Top Android Apps for Web Designers

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Almost half of all smartphones in existence currently run on Android software. For web designers, this not only means you have to structure sites with Android users in mind, but that you’re likely to be relying on Android devices to function on-the-go. Central to this will be the use of downloadable apps available through the Android Marketplace. As far as designers are concerned, the following five are about as good as you’re going to get for a self-made free starter package:

DropboxDropbox: Online storage at its finest. While countless free cloud services exist, none are as optimized for mobile users as Dropbox. It’s an essential tool for any designer who compulsively saves every and all interesting files they find online for later use, or those who incorporate original imagery or video into their websites.

Magic Color Picker: If you’re like me, then picking the right color for any given portion of website design is one if not the most critical part of building the base of a good looking online destination. So let’s say you spot a beautiful hue when browsing an art gallery. Use this gradient wheel app to find the corresponding color in HSL HSV, RGB, and YUV models so you can incorporate it into a project down the road.

Dsgn: Still in its early stages, this aggregate of news and updates regarding web design and typography subjects is worth downloading simply for the insight into the latest font releases, which can give your work an edge over the competition, at least for a short while.

View Web Source: Let’s say you’re fascinated by the way somebody structured the scrolling transcription of a DSR computer specialist lecture beneath the video on a mobile site. Instead of emailing yourself the link, you can directly download the source code and even manipulate it with this handy app.

Mindjet for Android: Most designer brains weren’t cut out for managed IT services work. We’re the type to be inspired in the middle of our bus ride to work, and have the urge and tenacity to get to it right then and there. To keep track of detailed ideas when out and about, Mindjet is ideal. You can keep track of new fonts you love, and cross reference them with the colors you encounter throughout the day. When your creativity does not obey your routine, it’s essential you stay as organized as possible.

Get used to Android. If you aren’t building sites with the Google mobile OS in mind, you’ll undoubtedly be using it to do your job. While you can look forward to even better apps for designers down the road, these five that exist today are free and sure to provide you with function as you further your career in website design.

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  1. Sadi says:

    Dropbox. Probably, the best application ever developed for file sharing. But Apple did not buy. 🙁

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