The Buggy Seesmic for Windows

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After the most recent newsletter from Seesmic being able to fix the bug regarding the download link which initially didn’t work, finally I was able to get my hands on this application that has been on the hype since its release.

Seesmic for Windows User Menu

Seesmic for Windows User Menu

Well, Seesmic for Windows is not at all surprising, if you’re familiar with the desktop app and the web app, you really won’t find much of a difference. The interface is very similar—extensible tabs, status update field is there and now with integrated Twitter lists, account activities like mentions, @replies, DMs, RTs and sent items are all there. Don’t be a little excited though because the shrink text feature isn’t there.

The only addition is that it works with Windows 7 but the user interface doesn’t have much to show. I’d rather not use this in place of Seesmic for Desktop and if I’m mobile, I’d surely choose Seesmic Web instead.

Seesmic for Windows is a bit buggy. It freezes occasionally when it updates the tweets and when that happens while you’re typing your status update then you may have to pause and wait until it fixes itself.

A few things I’ve noticed though is that the gear like icon which was supposed to show unfollow and follow feature as well as grouping feature is totally unusable. I don’t know if it was just me but I tried clicking on it on different occasions but to no avail. If you wanted to follow or unfollow somebody, you may have to click the username of the person and the app will open up your browser and you must login to the website in order to complete such a small task.

Opening profiles is rather easy however there’s no place within the profile to send a direct message to the person even though you know that person follows you back or be it a mention to a complete stranger.

It’s not at all very useful if we’re to base the main reason why anyone would want to use this program instead of going to Unless these bugs can be fixed, then users will have the reason to choose either the Adobe Air based desktop app or this Windows based application.

You may or may not have the same observations as mine but your comments are all welcome.

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  1. rafael says:

    Hello, have you gotten any problem using multiple accounts on Seesmic ? I use two Twitter accounts in the program and realized one day that the profiles of them simply appeared exchanged for each other. I’ve got no idea how this happened.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Rafael,
    I haven’t experienced anything similar with what you’ve had since I only have one Twitter account but your case seems a little weird. Seesmic for Windows is really buggy, I really didn’t like it because there are features within the user interface that aren’t working. If you’re using Seesmic Desktop, it’s better for you to stick to it for the meantime.

    Thanks for stopping by.

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