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My previous post entitled “Can Yahoo Meme Takeover Twitter? serves as a prelude about this unique and rather controversial service that may soon if time favors can take the place of Twitter.

We can have our stance both ways—positive and negative or we can go neutral. In the eyes of an observant, let’s examine the service with scrutiny to see if it catches our attention, interest, exceed our expectations or the other way around.

Let me start by showing you how the home page looks like.

Yahoo Meme Homepage

Yahoo Meme Homepage

On the top right of the home page, you’ll see the links–Popular, Find and Sign in. Popular is where you can find the trending topics with Meme, Find is for people search and some featured profiles and of course, the Sign-in link for account holders or those with invites.

The central portion of the page however is an email field for those who want access to the service. Once you’ve entered your email, you’ll get this message, “Congrats! You will receive news about Meme.”

Assuming you already have an account, here’s the exciting part that I’m going to show you. Sign-in from this URL: then you’ll be directed to your Yahoo Mail account sign-in page. If you don’t have a Yahoo Mail account, then you’re advised to have one first. After logging-in, you’ll be shown your dashboard (see image below.)

Yahoo Meme Dashboard

Yahoo Meme Dashboard

The dashboard is divided into four tabs—Text, Photo, Video and Music. The links on the upper right corner of the page are marked Followers, Invite friends, Settings, and Sign out. The bottom left however have links to Help, About, Feedback, Terms of Service, Additional terms, Privacy, Copyright, and Guidelines opposite the Yahoo home page link.

The Text tab is where you can share texts, links and other things textual and is not limited to 140 characters unlike Twitter. Photo sharing is where you can flaunt your amazing photos to the rest of your friends. You can either upload your file or drop a link URL and add caption on the image before you hit the post photo button. Videos on the other hand can only be shared using either a YouTube or Vimeo link.

To share your music, you must have a working URL to place on the field which means that you must have a music file hosted on the web (if its exclusive to you) or you may search for social music networking sites like imeem, or even MySpace.

The controversial feature of the service is the ability to pass along information generated by one person to another virally. Twitter has RT (retweet) and Meme has “repost” which doesn’t make any difference. Twitter has “followers” the same as Meme.

Yahoo Meme Dashboard Repost feature

Yahoo Meme Dashboard Repost feature

It is tactful of Yahoo to simply segregate the type of information that can be shared within the system that makes it easier to filter out. It was a pretty organized system that when you open up your dashboard, you can easily spell the difference between the types of information being shared. You can’t miss a detail with this one unlike Twitter, you have to skim through each link and open as many links as possible just to find what you’re looking for. I should say that Twitter is really congested.

Looking back at the Dashboard, followers link at the upper right corner tells you the number of people that follows you. Again, it’s going to suffer another Twitter comparison. In this page, both followers and following show the avatars much bigger in size compared to Twitter but without a hint of their activity unless you click on them to visit their profile plus the following page is dependent on the followers page. You can only see the former if you click on the latter. They are not separate pages.

Yahoo Meme Followers and Following Page

Yahoo Meme Followers and Following Page

The Invite friends option allows you to of course from the name itself but don’t take it too easy as it may put you in dismay that this service is not even integrated within your Yahoo email account. It requires you to manually type in the emails of your friends or colleagues which was really a hassle and I’m hoping that this is just for now.

Assuming you’re through with your Dashboard, once you click followers or Your Meme which is your profile page, there’s no way you can go back to the dashboard via a text link which is no where could be found on the upper right corner of the page. If you are to find any link down the page, it isn’t there too. The only way you can go back to your dashboard is by pressing the Back button on your browser. Hmm, that’s quite a mess right there.

However, if you find the purple Meme button at the top right section of the page useless, then it’s not. At first I thought it was but clicking on it will take you back to your dashboard. Okay…glad I’m able to figure that out!

Yahoo Meme Dashboard More button

Yahoo Meme Dashboard More button

Among other things, let me add that most bottom links are not necessary for site navigation other than the More button display which simply applies to opening up more options down the current page.

So there you have it, the salient features of the service in detail with no intention to hurt Yahoo Meme or Twitter in any way. We cannot compare Apples from Oranges but we can compare copycats from the original. Makes sense right?

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  1. Gautam says:

    The features looks promising, especially the part where they have divided the dash board into four tabs. It is still in alpha stage with its API still uncovered. Now, I’m waiting for yahoo to uncover its cards.

    I hope this alpha version of Yahoo meme must have made the twitter developers to think on something new.

    Let’s just wait and watch. This battle is going to be as interesting as the Blue-ray and HD DVD had.. 😛

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Yes, the dashboard is pretty sleek. If there’s going to be something like that on Twitter, I would say bravo to them.

    If Yahoo would eventually come up with an API, I wonder how Twitter would react. This is very exciting…really!

  3. Kristi says:

    This site looks totally sweet. I guess it has to be by certain invitation only, however, because I signed in via Yahoo and didn’t get a dashboard. 🙁

    ~ Kristi
    .-= Kristi @ Oes Tsetnoc´s last blog ..Oes Tsetnoc Moving on Up =-.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Hello Kristi,

    Welcome to Software Critics! It’s so great to have you here. Yahoo Meme access is via invitation only however if you ever got one and have logged-in to Yahoo particularly via Yahoo Mail, it should automatically take you to your dashboard after successfully logging-in.

    Thank you for dropping by and if there’s anything I could help, please let me know.

  5. Taufiq Hasan says:

    I’m using Yahoo meme now, and I like it.. It’s totally different with other microblogging services. 😀
    .-= Taufiq Hasan´s last blog ..Twitter Widget, WordPress Plugins =-.

  6. Mathdelane says:

    True, Meme is quite an emerging microblogging platform which might eventually grow bigger unless Yahoo is really dedicated to pursue it. Otherwise, it will just end up like Yahoo Shortcuts (an all-time beta application for blogs that disappeared in the limelight).

  7. venkat says:

    Yahoomeme lacking conversation, dms when compared with twitter.
    .-= venkat´s last blog ..Danger With Shortened Links on Twitter [Video] =-.

  8. Jannice says:

    I can’t really say if this will actually replace Twitter. The reason is people loved Twitter because of its simplicity and ease of use (not to mention fast). You put the above extra features on twitter then I will not be surprised if people start moving to another similar service.

  9. Mathdelane says:

    Meme is on its Alpha phase, let’s see if they could come up with DMs and @replies.

    I too love Twitter. As you can see, I have it on my blog through Tweetboard. You can follow me on Twitter too @SoftwareCritics.
    You’re definitely right, Twitter is embraced by so many and it’s easy to manage. What if Yahoo comes up with most of the features that Twitter have?

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