. Not sure what those mean? Take the training to find out!

If you want to become more familiar with the program make sure to sign up for Microsoft TFS training, to insure you know how to utilize all the functions. The great thing about the training is it is also available online so you can learn anywhere in the world.

The Cloud Has Revolutionized Computing

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Every few years, new technology comes along that completely changes everything where Internet interaction is concerned. Cloud technology, which relies less on resources on individual computers, has helped revolutionize both business and consumer computing. Some of the biggest names in the industry rely primarily on the cloud to provide services to their customers.

Charles Phillips of Infor is an example of one key person in the technology industry who is shaping cloud computing for the better. One of the challenges that many companies face is having to upgrade their clouds to keep up with the competition. After many companies upgrade, they experience serious growth.

One of the things that people can expect from the cloud is the fact that many applications were released in a way that allows for customization. User-friendly interfaces help make it easier for employees to adapt to the new software. The cloud hosting helps eliminate many of the issues associated with multiple users. What is probably the most important part of cloud applications is that they make the integration easier.

The use of the cloud initially gained attention through the work of many major companies that decided it was a more efficient way to store and deliver content. Once the public became familiar with it through use of the sites that employed its technology, they became comfortable with the concept. Many consumers who used sites that offered cloud storage appreciated the extra space that was available. Once consumers started using cloud storage, the demand for cloud applications increased among hosting providers.

Many companies that use the cloud have found ways to adapt the technology according to their needs. At one time, companies would have relied on generic platforms that did not necessarily suit the needs of the industry. Today’s platforms make it easier for companies to adapt their software interfaces according to special compliance needs or other issues specific to the industry.

One thing that many people are unaware of is that it is possible to integrate everything into the cloud. It isn’t just the secure documents that employees access that goes into the cloud. Supply chain management systems are some of the most important applications in the cloud. The increased security makes importing as much information into the cloud as possible a good idea.

Many people are concerned about the security and stability of a new system when they first try it. In fact, security and stability are two of the most common concerns that make people hold back from upgrading to the cloud. However, it is easy for IT professionals to address both of these issues. In fact, the nature of the cloud itself makes upgrades much easier.

One way in which the cloud has created a better end-user experience is by reducing maintenance and upgrade costs. Because both of these require less work on the part of the staff, it is no longer necessary to pass the costs on to customers. The cloud has created a better experience for both businesses and consumers.

Timesheet Tracking for Freelancers

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

For freelancers like me, getting things done is of primary importance in order to stay on top of your competition. The faster turnaround time, the better feedback but of course, the more efficient you do things, the more productive you can be.

While getting things done is paramount, you obviously don’t want to second guess if you’re being paid timely on every effort you put into your projects. Time tracking is very important in order for you to get paid timely and correctly everytime you perform tasks for your client.

A Timesheet Portal software can easily track the hours you’ve worked up to the last minute. It simplifies your task of keeping track of minutes between each break and those times you’re off your desk. Like similar software in the market, Timesheet Portal will allows its users to jot down expenses aside from earnings. It even allows time off scheduling for each team member making sure that you can always find someone to fill-in within your team in case someone gets sick.

After work hours are tracked, the software provides you with the ability to send invoices to your clients. Budget management for projects are also available on the software so you can be sure that you’re working within the allocated budget. You can even sync your invoices to other platforms such as Sage, Quickbooks, and Xero.

How to Remove Webroot Secure Anywhere from Mac OSX

October 20, 2014 | By | 1 Reply More

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

I always thought that getting an Antivirus for your system was for your own security but when this sense of security becomes an annoyance and acts like a malware, this is where you draw the line.

When I got this Macbook Pro as a gift, it comes with this software called Webroot Secure Anywhere for Mac, thought it was a good deal having it for 6 months trial. But things get awry when the trial runs out and it suddenly acts up popping up on my computer screen just about everytime asking me to renew. It didn’t stop from there, I can’t even force quit it and delete it directly from my applications folder.

It freaked me out and I had to dig deep just to find some forums that will shed light on the matter. I had to read more on the internet, most don’t work at all. Here’s what I’ve come up with as a solution to remove Webroot Secure Anywhere for Mac.

  1. Go to your “Applications” folder the Mac.
  2. Open the “Utilities” folder and find “Activity Monitor” and click on it.
  3. Find the Webroot Secure software in the “Activity Monitor”, click on “Disk”, once you find it there, click on the X on the upper left hand corner of the dialogue box just below the colored options yellow, red, and green, that X means to kill the process.
  4. Process #3 must be done quickly so you need to have your “Applications” folder open. After killing the process, go to your “Applications” folder and right click on the Webroot Secure app and move it to trash. If you’ve done it really fast enough, Webroot will not reactivate back after you kill the process instead a dialogue box will appear which will ask you if you want to UNINSTALL WEBROOT SECURE, so choose uninstall and your problem will be over.

I hope this short tutorial helps anyone in anyway that is having serious trouble with Webroot Secure. Never again that I would install this crap.

Social Media Outreach By Prominent Executives

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Reading time: 3 – 4 minutes

Business people utilize social media to optimize outreach to customers and partners. Loyal consumers of particular companies are often interested in what executives have to say. Similarly, companies also have plenty of reasons to stay updated on the latest events relating to business partners. Being concise is an important aspect of proper social media management whether for business or personal reasons. Therefore, prominent executives usually post catchy headlines on social media sites. The goal is to quickly entice readers to get in-depth information about relevant trending topics in a given industry. Social media posts made by business people usually include links to external websites that feature in-depth articles from reliable sources such as magazines and scholastic journals. Charts are used heavily by businessmen who want to emphasize eye-popping statistics regarding economic activity at home and abroad.

It’s common for wealthy entrepreneurs to post articles about issues that might not even be directly related to specific business operations. However, smart business people understand the complex global economy in which environmental and social issues heavily influence commercial success. Most consumers think that executives are only interested in the latest market prices of stocks, commodities and other financial packages. However, successful executives try to break such myths by providing unconventional perspectives in business. Posts about foreign politics might be somehow linked to regional businesses in the United States. An American investor might point out how U.S. politicians can borrow ideas from other countries when it comes to commercial regulation. With soaring corporate taxes in the United States, patriotic American executives are looking for ways to influence some reforms in the political arena.

Social media posts can also be used by executives to explain trends involving American companies officially opening their headquarters overseas for tax benefits. CEOs can make their case on social networks when it comes to outsourcing and branch relocation. Consumers could be informed about some of the unfair corporate taxes that drive American businesses overseas. Additionally, executives can use social media to respond to actual questions posted by American consumers. It’s possible to lay out the conditions for an American company to relocate back to the United States and hire more domestic workers.

While focusing on an array of issues on social media, business people ultimately want to attract more customers and new business partners. Therefore, authentic profile pages on social network feature links to official websites of entrepreneurs and their companies. An executive like Glen Gonzalez and other businessmen are examples of prominent investors who use social media for widespread outreach.

Social media is also a great platform for boosting one’s reputation. Wealthy executives can show their philanthropic activities that are rarely covered by mainstream media. Instead, news outlets seem to be obsessed with covering stories that involve scandals in the personal lives of prominent business people. Social networks could feature photos and videos of actual fundraisers that are sponsored by corporate executives. Even better, tags might be used to create social media buzz that ultimately raises awareness for great causes such as cancer research or academic scholarships. Transparency is another key feature of social media posts about philanthropic activity. Business people should not have a problem with revealing their personal monetary contributions to charities. Additionally, executives should also reveal annual contributions made by their companies.

Verizon Wireless Store Sales Rep Rants Behind Customer

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Reading time: 4 – 7 minutes

It has been a while since I last updated this blog but this incident today really triggered by my-long-been-stagnant-fingers to lift it again back into writing. Well, this time I’m writing my own rant on this piece of space I have so here we go.

I went to one of Verizon Wireless’ Store, this one in Orange Park, Jacksonville, Florida. I came here accompanied by an american family member.

Reason is, we wanted to include the prepaid-Verizon mobile phone into our existing account. Take note, I’m an existing customer. The main guy we came for was assisting other customers when we came. He’s a taller guy and he’s the one who initially opened our accounts at the store, let’s just call him guy A. Guy A is kinda busy, he though recognized our presence, approached us and since he’s with a customer at the moment, we recommended that we talk to a different guy that can assist us, let’s call him smaller bald guy B. Bald guy B, from the way he approached us doesn’t feel like it being passed with the job of assisting us came over. He didn’t even shook hands or introduced himself, sort of like forgetting the “business-like” and “professional” attitude, which I find a little different, sort of, obliged to do but really don’t like doing it. He began to asks questions about our concern. I told him it was a prepaid phone that we bought and would like to be added to our existing post-paid account. He seemed very uptight and don’t feel like doing the task, he doesn’t seem to understand the concern. After asking for names, addresses and what not, he asked for a phone number where the prepaid mobile phone number’s going to be tied into. I guess, I wasn’t sure about his question at first, I said I gave you the number. The person with me who’s the main account holder told the store agent that it’s in his account’s phone number. I think the right question to ask is “what is the phone number of the account that you want this prepaid mobile phone to be associated with or added to or linked to. Instead, he felt upset and started stomping. He grabbed the phone and said he will check in the system but apparently he got upset. The person with me said so, the agent got upset. Why? Is that because I wasn’t able to answer his question the very first time he asked? Was it because he felt we are bothering him because it’s not really his job to assist us because the person that was supposed to was attending to other customers in the store?

So guy B came back, told us we cannot add the prepaid phone towards our existing account because the prepaid mobile number has not been active or used for six months. While getting this information didn’t take that long and not very painful, why can’t the “rudeness” and “stomping-like-a-child attitude” had to come out towards us deliberately? I don’t get it really.

Guy B then told us, without hesitation and with pride, that we need to buy a new phone if we would like to retain the prepaid phone’s number. So that’s an upsell now! While I don’t care about the upsell, I would care much about the attitude that was shown towards me. Is that because I’m Asian? How dare you even upsell into our face when your attitude few minutes back was very unaccommodating? I wouldn’t even hire that kind of attitude if I ever own a food truck. There’s no way I’m going to bite that upsell after that unfriendly and childish attitude.

Guy B says, I’d suggest you buy a new phone so we can use the prepaid mobile’s number and not lose it and then we can connect/link it to your existing post paid account with us. The person accompanying me said, “do you like to buy a new phone?” I said, “I’m not sure.” Guy B said, “I’ll let you guys pick which phones you like from there (pointing at the model phones on the wall behind us) if you’re able to decide”. He then left. I followed him with my eyes as he goes toward the backdoor of the store, very visible from where I stand, he open the door and talked to someone inside with some gesture of the arms wide open held up, like the upset gesture, “these guys suck, unbelievable” hand gesture, if you understand what I’m trying to say here. I was like, ohh, I see, he’s now back to “I’m disappointed” mode. That kind of attitude will not even convince me to buy a new phone or worse, not even renew my contract after two years. Believe me, I will not embrace this kind of attitude towards customers.

And the Asian thing, yes, that’s so true. I’m Asian but I’m not stupid and I can understand English very well, the question is just wrong, that’s why I didn’t get it at first. I worked in the customer service via BPOs before, and what do we ask the customer when we don’t get the questions right at first? We ask politely. Agent/Guy B did not. He got upset, stomped and walked away. That’s very professional, Verizon? Wow, if that’s the kind of customer service you are giving your customers at your stores, I would never want to step back in. Never. And don’t call me about the racist thing, because I’ve just been to a museum, and pretty much coincidentally, I was inside the gallery of African American Civil war, that dark moment between blacks and whites, when a white lady guard ask me to stay away from the photos coz I’m very near it, it might fell off the wall and she didn’t stop from there, she followed us (me and my companion) in all the galleries like we’re thieves trying to filfer something.

Yes, racism happens still today. In the museum at the civil war gallery, very coincidental indeed, and inside a Verizon Wireless store, who should be in the forefront of establishing better communications between races and people end up being the first to violate moral standards of respect.

Automated Engineering For Manufacturing

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Modern engineering services provide essential analysis on various manufacturing and assembly processes. Robotics and automated systems track down complicated processes in factories and other production facilities. For example, there are advanced optical systems that keep track of the movement of various products that are being assembled. A sensor may be programmed to look for certain shapes in unfinished items that are in a production line. The detection of a missing part may automatically stop all of the machinery in the assembly equipment. An actual human worker needs to come over and inspect a part that’s considered to be faulty for any number of reasons.

Three dimensional scanning systems are also available to keep track of the proper shape and size of products being produced. Special optical and electromagnetic scanners can create three dimensional digital images of items that go through a production line. Improper drilling of holes in certain parts of a product may call for a complete stop of production equipment in order to inspect the faulty items.

Similarly, automated scanning systems in factories may measure the weight of an item that is being assembled. At any given instant, each unfinished product should have the same weight. Significant differences in weight of an item may indicate improper assembly. For example, some parts of a product may not have been properly carved out or drilled. Manufacturing plants can buy today automatic scanning systems that could detect slight imperfections in products of various sizes, even on a small scale of millimeters.

Cutting Healthcare Costs

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There are many theories as to why health care costs have risen so dramatically over the past few years. One of the theories is that it is too time consuming and expensive to keep proper records. The good news is that companies are starting to switch from paper records to electronic records that are easier to maintain.

When a computer network can keep track of a list of patients and their insurance information, it means that a hospital doesn’t have to pay someone to keep those records or manually alter them every time a patient’s records need to be updated. Instead, the information can be altered automatically whenever changes need to be made.

Having an accurate record on file for a patient makes it easier for doctors and hospitals to provide the type of care that a patient needs. When a doctor can access updated medical records, there may be no need for a certain type of test or for a patient to take a drug that could possibly hurt that patient.

Health care by HealthEdge is a vital service that everyone should have access to. While doctors and other providers need to be paid for their services, it is always a good thing when costs can be cut and savings can be passed on to the consumer.

Watch Your Company’s Repeat Revenue Soar with the Right Program Implements

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Every day throughout the world businesses are spending a fortune to create websites that are appealing and designed for the sole purpose of drawing in new clients. Unfortunately, many business owners are left dumbfounded as to why their companies are not reaching the levels of success that they anticipate. Experts in the area of revenue retention have invested a great deal of time and energy into finding the answer and solutions that will help these companies. These professionals have found that without client retention the success levels will never reach their maximum potential even with constant online traffic.

recurring revenueThrough the invention of cloud technology some experts have been able to design pertinent programs that deliver real results to this problem. Their cloud based applications and software programs are helping companies identify their customer’s purchased and usage patterns. This allows them to sell more of their products and services by increasing repeat customers when they can use adequate information to create upsell and cross-sell programs. These businesses can also improve their repeat revenue numbers by boosting customer retention and engagement that they can implement by using the information obtained through professionally designed cloud based applications and software programs they utilize.

Overall by ensuring that they can provide their customers with the products and services that are in demand a company is able to deliver more desirable and consistent results. This has a big impact on the way the customer views your business. It also will help to increase word of mouth referrals to the family and friends of these satisfied individuals and lead to higher levels of customer volume for the business overall.

Tips for Tracking Mutations

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Are you going to be running a scientific experiment in which there are going to be mutations? If so, it is time to learn more about how to track and record those mutations as getting these records down will be very important. It helps you to get results that can then be studied at a later date to see if certain mutations were more common and even if some could be expected under those conditions, which allows you to see how the specimens reacted and what you can do to get a similar reaction in the future.

mutation detectionThe most important thing to do is to take very specific notes. When using the mutation detection machines, write down everything that they tell you as soon as you get the data. You may even want to use an audio recorder so that you can just state for the microphone what you are seeing as you continue on with the experiment. This way, you do not have to pause and take notes when things are time-sensative, and you do not risk leaving out details by trying to take notes at the end. You can just transcribe the audio into written notes when you are done.

Another thing to think about is taking photos of the results that can go along with your notes. It is easier for a future scientist who is studying your work to know exactly what you were seeing if he can see it for himself, all while reading your account.

Demistifying the Cloud Infographic

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Demystifying the Data Center Cloud? width=
Presented By Telx Data Centers

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Importance of Employee Time Tracking

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Owning your own business is a dream that many people have had in their lives. So many of us sit behind a desk or in a cubicle and dream about being your own boss, setting your own hours and selling a product or a service that you have always wanted to make on your own. But running your own business isn’t as simple as choosing to strike out on your own and doing well. There are many things you have to do to keep your business up and running, including keeping costs down to something reasonable. For many new business owners, this is the toughest part of running their own business. Thankfully, with a little insight and these tips and tricks you can begin to cut costs and see profit in your business.

When it comes to keeping up with employee time, it can be a complicated process. Computer systems offer an easy way to keep track of your employee’s time, but it may not be the best choice for all small businesses. A computer automated system runs the risk of having errors, or less than honest employees using the system to log more time than they have actually worked. That is why many small businesses choose to use a traditional stamping time clock to manage their employee’s time.

If you choose to use a traditional time clock, there are ways that you can cut down on costs and still keep an honest record of time when it comes to your employees without costing you an arm and a leg. Buying your time cards in bulk is an easy way to save money. With the type of website you can visit now, you can get a great price on your time cards so that you only have to buy them a few times a year, which will cut down on costs on shipping and travel to get what you need.

Another way to cut costs around the office is by doing your own shredding. Many businesses pay a fee to their bank in order to have their papers shredded. But a one time cost of a good, professional shredder can save you in the long run. This will allow you to do all of your shredding in house, and will also make sure you are confident in how the shredded documents are taken care of when it comes to disposal.

Paper Items Are Necessary For Any Business

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Regardless of what type of business you are in, you need to purchase various types of paper on a regular basis. Discount pricing on quantity amounts that will supply all your paper needs in a fast and superior fashion is an asset to lower your business expenses and to keep your office well supplied. There are actually thousands of items to fulfill all your office needs, and buying through the Internet with delivery from multiple warehouses located throughout the United States offers a much wider selection and speeds up delivery right to your door.

Regular reams of printer specific paper and also customized printed stationery and envelopes are the most popular items that are needed on a constant basis. However, there are also specialty papers required, depending on your type of business, such as folder and product labels, carbonless paper, wide format paper, engineering rolls, memo pads, adding machine rolls, bookkeeping aids, desk pads and much more.

Buy here when you want helpful and quick purchasing of all your paper and other office needs whether you are a large or small company or an individual with a home office. You will be given the exact same competitive prices as those offered to a Fortune 500 company.

Is Hard Drive Partitioning Necessary?

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Hard drive partitioning is necessary when you’re adding a new hard drive or SSD to your system. You must format and partition your new HDD or SSD before you can use it.

The best tool for the job is a full-featured disk partition software which allows you to also repartition or change your partition type when you need them. Like for instance, you’d want to move your C drive to an SSD, you can repartition the old drive for media storage.

EaseUS partition manager free is a full-featured disk utility that is so powerful it can make everything done easily for you.

partition managerUnlike most software, the latter includes a helpful user guide describing just about everything that the software can do like Extend System Partition, Merge Partitions, Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk, Convert Primary to Logical Partition, and Copy Disk.

Some people say that if you are installing Windows, the installation process will take care of the formatting for you so you don’t really need a partition manager.

There are actually some advantages of setting-up partitions. Among which includes:

It separates uses for operating system and applications, and for user’s data. Sometimes it’s better to put one HDD more if it’s desktop PC.

Allows users to have more than one OS (Operating System) running on a single computer.
Serves in recovering files in case one of the partitions get corrupted so that other system files may not be affected.

If there are advantages, there are disadvantages as well. Some of which are:

  1. It reduces the total space available for user storage on the disk.
  2. May reduce overall disk performance on systems where data is accessed regularly.
  3. May increase disk fragmentation.
  4. May prevent the user from using the whole disk capacity.

There are two things that you needed to remember when doing a partition:

  1. Always back up data before changing size or moving partition.
  2. Do not delete a partition which contains useful files.

While partitioning can do a great deal depending on the purpose of using it, it’s always important that you know exactly what you’re doing or seek an expert’s advice if you don’t know where to begin.

Backup Your Computer with NovaStor

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Using Your Backup Software Effectively

A shockingly large percentage of home computer users neglect to use computer backup software on a regular basis, leaving critical data and program files vulnerable to damage and loss in the event of a catastrophic failure.  A recent study showed that as many as 92% of people who use a computer regularly do not perform any backup of the computer’s hard drive to avoid risk of losing crucial files and information when the machinery fails, as all machines eventually will.  If you haven’t already, it is time to include yourself in the secure eight percent of computer users who have and use backup software as a part of their data stability system to keep their computer operating despite system crash or other catastrophe.

Benefits of Automation

cloud backupOnce installed and properly set up in your computer, software is generally automated, and will perform regular backups of critical files and new data.  This is an important feature, because it helps to eliminate the human factor of forgetting to perform the back up in a regular timely manner, exposing the system to gaps in backup records that can be costly.  Check the settings on your computer’s operating system, and become familiar with the backup software available to you.  Know how the options of the various settings available will impact your computer use, as backups are best performed when the system is not in use, and, depending on the complexity and extent of the backup, can take some extended time in many cases.  Having a regularly set schedule of computer backup is the important first step toward ensuring that you will not lose critical operating files or data that you have added, from financial or tax records to photos and video and music on your computer, the possibility of total loss of files is too catastrophic to leave to chance.


The backup software from is designed to perform regularly, on a user-defined schedule appropriate for your data and computing needs.  Regularity of back up process builds extra security into the system, by performing the crucial backup tasks at appointed intervals to be sure to capture all the updated and changed data that could be lost in the event of system crash.

External Storage

Once you have set up your backup system to operate at intervals to save files, you need to export the data to external data storage for added security.  After all, it makes little sense to maintain the backed up copy of critical files on the same device that holds the original files, as any damage to one will likely damage the other in some way.  Some of the best options in external storage of backup data include:

– Flash drive for reasonable amounts of data
– External hard drive with USB connection for larger storage
– Remote storage services

When you have a backup system at work in your computer, including a full stability and security system that includes off-site storage, redundancy of backup, and regular tests of the functionality of the restoration process, you have the reliability and protection that more than ninety percent of home computer users do not have.  With the stability that backup software provides, you will be able to get your system back running rapidly after the inevitable data loss event occurs.

Adopting An Inventory Management System for 2014

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Advanced computer software now makes it easy for any company to handle all logistical operations involving different products. An inventory management program is designed to provide detailed analysis of all the steps involved in getting a product from point A to point B. Business managers can have access to accurate information of all the products that are shipped out from a company’s factories, production plants, warehouses and regional distribution centers.

product detailInventory is managed and tracked properly to reduce the risk of theft and other losses that can be costly for a company. In fact, unaccounted inventory is usually associated with black market operations that involve large scale stealing operations from warehouses. Warehouse management software is usually integrated into one main inventory managing program. The most important goal of these tools is to account for every product that is in the process of being transported in between locations.

Once a product reaches a desired final destination, managers may continue to track other data that involves sales. For example, the management software can shows reports on the daily sales of all products that have been tracked and delivered successfully. Such detailed reports may expose some problems in the logistics operations of a business. For example, perhaps too much time is spent handling packages in a warehouse. The wasting of time may account for poor sale figures if the products arrive later than advertised sale promotions within a store. Inventory managing programs are also compatible with the latest smartphones for easy remote access.

Surge Protection Systems

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Power spikes in electrical lines has been a problem for years, but due to the switch from analog to digital data transmission, the power spike phenomena has dramatically increased. One of the problems power spikes present in an electrical component is ground transients traveling unimpeded through a system’s ground wire to deliver crashing and harmful spikes to computer technology and other electrical components.

New surge protection technology from companies like have stopped ground transients spikes from doing harm to your computer. As we move into the digital age, it’s vital that microprocessors are protected from ground transient spikes.

This technology is still absent from most surge protection systems, and that gives original equipment manufacturers an advantage when they highlight product differentiation in their electronic components. The new surge protector technology also increases a business’s bottom line, reduces warranty costs, and gives company the distinction of having the most reliable system in their product line.

surge_protectorThis is accomplished when companies include ground transient termination technology. The industry requires an UL-approved, patented ground transient termination technology that connects directly in series with the ground line of electronic equipment on the AC side. The technology protects microprocessors from ground transient spikes because they cause downtime, processor degradation and possible equipment destruction as well as material deterioration.

What can threaten my data?

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Data is one of the most crucial things you can own. As an individual, it has plenty of important information about yourself but, as a business, it has the details of customers, staff and other important people and aspects of the company. As a result, it becomes all the more crucial and must be protected.

Yet, before you can protect something, you should understand the threats being faced. When it comes to data, you must consider both digital intrusions and physical problems. Disaster recovery taking both into account is available at, but it still helps to learn about the risks to understand just how important this service is.

Digital disasters

As convenient as computers are, they do bring their own share of risks into play. Once you start storing information digitally, you need digital protection to stop intruders stealing information.

These threats are incessant too, no matter what platform you use. For instance, a recent botnet – a virus that steals contact details and spreads itself, typically through scripted conversations – on Android called MisoSMS has been spreading around quickly, sending plenty of previously secure data to attackers in China.

Add in the fact that Android devices are common in the workplace, typically under ‘bring your own device’ work schemes, and the exposure faced by your network and server become ever more apparent.

Yet, even without direct attacks, people can cause servers to crash, files can become corrupt and so much more. As a result, a disaster recovery plan is still needed simply to offer that final back-up should you ever need it, not to mention peace of mind.

Physical problems

There are plenty of problems that can occur in the ‘real’ world, too. A server, after all, is still a piece of hardware. Hardware can break, be damaged, get stolen or a power cut can render it useless at an important point. In all these cases, the result is the same as a digital problem – your data is either inaccessible or already gone.

This is why disaster recovery is so important, as it covers all these physical threats too. You could have all the best firewalls money can buy, but it would mean nothing if a simple office accident resulted in damaged hardware. Even when you have remote access servers, such as The Cloud, for backup, they still have the same issues on their end – whatever you do, it’s a risk that isn’t going to go away, so alternative disaster protection is a must.

Tips in Choosing the Best Home Security System

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A home security system is a smart investment that can protect both your property and your family. There are different types of home security systems out there, and while some are basic and others are more advanced (complete with smartphone apps and accessories like the HomeLink products from, they all provide the same basic functionality: detection of intrusion and the ability to warn you, and even send automatic notifications to a security monitoring service, should you decide to use one to provide outside monitoring.

When shopping for a potential security system for your home, there are several things you’ll want to consider. With so many types of systems and monitoring options available, it can be easy to become overwhelmed, but if you keep the following tips in mind, you’ll have a much easier time of narrowing down the selection to the system that best meets your needs:

Connection. Security systems are available in both hard-wired and wireless setups. While hard-wired setups are generally more consistent and less prone to errors or device interference, wireless sensors and other security units make it easier for you to customize the configuration of the system.

Sensors & Lights. Do you want or need motion sensors to be placed in your home, outside of your home, or both? Can these sensors be customized to be turned off during certain times, such as during the daytime when you and your family members may be coming and going from the home? Can flood lights be added to outside doors and other entrances? How sensitive are these devices to cats, dogs, and wildlife? The last thing any homeowner want is a loud alarm sounding every time a squirrel crosses a sensor’s path.

Monitoring. Can you monitor your home with installed video cameras? Are these cameras accessible from outside of the home? If third party monitoring is available, what are the monthly fees and what type of monitoring and emergency service notifications are included?

Access. How can the system be accessed to arm or disarm, or to make other adjustments? Some systems feature just one hardwired configuration panel, while others may offer individual panels for each floor of the home. Some security monitoring systems offer smartphone apps, browser-based logins, and even wireless RF buttons you can install in your vehicle.

Message Archiving: A New Era in Tracking Conversations

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The birth of email significantly changed the way we communicate with each other. The world felt small as it progress and it has become one of the intangible mediums of communication. While some controversies arise with some government trying to track criminal activities and plot to overcome power, huge questions begin to swirl as to how far can the government dig should they be given access to these information, or how will it be regulated and to what extent can they use such information.

Emails, be it free, or paid for, have message archiving capabilities that keep messages for years. While this can vary depending on the email provider, the need for message archiving facilities or services then arises which some industries use to monitor employee activities. Financial firms for instance use this to address some requirements as requested by regulators or in the legal discovery process.

Email archiving solutions is not there to vouch against its clients but it works in their favor to help them address the requirements set by law in order to respond timely to FOIA (Free of Information Act) requests which includes keeping records of any electronic communications such as email and instant messages. It also helps in answering requests for evidence in a legal proceeding.

Email archiving provides email forensic and discovery tools that help process email retention management, advanced search capabilities, tag assignment, legal holds and production of evidence.

Healthcare industries need to comply with HIPAA regulations by keeping records of electronic communications as needed in producing evidence for a legal or regulatory discovery inquiry, and protecting patient confidentiality.

Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) states that federal court sees email as having a life expectancy of its own and that it must be of reasonable timeframe say 3 years and that businesses must follow suit in keeping orderly records of communication.

What’s a Blade Computer?

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While the name suggest something extraordinary, a blade computer functions like a personal computer and as a client that is like your typical desk PC but housed in a rack enclosure normally found in data centers or specialized environments.

As mentioned, it functions like your ordinary PC but this one takes advantage of the many robust architectural feats started by blade servers.

Blade computers have CPU, RAM and hard drive. Some of these may or may not have an integrated graphics built-in, may support multiple hard drives. As the name suggests, it’s in a “blade” form that is usually found plugged into an enclosure.

Blade computers support your usual operating systems for example, Microsoft’s blade PC version of the past XP and Vista Business.

Access to Blade PCs is usually achieved via Virtual Network Computing (VNC), which allows users to log on to the blade PC using a client device. The login experience is pretty much the same as being logged into a local computer.
The major advantages of blade PCs is that it offers enhanced data security mainly because all data are maintained in the datacenter which can be easily saved to a mass storage device which means that even if the mass storage device gets stolen, the data cannot be compromised or used unlawfully. It is also cost effective and it offers access for disaster recovery just in case extenuating circumstances happen and the need for access to the blade PC’s files is necessary.

As mentioned above, being like your typical PC, these computers are easy to deploy, space efficient, and highly manageable.

Web and Audio Conferencing Advantages

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Businesses in recent years have gone ways in finding solutions for their communication needs. Talking to clients, closing deals, encouraging investors and even training employees have become less location dependent meaning, communications have been possible at anytime and anywhere via the internet. This convenience is what encouraged businesses to adopt robust audio conferencing technologies that connects anyone from anywhere via the internet.

Companies like StartMeeting offers audio and web conferencing services that includes a set of intelligent tools designed for screen sharing and standard conferencing. Most services of this nature often combine desktop sharing with integrated audio capabilities that can be used simultaneously by individuals using the appropriate tools.

Audio conferencing of course can use regular landline phones with touchtone commands by simply dialing a number and an assigned meeting ID. International calls for audio conferencing is also possible via international toll dial-in numbers. If you’re not familiar, it works as a VoIP service similar to the many services out there that delivers audio conferencing and screen sharing capabilities that is connected via the internet.

There are many VoIP service providers in the market today however, it’s always best to choose which one offers the features that you need, delivers what they promise, and not to forget, fits your budget.

Not everyone is familiar with the ins-and-outs of this technology so it’s also equally important that the service provider you chose is technically competent and willing to work with you above and beyond so you can start using the service despite the technical challenges of using a new service or technology.

Understanding the Value of Software Testing

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Software development doesn’t end after programming codes. Applications designed for special use or specific operating system undergoes a very crucial process which is testing to find out if it serves its purpose.

As developers become more focused on creation and development, they tend to outsource their testing requirements to more experienced professionals that specializes in web application automated testing.

This approach not only lessens their responsibilities but also provides them with a security blanket that the third-party testing company will provide them with an honest and objective feedback which will help them improve their software before it’s even released to the public.

There are many software testing scenarios where small and medium enterprise businesses can venture into depending on their needs which includes mobile applications testing, web applications testing, enterprise applications testing, cloud applications testing and big data applications testing.

As the number of mobile users increase over the last few years, let me focus on the nature of mobile application testing. Mobile application development has become a platform for businesses to increase their revenue and to market their products and services as the number of smartphone users increased their demand for mobile apps.

Tablet computers even added to the demand for apps that not only work for phones but on the tablets as well making the industry for mobile apps development an increasingly lucrative venture.

Having said this, 15-22% of all website traffic since 2012 all came from phones and tablets thus making businesses more attracted to the idea of developing their own mobile applications catered specifically to mobile and tablet users for increased revenue and larger market reach.

Consequently, mobile applications development grew in demand as well as the need to adopt into different platforms (operating systems), display sizes of screens, and device features. This is where the need for a third-party testing service comes into play. The system will then emulate and automate the testing process of the mobile application to ensure that they will work on different platforms, devices and hardware it’s designed for.

So the next time you download an application for your phone or tablet and it works perfectly, that means the company is just as serious as making their users happy than making money.

Disposing Old Electronics? Recycle it!

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In the US alone, an estimated 2.37 million tons of electronic scraps were reported but only a quarter of this amount was actually recycled. These electronic scraps or E-scrap were mostly discarded TVs, computer peripherals like printers, scanners, keyboards, fax machines, mice and not to forget cellphones.

The massive accumulation of electronic scraps that were largely contributed by technological advancements poses a much needed outlet to recycle End of Life electronics through electronic recycling.

In Elgin Recycling for instance, they filter all E-scrap from their various recycling centers through their R2 certified warehouse ensuring that the electronics are handled safely and securely. This means, responsibly eliminating any trace of sensitive information that maybe derived from scraps of magnetic media such as hard drives using High Energy Pulse Degausser.

This method is an industry standard and every company offering similar recycling services must comply to pass accreditation in order to be allowed to operate.

At the moment, similar companies cater to businesses of all sizes, government agencies, residents, education institutions and non-profit organizations. Some even offer pick-up and drop off at several locations.

This endeavor supports an effort to alleviate electronic waste and promote environmental awareness about an uncharted topic. It’s about time that each gadget owner should realize that there’s a right way of disposing electronic trash.

While people might get wary of disposing their damaged hard drives or defective computers for fear of having their sensitive information stolen, it’s also important that electronic recycling companies should rally to educate tech consumers about the safety of their information prior to recycling in order to eliminate doubt and gain trust.

Making Slideshows Work for You

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Presentations are the cornerstone for any successful business meeting in order to get a specific message across to their employees. However, many businesses do not have the current resources to clearly and concisely put together a professional slide show or other interactive presentation. In an age of increased consumer electronics and short attention spans, computerized presentations are often the norm in large corporations. They help many company employees sell ideas, garner funds, and even display goals they would like their employees to reach. Often, computerized presentations are delivered in slideshow formats for their impressive designs and ease-of-use functionality.

Although most computer slideshows for business use have been around for years, they still remain a popular and highly-sought method to deliver presentations in the workplace. Schools also utilize their functions, delivering lectures and notes needed for a test or homework assignment. Professional computer slideshow designers, like the ones at, often aid professionals develop and design slideshows that work for their unique goals. When delivering a presentation via a slideshow, the photos, videos, font, and overall design will influence how it is perceived by others. This is why so many professionals and teachers alike have been learning more about the inner workings of designing a perfect slideshow.

Although not the sole tool for any business or organization, the use of a professional slideshow does not seem to be going out of style any time soon. Alongside the use of slideshows, virtual conferences via online messenger systems are also making a profound impact on business. Many companies that hold meetings on the Internet with employees and clients will often use slideshows during the meeting to provide a visual component to the meeting, one that virtual conferences will often lack.

When it comes to the corporate world, professional-looking slideshows are more than just a means of communication between employers and employees. It is a way in which employers can display their figures, statistics, diagrams, and projections for the coming year. According to corporate workplace statistics, slideshows are presented a business meetings more often than not, with more and more companies employing this tool as an effective strategy for gaining employer and client attention. Many businesses use slideshows on clients to gain new business, as the slideshows will often represent ideas, video and pictures, as well as relevant information and statistics used to sway the opinion of the client.

Self-Driving Cars: What Could Go Wrong?

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Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

In the 1989 film Batman, a tough as nails Michael Keaton finishes punching out some goons when he hits a switch. A familiar beep sounds, and then we hear that engine gunning. The original was a Cadillac and it’s changed forms a few times since then, but the concept has always been the same. Be like Batman: buy yourself an autonomous car! You can almost see the art-deco posters advertising the wave of the future.

It’s here now, most recently with the signing of SB 1298. Penned by Senator Padilla, signed by Governor Brown the bill orders the DMV of California to come up with provisions that make allowances for self-driving cars.

So what could go wrong?

Cars could Malfunction

Cars already use computer systems to monitor the status of vital parts. GPS tracks your location and tells you where to go. As more of those systems become standard packages in luxury vehicles, there is more leeway for problems to occur.

GPS apps provided by Apple and Google don’t always provide optimal directions. Apple’s maps application often got people lost and may not always offer optimal directions to get somewhere. These systems are based on algorithms that try to account for variances, but sometimes fail miserably.

How many times have you been in a friend’s car with a rolled up window because the window button is malfunctioning? These are expensive fixes, but drive that car into a river and those expensive fixes become life-threatening problems.

Accidents Could Happen

In the event of an accident with an autonomous vehicle, the question has been raised as to who is responsible. Automakers are lobbying hard to have responsibility lifted from them, but the fact is that no one really knows who will be responsible. Self-driving cars can navigate race tracks at high speeds without incident, but accidents are called accidents for a reason. Every recorded accident involving a self-driving car has been with a manually driven car, or during a point in which the self-driving car was switched to manual driving.

Legislation has been quiet about the issue, but with bills like SB 1298, the clock is ticking and answers will need to come.

What About Hacking?

Video at Defcon 21 showed hackers taking apart a Toyota Prius and hacking into the on-board computer systems. It took time, more than a few hours (close to a month actually), but they were able to get into the vehicle’s systems and control everything about it. They could slam on the brakes, turn the steering wheel, even tighten a seat belt’s straps.

The message is that car hacking is not a fantasy, it’s here right alongside the cars themselves. Just like other companies in industries that NEED secure data (banks, governments, etc..), car companies that have centralized control of these vehicles will need cutting edge network security software to keep drivers safe from harm.

There is also risk on the consumers side. Rather than the club or the car alarm, we may have antivirus or aftermarket hardware.

What About Industry?

The BLS says that the trucking industry is set to grow at a faster than average pace over the next 5 to 7 years. The industry may be waiting for the time to test the technology. Advances in green technology already interest truckers, who now compete against the rising cost of diesel. Fortunately there is still a need to transport goods across short distances, something truckers are adept at.

Yay or Nay?

Ultimately, self-driving cars will be a good thing. Barring a few incidents that have the potential to cause harm, cars that use physics calculations to judge distance will help improve the flow of traffic. The transition will be gradual, as with any new technology. Those with the most money will often have the tech first, and it will trickle down to consumer level soon after. Will we all be driving autonomous cars in five, ten or even twenty years away? Only time will tell.

Energy Management Solutions for the Hotel Industry

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Ever checked-in into a hotel room using a keycard? That keycard brings a whole lot of difference into energy management for the hotel industry. Once inserted, the keycard not only opens the assigned guest room but also the lighting and a whole bunch of other stuff inside the room of which, the establishment saves from 30-50% on utility costs. Not only does it add appeal to the guest’s experience, it’s also easier to use and easy to install for hoteliers.

As part of energy management initiative, keycards are outfitted with all of the necessary replacement switches, outlets, and plug-in modules the control lighting and television energy usage in a hotel guest room. It also offers energy saving modes upon room occupancy.

As the guest inserts the keycard into a wall mount, it initiates the control of the lighting, HVAC system, TV, temperature control, etc. when the guest leaves the room and removes the keycard, it then turns off all the lighting, powers down the TV and places the HVAC system into “energy saving” mode.

As more and more hoteliers update their facilities, it’s almost everything is being automated nowadays giving more hoteliers time at the front desk automating check-ins and getting rooms ready for their guests without the hassle of walking them through to their rooms.

State of the art energy management solutions are easier deployed nowadays plus the costs are not higher than it first started due to the presence of many competitors. One of the programming capabilities allows customization on each lighting and temperature which can also include future expansion of existing systems such as LCD room lighting and automation line.

Keycard, being an integral part of today’s energy management initiatives, is not just cost-efficient but also enhances guest’s experience. Aside from the mentioned lighting controls and temperature specification automations, it can also facilitate in customer housekeeping and privacy requests seamlessly.

Clinical Studies Software in the Cloud

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As in industries in the pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) face a herculean task of ensuring data integrity each day plus the requirements of regulatory standards becoming more and more of a way of life, the question remains, can eclinical software live up of the challenges of the present?

As environmental measures come into play, the use of paper in managing clinical studies has been proven costlier. It’s because the nature of physical documents not only consume trees cut down to make paper but is also labor intensive and shipment can become an added burden. With shipping physical documents comes time and lack of security.

While traditional installed Electronic Data Capture (EDC) offers a unified database for clinical information and studies, the downside is that it’s expensive due to licensing costs, maintenance and upgrade fees, requires IT manpower and lack flexibility for clinical study managers because of the need for a programmer intervention in terms of control.

Eclinical Software as a service or software in the cloud, such as those of Medrio, offers a fully hosted Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that promotes faster study timelines and lesser costs even adding more control for study managers without any programming necessary with little to only a few days deployment.

With the cloud model or SaaS (Software as a Service), it’s a web-based platform which means it can be controlled anywhere and anytime via a web browser that is connected to the internet.

As a cloud service, it functions on pay as you go basis with no IT resources or manpower needed, is highly cost-efficient, and is security compliant.

Custom Wiring and Cable Solutions for SMEs

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Industry manufacturers and distributors of wires, cables, heat shrink tubing, and many others not only rely on their products but also on their customer service and flexibility.

An extensive inventory usually solidifies market viability especially for commercial, industrial, and military clients.

Some players in the industry like Jaguar Industries rely on inventory but still recognize small clients in their priority list.

Companies that market wires, cables and tubing—in order to remain competitive, makes customer satisfaction a core-value specifically when answering customer inquiries, complaints, and technical requests.

With industries of today having different needs, custom wires and cables play a big part in keeping customers with very specific needs for sizes, temperature and other specifications thus custom cutting and stripping services are a must.

Like most customer requirements, quality of products and services with a good reputation often comes ahead of the pack, however prices can also come into play when it matters.

At the moment, one of the most sought after products include high temperature wire for electrical use including insulation, military spec wires, heat shrink tubing and coaxial cables for televisions and computers.
Other services may include stripping—a process involving addition of one or more spiral stripes of different color to distinguish differences.

Cutting and stripping, twisting or cabling for multiple conductor cables, dyeing, terminate and crimp services, jacketing of cables, respooling, braiding and shielding, marking, and testing using lab equipment in order to insure that customer specifications are met.

The challenges are always part of getting the most value out of your investment and assuring that these will go a long away especially in today’s tough economy so it’s important to really seek the advice and help of the leaders in the industry prior to making purchasing decisions.

Importance of Independent Product Testing

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Manufacturers are frequently in need of accurate, scientific testing on their products so they can back up their advertising claims. When one considers the number of times commercials state, “Testing by an independent lab reveals—“ it is obvious that there is a huge need for those labs.

Even before the new product reaches the public, much testing must be done to ensure its safety, effectiveness and ease of use. These needs have opened to door for a huge new industry: reliable, independent testing firms that design and carry out testing programs for a variety of products. There are many of these including adaptive diagnostic reasoning at

These are typically full-service firms working in cooperation with the company whose products are being tested but exercising a degree of autonomy in their designs and procedures. This is not to imply that the hiring company lacks involvement, as the representatives of the testing firm meet with them frequently during the planning and testing process.

The testing regimen first involves designing the testing program including a framework for carrying it out. This generally includes the design of specialized software, test fixtures, drawing up a support agreement satisfactory to both parties and formulating a strategy for preparing and administering the test.

In many cases, the relationship between a testing company and its client will go on for years and encompass many different product lines. In others, a testing firm will be hired for long-term testing of a single project that may become quite elaborate.

Film Editing for Business

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

As the world becomes more and more visual, business owners in all industries have a need for reputable film editors. Film editing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries in the United States because of this increased need for high quality video production.

Consumers today do not consider a professional looking video to be a luxury for any business that they may patronize: It is a necessity for any business that is looking to compete and build itself in the coming decades. A film editing school can provide an interested person with the specific skill set back they need to become immediately employed by a top film editing company or strike out on their own and become an independent film editor.

Not only do film editing schools provide students with the skill set that is needed to become immediately employed, but it will also help to network with professionals that are already in the industry. Because the entertainment industry is an industry of “who you know,” is essential for an aspiring film editor to meet people within the industry at an early junction in his or her career. A film editing school can provide this type of exposure while an individual is still learning the skill set that is necessary to become employed. This type of connectivity can prove invaluable when it comes to job prospects after graduation.

Photography Tripod Selection Tips

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Professional wedding photographers often have several tripods that they use in the course of their work. They may even take along more than one tripod to photograph a wedding. There are several features that professional wedding photographers search for in a tripod. Not surprisingly, they want the best equipment so they can do their best work! Here are some of the tripod features that they look for.

Many professional wedding photographers want tripods that are lightweight. If the couple who is getting married wants to have pictures taken in several different environments, a photographer needs a lightweight tripod that he or she can move with ease. Plus, if the tripod is lightweight, there’s less chance that it’ll be dropped and damaged.

Wedding photographers appreciate a tripod that collapses so it can be stored in a car or a bag with ease. Oftentimes, these photographers have lighting equipment, several cameras and other forms of technology with them when they work a wedding. A collapsible tripod allows a photographer additional space so he or she can take along all of the items necessary to get the job done successfully.

Finally, durability is a very important feature that photographers look for in a tripod. When a photographer travels, his or her tripod may bump around in the car or in a bag. In addition, the device must be set up and taken down with frequency. Camera tripods that can endure a reasonable amount of wear and tear are assets to a wedding photographer.

What is a Physics-based Software?

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STK by AGI (Analytical Graphics, Inc.) is described by Wikipedia as a “physics-based software package”. This package was formulated to allow scientists and engineers to analyze aspects of ground, sea, air, and space to observe and determine the position and attitude of applications either in real-time or as a speculative endeavor. For example, this software could allow the analysis of projected weather patterns to determine their effect upon the environment and climate.

An advantage of STK is that the software is able to simultaneously connect with various organizations such as NASA, Northrup Grumman, and the Civil Air Patrol and instant collaboration with colleagues.

There are several usages that are suggested by AGI:

Fuse Everything

o Load & create any land, sea, air or space vehicle position and orientation
o Combine with places, GIS data or imagery
o Add sensors for field of view
o Leverage geometries, vectors, coordinate systems, and reference frames

See Everything Anytime

o View your entire system across time from any viewpoint
o Display realistic 3D models
o Use smooth, time-dynamic and 3D visualization

Measure Performance

o Model limitations including geometric, line of sight, and field of view
o Report, graph, and vary qualitative and quantitative metrics
o Work in time domain, and set event triggers

Share Results

o Give interactive results with stored views and camera paths
o Easily create professional images and movies
o Collaborate with colleagues

This geophysical instrument at and a free demo download is available to allow you to grasp the possibilities of the product.

The Car Audio System Advantage

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Nothing makes it more fun and exciting to drive in your car than to have an awesome stereo system in your vehicle. Having the right mix of bass and vocal clarity allows you to enjoy your favorite music whether you enjoy rap, pop or country music.

When you have an elite car stereo system installed in your car, it feels as if you are listening to the music live from the studio. Tracks of songs performed live will make you feel as if you attended the concert yourself. If you did actually attend a live concert of the band that you are listening to, it will bring back fond memories of your exciting night out.

Those who can properly tune their bass and treble can enjoy their music without disturbing those around them. Although it is fun to blast the bass as high as it can go, respecting your fellow drivers by keeping the noise at an acceptable level is basic road courtesy.

Installing a new or custom car audio system for your car can increase its value. If you want, you can uninstall your system and keep it for your next car. This flexibility ensures that you will get your money’s worth from whichever system you buy.

Internet Broadband Today: What’s your say?

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Internet usage has dramatically shaped the way businesses are run today. The faster, the more efficient your business becomes. While choosing the right broadband service can be a challenge with many options to choose from, it’s not always the big players in the industry that delivers the best service, sometimes they’re the worst provider. It’s just that some of them have greater monopoly on some areas and people are left with no other option.

In some countries, customers who signed up with a digital TV service maybe offered a package inclusive of broadband internet. In the UK, for instance, Virgin Business Broadband customers receive Virgin Media Security which can protect up to three computers from viruses and malware from parental controls; a private Virgin Media Mail, secures up to ten email addresses that household members can use and a PC Healthcheck, a PC optimization software that regularly scans PC performance.

Digital TV cable subscription are often times offered in packages that include broadband internet and a digital box recorder which can be used to record TV shows even while away from home for later viewing in the day.

While these offers and packages may see attractive, it’s always advisable to do some research about the service quality and what other people say about the company offering such services and products. Additional fees and other maintenance and usage fees including installation maybe applied upon subscription so it’s always better to ask. You may also wish to go after promotions if the company you’re choosing is offering some.

Getting the best broadband service all boil down to your research. Eventually, your budget in this area may increase overtime as you experience the provider’s service quality but initially, strive for lower cost and take it from there.

Listen to Traffic Reports in Real-time with Patrol Scanners

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes sells Uniden home patrol scanners that you can use to listen to the traffic on the police radio channels. These can be used to gather information about crimes that are in progress. Many people like to have them so that they know when there is breaking news, even before they could have gotten it from another source. One of the biggest questions that people have, though, is whether or not the scanners work both ways, allowing them to talk to the police officers.

The short answer is that the scanners almost always only work in one direction. You can listen to what the police officers are saying, but you can never contribute to these conversations yourself. The only exception to this rule is if you had a police radio that you were using as a scanner, which may allow you to talk to them on the same frequency. With these stock scanners, though, they are more like the radios that you use to listen to music in the car; that is to say, they are receiving units and not sending units.

The scanners are set up this way because having civilian traffic on the police radio channel would really cause a lot of problems. The officers could get confused about who they were talking to or they could find that the lines were all tied up with people talking to each other, making official communication impossible. The airwaves need to stay open for all of the official responding units.

Steps in Maximizing Your Warehouse Efficiency

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Keeping your warehouse organized is vital to your company’s success. By having an organized warehouse, you will be able to deliver more efficient customer service and earn greater profits. Keeping your inventory up to date and your organization system current is the first step in maximizing your warehouse efficiency.

Manage Your Inventory

Endlessly searching for misplaced inventory costs your company money. The time it takes for your staff to search for a product is time wasted. If you are slow in delivering a product to your customer, you will likely lose them to a competitor. Having an inventory management system that works is key to finding the right products when you need them. Barcode scanners and label systems are a proven tool for inventory management.

Plan Your Shelving

Loading and unloading products in a warehouse is time-consuming work. Encourage your staff to work quickly but safely. Ensure that your pallets are not overloading your shelves, causing a safety hazard. Purchase a pallet scale from and make sure that your shelves can support the weight of your pallets. This will also help you to keep track of any losses in your warehouse.

Manage Your Staff

Low employee morale can cost you in the long run. Disgruntled employees will sabotage your company by slowing down and not completing their work. Keep them motivated and thank them for their efforts. Rewarding your employees may seem like a minor detail, but it’s not. Your staff keeps your warehouse running and are important to the team.

Organize your warehouse and increase profits today.

Rapid Inventory and QuickBooks Integration

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Five years ago and counting, QuickBooks and Rapid Inventory have been successfully working together in raising the bar in inventory management software quality.

Rapid Inventory requires no software or hardware installation, no IT maintenance requirements to little or no training required.

AO: Rapid Inventory is a completely integrated QuickBooks inventory management system. Using the secure QuickBooks Web Connector – a software application that runs on Microsoft Windows, it enables Rapid Inventory’s specially-designed cloud inventory tracking application to exchange data with QuickBooks.

QuickBooks integration is smooth like plug-and-play taking existing functioning QuickBooks inventory tracking and integrating it with Rapid’s online system ensures increased efficiency and real-time warehouse inventory data.

QuickBooks, being the most widely used accounting software for SMEs maybe a great tool but lacks better inventory management functionalities. This is where Rapid Inventory comes in handy. It easily becomes QuickBooks Inventory Management module for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise. A substantial QuickBooks inventory tracking functionality added to QuickBooks.

Rapid Inventory uses QuickBooks data such as item and quantity while at the same time adding additional attributes such as Warehouse, Location, Lot Number, Expiration Date, and Hold Reason. Such combination of data creates a unique inventory that is nearly impossible to manually track that only a QuickBooks inventory management system can do.
By this, it gives Rapid Inventory the power of QuickBooks plus a lot more to offer.

Making User Interfaces Work for You

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Achieving desirable user interface designs that will hook users to fall in love with it is not an easy task. There are lots of techniques and patters of doing it plus factors to consider in order to come-up with user interfaces for websites and software.

How do you make a user interface work for you and your customers?

One of the things that need to be achieved is clarity. Enabling interaction between the user and the system that is meaningful—what it does and where to go.

When everything is clear, keep explanations at minimum because this can stray user’s focus.

It’s best as well to make icons or menus very much familiar to anyone. Something your users will not second guess on how a button works when clicked.

Who doesn’t love a responsive UI? User interface that takes time to load requests can be frustrating for your users. It can make or break user interest in no time.

Strive to be consistent in everything. Although you might want to be playful and take risks with designs, you should remember to be consistent with your design so your users can achieve a sense of ease and adapt a certain behavioral usage pattern making them more attuned to the software or website menus so that any future changes (be it minimal) will not make them feel lost.

Who doesn’t love aesthetics? Again, playfulness and creativity can be beneficial to attract users attention but remember to make it minimal yet still striving for consistency and simplicity.

When it looks good, it doesn’t always mean it’s better.

Efficiency leads to the user’s satisfaction. Lead your users to what they want and showcase what your software or website can do for them.

Allow users to fix errors on their own when mistakes arise. A simple undo button will boost their trust that somehow they can make mistakes on the interface but can still correct it.

As they always say, less is more…sounds cliché, right? Users will always admire simple and easy UI. It’s a no-brainer. If you’re someone who needs more ideas on how to develop UIs that will work for you, visit the UI blog, you’ll see!

Computer Cables and TV Viewing

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Computer cables make it possible to use your computer as a television or the screen that you play console games on. If you have a small television, using your computer monitor to play video games on can enhance your playing experience.

Connecting a computer cable to your television enables you to view an online video on your television. If you don’t have cable television, you can stream cable television channels, or full episodes of your favorite shows from the Internet to your television. If you are teaching a class, it is better to show it on a television screen where everyone can see it as opposed to a tiny computer monitor.

The sound quality of a video may be better if it is shown on a television monitor instead of on your computer. This is because you will be using the volume on your television instead of the volume on your computer. The surround sound on your television can give the impression that the viewer is actually experiencing the event live instead of in a basement or a classroom.

For the best quality cables at a low price, buy cat5 cables at Trianglecables. It is the only place that you need to go for all of your computer cable needs.

Cheaper Mass Data Duplication for Small Businesses

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Information distribution is more important for business success now than it ever has been. Whether it’s manuals for complicated machinery, software, images, video, or music, making usable copies of data can be the product itself or a source of support. Either way, a positive customer experience can rely on a quality disc. In the past, speedy duplication technology was relegated to large corporate firms that could afford to stamp thousands and millions of discs. Disc writing technology was available, but it was slow and cumbersome for someone to create copies if they needed anything more than a personal supply. Fledgling bands who wanted to widely distribute their music were forced to sign with big labels, and small software companies often had to work with computer giants to get their product to the masses. Most of that has now changed with cheaper computer technology.

A lot of companies have found that online distribution of data is the best way to do business, but traditional physical copies are still necessary for many groups and businesses. DVD duplicators at allow small businesses and individuals to perform mass duplication of their data whether it’s an independent film or open-source software. Cloud technology and online streaming may work for some customers, but many consumers prefer to have physical copies of their product and will for some time. Physical copies are also better for promoting your product at live events like concerts, festivals or just public gatherings. With the right duplicator you can create each disc for a fraction of the price compared to outsourcing the job.

Remote Home Computer Tech Support: Convenience vs. Cost

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Getting your home computer fixed when things get awry is essential especially when you use the system frequently for work or communicating with friends and family and don’t have a backup. It may entail cost when troubleshooting is beyond your knowledge or when the problem is beyond your expertise.

Tech support is given by most computer manufacturers. While some require physical check-up, others can be done over the phone to the convenience of its customers. It can be very helpful when the end-user is able to follow instructions from the telephone support agent and can understand common technical jargon but for the not-so-techy customer it can be a pain and that is where some service like iTok comes in.

Tech support services like iTok helps customers fix their home computer problems remotely. They access the recipient’s system and fix the problem right there and then. It doesn’t need back and forth questioning interaction on both ends because the technician resolves the issue while the unit is on. Other than fixing any current problem, the remote technician also prevents any future problem that may arise on the system giving the client more value for money without the hassle of bringing the physical unit into a computer shop.

PPC for Online Business Startups

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Starting your own business can seem like a very daunting prospect, and it’s true that a successful business requires quite a bit of time and dedication. However, you don’t have to sacrifice your entire life to maintaining a profit either.

Most of your time will be spent getting the business off the ground first, but soon you’ll be able to let it loose and allow it to take flight on its own. Since getting started is the hard part, it’s best when you can take on the advice and guidance of a service designed specifically for your needs.

The ppc agency is an example of an online service that will aid you in your new journey. You may feel you’re at a loss of where to begin, but with some measured patience and confidence, you’ll be on your way in no time. The first challenge you must tackle comes in the form of your web page design.

The design of your website is important because it’s the first thing your customers will see and you want them to have fun engaging and navigating your pages. A boring visual with a confusing layout will only urge people to drift away.

After you’ve got the basic set up complete, it’s time to get all the smaller details together. For instance, you may want a call center to monitor and initiate deals or offer customer service. This may seem like a lot to manage, but online companies are waiting to help you out, and for a minimal fee.

Strengthen Home Security with Spy Cameras

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If you want to get serious about the security of your home and your life, then you definitely need to look into the various spy cameras for sale. These types of cameras come in many different shapes and sizes these days, and it would be rather easy for you to get down to the bottom of any kind of situation once you had one of these devices at your disposal.

The main use that people have for these devices is for their own security. When you are able to view monitors that have live streams of the things that are going on outside, it can help you feel more comfortable about what you are doing in your own home.

You can also use these cameras to take a look at different buildings that you own when you are not actually there. For example, if you have a feeling that someone is going into your office after you get home from work, then you may want to think about placing a camera in your office so that it can be monitored after you leave work for the day.

There is no reason to worry about being in the wrong when you are placing cameras on your own property because you just want to make sure that no one is taking advantage of that property or doing something wrong. At the end of the day, the people who are interested in spy cameras are usually just interested in their own security.

Photoshop CS6 Shortcut CheatSheet – Infographic by ZeroLag

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Reading time: < 1 minute

Photoshop CS6 Shortcut CheatSheet - Tags

How E-Procurement Bolsters the Hospitality Industry

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Business operations run into procurement on a frequent basis in order to continue providing services and produce goods for its customers. In the hospitality industry, procurement plays a huge role in keeping ample in-house supplies that their clientele can use to eventually make them satisfied with their stay, come back, and spread the word.

Epsys provides an end-to-end solution for businesses that seek to level-up the efficiency and cost effectiveness of their current procurement system.

Epsys allows stream order placement with suppliers, make the most out of online product and price file management and streamline purchasing approval and invoicing process in order to achieve greater productivity.

E-procurement systems must tailor-fit the demands of any organization however, it’s very much flexible, highly customizable platform which makes it adoptable. It can seamlessly be integrated with any existing business applications with only an internet connection requirement which dynamically links all key personnel across multiple departments to suppliers.

An e-procurement solution offers 24/7/365 monitoring to keep up-time at 100% without hardware installation thus keeping it low on the investment budget.

Adopting e-procurement system can really do advantage for the hospitality industry. As travel and tourism continues to grow with more and more people going from one country to another, it is indeed an industry getting stronger by the day.

Why Go To School Online?

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Going to school online is the best decision that you can make if you want to get your degree without interrupting the rest of your life. Online degrees are available in a variety of different fields from almost any school in the world. If you are looking for an advanced degree, those are being offered at some online schools as well.

colleges online

Why Go To School Online?

Older students who have full-time jobs and kids to look after may not have time to go back to a physical campus to take classes at a scheduled time. Online classes can be completed on your own schedule from wherever you have an Internet connection. This means that you can go to school while your kids are napping, in between client meetings or whenever else you can squeeze a few minutes of school in.

Colleges Online Bring The Name Brand To You

The journalism program at Syracuse is among the best in the world. As a whole, Stanford is thought to be one of the best schools in the country. If you cannot afford to uproot your family, you can bring the school to you. The Internet allows you to get your degree from a big school without having to attend classes on campus. Your degree is recognized just like any other degree that you would get from the school.

Get School Over With Faster Online

Online classes don’t take an entire semester to complete. Most classes are over within a few weeks of starting. Therefore, taking classes online allows you to complete more credit hours per semester than you would otherwise be able to finish. Another benefit is that you are able to take classes during the summer months without compromising your entire schedule.

School Can Be More Affordable Online

An online degree can cost thousands less than a typical college degree. This is because you don’t have to pay for room and board, gas to get to class or for textbooks. Class materials are generally uploaded online for everyone to use. All you need to pay for are the credit hours that you use, an Internet connection and some snacks to help you stay focused while studying. Don’t think that your college career is over before it has the chance to get started.

Taking classes online gives you the chance to finish your degree program regardless of your age. If you want to work while going to school, an online degree program can be exactly what you need.

How Asset Tracking Reduce Office Expenses

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Everything that businesses spend on a frequent basis that are used for its routine daily operations are assets. IT assets include computers, servers, notebooks; and other office equipment like copiers, phones and even furniture. While assets are not limited to items that are being used, it also counts those that are being sold and or distributed to clients.

Asset tracking methods come in various ways but in these times when pen and paper can become cumbersome, barcoding significantly speeds up inventory tracking and asset management. Barcoding easily beats the quite old fashioned spreadsheet and lessen dependency on paper.

Inventory management can be overwhelming at times that’s why it becomes apparent for productive businesses to adopt the use of Asset Tracking Software to do the job. This way, replenishment of stocks, deliveries and logistics coordination will be more manageable thereby allowing management to focus on the other aspects of the business.

Effective asset management and tracking systems definitely cuts cost on expenses, boosts efficiency and customer service focus and increase productivity.

Some companies like EMS Barcode Solutions assist in integration of Asset Tracking, Inventory tracking, and time and attendance solutions which can easily adapt to any forms of business and processes. Similar companies offer full onsite installation, process writing, and training to jumpstart the asset tracking initiative.

Understanding Industrial UPS Systems

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Dealing with Power Interruptions when in rugged environments, such as offshore oil platforms, it is a challenge to ensure the availability of clean and reliable power sources.

Cyberex is a company that has dedicated its efforts to achieving this goal for private sector, government and industry applications. By designing, constructing, installing and maintaining custom-designed products, Cyberex uninterruptible power supply products are seen as industry leaders.

The range of products includes sophisticated standalone inverters, industrial power distribution units, UL Industrial applications, and standalone static transfer switches. Cyberex is one of three leading brands found under the Thomas and Betts Power Solutions umbrella. They are positioned as brand leaders in two primary business segments: enterprise business platforms and surge protection business platforms.

The provision of industrial hardwired surge protection is a goal of the surge protection business segment. For retro-fit, new construction and telecom OEM needs, over 80 years of industry experience allows the best possible fit to each need.

The Enterprise platform is targeted at businesses with critical energy needs. This includes the offshore oil platform, large data centers, particularly in the financial centers, and utility and other industrial applications. With an industry-recognized focus on technology, quality, and functionality, the Cyberex brand is often selected as the most reliable uninterruptible power supply option.

A new focus with the Cyberwave product line addresses new needs and is customizable to applications in the manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, utility and petrochemical fields. In fact, Cyberex is the answer to any mission-critical industrial UPS systems or application.

Induce polarization and resistivity with Powersting

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

If you have been looking into information regarding a resistivity survey, you are probably already aware of Powersting High External Transmitters that function to induce polarization and resistivity.

The Powersting is a set of very high-power transmitters that carry 5, 10 and 15kW currents for the R8/IP/SP and R1/1P/S2. The system is completely programmable and the current source of voltage can be monitored in real-time.

The machine comes with a SGS generator and wireless repeating box, and can operate wired or wireless. The applications for this product include vertical electrical sounding, 2D electrical imaging, 3D electrical imaging, 3D offset electrical imaging and a 2D survey line over both modes. Multiple power transmitters can be connected to increase the current or output, or to increase the voltage.

The weight of the Powersting is just about 225lbs., which includes shipping. Rounded off to the nearest inch, the dimensions are 27 by 36 by 20. For this and other geophysical resistivity needs, contact the sales department to get exact pricing quotes for the product you’re interested in.

Printed information about this product and others can also be mailed out; the packets contain a detailed product descriptions, their uses and any associated specific technical information.

Understanding Data Mining for Sales Growth

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Companies for several decades have been implementing enterprise software solutions that drive efficiency and lowers cost of operation part of which is the collection of huge amounts of data. As technology progresses, companies continue to find the next generation of solutions that drive competitive advantage.

What companies don’t realize is that with enormous amounts of data they’ve been sitting on for decades may reveal a tremendous amount of insight about what their customers want and how they buy.

In order to be competitive, what companies need to realize is how to mine their data for information about products, customers, and markets. It’s paramount to understand how businesses outperform with PROS sales analytics using PROS big data app because it can drive competitive advantage by providing sales people with opportunities that close, offers that sell, and prices that win.

Mining historical purchasing patterns and identifying its attributes that drive buying behavior is just one of the many features of PROS big data app. Actionable insights that predict customer’s likelihood to make purchases and willingness to pay definitely provides sale people that much needed advantage to know their customer’s well through their buying patterns and knowing what products they want to buy.

Insights on pricing also provides sale people which prices customers are most likely to be attracted to thus improving customer’s buying experience while increasing sales at the same time.

There’s so much companies can do with their data if only they know how to make use of it to their advantage.

5 Tips For Improving Office Communication

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Despite the fact that new technology is being released seemingly every week to improve the efficiency of our communications, many businesses still struggle with sharing information in an effective manner. New and young employees often struggle to fit into existing communication systems in office environments; implementation of new technologies interrupts smoothly running policies; and even veterans in businesses forget to communicate effectively. These are common problems that exist at least to some extent in the majority of business and professional environments. However, they are not beyond solving. Here are five general tips for improving communication skills in the work place.

1. Establish Method

One of the most important things, particularly early in a business relationship, is establishing acceptable methods of communication. This makes it far less likely that messages will go unnoticed or unsent. For example, figure out whether your colleagues and superiors prefer email, texting, etc. for ordinary communications.

2. Establish Expectations

office communicationAdditionally, it is important to establish a thorough understanding on what sorts of communication are necessary. In some working environments, employees prefer a very open communication, with consistent clarification and updates. In others, people are expected to work more independently, only communicating when absolutely necessary. Work with your coworkers to figure out a system of expectations that works for all of you.

3. Establish Security

If you are in a position to have a say on your business’s communication security, it is important to make sure that you have a secure system. Contact a file sharing security company such as Share File to make sure that the emails and files exchanged between employees are at minimum risk for loss, theft, and damage. This is a vital step for any professional environment with a high volume of digital communication.

4. Don’t Abandon Face-To-Face Contact

No matter how much technology provides for efficient and thorough communications, don’t completely abandon face-to-face contact with your coworkers. Every now and then, an in person meeting is the best way to clear the air and make sure that everybody is on the same page, whether in a general sense or with regard to a specific project or issue.

5. Hold Regular Meetings

In addition to considering face-to-face meetings when a specific issue arises, it is also important to establish a regular meeting schedule. Having a monthly meeting is one of the best ways to make sure that you and your coworkers communicate effectively, no matter how busy things get. Even if it seems that there is nothing major to discuss, it helps to get together to give everybody the opportunity to speak or voice concerns if necessary.

Buying and Selling Made Easy Online

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Have you ever tried buying online? What about selling? Selling your used items that you seldom use can be a good thing to clutter-free your home or even your closet. It can also earn you some extra cash when you needed it most. On the other hand, if you’re feeling thrifty, you can buy used items online as well, this way, you can have the item you need while at the same time saving for the rainy days.

Marketing activity online had changed over the years wherein it’s not about just buying directly from a seller like buying computers from a reputable company. Today, many websites provide the opportunity for buyers like you to be a seller at the same time. In fact, you can even post a classified listing for free, yes, you read it right.

Online classifieds has opened an equal playing field for marketers and buyers to offer services ranging from education, trading, jobs to selling and buying a wide range of products. This provides small businesses and entrepreneurs an avenue to market their services and goods without having to pay huge amounts of money on print ads and other advertisements.

Online classifieds can also open a way for meeting people near you wherever you reside.

In order to maximize the use of online classifieds, one must have an account. Most of the time, all you need it a few knowledge on computers and how to open a browser, you’re good to go.

A colorful and clear photo to be posted along with your ad or a video can help bolster your ad’s views. You can also control the title and description of your ad so better consider spicing up your ad’s title. You can also share your ads to your social networking profiles to increase visibility.

Some online classifieds are accessible via smartphones so that makes it easy for tracking in case someone is interested with the item you’re selling.

There are many ways you can take advantage of online classifieds, all you need to do is familiarize yourself with the system and ask if there are things you need to clarify.

Medical Office Two-Way Radios: Why It Matters?

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Medical offices are one busy work place where productivity and efficiency is tantamount. As patients come and go the more effort is exerted by every staff from reception people down to the doctors and specialists who treat the patients.

While hospitals struggle with less manpower against high patient to doctor ratio, each day can be a long day for everyone.

In order to boost efficiency in the medical office, you have to eliminate running back and forth between the waiting room, the doctor’s office, the treatment rooms and the supply room using medical office two way radios which can definitely benefit office managers, nursing and reception staff, and doctors to stay connected and get things done over the airwaves.

As a result, hospital bills can get processed right away, patients wait around less, and employees manage stress a lot better.

Two-way radios for doctors add a more professional image to your staff because patients view the rapid potential response in emergency situations and it adds faith that the hospital prioritizes their clients’ well-being on top of their list than profit.

Eavesdrop proof two-way radios are latest these days to secure utmost privacy on communication. Some even have a built-in anti-microbial protection to the radio unit’s durable, polycarbonate housing. Radio models with anti-microbial protection are formulated to prevent build-up of viruses and bacteria on the radio.

Disinfection and prevention is a top priority for every medical office which shows your nursing staff you’re looking out for their health when you equip your medical office with two-way radios.

IT Security Solutions: Why it matters?

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As technology offer more paths for accessing information to your systems, your first line of defense become vulnerable each day. Securing the connections to your information gateway becomes a challenge as new threats develop overtime.

Getting support from reliable IT security solutions provider can help defend your organization from increasingly aggressive threats. Most reputable IT security systems provide comprehensive security solutions that enable businesses to pass certification and accreditation through compliance with strict industry and government standards and regulations.

Agile protection delivered from across endpoints in the areas of Network Defense, GRC, etc., minimizes risk, increase visibility and control and secures network systems.

In most instances, teams of certified security professionals with adept knowledge and experience in designing and implementing industry-leading innovative cybersecurity solutions ensure IT compliance on systems and areas that are classified information.

In choosing a reliable IT security solutions provider, it’s always adamant to check on their experience in order to determine their presence in the industry and if they have demonstrated reliability for the years they have been operating as a company. Examining their portfolio and performance as a provider will greatly help in your research if they can deliver to your expectations without forgetting about the cost of its implementation.

Code Signing Certificates: The Lowdown

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Whether you’re a little familiar with developing software for use by others, or you’re a complete newbie planning on dipping your toes into the venture, the importance of a Code Signing Certificate will soon become clear. Whether you’ve developed a piece of software for a mobile device or you’re working on an update or a patch for existing software, code signing certificates ensure that the code is authentic and not corrupt.

While SSL certificates stored in a Certificate Intelligence Center are key for online business ventures, code signing certificates are crucial for software development. The way they work is simple. As with SSL certificates, code signing implements the use of two keys – the private and public keys. When code is written, a developer would use a private key to sign the code and confirm that it hasn’t been corrupted. At the other end, the user uses the public key to ‘unlock’ the new code. It’s recommended that the public key is acquired from a reputable CA too, so that full trust can be ensured.

To ensure complete reliability, purchase these code signing certificates from a reputable Certificate Authority to maximise confidence and trust. In fact, some providers, including Windows, dictate that code, particularly for mobile applications, is signed with a certificate issued by a trusted Certificate Authority.

Code signing is particularly handy when authorship and origin isn’t clear, such as in Java and ActiveX environments. These certificates are also regularly used for updates and patches for existing programmes and software, so that the user can be sure that there is no malicious activity and can be safe in the knowledge that, when installing the new patch, they won’t be compromising their computer network.

If you’re a software developer or you’re dabbling in the creation of code and software for the public market, make sure you understand the basics of the code signing certificate. Trust and consumer confidence are key and the basis of lucrative business.

Understanding Google to get your site’s SEO on track

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Ranking for Google has been the most concerns of almost all webmasters and SEO practitioners over the years. Since Google is the leading search engine, everyone wants to be in it and to be on top of it, you obviously have to be on top of your game. But who could possibly say they’ve mastered the Google algorithm and can make the site’s rank at number 1 that easy?

If someone would ever come across as an expert and can make your website rank at the top in less than X months, you better start running away and save your money for something else.

Google has not endorsed any SEO company nor they have openly disclosed their ranking algorithm and search engine practices. They have only setup and released some guidelines for people to follow. The rest is for everyone to figure out for themselves on how they could please the Google bot.

Blogging since 2008, I have figured out that Google has always loved unique and quality content. Something that is shareable. With the use of social media nowadays, everything can get viral and someone can be famous overnight. This may sound like a broken record but it’s true.

While Google has demoted link farms and link building over the years, they have not totally discounted the importance of links however, they have emphasized fully that links must be relevant to the content. Keywords maybe important for the bots but Google have lessen its power since so stop stuffing keywords to your site or Google will look at it as spamming.

Some of the many technical aspects of search engine optimization include sitemap submission via Google Webmaster Tools, Canonicalization, site audit which may include getting rid of spammy links and dead links, and of course, site stats understanding via Google Analytics. SEO search marketing, as some call it, is a cumulative effort of putting all the processes together in order to get high search engine results.

Choosing to do it by yourself or with the help of a company is going to be a huge decision. Either way, it can be very challenging to say the least and it requires a reasonable amount of time to results.

How to Maximize Your Real Estate Spaces with Scheduling Software

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When it comes to maximizing the ROI from your investments, choosing the right tool gives your business a good head start.

There’s so much that you can actually do from your real estate spaces such as when you own a conference or a venue, or an events place where people and businesses gather to come up with the meeting of the minds.

Just when you thought there are not enough solutions to maximize that potential, scheduling software can be the key to effectively run your business without compromising processes and raising costs while still getting the most productive results out of your efforts.

A scheduling software, that like of PeopleCube’s, offer flexible; robust and low-risk workspace scheduling system that resolves most of the challenges underlining spaces; resources and services management especially in scheduling conference rooms; and video conferencing and other related facilities.

As a subscription service, scheduling software can easily adapt to different and multiple work environments, integrate with existing applications, implement consistent workflow company-wide, and support sustainability efforts aside from all those mentioned above.

The mobile interface of scheduling software makes it easy to search and schedule a room, or a resource, or even cancel a reservation with all the actions done on mobile being in synched with the system.

Laptop and Tablet Stands You Can’t Miss

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Laptop desk and tablet stands are the by far the most comforting aids for computing needs. I myself own a laptop desk stand and it really gives me so much comfort that I can do my computing jobs while on the bed or sitting at the sofa.

The comfort of being able to bring your laptop to eye level gives so much convenience than having to hunch over your screen. Goldtouch adjustable Laptop and tablet stands offer up to 6 unique height adjustments that will help you find your desired and most comfortable viewing position.

Typing comfort follows when you have the ideal viewing position. It won’t tire your wrists and arms due to prolonged typing.

Plus, having a portable laptop, notebook or tablet stand gives you so much control wherever you are in finding the most comfortable position for typing and working all day.

There are two primary products that Goldtouch offers: the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook & iPad Stand and the Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook and Tablet Stand.

If you’re also looking for ergonomic mice, keypads, keyboards, wrist rest and mouse pad accessories and solutions for your office or home, Goldtouch is the brand to reckon.

Goldtouch is a global leader in quality computer accessories that focus on comfort and productivity both at home and in the office.

You really can’t go wrong with it however, choosing the best brand that’s been around for years and with a reputable name can lead you to getting the best value for your investment.

Radio Advertising in a Social Network Era

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The radio has been around for many years even before the first TV set entered the ordinary household. Over the years, the radio has evolved from the normal source of news to radio talk shows, drama, live events broadcast to just playing plain old music, the radio has in deed never lost its charisma to the listening public.

The boom of the internet has in deed shaken the mainstream media but the radio has been adept to the changes when the iPod first came to the scene. While it’s good to have mp3 players and playlists that the radio cannot provide, radio listeners still want the simplicity and the straightforwardness of the radio over other musical device.

A radio listener only needs to tune-in to his/her desired radio station and viola, problem solved.

As radio listeners get lured into paying music over iTunes or Xbox Music or Google Play, radio finds it ways of living through advertisements.

On-air advertisements right after a tune is their way of living. Internet radio makes this possible for radio stations to survive through internet streaming and of course, graphic ads through their website.

Radio advertising is inevitable. While a radio listener may be discouraged with ads on-air, they should understand that in order for their favorite radio station to survive and continue providing good music—radio companies have to mention their sponsors on-air whether their listeners like it or not.

Radio advertising however has changed as well over the years and the ads on-air have been unique as well. RadioActive Media, a radio advertising agency, has a unique way of relaying advertisement that the listeners will not find annoying and distracting to their listening pleasure.

Compelling radio ads that do not sound pushy and loud make a difference while still keeping in mind the overall listening experience a top priority.

How Web Based Call Management Systems Can Boost Your Business

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We all know that businesses in order to be effective relies on communication channels that they provide their customers whether its via social network such as Twitter or Facebook, or email, physical address but most importantly, the oldest method of communication—via phone call.

Businesses with free-to-call communication lines are the most admired by consumers because it provides them the security they need that when something goes wrong, they have a number to call to ask for help or assistance and they don’t even have to spend a dime to get one.

Web-based call management systems are a growing trend in call management operations today. It allows businesses to manage calls on where they should go, when, and how they are managed.

Hosted online management allows users to login and set-up call routing instantly. Diverting calls to alternate target numbers are made easy if a call cannot be answered right away or if the line is busy.

Diverting to a landline or mobile phone is a no-brainer. Even call diverts can be managed on scheduled hours of the day especially when businesses operate only during daytime office hours.

Diverted calls can be sent via voicemail into an email recipient. Number of rings can be set as well before any call is diverted.

Web-based call management systems have disaster recovery feature such that calls are diverted online when a phone line goes down or awry.

There many other features not mentioned here though, so if you’re looking to boost your business by strengthening your call management operations, visit for more information.

Leads Generation through Localized Search

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Generating leads is one of the most important factor in measuring online marketing efforts and success. Being next to conversion, as the ultimate goal, leads determine user interest and must be valued as a first step to conversion.
Online presence can be affected by many factors—effectiveness of online marketing efforts, social networking efforts, and search engine optimization goals.

For businesses who’s focused more on the local market than the international market, local SEO services providers can help focus your search engine presence to local search.
Localized search is a filtered but focused search engine marketing that determines user location in rendering search results queries and this makes local businesses a priority in the results.

Internet browsers nowadays normally determine geo-location in rendering search results from a user’s query. Businesses normally appearing in localized searches have maps and pertinent contact information. If your business’ contact information appears on a local search result, chances are, you are one step ahead of the competition.

Services like LeadsbyWeb provides businesses a hand in making their online efforts work for them with strategies such as search engine optimization, paid advertising campaign, local map optimization, and dedicated account management.

These services also tells you which keywords users often use when making a search, helps with building content that Google likes, local map listing for Google, build a leadsite where people can contact you, pay-per-click campaign creation, and refinement of some of your existing programs to get more leads.

TripLocale Empowers You to Travel

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The most recent project that I have put out online is TripLocale, a travel website with an integrated blog that empowers people to travel. This is built with the idea in mind that traveling should be fun and that some people needs a little boost of empowerment to overcome their fear of traveling.

The challenge of putting up a website like this is tremendous especially with the massive number of travel websites and blogs on the internet. I think what sets apart TripLocale from the rest is that is speaks about proven travel advices and tips coming from my travel agency background.

Yours truly has worked in the travel business as an outsourced travel specialist and airline reservations agent for two and a half years before embarking into web development.

Working in the travel industry is very exciting and it’s a fast paced environment.

TripLocale Blog is the output of my travel agency experience where you can read all my travel tips based on facts and real-life situations encountered by travelers that call the outsourced hotline.

I think it’s the most practical and genuine in every sense of the word. Not just something that any writer just made up or fabricated.

I’m very proud of the website and how it turned out after working on it for more than a month designing its layout and content among other things.

At the moment, TripLocale has affiliations with the biggest names in the travel industry—Expedia, Travelocity, Priceline, Lufthansa, British Airways, Emirates, Radisson, and many others.

I would definitely be delighted if you would come and visit the website at
You can also like our Facebook page:
Follow our updates on Twitter:

I look forward to seeing the readers of this blog over at the travel website. Thank you so much for being with me over the years.



Create an Online Store with CommerceSpace

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Businesses nowadays simply don’t rely now on the physical side of the business where having a local store is enough. With technology, social media and the internet, businesses start to enter into the realm of the future.

Having said that, we can now definitely see our favorite brands—having their own ecommerce store, online shops, an ordering system or a booking system. Some professionals having their own appointment system so it’s definitely the way of the future and how marketing and selling has evolved over the years.

CommerceSpaceAn ecommerce store has so many advantages and it levels-up the playing field for everyone because of the internet. Someone as small as your neighborhood bakery can compete with a large company, for a share of the internet profit using the right online ecommerce solution, like that of, CommerceSpace.

CommerceSpace provides a fully customizable storefront design with social media integration. With today’s cost of hiring developers and programmers to do the job, if you’re in a tight budget and just simply want to get your business out there, it’s the one that fits the bill.

Like most ecommerce sites that has payment module, integrating payment gateway can be costly too but with CommerceSpace, it’s all in there in the package. Shopping carts, secured card processing and Paypal integration are among the many benefits you could get. You can even implement your in-house sale and promotions to attract more customers.

Having an online store has its tremendous rewards, just having the right tools and the adequate support from your chosen service provider or developer; you’ll be in to a great start.

Fight the Flu and Work from Home with VoIP Service

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The only thing worse than coughing and sneezing with a case of the flu, is spreading it around your office. Sometimes you can’t make it into the office, but that doesn’t mean you can afford to let your work pile up. The good news is that thanks to VoIP service, you can continue to conduct business from the comfort of your own home.

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that relies on the Internet instead of the traditional phone line to transmit calls. If your office uses a business VoIP provider for Internet telephony, then chances are there are multiple ways in which you can still keep up on your business phone calls from the comfort of your bed.

Find Me Follow Me

voip serviceVoIP providers offer the Find Me Follow Me option on basic plans for no extra cost. This feature lets you program other phones to ring when a caller dials your business VoIP telephone number. With the Find Me Follow Me feature, you can forward calls to your mobile device or even your home landline.

The Find Me Follow Me feature directs those important client or customer calls straight to another phone without your callers knowing that you’re not taking the call in your office.

Voicemail to Email VoIP Feature

Just because you’re bedridden doesn’t always mean you can ignore your voicemails. This Voicemail to Email feature turns your voicemail messages into mp3 files and then sends them to your email address.

This gives you the option of listening to your business voicemails from your computer at home or even from your smartphone.

Mobile VoIP App

Numerous business VoIP companies offer VoIP mobile apps for smartphones. If you use an iPhone or Android, you can download the VoIP mobile app for free on your phone. The app then syncs up with your business VoIP telephone number, allowing you to send and receive calls from that number.

Not only does this mobile app feature allow you to conduct business wherever and whenever you have your mobile device, but it also connects to WiFi for service instead of eating up your cell phone minutes.

Another beneficial aspect of the mobile app is that you can access the same VoIP features that you use on your office phone on your mobile phone. Some of these options include three-way calling, call waiting, and call forwarding.

Virtual Extensions

Businesses that use virtual extensions provide their employees with business telephone numbers that are connected solely to their cell phones. This is a perfect service for an employee who travels frequently or works remotely, like a sales person. These virtual extensions allow for increased employee mobility and flexibility, as callers can reach employees through the regular office PBX, even when the employees work in remote locations.

Chloe Mulliner is a telecom and tech writer in California.

Meet your New Year’s Resolution: Save Money with VoIP in 2013

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Just because it’s already almost a month into the new year doesn’t mean it’s too late to draft up some New Year’s resolutions. And if you’ve found yourself desperately pinching pennies when it comes to your business expenses as tax season approaches, perhaps it’s time to put money saving on that resolution list.

Of course saving money is important when it comes to running a successful company, but your business shouldn’t suffer as a result of all those pennies pinched. There are ways to spend less in certain areas of your business without cutting corners, and switching your traditional phone service over to a VoIP provider is a prime example of this.

typical voipVoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides a unique way of sending and receiving phone calls in that it uses the Internet instead of the traditional phone line. Businesses that have changed their phone service over to a VoIP provider have experienced savings of anywhere from hundreds to the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, is it possible that you’re overpaying for a basic utility with traditional phone service? The answer is yes, but with a VoIP company, you can receive the same reliable service with additional benefits for a much cheaper price tag. Here are just a few ways in which switching over to a VoIP provider could save your business big bucks without forgoing great service or reliability.

Free Nationwide Calling

Traditional phone companies often charge you for long distance calls. Whether those are long distance intrastate calls, perhaps from your business in San Diego to your client in San Francisco, or interstate calls, from San Diego to a customer in New York, your traditional phone company may be charging you different per minute for each of those calls. In fact, your service provider may have a complex system of per minute rates that they charge you for your different calls, whether local or international, without you even knowing.

In contrast, business VoIP companies offer free and unlimited nationwide calling. Regardless of whether your business makes long distance statewide calls, or calls to the other side of the country, you won’t incur any per minute charges. Additionally, you won’t be charge for the length of your calls. You can call any number you want and talk as long as you want without worry.

Cheap International Calls

Traditional service providers may also charge astronomically high rates on international calls. It’s not uncommon for a traditional phone provider to charge anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00 per minute for a call outside of the US. Those per minute rates can quickly add up, especially if you’re on the line more than five or ten minutes and make multiple international calls per day.

Top VoIP providers on the other hand charge pennies per minute for international calls. Some charge as low as $0.01/minute for certain international destinations. VoIP provider Axvoice, for instance, charges just $0.015/minute for all calls to Mexico. A full one hour phone call to Mexico with a VoIP company could cost less than the price of a one minute call to Mexico with a traditional phone company.

Free VoIP to VoIP Calls

Another way in which your business could save big time is on in-house calling, or calling between any two extensions within your business. Let’s say your business has a branch in San Diego, but also a branch in Los Angeles. You can use the same hosted PBX VoIP system for each of these offices, and keep all calls in-house, and thereby free.

Any calls between numbers carried by the same VoIP provider are generally free, so you can also enjoy free calling if any of the businesses you regularly call, or any family members use the same VoIP service.

Free Softphone Application

Businesses that set up a cloud-based or hosted business VoIP provider may also get free softphone applications. What this means, is that you can sign into your VoIP account from any laptop, computer, or smartphone. Once you’re logged in, a dial pad softphone will appear on your screen, which allows you to send and receive calls from your business telephone number. More importantly, you can take advantage of those low nationwide rates and free VoIP to VoIP calls from your smartphone.

With this softphone, you can take your work with you and benefit from the money saving VoIP features in your home, hotel, or even in the backseat of a cab.

Chloe Mulliner graduated from James Madison University. She currently writes tech and telecom content in California.

Reel to DVD is the Real Deal

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There’s nothing completely wrong about being old fashioned. Some of us cling to the old stuff being it reminds us of many things especially those that brings us fond memories of yesteryears like our kids when they were still young or when our youngest child finally got married, and many others.

In the past, these precious moments are often captured in photos but aside from that medium, video has been a little prominent especially to those who are in the middle class although not really certain but having reel films in the past is quite of a big deal.

reel videoAs time goes, the use to projectors for reel films had been quite non-traditional as modern technology arises. Now we have BluRays, DVDs, digital format videos, online and live streaming and many others. But, what are you going to do with your ancestral (pun intended) reels? ScanDigital has indeed looked into it and made possible to convert 8mm film reels into DVD copies. Yes, you read it right.

Reel films into DVD copies, hard copy—meaning a physical CD copy and; a soft copy—or video format playable on most media players, on the PC and Mac and it portable via USB or hard drive.

ScanDigital will repair videoe imperfections caused by normal aging process of films by splicing the film back together to obtain a seamless transfer. 8mm or 16mm films are first cleaned and spliced, once they are ready, it’s barcoded and the processing and conversion will commence then moved to either a hard drive or is burned into a DVD.
So there, you don’t have to worry anymore about old reels that carry your family’s treasured moments because…they can now be yours forever.

Got an old Mac that needs some parts fixing?

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Alright, we know you got a Mac, now what? Well, Apple, and not just them, actually updates and keeps on manufacturing newer models of desktop computers and laptops each year that we barely even notice where the old models go.

It’s not that having an old Mac is a bad thing, Apple and not just their phones are very know to have lasting quality but basically if you have an old Mac or something that you got off a garage sale that is already phased out in the market but still works and just needs some parts replaced, where can you actually go to find help?

old MacThere are however existing companies that cater to old and not-so-old Apple computers and Macs like DV Warehouse, a specialized Apple parts store who sells Apple memory, hard-to-find parts, discontinued Apple computer models, refurbished units and services various used Apple computer models that are currently available in the market.

So basically, not having a new Mac isn’t a bad thing after all. In fact, you can save your money for other things than buying the new computer when a new one comes out and keep your Mac for longer. And with companies like DV Warehouse, you will feel secure that your Mac will still work longer than it should.

Expand your business’ reach with Media Streaming

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

With today’s highly visualized approaches to engaging customer interaction, the power of videos has turned over the years into one force to be reckoned with especially with how it made some people into overnight superstars.

The mainstream media has been overshadowed by YouTube through its very wide audience share. Although YouTube isn’t a live streaming avenue yet for most people except for live concerts sponsored by them, there are many avenues that focus on live streaming that showcase a wide array of content or topics that people of different interests may find engaging.

media serverWebsites such as LiveStream, Justin.TV, Livestation, and TVW are among the few that offers content creators, media producers, and video bloggers the ability to showcase their work or events for the world to view into their PC or laptop or even through their mobile phones in real-time or as they happen.

In order to accomplish this purpose, a media server is necessary as this will be the medium for video content streaming live which the viewers can access via their PC or Mac, mobile phones or from the streaming sites mentioned above.

A media server software like Wowza Media Server 3.5 does the task of streaming content into a single workflow that lets you stream to any screen simultaneously.

Media streaming has become an intangible park of today’s visually inclined audiences and I certainly believe that it’s not going away at any time in the future especially with more and more people using their mobile phones to access video content.

How to shop for all the cables you’ll ever need

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Okay, so you have the unit—be it a PC and its CPU, a home theatre or video recorder or player (which obviously if you’re using the latest TVs out there, you might need an HDMI cable, a DVI or even your mobile phone, a cable is everything you need which basically makes sense that it helps you interact with your system whatever the purpose is or functionality or value that a cable adds.

Like for instance, network cables allow you to connect with your network so you can simultaneously interact multiple computer systems using the same network service such as the intranet or internet or if more complicated than that your database networks.

The quality of your home or office network cables can play a significant role in your success indirectly without you even thinking of it. Just look at it this way, your network cable investment will give you less overhead cost or maintenance cost thus giving you more time to focus on things that matter to you because you’ve made the right choice.

Professional-grade networking cables help make your connections ultra-fast and stable giving you a reliable and hassle-free experience.

Another important thing to note is that if you know who the good guys are (what I mean by this is dealing with the right people and company who knows what they are doing), you definitely will have less trouble and more peace of mind. It’s best to call the cable company, ask questions and do some research about them so you’re assured that you’re working with the “good guys” that has been in the industry for quite some time and with a good moral standing.

Domain Registration Advice for the New Year

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

The New Year brings a lot of optimism and lots of promise. To the webmasters, like me, choosing the cheapest domain name registration service as much as possible is the only way to go. Personally, I have several domains and every year, I register domains at least two or more new ones on the entire course of the year which can be higher in other webmasters, website developers, or internet marketers who wishes to expand their reach on other online endeavors.

I certainly agree on getting the cheapest domain name registration service whoever, there are still several considerations that needs to be studied when getting one. Unlike web hosting, domain registration can be a little easier. All you need to have is a reliable domain registrar with ICANN accreditation and has a reputable customer service plus allows you to transfer your domains to other domain registrars with ease as some may be difficult to work with especially with policies of staying in the same registrar for several years.

Web hosting services also offer domain registrations alongside their hosting package offers in order to lure new customers, while this can be very convenient for starters, if you wish to transfer your domain to other domain registrar, you would have to deal with their policies in terms of domain transfers which can be a bit of a hassle.

As a bit of advice, it is good to have a separate domain name registrar for your domains instead of having your domain registered through your web hosting service provider. This way, you can easily switch web hosting service in the future without going through the hassle of transferring your domains to another host.

The Advantages of Recurring Billing Software

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Whether you are a newly established web 2.0 site, or a SaaS company with reputable online presence, the billing aspect of your business can always have its challenges. Firstly, it can be very time consuming.

You could be focusing on any one aspect of the business you’re running but billing issues will constantly come in the way of it and ruin your focus. Don’t allow this to happen.

recurring billing softwareRecurring Billing Software can help you focus on your business by taking care of the billing solutions along with your subscription management.

Services like Chargify allow smooth integration of recurring billing software to your website with the ability to create customized branded payment page at sign-up. Other services like API integration offers seamless integration to applications such as those used on a mobile device.

As the software’s name suggests, it can also process one-time only payments, free trial periods, promotions, refunds, and dunning.

Contrary to common knowledge, most recurring billing software has its easy-to-use online accessibility which means it can be access from anywhere there’s internet connectivity. The absence of hardware installation keeps it safe from any physical interference. It also protects against hardware failures caused by natural calamities.

With the added remote capability, businesses can manage billing in minutes, set up subscription plans and have the ability to search across plans, transactions, and even customer groups for easy trends tracking.

Why you need a portable solar generator

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Okay, since the Mayans were wrong about predicting the end of the world, what are we supposed to do now? Clearly, every country in the world has their fair share of tropical disturbances all-year-round. In most storm stricken countries, blackouts happen very often, leaving people helpless and crawling in the dark with no powered lights, no charged phones and useless battery drained laptops.

portable solar generatorThese climate disturbances leave us powerless. A portable solar generator could be our saving grace during these difficult times when local electrical services are down during a storm. You definitely need a charged phone when calling for a rescue. You also know how important light is when moving around the house during bad weather.

A portable solar generator provides the convenience of having electricity to light up your home, and recharge your phone and gadgets during troubled weather through the power of the sun.

While these are some scenarios used during an emergency, in non-emergency situations, you can use these portable solar generators to run your household appliances like your fridge, TV, washers or dyers, and a whole lot more.

Clearly, you can get the most out of your investment on these portable solar generators during power outages and in most emergency cases. However, it’s still advisable to keep an emergency survival kit in your home, be informed of the current weather news, and work with your community during these times.

Adopting NetApp Storage Systems

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Most companies all over the world especially those with online resources strive hard to secure their vital information—their data. Protecting valuable data has been an on-going challenge and fortunately there are solutions like NetApp that lives up to this calling and continues to provide innovative software and product-storage solutions unparalleled in the industry while at the same time considering affordable cost to clients.

Comm Solutions, as a NetApp partner, provides its clients with robust technology that can deliver high percentage of ROI (Return on Investment) through data center transformations, increased storage capacity, performance boost of storage systems and 50 percent data center footprint reduction.

netapp storageNetApp can handle different types of files and data from different sources which support Fibre Channel, and iSCSI SANs, NFS and CIFS NAS in the same box.

It also simplifies your data management, boost reliability, and provides scalability through a portfolio of network-attached storage solutions for added flexibility, efficient archiving, among others.
One of the many challenges of growth is maintaining performance while retaining budget costs, thus, NetApp SAN solutions help optimize storage space, reduction of duplicate data and efficient utilization.
Of course, adopting NetApp includes Data ONTAP 8 Operating System which delivers on-demand, hugely efficient, and highly flexible single storage system for efficient data management, application and the ability to cope up with infrastructure growth overtime.

Data ONTAP 7G software on the other hand provides a virtualized data environment giving you the ability to create virtual storage volumes, quick changes and achieve superb storage utilization.

The benefits of hosted online video communication platforms

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The way we communicate has evolved over the years due to technological advancements in VOIP, smartphones, tablets and social media networks. Platforms such as Skype, or TeamViewer are just one of the many mediums out there that makes possible for organizations to communicate internally. While adopting these easy-to-use readily available technology may be convenient, a security focused enterprise may take a different route and create its own secure private networks for their internal communications needs, talent pool trainings, and digital display.

video platform onlineSome enterprise media platforms can be distributed over Internet Content Delivery Networks, Satellite Networks or Corporate Wide Area Networks which maybe combined to provide wider reach not limited to computers, TVs, and mobile devices anywhere in the world in real-time.

In this regard, businesses can provide distance-learning programs or remote trainings to its employees.

In this smartphone age, live and on-demand streaming media is already common not to forget tablet computers. While online access is the way to go, offline interactive training via mobile devices is a plus.

These enterprise video communication solutions does not limit itself between viewer and presenter alone but provides interactivity or viewer-to-presenter engagement plus group chat activities during live broadcasts and may also allow viewers to share their own video content.

Performance metrics of systems is an intangible part of businesses in order to establish which platforms work well that delivers their expectations, thus, analytics is in place. Network efficiency is measured, data gathered and accounted for.

While these are just some of the many enterprise solutions that you can get from video platform online, choosing the right provider is the challenge in order to get your desired results.

Monitor Your Employees’ Internet Activities with PearlSoftware

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Productivity is just one of the many basic work ethics that businesses always aspire to be at its peak during operations. It’s something that employers always strive for their employees to practice at all times while at work.

Although employers always want to achieve one hundred percent productivity from their workforce, there will always be challenges and one of those are distractions such the internet. Employees with internet access are normally subjected to this distraction because idle moments still exist during work hours like break times, lunch hours and so on.

employee monitoringWhile these break hours legitimate, every employee is still expected to use its technology on activities that are still in connection to their work and not browsing social media sites and forums.

Internet access maybe regulated such that emails, chats, and internet browsing activities will be all aligned to company activities and business processes but not abused. Unregulated access will take away precious moments from employees to stay productive thus losing their focus. In this cases, employee monitoring software like that of Pearl Software Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering Solutions come into play.

Taking control of employees’ online activities such as email, browsing, instant messaging, and other internet programs will heavily weed-out problem areas and increase business focus and productivity on employees since their attention will not be diverted if they have no access to Facebook or Twitter from the company’s computer systems.

Visit PearlSoftware’s website to find out how you can fully use their services for your company’s productivity boost.

Jumpstart your business in 2013 with ERP Software Solutions

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We may all be busy with the holidays just around the corner but after which comes the New Year ahead that brings a lot of promise. If your business is really struggling to survive barely making it this year, in 2013, you might want to look at other strategies that will improve your business. Who knows, that missing piece could be an improved enterprise resources planning.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a system that integrates both internal and external management information across an entire organization. It helps businesses increase profit and productivity while running smoothly.


Renaissance Business Systems, Inc., a Cleveland Ohio inventory software specialist on ERP implementation can help businesses of any form.

ERP normally provides robust financial applications that help in collecting receivables, managing cash flow, reconciling bank accounts, managing requisitions and purchases including management of multicurrency multi-company transactions.

Distribution management of inventory, multiple customer orders and shipping in one single transaction, credit card processing and sales tax calculations, and order tracking are also among the benefits you can get from embracing ERP solutions.

Manufacturing industries can also benefit from ERP through tracking and control of manufacturing processes from scheduled planning and production, cost estimation of raw materials and work orders including actual versus estimate cost tracking plus web-based and mobile-based timesheet and expenses tracking.

If you think that ERP software solutions are just limited to the above applications, ERP can also take care of your HR needs but not limited to payroll, attendance, performance, and training.

For more information about how ERP Software Solutions can really help you boost your business’ performance in the year ahead, visit, nothing can go wrong with reliable ERP solutions.

The Basics of VPN (Virtual Private Network)

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The first very basic of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is to encrypt and protect personal data online from unscrupulous privacy violations of ISPs and network admins.

It’s not that VPN tolerates bad online activities, it’s just a matter of helping individuals exercise their right to privacy and protecting their personal information mostly from terms and conditions of ISPs that are usually vague which customers have no access to.

virtual private network

VPN services help you protect your online identity by providing stealth IP address to conceal your personal IP address thus enabling you to switch from your real self to someone from the US just by changing your IP address. The reason why IP is being protected by a VPN is that IP addresses provide location and personal information plus records of websites that you visit each time you use the internet.

And while you’ve been wondering if it’s just the ISPs businesses to check and record IP addresses, think again because search engines like Google and Bing might have been doing it for a long time whenever you use their services on your browser through customized or personalized searches.

It’s not new for everyone to have access to the internet from Wi-fi spots so keeping your data secure is also important thus VPN also comes into play allowing you to enjoy your free internet-on-the-go using military grade VPN encryption offered by some trusted VPN service providers.

While accessing some websites online maybe limited to selected geographical locations like Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora among others, a VPN can make this possible depending on the available IPs in your country of choice. However, access to financial accounts like Paypal via a VPN may cause your account to be blocked or suspended. These kinds of websites provide unparalleled security to ensure their customers safety.

A VPN is not recommended or advised to use when creating accounts on geographically limited websites as this may cause legal consequences on your end which service providers don’t want to get involved with.

How to choose the right power supply for your system

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Choosing the right power supply can be daunting especially with the many factors to be considered like brands, form, sizes, connectors and prices.

Buying power supplies on a rush can lead to adverse consequences you don’t want yourself to get into as most malfunctions and failure comes from lower-end units.

In this regard, the following tips will help you make educated purchases in the future.

power cableMake sure that the dimensions such as width, length, and height of the power supply unit fits your enclosure or at least nearly identical to the one you’re looking for. For accuracy, consider checking your manuals for specifications.

As much as we don’t want to be brand focused, sometimes, brands spell a whole lot difference in terms of reliability and performance. Trusted brands that you may have experience using in the past will always be first in line.

Thirdly, you must pay attention to any devices you have that may require special power because you cannot apply the one-size-fits-all policy on some devices not to mention 24-pin versus 20-pin ATX connectors.

You must always go for the maximum power rating which highly exceeds your total drain from all your devices. This allows room for any additional device that you may add in the future.

Noise are normally reduced by power supply dampeners and shock absorbers thus reducing vibration-related noise associated with the unit shaking its attachment.

While price can be a factor also, always go for better performing brands and as your power supply goes hand-in-hand with your system, always make sure you also have a spare of reliable power cables for your system. It goes well with highly performing power supply to give you a smooth performing system every now and then.

Manage your downloads from your browser

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It’s not uncommon for us to be downloading files from the internet from time to time and having all our download accumulate into our downloads folder all the time. However, have you ever thought of having to manage your download and have those items you downloaded faster than you normally experience right from your favorite browser?


Yes, it’s possible with free download manager such as SpeedBit DAP (Download Accelerator Plus) which also comes with a free version. Having reviewed countless software since this website went live, I could honestly tell you that I have used this application before and it was good. Download Accelerator Plus includes rich set of downloading tools which are easiest to use including video downloader and converter, video to MP3, video preview and link checker which normally figures out if download links are broken before you even waste time trying to download it.

Video converters allows you to convert AVI files or MP4 files into whatever desired file you want which your system or player can read thus allowing more flexibility and again, not wasting your effort.

Video preview allows you to finish your content and watch it or listen to it while it’s being downloaded.

And since SpeedBit has been around quite long, you are sure that there’s a community of like-minded users like you that are available to help whenever you have concerns during your use.

Move up your website’s ranking with WebMeUp SEO Tools

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webmeupSEO (Search Engine Optimization) has evolved since I encountered the term back in 2008. Then, the process of putting up your site and marketing it out in the open and vast field of web properties on the internet is a huge challenge especially for startups and newbies who wants to make their mark on Google’s top ten search results for specific keywords.

Webmasters, SEOs, bloggers and internet marketers are the first ones to tackle the ins and out of search engine optimization. Whenever there are new updates from Google, these guys, like myself are often the first in line to jump into the news, play the guinea pig, and share the discoveries they’d find.

Before, SEO practices often rely on free tools such as the infamous Google Adwords. But as time goes by, online search engine optimization software became available and made the process a lot more interesting and easier. These tools made promising results as search engines become more and more stiff in terms of filtering appropriate results on searches. As search algorithms evolve and becomes more complex, SEO software becomes the hero to many search engine optimization specialists.

In more recent years, web-based SEO tools become more apparent and easily adopted as the internet use increased dramatically in years. In fact, most practitioners find it more convenient since web-based apps can be accessed from anywhere without the need for any application or software installation on any device, just a web browser and an internet connection is suffice to do the job.

WebMeUp like many other SEO software developers have come to the aid of serious search engine professionals all over the globe.


With WebMeUp, users can discover new keywords, check rankings and view ranking factors of any web pages or websites in particular. Ranking factors from Google page rank to Alexa to the number of indexed pages a website has becomes readily available for study. The advent of social media also added social media mentions to search engine ranking factors.

webmeup ranking factors

Of course, like most SEO tools, once data has been gathered for web pages, users can reflect and start to strategize what needs to be done to increase a website/webpage rank.

Backlinks have been very important in the past but as SEO like I said evolved, backlinking has been trickier than ever.

Well, to those who practice SEO like I do, there can only be one thing to remember. Create quality and unique content. Everything’s going to follow afterward. If worked for some and for me, if should also work for you!

Modernise Your Marketing Campaign

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Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Advertising needs to be in line with current trends in order to effectively target a modern audience, so you need to think carefully about how you can target your customers. Email marketing campaigns have been used for a long time, in concurrence with good blogging, and many people now prefer to be contacted via email marketing means.

Getting the Look
marketing campaignIn order to create a sleek and modern email campaign, you need to think about the look of your emails. Ideally, keep the amount of text limited: your email will probably be one of many in each customer’s Inbox, and they are unlikely to have the time or inclination to read reams of text. Instead, keep your information short and snappy, perhaps redirecting customers to a blog where they will find full articles and more information.

Using images in your emails is a good way to create a clear brand image and illustrate the information that you are giving. However, you need to make sure that your images will be viewable, and that different internet programmes will still display your content. In order to get this right, you might want to purchase some specifically designed software which helps you compose and send your marketing emails. The best email marketing software will enable you to insert a range of different file types (JPEGs, GIFs, and even video files), and allow them to be displayed, no matter which email or internet programme your customers are using. This is particularly important for mobile email users: images and video files may not load properly (and flash can sometimes pose problems), so it’s worth spending money on software initially in order to get this right.

Content is King
Your emails can look incredible, but if the content isn’t right you’ll lose people’s interest very quickly. Seasonal posts are great for linking your business with your customers’ daily lives, and they are more likely to read something that seems relevant or topical. Try and come up with interesting headlines to break up your email and attract the reader’s attention, and do use links wherever practical. This can be particularly effective if you are giving away a limited amount of information and want to direct people to your website or blog. Think of different ways to present your links: simple copied and pasted addresses are not exciting to look at, so think about creating a button that readers can click on for more information. Make sure you label it clearly by using a caption; ‘Click here for more!’ ‘Keep reading here’. Try to avoid being overly ‘salesy’; you are trying to develop the relationship that you hold with your customers, and giving them the hard sell will turn them away very quickly.

How to Take Charge of Your Online Store

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Creating and maintaining a successful online store is no easy task. There are plenty of legal, technical, logistical, and company-related dynamics at play, from web hosting choices to individual page production, that must be coordinated well. Selling goods and services online at your own site can help save on fees with a third-party site, and help you maintain control of your products.

Ecommerce design is essential to a business that sells goods and services online. It’s important make strong choices to create an ideal site for your customers. Here are ways to take charge of your site’s online store experience.

Lay down the framework

Research web hosting options for the online store. Talk to friends who run sites, search the Web and make sure you get a great web host. Having a strong web hosting company will ensure the reliability of your store, along with having good experience to help you choose a descriptive and memorable domain name that resonates with customers.

5 Tips for Creating Online Store SuccessNail the Details

There are fundamental financial details to running an online store that are unavoidable, yet necessary to doing business online and critical to the integrity of the store. Research and know about these to start – merchant accounts, payment gateways, security, PCI compliance, sales tax, and shipping.

Protect Your Site

You also need to know your procedural and legal aspects of an online store to sell successfully. Consult a legal expert at the start for assistance on your site’s legal protections, as well as its terms and policies.

Stay Organized

Your site will thrive if you organize your products well. Integrate the design, photos, information, and more can put your online store above competitors. Make sure your information architecture (IA), search functions and filters work correctly. These elements alone can make or break a website from the shopper’s perspective.

Product description pages

Consider utilizing these ecommerce essentials for every product in your online store — product name, images, price, buy button, description text, other details (size, length, colors, etc.), quantity (to purchase), number available (i.e. limited stock), delivery information (i.e. ships in one week), related products and social media.

The importance of a product description page can’t be understated. Each product should list all relevant information, with social media sharing capabilities and related products that can certainly boost marketing and productivity from within the site and beyond.

Any successful e-commerce site will have these tips incorporated within. Start paving the foundation, managing the organization, and learning the mechanics for all of your products to begin building your ideal online store.

How to start your eCommerce Store and start selling online

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

While some businesses still find the internet a hard and vast space to penetrate, the advantages of getting started at it is just one vital part to hurdle but it goes a long way from there especially when you start selling and making profit.

Starting an online ecommerce business and selling is not as easy as anyone thinks but in due time with consistent efforts and sincere desire to serve customers can make wonders. But how exactly can you start an online store?

Firstly, you need to register a domain name which reflects the type of business or products you are trying to offer. One you get your domain name registered, you have to find a decent web hosting company to help you get the domain name up and running and ready for web software installation.

When it comes to web platforms, there are many to choose from e.g. OSCommerce, some use Joomla, Drupal and even WordPress.

1shoppingcartOnce your desired platform is installed to your server (webhost), next thing to do is design your website and fill it with the contents and pages you’d like to have. For ecommerce sites, the next step would be finding a reputable online store software that easily integrates with any web platform just in case you may change platforms in the future just to make the transitions smooth.

After picking up your desired ecommerce solution, you simply need to populate it with your product information then you’re good to go. Marketing comes next and this is where your patience will be tested. Of course with SEO and social media factors to consider, selling and making a profit is a huge part of the challenge.

What are the disadvantages of Outsourced Medical Billing?

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As the medical billing industry started to boom, many advantages have already been cited like in August 2012 we have featured why medical billing forms matter in today’s growing healthcare industry demands.

Since medical billing is tedious, small medical practices had been in the firing line. That’s why many physicians or specialists opt to outsourcing their medical billing to professional medical billing companies.

Considering that this action may lessen the burden of the medical professionals, there are still considerable risks or disadvantages of doing so especially in the outsourcing process.

Because the jobs are outsourced, you have absolutely no control over the employees of the outsourcing company. As their client, you have to trust them (the outsourcing company) that your tasks are undertaken.

While outsourcing can help you focus more on other things, it can lessen your interaction with your patients thus losing that “personal touch” since you’ve passed them along to the medical billing company to settle their bills.

medical claim formYou may also consider running into the risk of any possible disclosure of patient health information as you outsource your billing requirements.

And because your medical billing is outsourced, there may be possible hidden costs that may arise that could be charged to your clients by the outsourcing company so you have to tackle this in contracts. There is also flexibility issues that may arise especially during critical seasons as patient numbers double at certain times of the year so since the medical billing is outsourced, your hands are tied to their own deadlines and hours of operation.

Limitations in information can matter so better discuss with your outsourcing company what they would need from your patients when they speak with them.

Lastly, communicate to avoid contractual misunderstandings. Make sure both parties understand what’s agreed upon in the contract.

Basically, be able to assure that you’ve weigh in all options before outsourcing your medical billing tasks.

Ever heard of secure social network?

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Most of us who are into social networks have already experienced so much information overload especially on Facebook and Twitter, right? Not only that, we are more often than not bombarded by not-so-important updates from our friends and companies we’re subscribed with.

Well, if you’re just into checking some of your colleague’s whereabouts, then you can simply ask your company to have a more secure social network of your own. Yes, I’m saying you can and with the right security in place, you can be sure than only those you know and work with can contact you and handle your information on database.

sharetronix dashboardI’m talking about Sharetronix. It’s a social business networking platform where you can engage with your company, co-workers, etc. on a business, social and more secure filtered environment with no unnecessary updates to view.

In this platform, with the aid of knowledge management tools, you can organize your group discussions or communication with your team, create profiles of your own, post status updates like your project milestones, voice opinions on company updates via thumbs up/down voting and mention specific person using the @ sign like Twitter.

You can even create a community of your own or even manage one or direct administrative access to a subordinate or coworker in the same unit or department.

And if you think you’re missing out a lot in social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you can actually integrate your group or community with feeds from Facebook and Twitter or vice versa.

See, there’s so much you can do with a Sharetronix social business platform.

How Website Heat Map Works

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

If you are a newbie blogging, chances are, you’d definitely become interested in time with website metrics. These metrics includes your web visitor statistics—uniques, and returning or regular visitors. Of course this is natural because you’d want to think if someone is reading your blog. In the event that in the future you’d like to earn some money from your blogging efforts, you’ll be more than just interested in stats but also in the engagement of users into your website such as where they usually scroll and clicks.

These movements in your website are called website heat maps. These determine how users are engaging with your content. There four types of website heat maps that you can look into—scroll heatmaps, click heatmaps, mouse movement heatmaps, and live click heatmaps.

website heat mapAs web visitors come into a web page, user engagement is already measured other than the usual number of visits in a day, length of visit, browser used and geolocation among others.

Tracking user engagement and measuring results varies depending on the purpose the web owner wants to achieve.

For the general part, web owners would be more interested in determining which sections of their web pages receive the most clicks via click heatmaps. Since most of these sections might have ad placements, the data from these clicks measure which sections produce more revenue and high CTR. Ad placement success is crucial to websites running contextual and graphical ads such as Google Adsense, Chitika, and other CPC ad platforms.

Scroll heatmaps, however, tells if any webpage needs revisions. These data are produced in real-time thus allow web developers to find out if there’s any particularly changes that needs to be done on a page like headlines location, posts and other important sections of a website that needs proper attention. As you see the page scrolling, you will know if a certain post is getting the attention it needs and if there are some that needs to be broken down into smaller chunks.

Mousemovement heatmaps on the otherhand allow web owners to clearly see which sections of the site attracts the attention of visitors through color codes with white being the hottest color getting the most attraction, this heatmap type determine which keywords, images and or buttons get the most attention.

Live Click heatmaps however pays more attention to areas of a website where users click in real-time and is mostly useful when launching new campaigns and landing pages.

A Look into Fraud Detection thru Phone Authentication and Verification

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Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Have you ever come across a website that requires you to hand-in your phone number upon signing-up? If so, then you’re trying to access a secured website that requires it’s users to be genuine. These kinds of websites utilizes high-end fraud detection mechanisms in order to insure that each sign-up is legitimate.

Through mobile phone authentication and verification, their security system can determine whether to accept or reject a sign-up. A mobile number is secure information; traceable and only legit individuals share this data so a company can be assured that most if not all of their sign-ups are genuine.

This can be accomplished by sending a phone call or a text message to a user with a one-time pin code which forces the user to give a traceable piece of information and creates an audit trail. The information passed back into the system is the phone type—landline, mobile, VOIP, Toll-Free, restricted (911,411) and geographic information.

phone authenticationMost global web properties uses mobile authentication and verification like social networks such as Facebook, Skype uses this for phone number addition in user accounts as caller ID, cloud services, payment processors, online gaming, domain registrants, lead generation brokers, eCommerce sites, fraud prevention providers, and advertisers and directories.

Most verification happen in an instant so there’s no need to leave the website during verification while the sign-up page remains open. Integration of these services is normally administered by the web developers through provider documentation but personalized assistance is also given.

When adopting this security feature, always go for the REST API because REST can be transported over an HTTP or HTTPS (secured) connection and is compatible with most web programming languages and technologies.

And if you think that phone verification is only limited to the US shores, worry not because you can use it to verify phone numbers anywhere in the world plus multi-language set-up and message customization.

As more and more users utilize the internet everyday for almost all transactions, large companies have adopted tighter security measures to prevent fraud. While this method works quite well for most, for the meantime, it still remains a challenge for the growing internet community to totally annihilate internet security threats.

Why medical billing forms matter?

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Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

As far as I can remember, I have once created a client website catering to their medical billing services. At that time I have not much of an idea what it was until I came into some really important facts about it.

Based on a new study recently released by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), three-quarters of all health insurance claims are now being submitted electronically, of course using medical billing forms with a massive increase from 24 percent in 1995 to 75 percent today.medical billing form

Insurance claims submitted electronically reduce administrative costs while significantly speeding up payments to hospitals and doctors.

The proportion of insurance claims submitted to health plans electronically has more than tripled in the last decade, reducing administrative costs and significantly speeding up payments to doctors and hospitals.

Paper claims, on the other hand, are proven to have significant delay before health insurance plans receive claims from health care providers mostly due to incorrect or incomplete information adding nine days more to the process.

And to add, paper claims are costly than electronic claims.

In today’s age, automated technology must be utilized for getting insurance claims payment however not all providers can afford to thus making outsourcing of the claims process an alternative.

Telephone Headset: Advantages and Setup

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Gone are the days when people normally pick up a bulky telephone handset in offices although in some, they still do but in environments where there are multiple phone lines, multiple calls are handled using telephone units connected to phone headsets which call centers, telemarketers and helpdesks use on a frequent basis.

These call-driven industries take advantage of telephone headsets for improved mobility, convenience and low maintenance cost.

Other than that, studies have shown that a person spending more than 2 hours a day can benefit from using a telephone headset because it reduces muscle tension that leads to neck pain by 31% and back pain by 16%. Also, this proves reduction in headaches producing a more fluid workforce due to low absenteeism.

HB Maynard & Co carried out a study of more than 2000 telephone calls found out that headsets increase productivity by as much as 43% due to reduced time while taking information from callers, less number of errors caused by typing, writing and fatigue. And of course, the ability to attend to more number of calls compared to a conventional handset.

Setting up a headset is as easy as unplugging the coiled receiver cord from your phone base, plugging in the flat back connector cord that is already plugged into your headset base into the jack where you just unplugged your telephone headset then plugging the loose coiled receiver cord into the base of your headset and voila! You’re good to go. Just remember that there could be different ways to do this depending on your unit so always check the manual for installation or ask for assistance.

What’s up with USB Sticks?

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Flash drive, USB sticks, portable memory stick, whatever you call it points to the same thing, the small stick that stores data which you can insert on your PC to access stored information or operate certain portable software from it.

USB sticks largely cover the data storage market today in terms of portability. While you can bring your 1 Terabyte external HD anywhere, it still remains bulky compared to a readily accessible and minute USB flash drive. Other than that, USB sticks are very promising as gifts and are found aplenty just about anywhere.usb stick

While USB sticks can come in different memory sizes, pricing also varies and of course design. However, let’s not forget that durability is also important since some USB sticks can get corrupted and once it happens, there’s a big chance of losing your valuable data.

Most companies offer promotional USB sticks but there’s always a catch so don’t be fooled by discounts and bulk prices, instead stick to your brand. Only your experience with a brand makes it easier for you to pick the apple from the oranges.

There are tons of USB sticks available in the market today, at times, it can be confusing to pick one, but again, understanding its purpose should not be overshadowed by fancy designs and drop dead prices.

Small Business Budgeting Outright

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Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Small business owners often encounter a whole bunch of paper works come tax payment dues—spreadsheets, data entry and the like.

Imagine having to do all these all the time. It can be tedious. But would it be great if you can do all these small business accounting paper works on autopilot? This definitely gives you more time to focus on other things that matter to you other than your business but your family as well.

outrightBeing able to organize your data into one place making it easily accessible when needed puts you into a winning situation where you can spend your time wisely worry-free.

Outright budgeting software takes this job seriously by allowing you to do all these things such as data importing from bank and credit card accounts, organizing and filtering data, interpreting data into understandable graphs, keeps track of your budget, and of course, keeps you on top of your tax deadlines.

While there are many web-based financial management tools available today, it’s still important to note the reliability of the provider you choose. It must be safe and secure mostly with 256-bit SSL security which is the same used by most major U.S. banks with service monitored and verified through TRUSTe and McAfee, has online backup system, and is widely used with a solid customer support.

Why Small Retail Stores Need A Credit Card Terminal?

August 9, 2012 | By | Reply More

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Okay, this sounds pretty basic for some Small and Medium Size Businesses in developed countries but in my country (the Philippines), you’ll be amazed at how some SME’s still don’t have one.

I get to encounter many times how some small meatshop and convenient store don’t happen to have one despite a growing number of Filipino consumers are already using the plastic money as a means of payment.wireless portable credit card terminal

I’m not going to touch on the subject of payment and application this involves locally but on the positive impact this could have in one’s business.

A verifone portable credit card terminal which is prominently used in the UK allow sellers to accept credit card payments for consumer purchases despite retailer environment conditions.

It’s regarded are the smallest wireless credit card terminal but like any of its kind, it makes your business capable of getting the chunk out of the profit from customers who use the plastic money instead of cash and even those who don’t have one. It makes your business appear savvy and convenient to transact with.

A Bluetooth communication station makes possible for the wireless portable credit card terminal to work. Again, minus the wires so it’s pretty convenient and easy to set-up anywhere in your shop where it can reach the Bluetooth signal.
Imagine if all merchants here in the Philippines have a credit card terminal in their shops, would it be nice to shop when you know that your money can’t be stolen and it’s all in your handy plastic card?